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#373 Feb 4, 2013
Jake Thomas Schlenker wrote:
Hi looking for this miisssing child name hailey Danlene Dunn
Everyone is looking for Hailey except her mother who doesn't want her found.

Jena, LA

#374 Feb 14, 2013
StrayKat wrote:
Dead??? When was there a possible homicide reported? Crime scene? they said evidence pointed to runaway.
Runaway? Where have you been? This poor girl was killed by her mom because of her moms jealousy towards her.


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#375 Feb 17, 2013
Yes, and when they finally find her body I hope she was stupid enough to leave evidence so she can be convicted.

Enfield, CT

#377 Mar 19, 2013
Let's just pray they find her..I'm ready for an arrest,conviction. In my lifetime, I. Would like SA and BD to pay. I've followed this case since day 8 and while I know LE didn't have enuf to guarantee a guilty..its mindblowing how guilty these guys look.\act.

they found a body this past Sunday, and it breaks mah heart all over again to think whaT may have have been miss haileys final hours..I do hope closure is around the corner.

Any idea if haileys angels ever searched "cactus country"?.

I pray for whomever is directly affected by the body found. May they now get a proper resting place.
a concerned citizen

Georgetown, TX

#378 Mar 19, 2013
From what I've heard, they are 99% sure this is Hailey's remains.
I would imagine at this time both Billie and Shawn are needing clean underwear! It's just a matter of time now.

Albany, NY

#379 Mar 20, 2013
99% is prolly a bit premature...but I hope ur right

Elk Grove Village, IL

#380 Mar 24, 2013
Whats the word. Has any news said who the body is?

Elk Grove Village, IL

#382 Mar 24, 2013
Why are the adults on a Hailey Dunn face book page talking to a minor on a private page where no one can see them intimidate this minor? Do you have children, would you like someone intimidating them like this?

Definition of cyber bullying include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient. The actions are deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior intended to harm another.

Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D.
Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse SMH!

Seems like the mother has alot to say now that some remains have been found that could very well be her daughters.. Wonder why she didn't have anythin to say about her datin her daughters 22 yr old boyfriend who she just RECENTLY split up with SMMFH

Savannah Nikole McGarity
We snuck into wine coolers in our parents fridge

Tracey Williams That doesn't make them bad kids. What teenager hasn't snuck and drank a little.
Thursday at 10:50pm Edited 6

Dee Russo Sendelbach Trying. Wine cooler doesn't make kids messed up in the head, they are curious and are gonna sneak stuff if it is available, they are teenagers.
Thursday at 10:49pm via mobile 5

Tracey Williams Exactly Dee. Sorry I fixed my typo, I meant they are not bad kids.
Thursday at 10:51pm 2

Dee Russo Sendelbach A wine cooler how horrible! Lmao!
Thursday at 10:56pm via mobile 2

Karen Sealey Ok your mum came on here the other day saying about her
and Billie being single parents together but your saying Clint used to be there cleaning etc? the other thing is Hailey said you was her enemy. Your mum herself said you drifted apart the last couple of years before she went missing and yet your acting like you was her best friend? You said she would come to you to talk but its widely recognized that another girl was her best friend. This other girl has been to every vigil for Hailey. How many have you been to?( and remember people on these page have been to vigils)
Friday at 8:49am 1

Carrie Ellison Savannah is Robert Kim to SA
Friday at 8:51am via mobile 2

Carrie Ellison Kin to I'm sorry stupid phone
Friday at 8:51am via mobile 2

Karen Sealey ..........
Friday at 8:54am 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity Okay. Like i said... OYR FRIENDSHIP ENDED. WE DRIFTED APART!! And i cant go to everything for hailey. I live like five hours away!!! If i had a car believe me i would be there but i dont and i cant. Its really messed up the way you guys judge people.. ive told yall many times that we drifted apart yet you still say im acting like she was my best friend. She was for many years!!!! And like i said again. We drifted apart because of the people we hung out with. So yes we both found new friends. Im just stating what i knew the times that i was with her.
Friday at 8:58am via mobile 2

Bea Wacker I just went back through 218 post and no wheres did i find that SG posted she could not remember what that Line was Sa said every time Hailey walked past him..Just the 1 abouve
Friday at 8:59am 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity I dont know what happen "monday" we drifted apart!!!!!!!!!! shun me. Jesus you guy are unbelievable.
Friday at 8:59am via mobile

Carrie Ellison Savannah is Robert kin to SA ?
Friday at 9:00am via mobile

Karen Sealey Ok but your friendship ended and she said you was her enemy but your saying that she still told you things and at times your saying you was still friends? its just confusing
Friday at 9:00am 1

Elk Grove Village, IL

#383 Mar 24, 2013
Savannah Nikole McGarity Yes the door.. and when me and hailey hung out there was a chair and a gaming console back there... but the fbi said that they have never heard or seen the door. Just got off the phone with them
Friday at 11:47am via mobile 4
Savannah Nikole McGarity And yes there was electricity..
Friday at 12:24pm via mobile 3
Savannah Nikole McGarity And idon know who hung out there.. but me and hailey went in there from time tto time.
Friday at 12:25pm via mobile 3
Linda Hopper How big was this secret room? You would think it obvious from the outside? Hmmm... Do you think it was used for storage or something else?
Friday at 12:27pm 1
Dee Russo Sendelbach Was it dug down under it to make the room or was it like partitioned off in the shed? I'm just curious
Friday at 12:27pm via mobile 2
DeNeise Bennett Coates That is odd, the FBI has a central phone base that contains over 20,000 names and extensions. Did you actually talk to a person? I would hate for this information to be looked over.
Friday at 12:28pm 2
Savannah Nikole McGarity Yes i talked to a person.
Friday at 12:39pm via mobile 1
DeNeise Bennett Coates Katherine be very careful what you believe, she has contradicted herself several times on this thread alone, she isnt even on Hailey's friend's list, and if all of this were so important then why is she now showing up after months???
Friday at 4:45pm 4
DeNeise Bennett Coates Not to mention she called the FBI but cant tell me who the agent was she spoke to. I can keep going if you would like.
Friday at 4:46pm 1
Savannah Nikole McGarity ? Okay i wasnt paying attention to the agent just getting my point across.. and whoever you are. You need to stop. I told everyone on here that me and hailey drifted apart.. thats why im not on her friends list. Stop talking shit and worry about whats important.
Friday at 5:04pm via mobile 1
Savannah Nikole McGarity You guys are pathetic... ive said many tines why im on there and why im not on the list. You should look back and read stuff before you start talking shit.. im just saying. And yall obviously arent worried about hailey as i said before this is a drama site. And thats it. Goodbye!
Friday at 5:08pm via mobile
Lisa Bennett Uhmm I wouldnt talk to DeNeise like that, she has.done so much for Hailey, guess you really donr know who she.is. LOL
Friday at 5:09pm via mobile 3
Lisa Bennett Dont*
Friday at 5:09pm via mobile 2
Savannah Nikole McGarity I dont know who she is. Never said i did. Im saying she is pathetic.. being rude to me isnt helping hailey. Thats all im saying..
Friday at 5:12pm via mobile
Savannah Nikole McGarity I never got in a fifight with hailey at the basketball court... idk what yall are talking about!!! Me and hailey never phisically fought. Get your facts straight old lady. Goodbye.
Friday at 5:14pm via mobile
Lisa Bennett She is trying to "get her facts straight" Savannah, thats why she asked you, and she wasnt rude in asking. Why be a so ulgy to her?
Friday at 5:26pm via mobile 4

Elk Grove Village, IL

#384 Mar 24, 2013
Bea Wacker Something is amiss here big time..I caught a few of her statements re worded..also first her mothers comes over here and then her.....why now after 27 months..
Friday at 5:35pm 4
Linda Hopper I'm not pointing fingers at anyone but if I had information I would probably notify my local LE and let them take care of contacting the right people.
Friday at 5:53pm
DeNeise Bennett Coates Touched a nerve I guess? I dont recall ever being rude to you Savannah, you are one to talk! I can assure you I have read all your post's that would be my reason for telling Katherine to be very careful what she believes. Maybe you need to go back and read what you have said and see where you have stepped on your own toes many times. On a positive note this thread is now hidden and you cant get anymore attention from readers who have not seen it. You have said goodbye several times, shall we start the timer till you are back yet again???
Friday at 5:59pm 3
Bea Wacker Admin is there a reason others are not able to see this thread Now???
Friday at 5:59pm 1
Linda Hopper DeNeise..when someone calls the FBI, what kind of info do they ask for? I'm pretty sure not just anyone can call in a say yodda,yodda,yodda. Have a nice day. Would they ask for some sort of ID? I ask you because you seem to know your stuff. Just curious...
Friday at 6:03pm 2
DeNeise Bennett Coates You need an agent name or an ext number to speak to someone. That is why I asked who Savannah had spoken to. Guess that pissed her off didnt it!
Friday at 6:09pm 5
Linda Hopper Hot temper and an FBI guy...
Friday at 6:10pm 3
Chas Chase hmmmm
Friday at 6:18pm 4
DeNeise Bennett Coates Chas is thinking!
Friday at 6:21pm 3
Chas Chase LOL!! I do that sometimes
Friday at 6:22pm 5
Donald Dawwg I'd like to know how this was "helping" hailey ?? If Savannah wanted to "help" Hailey, wouldn't she have come here sooner? I saw so many contradictions in her statements that it made me wonder why she all of a sudden appeared on this thread. She didn't post in any other group. And, she and her mother were just "recently" added to each other's friends lists. Something is very off.
Friday at 6:37pm 5
Donald Dawwg As for a drama site?? It is not. We try to post facts and discuss. But this thread sure is a bunch of bs for sure. And Savanahh why so rude? swearing, name calling? You seem to have a quick temper.
Friday at 6:39pm 3
Savannah Nikole McGarity Okay.. i called and there was a menu.. i pressed to talk to an agent.. she answer the phone and i told her about the shed.. she asked me what my name was and where i was from and i told her i wanted to be anonymous BECAUSE everyone knows that i was posted on her facebook as an enemy. Thats why i havent been on here before. Because people like yall pass judgement over something that yall dont even know the story about. And yall think this is what i wanted? To get on here and be judged by alot of people that dont even know me.. no. I got on here because i wanted to be filled in on everything that ive missed. But when i got on here i saw hardly anything about hailey. I saw every comment about billie and shawn... how is talking crap about them helping her any???? ITS NOT! you people are NOT open to other opinions. Only your own and anyone else who gets on here gets trash talked or called a "hemroid". Ya.. yall are helping hailey so much.. i can see the progress youve made. And when i see comments with my name in them, yes im going to come back and see what they say... even though them being on this page i knew it wouldnt be anything nice. Yall can stop trash talking me. Leave me out of yalls comments and ill be gone.
Friday at 6:42pm via mobile

Elk Grove Village, IL

#385 Mar 24, 2013
Tommie Wilson White I personally have always liked how Chas thinks and still trying to figure out why now.
Friday at 6:42pm 3
DeNeise Bennett Coates Usually you don't take a friend off of your friends list if you just "drift apart", drifting apart means you still care about the person. Deleting them is usually more of a you had a falling out for some reason or another. And kids have all kinds of friends on their friends list they don't even know.
Friday at 6:45pm 3
DeNeise Bennett Coates Oh....44 minutes!
Friday at 6:46pm 2
Savannah Nikole McGarity Me and hailey fought over robert adkins.. we both stayed friends with him but stopped talking to eeachother... thats the second or third time ive said that one.
Friday at 6:46pm via mobile
Tommie Wilson White and by "why now" I meant why show up now...not why now do I like Chas's thinking lol
Friday at 6:47pm 4
Savannah Nikole McGarity Because ive been trying to get information without being judged.. but obviously thats not going to happen.
Friday at 6:48pm via mobile

Michelle Marie Carnella Savannah..sorry this happened to you... this is why i left these sites a year ago.. more drama than class..... i came back since the remains were discovered..and nothing has changed. Water under the bridge wit ur friendship wit her .... she is missing and you care enuf to share ur stories with us..to humanize hailey. Thank you for that
Friday at 6:48pm via mobile 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity Thank you michelle. Someone understands..
Friday at 6:49pm via mobile 1

Chas Chase Savannah, I think everyone is trying to get information as well. You are new on the pages so everyone wants to know what you know. I think everyone has the same agenda tho....where is Hailey.....and what happened?
Friday at 6:51pm 5

Robin Fleming Savannah you came here in response to the post that BD was sleeping with Haileys ex boyfriend who was 19 yadda yadda. You and Hailey fought over a boy. You seem to know "Maddie" even though LE doesn't? When you were talking to FBI did you mention Maddie? And you aren't 15 yrs old. You lived on Delaney when Hailey vanished. You changed your last name before you came here posting. If you want us to take you serious don't get upset when people ask questions that will clarify why you came to this page on a rant?
Friday at 6:51pm 2

Chas Chase LOL Tommie! I was wondering if you meant why was I thinking now?
Friday at 6:52pm 3

Donald Dawwg Savannah states: "And yall think this is what i wanted? To get on here and be judged by alot of people that dont even know me.. no. I got on here because i wanted to be filled in on everything that ive missed." SO you didn't come here to help Hailey. You came here for your own agenda to "be filled in on everything you've missed". And you assumed THIS facebook page out of all is where you would find it?? I don't see you on any of the other multiple Hailey pages. Why not Hope for Hailey ??? Please .. you have an agenda and it's not to "help" Hailey. This page is JUSTICE for Hailey.

Elk Grove Village, IL

#386 Mar 24, 2013
Donald Dawwg I see you have moved back from "you guys" to "ya'll".
Friday at 6:53pm 1

Donald Dawwg Oh one more thing Savannah... why did you wait for over 2 years to call the FBI with the "secret room" information??
Friday at 6:54pm 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity I am 16 now.. birthday was march 5... and i dont " know maddie" i know what one certain person said about mmaddie.. and she knows him pretty darn wwell!!! I lived in spur tx when hailey "vanished" and i changed ny last name because i recently discovered my dad and moved in with him....
Friday at 6:54pm via mobile

Savannah Nikole McGarity And idk why i just did it.. i guess i jist never thought that the fbi would miss it. And as i said.. i javent been on any of these sites because of the judgment.
Friday at 6:56pm via mobile

Linda Hopper I would gladly be judged to help a friend...
Friday at 6:59pm 3

Donald Dawwg How did you know the FBI missed it before you called?????
Friday at 7:02pm 2

Savannah Nikole McGarity I didnt... i called to check...
Friday at 7:04pm via mobile 1

Donald Dawwg You called to randomly check with someone who wouldn't be familiar with the case? huh?
Friday at 7:05pm 3

Donald Dawwg Savannah Nikole McGarity Well the fbi told me they havent searched this room. Im just going by what they say..
Friday at 7:06pm 1

Donald Dawwg Tell me how an agent would take your anonymous information and tell you at the same time that they had not searched the room???
Friday at 7:07pm 3

DeNeise Bennett Coates I have never heard the option press whatever to talk to an agent when the FBI is called.
Friday at 7:10pm 4

DeNeise Bennett Coates Savannah did you have a option for English or Spanish?
Friday at 7:10pm 2

Karen Sealey huh
Friday at 7:10pm 1

Tommie Wilson White Is Maddie from Coahoma or was he just at the track meet supporting a friend from another school?
Friday at 7:11pm 2

Shelby Massey Tyler DeNeise I was thinking the same thing you were about calling up the FBI and getting an agent so familiar with this case that quick, if at all.
Friday at 7:36pm via mobile 1

Lisa Goebel Trussell I call bs.
Friday at 7:43pm via mobile 1

Robin Fleming When I called I did get transferred to Sean Means immediately. It does happen. Maybe he knows her name and number already?
Friday at 7:44pm 3

Savannah Nikole McGarity Bobby what are you talking about? Monday hailey texted my boyfriend??? Idk what your talking about...
Friday at 7:46pm via mobile 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity And no there was no option for english or spanish... they said it in english then in spanish..
Friday at 7:47pm via mobile

Donald Dawwg She moved Robin. I don't think so.
Friday at 7:55pm 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity I am not going to say!!! Because i will be judged but he didnt live in colorado city!! He live in spur tx the placed i said i lived in at the time.
Friday at 7:58pm via mobile

Sara Perry How far is spur from ccity?
Friday at 8:02pm via mobile 2

Savannah Nikole McGarity Uhmm like 2hours... or so maybe an hour and a half..
Friday at 8:04pm via mobile 2

Bonnie Keay wait Bobby, I thought HD texted MaryBeth "WRUD" ???
Friday at 9:28pm 2

Bonnie Keay Hi Savannah, I tried to read through most of the posts quickly. I don't recall if you said you were the one that had the little argument the Monday that Hailey went missing (2 girls at the basketball courts) or if you know who the girls were? Were you at the school when investigators called a meeting after Hailey went missing? I'm sorry if you already answered. I'm trying to get caught up here!
Friday at 10:11pm 1

Karen Sealey Bonnie according to LE there are no credible sightings of Hailey on the Monday
Yesterday at 3:27am 3

Bea Wacker Does this stand out to anyone<<<< He live in spur tx the placed i said i lived in at the time. The "I" said "I" Lived
Yesterday at 3:47am Edited

Elk Grove Village, IL

#387 Mar 24, 2013
Bea Wacker Does Any body Else get the Feeling this Savannah McGarity is none other than SHELA ROSS AKA ANDY Throuugood...
Yesterday at 4:15am

Karen Sealey Savanna is a real person and known to Hailey. Whether or not someone else is using the account i dont know. As for Andy I have recently seen video etc of her and I believe Andy the name she uses on here is her real name more or less ( there is another word in her name). As for Sheilla i dunno- i assume thats her real name but I have no idea. Shes not really someone i like to think about ;(
Yesterday at 6:02am 3

Bea Wacker As I stated before,,any body can be anybody and add anybody as friends..and they choose where they live..
Yesterday at 6:05am

Bea Wacker Yes There is a real Savannah that was friends of Hailey and Listed as An Enemy also
Yesterday at 6:10am

Bea Wacker and why is that info on Haileys fb page remove now.
Yesterday at 6:10am 1

Bea Wacker My Feelings on this is some one is putting out info fishing for info...
Yesterday at 6:36am

Savannah Nikole McGarity I am really me people.. bea. If i wasnt why would i put up with all of your shit talking? Js.. nd who is this "andy"?.. i swear you people are un beleivable.. and to bonnie, no i was not there i was livin in spur tx at the time.
Yesterday at 7:18am via mobile

Meka Johnson This is an extra long thread...with questions all over the place....a lot of frustration on both sides.....but we should all remember you are talking to a 16 yr old...a teenager....on the FBI calling in to share info....I believe her....how was she supposed to know specific steps and agent names... just call in and follow prompts.....I'm gathering that she wasn't the one at the basketball court Monday....at that time she was living in Sulphur Springs. Even though they are listed as enemies on "MySpace" <<< Internet world......that's what teens do....they were fighting over a boy.......but with all that said....they were friends....she most likley knows way more than anyone here about Hailey...even if it is frustrating...how would you discuss all this with your teen???
Yesterday at 7:36am via mobile 1

Savannah Nikole McGarity No.. i didnt... do you have a problem with that? Keep asking questions about my personal life and i will call the cops for harassment.
Yesterday at 10:18am via mobile

DeNeise Bennett Coates Meka Johnson, see my point???
Yesterday at 10:53am 3

Elk Grove Village, IL

#388 Mar 24, 2013
Andy Thorrougood Pathetic Bea, calling a child by my name to get a dig in when I have not posted. You have been repeatedly told by people on her about me so there is only 3 choices with you. You are a crackhead, mentally challenged or just plain stupid. You ruin every thread by calling people names of others that cannot stand you. How many times do you need to be told? Quit while you are ahead because it is not by much. Savannah, ignore her, all she will do is accuse you of everything but the truth. She cannot handle it when anyone stands up to her, that is why most people just ignore her. You threatened to drive up to me Bea.....therefore I would guess the crack if you cannot remember wtf you say. Let Savannah speak, this one is not about you.
Yesterday at 11:57am
Karen Sealey And since then like you said yourself Bobby things have changed and its been said over and over no credible of sightings were seen of Hailey on the Monday.
Yesterday at 11:59am 2
Charles Parrino If you don't want kids don't have them! There not some toy you play with then put in a box or just decide that you don't want them so kill them or have somebody else do it!
Yesterday at 12:05pm via mobile 1
Robin Fleming Oh sorry about that. Do you know any gang members?
Yesterday at 12:34pm 3
DeNeise Bennett Coates Robin be careful she has the number to the FBI!
Yesterday at 12:37pm 3
Bea Wacker KMTA Shelia Ross...go away
Yesterday at 12:50pm
Bea Wacker And Shelia Maybe had you NOT LIED to Everyone on the Pages As to Who YOU really Were..We Might Believe your Bullshit Stories..But then again you were a BILLIE & SHAWN Supporter....
Yesterday at 12:55pm
Carrie Ellison Why is it I can see this thread come up on my news feed but can't find it on WOJ wall ?
Yesterday at 1:18pm via mobile 2
Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D. I'm not being rude but Savannah Nikole McGarity you are the one who showed up to the page and started talking knowing people would be asking questions and then you have said several times you were leaving and continue to stay on the page so if you don't like people asking you questions then maybe you should not come back and go enjoy being a child. Like I said earlier good luck to you
Yesterday at 1:19pm 7
Lisa Bennett BEA!!! Shelia isnt Andy, Andy is Andera, she is a real person, Silly Bea!!
Yesterday at 2:13pm 1
DeNeise Bennett Coates She's real she has lots of videos on utube.
Yesterday at 2:32pm via mobile 3
Lisa Bennett LOL Andy Thorrougood is.that your daughter doing the.unicorn dance on Youtube? And your one of you getting your nose done hurt me to even watch!
Yesterday at 3:12pm via mobile Edited 1
Andy Thorrougood nope not one single video on youtube, but Bea knows I am real, most people on this page have mutual friends with me and know I have been here from day one...that's just Bea's gig and it doesnt bug me calling me other people's names, but it does bother ! Just ask Dawn Moore. Enough with starting rumours about me, I thought you were all about Hailey! No more lies please
Yesterday at 3:38pm

Elk Grove Village, IL

#389 Mar 24, 2013
Andy Thorrougood Nice lie Deniese, are you going to stick with that one, because I would think you should be wondering what I KNOW!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 3:39pm
Andy Thorrougood Well include Lisa on the liar list....go get your nose done! Everything about me is real, but if kookoo fest is starting, dont erase anything as your feelings get hurt, I can stand on my own two feet without bring one single friend.
Yesterday at 3:43pm 1
Robin Fleming Well shoot she just shot herself in the foot didn't she? If it wasn't her she should have kept quiet imo.
Yesterday at 3:54pm 2
Andy Thorrougood OMG, I didnt know you were Lisa lie lie,,,,how ironic is that? you come on here and lie about me? there's alot about liars on this page and here is Lisa lie lie....well I will just go back and refresh all your lies, I remember them as being numerous...
Yesterday at 4:07pm
Lisa Bennett Wow Andy I was just.asking a question, And Im not going to erase anything whats there to erase? Im not going to get my nose done tho, Im tooooo chicken to do that.
Yesterday at 4:10pm via mobile 1
Lisa Bennett Thought that was you, as I was told it was, my bad
Yesterday at 4:14pm via mobile Edited 1
Robin Fleming See what you get for saying she isn't Sheila? She did the same when I said she wasn't a troll. Let her be Sheila we don't care do we?
Yesterday at 4:19pm 2
Andy Thorrougood No lie lie take your unicorn and nose job and keep on with your lies, liya.....The definition of a troll is a liar starting crap on a page, just to be nasty......well guess that debunks that, you are trolls, Big ole Bea cant keep my name off the page......so jump on the bandwagon and lets hear more lies. Keep talking about my children lie lie, thats how low pos like you go,,,,,Blobin take your many problems up with Sheila, you are losing credibility every time you open your mouth...for a researcher, you are showing how out to lunch you are......is there a water tower waiting for you.....oh my bad!!!! lol
Yesterday at 4:57pm
Robin Fleming Somebody hand me a baseball this clown is going in the dunk tank.
Yesterday at 5:11pm 1

Elk Grove Village, IL

#390 Mar 24, 2013
Bea Wacker Well Everybody We all see Where AT is in this for HAILEY don't We....she Rather Drag up old shit then to stick to New!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 5:13pm 2

Andy Thorrougood Post those videos Lie Lie, prove your not a lying pos, everybody wants you to show how honest you are....and for your credibility of course, now everybody is sending me messages
Yesterday at 5:18pm

Lisa Bennett Thanks.Bea
Yesterday at 5:19pm via mobile 1

Lisa Bennett So that is your.daughter.then? If.not then you wouldnt have said for me to keep talk about your.children and call me a POS. I asked a freaken question thats all, now STFU
Yesterday at 5:22pm via mobile Edited 2

Robin Fleming Don't do it Lisa!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 5:24pm 1

Lisa Bennett Fine! I will stop Robin.
Yesterday at 5:27pm via mobile 1

Robin Fleming Oh I meant don't post the videos. Don't stop lol.
Yesterday at 5:35pm 2

Bea Wacker Wish I had the link to Video's,,I sure as Hell Post them for all to see...
Yesterday at 6:00pm 1

Andy Thorrougood Lie lie, post the videos you are lying your ass over? the only clowns here are the liars.....Yes lie lie you get the prize of the day for making shit up..........well Robin has just become part of the lies now....robin lie lie....if you cant prove what comes out of your lying mouth has any truth, you did it to yourself....Robin you hold your breath and wait while lie lie figures out how to get out of this one. Just post the video you stalker
Yesterday at 6:01pm

Bea Wacker they on You Tube,,They are FAIR GAME..
Yesterday at 6:01pm

Andy Thorrougood Probably are mixing up my daughter with robins granddaughter, ya think? lie lie
Yesterday at 6:02pm

Elk Grove Village, IL

#391 Mar 24, 2013
What is wrong with calling in a tip to the FBI? Isnt that the best thing to do? SMH !!!
Anxious to know

Saint Louis, MO

#392 Mar 27, 2013
Wow is right! and no, nothing wrong with providing information to the FBI. Wish more had been provided in the beginning, but it is never too late in this case.

It is well past time for Hailey to be found and there is a very good possibility the remains are hers as well as others missing in the area, but being in Scurry County and not far from Snyder, I think the possibility of the remains being Hailey are even greater. I don't know that after this length of time, any positive answers over the COD or who is responsible can be proven, but I sure hope so.

United States

#393 Mar 27, 2013
The page you are referring to is NOT a private page and the minor's MOTHER also comments there and did so on the exact same thread! I am sure the original poster of this comment is fully aware of that as well!

United States

#394 Mar 27, 2013
I am sure you are well aware that this page is NOT private. This thread was taken down once it was over ran by trolls.(chances are you are one of them and just salty for being banned) The minor's mother also engaged in conversation on this page and at times she and her daughter were in the same conversations. This is a pathetic attempt to defame a group of people who have followed this case and truly wanted to see JUSTICE FOR HAILEY!

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