Hailey's disappearing Fliers

Hailey's disappearing Fliers

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Stacie Campbell

United States

#1 Aug 28, 2011
A couple of weeks ago we put up 386 fliers in C-City for Hailey. They were the orange Hope For Hailey fliers. Yesterday when we got to C-City for the Hailey's vigil and balloon release the fliers were ALL down. The city has left old garage sale signs up, so I do not believe they took them down.
It is a known fact that perpetrators will remove Fliers of their victims. They do not want to see their faces everywhere they go. They feel their victim is taunting and or haunting them. The only suspect in the case could not have taken them down, as he lives several hundred miles away and came back to C-City for Hailey's vigil for the first time since moving.
The fliers came down with in days of going up!
The two of us that put these fliers up do not live in C-City and can not keep watch on Hailey's fliers. They need to be replaced and then watched, mapped and dated when removed and turned over to Law Enforcement.
I would like feed back if anyone from the area has seen any individuals removing any of Hailey's fliers or any ideas of what is going on.
I would also want to plead to the citizens of C-City to come together as a community and help Hailey. She needs all of you to keep her face out in the public. Please, please we need help on putting Hailey's fliers up and keeping them up.
Hailey is C-City's little girl, please help bring your Hailey home.
DeNeise Coates

Lubbock, TX

#2 Aug 28, 2011
If we need to do another hanging event we will to get started. But we have to have people from C-City watching and mapping.

Andrews, TX

#3 Aug 28, 2011
Please someone had to of seen something these fliers were put up with lots of tape and staples someone spent alot of time removing them. Everyone please put your differences aside and help bring this little girl home. Please CCity help with who is removing these fliers. Hope and Prayers for Hailey Darlene Dunn.

United States

#4 Aug 28, 2011
Hailey and her community need our help. Not only for Hailey but for the safety of your children. If you noticed anything, someone appearing to be hanging flyers at odd hours, a suspicious or cautious person that removing flyers, a good chance they might have been acting like they were posting flyers to avoid suspicion yet when they left there would have been no flyers. Anything???? Hailey needs and deserves justice, if you know or think you might have seen anything please tell someone. If not here contact Texas Rangers, FBI, hopeforhailey, everyone!!! Thank you

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#5 Aug 28, 2011
I'm confused about motive here. Why would anyone intentionally rip down fliers with Hailey's face and information on them?

Who would have that motive in this case? First and foremost would be someone who knows exactly what happened to Hailey and can't stand to see those fliers looking at them. Someone still in town. Someone who lives there all the time.

Secondly, "rival" factions in the search for Hailey might be at fault here. But taking down fliers makes no sense. I'm not sure I can logically get there.

Third... what happens if it's a minor relative or friend of Hailey's? Someone who suspects, or has reason to know, that Hailey isn't coming home, but who didn't commit the crime that took her? Teenagers have really strong emotions.

And finally, what if LE took them down themselves?

I'm not local, or I'd march into the PD and ask if they know why Hailey's fliers have been removed. It's time for LE to pick up the ball on this case.
Stacie Campbell

United States

#6 Aug 29, 2011
The motive of removing, fliers of a missing child, is to keep from seeing the child everywhere they, the offender, kidnapped and did God knows what to.
Hailey's fliers being removed needs to looked into.
If anyone from CCity has seen someone taking Hailey's fliers down, please contact le and hopeforhailey.org or comment here. Please do not only contact le. We need to have a record to follow up on.
Thank you
Concerned in Louisiana

Ville Platte, LA

#7 Aug 30, 2011
Hundreds of fliers being torn down takes time. These fliers were secured to withstand the weather and time. The way they were attached someone had to a reason to take so much time and put forth so much effort. We all want to know why. But most of all LAW ENFORCEMENT needs to know WHO! Someone who doesn't want to see her face haunting them, or concerned that the truth will come to light and they will be found out. This is a small town. Perhaps, a neighborhood watch should be set up to keep an eye on who this person/persons are! Are locals willing to volunteer. Remember, if this happened to Hailey it could have just as easily happened to one of your own children!
DeNeise Coates

Lubbock, TX

#8 Aug 31, 2011
So nice to see we have had such concern from the citizens of C-City! Those of us commited to finding Hailey will keep on doing what we have been doing. We are going to have another flyer hanging next Saturday if any would like to help. The last one we had there was nobody from C-City that showed up. Can I ask why as a community you do not care that one of your own is missing???? The lack of LE in the case is bad enough but an entire communtiy! Please step up and do the right thing for an innocent child.

Waxahachie, TX

#9 Sep 1, 2011
It's time for Billie, Shawn, Clint, Naomi, the Two Connie's and the whole rest of Hailey's Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and friends to step up and join in and contribute! Shawn and Billie could start by clearing themselves entirely with LE and the public. In between all these family members should be out there taping and tacking up fliers and helping with the investigation, adding to the reward money and having an interest, rather than sitting back bitching and doing virtually nothing over finding their own family member.

Outsiders can only give so much and do so much. If the family isn't doing it, there's not much incentive for others as the months pass on and the mother's lied and moved away, the father's been in jail, the main suspect is still roaming about smiling, and none of them have done anything to demonstrate their OWN urgency in finding their daughter.

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#10 Sep 3, 2011
Texan wrote:
Shawn and Billie could start by clearing themselves entirely with LE and the public
The same Billie who said she would never search for her daughter and never help LE find her daughter and terminated one polygraph and failed another polygraph? The same Shawn who terminated one polygraph and failed another polygraph and walled himself up in a relative's house for 7 months until he and Billie moved 250+ miles away from Colorado City? The same Billie Jean who trashed searchers for not working around the clock to find her daughter while she herself refused to look for her daughter? The same Billie Jean who trashed and still trashes all the investigators - local, state, and federal - working on the case? The same Billie who trashed and still trashes Peter Hyatt an Statement Analysis? The same Billie Dunn who recently did a question-answer session on a Facebook page and when members of the page caught her lying and called her out on her lies she trashed them and the administrator of the page trashed them and accused them of hijacking the page even though the administrator gave permission to those people to become members of the site? The same Billie Dunn who slammed her front door in the faces of LE? The same Shawn Adkins who refused to help searchers? The same Shawn Adkins who lied about his whereabouts to LE and whose phone records place him at home with Hailey on the morning she disappeared? The same Shawn Adkins who stood with a grin on his face during the prayer vigil held on Hailey's 14th birthday?

Shawn raped and murdered Hailey and buried her somewhere between either Colorado City and Snyder or Snyder and Big Spring, and Billie helped clean up the crime scene and dispose of evidence, they're never going to help but THEY WILL BE ARRESTED. By the time LE - and that encompasses multiple local and state and federal agencies - are done building their case, Billie will be looking at life in prison and Shawn will be looking at Capital Punishment, Billie and Shawn know this, so no, don't expect them to step up and clear themselves!!!

Waxahachie, TX

#11 Sep 3, 2011
Excellent Post Anonoymous!!!

Waxahachie, TX

#12 Sep 3, 2011
oh Wow! just read the Hailey Dunn's Updates and Discussions facebook postings between Ms. Campbell and Billie Dunn name calling and trashing Peter Hyatt over a blog talk radio show. Saw the other FB postings by Billie and she has one of the filthiest mouths a woman could have. How could anyone expect to accomplish anything with an attitude and mouth like that?

Oh that's right, she's Billie Dunn, everything and anything goes within her world. There's no self respect, respect for others, manners, decency, love, devotion, honesty or appreciation. Those things do not exit. And that's exactly why Hailey is gone.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#13 Sep 3, 2011
Did we change the topic of this forum? If you have thoughts or information about the missing flyers, I'd love to hear it. If you're here to spew venom and bile, there are other Topix forums dedicated to Hailey Dunn's disappearance that you are welcome to defile.

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#14 Sep 4, 2011
AnonTexan wrote:
If you have thoughts or information about the missing flyers
You're asking people on an ANONYMOUS INTERNET FORUM why people in your town are tearing down flyers.

Take yourself over to the police station and tell them people are removing flyers: your local police are the only people that can help you, not anonymous people on the internet, and they will help you if you work WITH THEM instead of against them.

Abilene, TX

#15 Sep 5, 2011
Anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>You're asking people on an ANONYMOUS INTERNET FORUM why people in your town are tearing down flyers.
Take yourself over to the police station and tell them people are removing flyers: your local police are the only people that can help you, not anonymous people on the internet, and they will help you if you work WITH THEM instead of against them.
Don't you have any unsolved crimes in Florida you can work on? You act like an expert on everything here and you don't have a clue about the people or what goes on daily. You read on the forums and blogs and take everyones word as long as it is against the same ones that you are against. You are a nut. We do not need your suggestions.

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#16 Sep 6, 2011
If I'm a nut for telling you to inform your local law enforcement agency that your fliers are missing and to work WITH your local law enforcement on the Hailey Dunn case then you're a stupid disgusting Billie-Defending child murdering idiot for asking anonymous people from all over the world sitting at their computer desks all over the world to help you solve the case of the disappearing fliers in a small US town and refusing to communicate with LE.

There are only a few genuine Hailey Dunn searchers on this board and you and the Billie-Defending idiot who started this thread are not them. You and your "Clint and his friends are all child rapists and they murdered Hailey and if they didn't then it was Naomi who murdered Hailey and Shawn is innocent because Billie said the hairdresser said so" ilk are disgusting murderers.


Abilene, TX

#17 Sep 6, 2011
I don't have to say anything else. You just proved what I said.
Stacie Campbell

United States

#18 Sep 7, 2011
We have notified ccpd.
Billie has and continues to post fliers of her daughter. David, Hailey's brother, has also hung fliers.
I can tell you DeNeise and I hung fliers in Big Spring and she peppered Shawn's neighborhood. None came down and this was before he moved 4 hours from here.
We need answers and we need the local Colorado Citians to help keep the fliers up and mark when and where they come come down.
This little girl deserves to have her home town support her.

Dallas, TX

#19 Sep 8, 2011
That's good that CCPD was notified. Now they can keep track of all that. Also good that Billie and David are hanging fliers. They should be. Afterall Hailey is their family member. but it's not right to blame and expect the citizens to solve this case. The citizens were not responsible for Hailey. Billie and Clint were. Several citizens offered help, donations and many other kind gestures and it was not appreciated. Then dishonesty, drugs, arrests and dysfuntion entailed and people decided they really didn't need to be involved, and were wasting their time and money. Citizens shouldn't be expected to help when the ones who are responsible won't help themselves and keep lying. Gets old after awhile.

Since: Nov 11

Rocky Mount, NC

#20 Nov 6, 2011
That is PRECISELY why we need to continue on this. Hailey must be found and the truth found. We, as a society, are responsible as a whole for ALL of our children. If someone is removing most of the fliers in CCity, there is not a good logical reason for this and it should be looked into. The person or persons responsible for Hailey's disappearance is the #1 priority here. It does not matter one whit if it is her genetic family that is attempting to find her (which I know some are). Hailey now has a very large extended family and we WILL find her.

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