What can you tell me about Shawn Adkins?

Glen Burnie, MD

#8762 Apr 26, 2013
So very sad to now know what many of us had thought all a long from the get go.
Grateful the little angel was found , now can receive the decent burial she so deserves.
SA is shaking in his boots I hope. Just hope they have enough evidence to nail him...and anyone else who may have been involved.
Will not never ever understand how B/D continued one day w/ the freak. Then to know she did so even after he was named the only POI just beats all .
If she really is that dumb ,it's really so sad she was blessed w/ 2 beautiful children. Who @ one time seemed to be her world,from things I have read, picture's & home video's I've viewed only to be put on the back burner for a darn freak, who murdered her beautiful daughter. jmo
R.L.P. Beautiful Hailey <3

Glen Burnie, MD

#8763 Apr 26, 2013
R.I.P. *

Marysville, WA

#8764 Apr 26, 2013
NaSCar wrote:
Sure is white trash in here.
I think the trash is in Big Spring, Lovington, Magnolia and Austin and it's time to take it out!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#8765 Apr 26, 2013
Just sad. Rip beautiful child.

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#8766 Apr 27, 2013
Bless this child and may the truth finally be told.

Bronte, TX

#8767 Apr 27, 2013
Just so heartbreaking for this young girl.

Glen Burnie, MD

#8768 Apr 27, 2013
Armadillo wrote:
Bless this child and may the truth finally be told.

Glen Burnie, MD

#8769 Apr 28, 2013
S/A ? I think He's a MURDERER!
Yes, I do believe he is!.
Have thought from day one he killed Hailey,& still think it will turn out to be that POS, maybe even B/D being how she hung & clung to him after being told he was the only POI by LE.
I can see these two now turning, twisting blame game ..if she was involved. Not just so stupid in love w/ a freak ,and too dumb to see it. I find that very hard to believe ..but, I'm just sayin. There are women out there this day /age that'll put a man before any, everything including their own flesh, blood. Sad , but true . Happens all the time. Only I just don't think that to be the case here. All JMO.

Glen Burnie, MD

#8770 Apr 28, 2013
Yes, @ one time I did pity B/D in the very beginning. But actions speak louder than words and her actions sure didn't speak of a mother of a missing daughter. Again all jmo.

Shawnee, OK

#8771 Apr 29, 2013
Yeah he is your cousin and you have every right to your opion including everyone else on this site including me so here is mine enjoy cousin of Shawn Adkins that is going to stick by him. you say a guy who loved looking up child pornography that also included animals and thats a fact is a "kindhearted" person. YOU are a clueless person who has stupidly stuck up for a man involved in a childs now murder investiagation. cousin or not do you have any morals at all??? if his name was ever going to be cleared it would have been done by now. He cant come up with his work uniform that he was wearing when Hailey went missing from the job he said he was "fired" from but now we know for a fact he quit on his own free will. but your still going to sit there and say this man is going to be cleared and we the people bashing him should feel ashamed for pointing the finger at him. HA! A "kindhearted" man that makes sure you smile on bad days also has been said to enjoy chopping up dead bodies of deers with a chainsaw. but this is someone who is going to be clearded of this investigation. Him and that nasty excuse of a mother BILLIE DUNN are going to rot in Hell for what they did to that poor little girl. and if ur still standing by them at that time may God take you strait down with them. Cousin or not that was an innocent little girl he took from this world and laid her body out like she was nothing. this man deserves no sympathy and i wish nothing more then that law enforements would hand him and her over to community of Colorado City Texas so we could give the justicy that is truely deserved. better then any needle in the arm that is one day going to lay this piecese of shit to rest forever. i loved to hear your comments cousin. an truely feel sorry that you or anybody else in your family has to say he is apart of it. but when you sit there and post shit sticking up for this "thing" you are doing no less hurt to Hailey Dunn then the day SHAWN ADKINS AND BILLIE DUNN MURDERED HER!!!!!!!

Glen Burnie, MD

#8772 Apr 29, 2013
From prior post # 8769
I see some of my post isn't there..

I just don't see B/D being that stupid that she didn't realize S/A was a danger to her daughter, b/c if she knew of his taste for brutal sex, child porn, we all w/ any common sense now KNOW she dang sure knew HAILEY WAS IN DANGER around such a freak as S/A ! And yes, I do wonder how much she's involved w/ all this..more than likely ..up to her eye balls.
As any respectful Mother , would never have that type of punk around her children.
Then many other's as I once felt, believe in her to this day. Many think she didn't realize he could do such a thing as murder her daughter.
Only I just don't think that to be the case here.
I think she knows, has known. The more her lips move.

All JMO.

Lockhart, TX

#8773 Apr 29, 2013
My heart and prayers go out to the Dunn family I hope soon this is all brought to justice and the family gets closure she was a smart ,beautiful talented young lady and never deserved any of this she deserved a beautiful life of her own. I still can't believe she was gone all this time it breaks my heart to even think this has happen I pray to god they find the person responsible for this and put him/her away forever!!!!!! May you rest in peace baby girl it's not goodbye will see you again(: WE LOVE YOU HAILEY DUNN!!! <3<3 :(!!!!

Montgomery, AL

#8774 May 5, 2013
To all posters in the area of where Hailey was found and Colorado city.PLease post any news on this case. Those of us not in Texas do not have any other way to follow the case. I have been an advocate for the missing for many years. I have followed this case since Haley went missing. I do not think any of us were surprised at where she was found.

Ottumwa, IA

#8775 May 11, 2013
go to facebook, Hailey Dunn Updates & Discussion

Since: Jul 12

dairy queen

#8776 Sep 7, 2013
SKEoD wrote:
go to facebook, Hailey Dunn Updates & Discussion
how does one find this page?
just another cop

United States

#8777 Nov 14, 2013
Shawn Casey Adkins and Billie Jean Dunn both had motive and opportunity to kill Hailey. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Months before Hailey vanished, her mother Billie was printing off hundreds of pages of material documenting the lives and times of infamous real life serial killers. These pages were printed from online sources such as trutv.com . Now, if she and Shawn simply had an interest in reading biographies of such criminals, wouldn't they just stop by the local book store and pick up some books on the subjects? No, Billie chose to spend time on the clock at her workplace to search out info on serial killers online and print this information to hardcopy so she and Shawn could read the material at home together. The topics of this material detailed how these killers committed their violent and sexual crimes against random people and strangers, as well as their own families. Coincidence? Not likely.

Billie and Shawn both have an obsession with gore and violence. This is evident when you combine the interests in violent music and horror movies, as well as the uncommon interest in the most morbid crimes imaginable. Their collection of horror films and memorabilia and the production of YouTube videos in which Shawn, Billie, and Corey Norwood are seen are acting out their horrific fantasies are evidence that this is more than and interest for the trio.

The crime of killing Hailey was premeditation defined. Very carefully planned, yet somewhat carelessly executed.

Christmas was over. After months of thought and planning, Billie and Shawn were ready to make their move.

Hailey's brother David left her their chestnut street home around 9:00pm on December 26, 2010. Billie and Shawn had the next eight hours to do their evil deed. By 5:30am on December 27, it was all over for a helpless 13 year old girl. Her life was snuffed out.

Billie and Shawn's plan of cover up and deception has served then well for nearly three years.

But, the emotionless pleas for her daughter's return, combined with failed polygraph exams, combined with a positive indication that she and Shawn should be looked at in Haley's disappearance and that investigators could find Hailey's body in Scurry county all reveal what one should expect to see soon in this case...murder charges swiftly forthcoming against Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Casey Adkins.

For those who mistakenly believe that investigators have no physical evidence to convict Dunn and Adkins, think again.

Law enforcement are patiently waiting for just the right moment to make their unannounced move. Just when you think you have gotten away Scott free with the perfect murder of an innocent child, you'll be in custody faster than you can process what's happened.

Hailey will see justice. jmo
heyman junior-peasant

United States

#8778 Nov 14, 2013
Heyman Junior-Peasant

I know who you are. Remember your post on the Help Find Hailey Dunn Facebook page?

You know the post i am talking about...a couple weeks after she was reported "missing".

You posted the following message to that Facebook page....

" come home, shawn
wants to touch you in multiple places. that are
unknown to most people. he will rip off your
clitoris with his teeth, and devour your asshole
like a hungry dog eating a lamb chop. he will
slam his cock so deep in your throat he will
pierce your lungs. that is all hailey, please
come ...home, so shawn can do ...these things."

Heyman junior-peasant has a real name, doesn't he? If you are so bold and want to kill someone "in a way that will always be remembered", why don't you just confess so you can go down in history as a true life Michael Myers? You're silent when you it comes to being who you really are, but as Heyman junior-peasant, you speak as though you are invincible. You are nothing. Only Hailey will be remembered. You will never leave a legacy. You're a coward.

Lockhart, TX

#8779 Nov 14, 2013
Not one piece of evidence has been released. Building a story does not get a conviction, you need evidence. Hopefully, the perp responsible for killing Hailey will be arrested and convicted with a life sentence or death.

United States

#8780 Nov 14, 2013
Why would investigators "release" evidence, except to prosecutors and the court? You can believe there is evidence.

Waxahachie, TX

#8781 Dec 1, 2013
Really sad that no one has been charged in Hailey's murder and still walking around free to do the same horrible thing to someone else.

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