What can you tell me about Shawn Adkins?

San Angelo, TX

#43 Jan 11, 2011
I grew up there wrote:
MMJ REALLY?! Did she say why she was scared? How did that conversation even come up? How lng before she was missing did she send those messages! I hope this is true and you are just not trying to be part of the case! Did you report this? O. God please be with Hailey... I go back home in April I just hope she is safe by home by then!! To think a person like that is only living around the corner from my Father!! I am having doubts about letting my kids go there for the summer!!
She did not say why she was scared and the conversation started because i was telling her about what me step-dad did to me. It was about three weeks before she went missing. Yes it has been reported and they are checking the computers that Hailey uses at the library. And im not tring to part of the case im tring to get my friend home safe...
I Think so

Wheeling, WV

#44 Jan 11, 2011
I Think so

Wheeling, WV

#45 Jan 11, 2011
so? anybody live along this area who could go with a dog?to sniff out clues/ A BLOODHOUND?


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#46 Jan 11, 2011

Wheeling, WV

#47 Jan 11, 2011
cathatua wrote:
Thanks I am only sharing someone with MAP talent's work..
hope someone can use it to locate her...
I do hope the rumors of her hiding are true, but just heard that those are not true either..
he was the last to see her, as far as anyone knows so???
Sure nobody wants to blame anyone but the facts are the facts and the people who he said she was going to see said it is a lie so??
Why lie if you are telling the truth/
Impossible to do that..a lie is a lie and the truth is the truth..
Worried Momma

Cedar Falls, IA

#48 Jan 11, 2011
MMJ whatever your step dad did to you, You can report it you know. school counselors, another adult, straight to the cops in your town. YOU WILL BE BELIEVED no matter what it was!
Howard County Resident

Big Spring, TX

#49 Jan 11, 2011
There are a group searching Howard county which is where Big Spring is. I live just off of 350 and we have searched a stretch of that but now that the map has come out more will be searched. Tomorrow the group is searching the State Park in Big Spring by request. Most of us are moms and dads and care. The organizers of our group are both moms who have actually searched 8 to 10 hours every day for almost a week. We have a large area to search. There is alot of canyons and land. Any help with the search would be appreciated
just me

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#50 Jan 11, 2011
Debi LeFors wrote:
About 37 years ago my best friend was murdered here in Snyder (24 miles from C-City). We were 16. It still amazes me to hear townspeople talk of this story today, and tell things that are total lies and craziness. Of course the stories had to do with us participating in drugs and orgies. The organist at my family's church was one of the worst gossipers regarding the situation. Can't you people just pray for Hailey and not speculate on the faults of her family. Whomever is responsible for her disappearance will answer to God. The way they are being crucified in the media is not right.
I agree with you regarding your personal tragedy.

However, until her mother and mother's b/f are cleared of all suspicion, discussing them is normal and acceptable.
just me

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#51 Jan 11, 2011
COLORADO CITY, Texas -- KTXS News has obtained documents that show startling facts into the investigation of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn that point to Hailey's mother Billie Jean Dunn and her former live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins as being primary suspects.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, KTXS has received copies of affidavits that were filed by law enforcement officials for the purpose of securing search warrants to search for and seize evidence related to Hailey’s disappearance.

The affidavits contain facts discovered by law enforcement officials and statements made by Billie Dunn, Adkins and others. In all, a total of six search warrants were issued by Mitchell County Judge Ray Mayo.

The information provided in the affidavits does not assign any guilt or innocence. They are used for investigative purposes only, but in being released to the public for the first time, they do provide explosive details about what law enforcement authorities have found.

Information in these summary statements comes directly from the affidavits:

– Adkins previously had threatened the lives of both Hailey Dunn and Billie Dunn in February 2010.

– Both Adkins and Billie Dunn apparently held an ongoing, intense fascination with horrific films and brutal crimes. Seized in a box in their bedroom were numerous documents, some fictional and some past crimes, that covered such topics such as serial killers, ax murders, sexual sadistic activities, the occult, sex and death topics, motives for murder and mass murderers – including the killing of family members.

– Billie Dunn and Adkins hosted a number of friends for a New Year’s Eve party at their home – just three days after Billie Dunn reported Hailey missing. Adkins downplayed the party, stating they just had a few friends over to the house to have drinks on New Year’s Eve.

– Billie Dunn volunteered to take a polygraph examination, but when she arrived, she was found to be “under the influence of narcotics,” and she was dismissed from the test at that time. On her second attempt, the investigators concluded there was “deception indicated.” After the examination, Billie Dunn was given the chance to discuss and explain “why she failed the examination.” Officials said she couldn't explain them, and she ended the interview by walking out.

– Adkins twice refused to take polygraph examinations. Then he agreed to a polygraph, but after providing some inconsistent information, he ended this polygraph by walking out. Officials said he failed the polygraph, particularly concerning the whereabouts of Hailey.

– During his polygraph examination, before walking out, Adkins provided some positive reaction about knowing where Hailey Dunn is. Indications were that Hailey may be in Scurry County.

– Adkins and Billie Dunn made two withdrawals of cash from an ATM machine in Snyder, in Scurry County, at about 6:20 p.m. on Dec. 27 totaling $140. They told investigators the money was for purchasing drugs.

– Numerous statements made by both Adkins and Billie Dunn, particularly Adkins, have been inconsistent, some with initial denials, then admissions, then changed statements.

On the night before Hailey’s disappearance, her 16-year-old brother, David, indicated that when he left the house at 9 p.m., Hailey was playing one of his video games in the living room in the house. Based on her skill level with the game, David said he expected her to play probably until midnight.

Adkins told authorities that on the day Hailey disappeared that Hailey was going to her father’s house, a block away, then on to a friend’s house. She never made it to either location.
just me

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#52 Jan 11, 2011
Multiple witnesses told authorities that it was uncharacteristic for Hailey to be gone for long periods of time without checking in with her mother.

Law enforcement officials detailed what Hailey left behind at her home: a toothbrush, hairbrush, contact solution, a new MP3 player – and a jacket that friends say she would not have left home without.

The weather was cold outside, but Adkins said he last saw Hailey leaving without the jacket and the personal items.

Officials report that Hailey was well-familiar with the area and that it can be determined that she would not have gotten lost going to houses a few blocks away. No witnesses reported seeing Hailey walking on the date she was reported to have left her residence.

At one point during the polygraph examination of Adkins, he was asked whom investigators should “look at,” and officials said Adkins responded by saying “both of us,” referring to himself and Billie Dunn.

One inconsistency in Adkins’ statements involved his employment on Dec. 27. Adkins told investigators that he was fired that day, but authorities contacted the employer, who said that Adkins was a good employee and that he hadn’t been fired.

Nevertheless, Adkins left his place of employment at 6:10 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 27 and told investigators that he went straight to his mother’s house in Big Spring. However, cell phone records indicate that Adkins’ cell phone was in contact with cell towers in Scurry County from 6:35 a.m. until 6:56 a.m., during the time when he said he was traveling to Big Spring.

Billie Dunn left for work at 6:20 a.m. on Dec. 27, and authorities said her cell phone was also in contact with the same cell tower during the same time period.

In these early morning hours, authorities believe that Hailey was home alone at the Dunn residence in Colorado City.

On the afternoon of Dec. 27 at about 4 p.m., Hailey’s brother David returned home.

According to his father, Clint Dunn, David arrived about 4 p.m. and pounded on the front door for about five minutes, and no one would let him in the door.

David then let himself into the house through a window, where David said he saw Adkins in a hallway with a “deer in the headlights look.”
just me

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#53 Jan 11, 2011
COLORADO CITY, Texas -- Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, told KTXS on Tuesday that she now accepts the possibility that her former live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins could be involved in the disappearance of her daughter.

After adamantly defending Adkins for two weeks, Billie Dunn said Tuesday for the first time that it is possible that Adkins had something to do with Hailey's disappearance.

She stressed, however, that no one knows for certain – and that she was not accusing him of anything.

Adkins is believed to be the last person to have seen the 13-year-old Hailey, a Colorado Middle School eighth-grader.

Adkins reported that Hailey told him on Dec. 27 that she was going to spend the night with a friend – but she never made it to the friend's house. She was reported missing the next day after her mother discovered she didn't spend the night there.

"I never thought he would hurt Hailey, or had anything to do with this," Billie Dunn said, "until it was pounded in my head that that was a possibility. Nobody knows, though."

Dunn said she hasn't spoken to Adkins recently but occasionally communicates with him through text messages.

Adkins is staying at his grandmother's home in the community of Dunn, 12 miles north of Colorado City. A man who came to the door at the house said Adkins is not speaking to any members of the media and that Adkins has legal representation.

Despite cold weather, with afternoon temperatures hovering barely above freezing, the search for Hailey continues.

Volunteer searchers said Tuesday the cold temperatures only motivated them to keep up the search.

"She needs to be found," volunteer Holly Jenkins said. "We can handle a couple hours in the cold."

Billie Dunn also told KTXS that despite how the "Nancy Grace" show has portrayed her in a negative light, Dunn will make another appearance on the show Tuesday.

"Well, I have to," Billie Dunn said, "because I have to have Hailey's face national. So I'll go through hell and high water."

Billie Dunn said the program's accusations are unfounded, which described Dunn as not a credible witness because of a drug history.

"I don't have a drug history or present," Dunn said. "It's not a part of my life."

United States

#54 Jan 12, 2011
I Think so wrote:
so? anybody live along this area who could go with a dog?to sniff out clues/ A BLOODHOUND?
You Pittsburghers are brillant! Nice map, TY.
Come On

Lanagan, MO

#55 Jan 12, 2011
I Think so wrote:
so? anybody live along this area who could go with a dog?to sniff out clues/ A BLOODHOUND?
Dogs have been used. There are prisons located on the edge of this city that have access to dogs and plenty of people to search. I think law enforcement can handle this situation.
Bubba Says

Lusby, MD

#56 Jan 12, 2011
I too suspect the boyfriend, only because as a rule, and typical of the sudden disappearance of a person, the last person to have visual, and personal contact with the 'missing person' has historically been revealed to have undisclosed knowledge that connects the dots!

And the timeline still has holes that haven't been explained as far as I know. Judgments aside, and other opinions that are blooming by the day, as an investigator I would apply more pressure and attention to Shawn, until satisfied that he really doesn't know relevant information that he's not telling!

Wheeling, WV

#57 Jan 12, 2011
Many a MOTHER/FATHER/AUNT/UNCLE/Famil y member
has been guilty of trusting someone either in or aquainted with a family to have access to a child in their sicko sights.

How and where did the mother meet this man?
And i suspect he has been keeping her in his vision for a long time now..

Wheeling, WV

#58 Jan 12, 2011
Come On wrote:
<quoted text>Dogs have been used. There are prisons located on the edge of this city that have access to dogs and plenty of people to search. I think law enforcement can handle this situation.
but many times a regular person
WALKING their dog has found many a missing person if indeed she is harmed...

Comstock, TX

#59 Jan 12, 2011
Look at what the mother and her boyfriend were looking at

Comstock, TX

#60 Jan 12, 2011
Worried Momma - I know i can and i will but not until Hailey comes home safe because she is my rock. She is the one that keeps me going through the day and I love her.

Dardanelle, AR

#61 Jan 12, 2011
MMJ- I have noted that each time you comment your thred is based out of a different location. First it said Ballinger and then San Angelo and now Brownwood. Just curious if we are actually talking to the same girl each time...
A Concerned Mom

King City, Canada

#62 Jan 12, 2011
MMJ, PLEASE don't wait. Please tell now. You will be helping yourself and Hailey. You know she would want you to be safe. Also, you may not realize, but you may have info that can help the police find Hailey. The sooner you do, the better for both of you. Good luck MMJ. Take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Hailey.

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