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loose cannon

United States

#2 Dec 9, 2009

I heard there is a troy chapter, but in my 40+ years in this town have seen nothing of it.

They must keep a real low profile or some kids are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Belleville, IL

#3 Dec 9, 2009
i toolive in troy all my life...
i am 50 an there are 2-3 klans in troy....

some are in the knights party, the b.o.k. and the unsk....we do keep a low profile

if interested

we are not the boogyman the media portrays...

Belleville, IL

#6 Dec 22, 2009
well the chief of police bob rizzi is ok....

now the drunk mayor is a 2-faced prick....

Malden, MO

#7 Dec 26, 2009
I believe in the teachings in the Bible, and it asked that on the app, then it asked if I believed that the white race what the only true race of God, and I'm sorry, in the Bible it says we are ALL created Equal, Jesus was of dark origin, I just couldn't go through with the app. I clicked yes on everything else but when it came to that question, I just didn't finish it.

Goshen, OH

#8 Dec 26, 2009
I clicked "yes" on the one that said Are all KKK nutjobs? I failed my exam. But I clicked "yes" on are all KKK gayboys. So I don't know what really failed me. I am a black gay atheist. So who knows? I think my mom was Jewish but she said, "Me Jewish? Oy Vay." I don't really know what that means. I have long hair and no tats that say " If my MOM was a Jew, I'd eat her pussy" Oh wait, maybe I misread that one. Just sayin

Willis, TX

#9 Dec 30, 2009
I grw up in state park,then moved to arkansas,i went back to collinsville a few years ago and didnt believe how much it has change,state park has went to she.half the kids i went to school with are either dead or all use to be safe for me when i was a kid to walk the steets at night but now i wouldnt want to open my door..all the black scum and wetbacks have took most of it over..its discusting..we need KKK to come in there and clean them all out.

Belleville, IL

#10 Dec 31, 2009
Terrorists? The K.K.K.? According to who? Or what? There is no place in our constitution, practices, or rituals that calls for ANY type of terrorist act. As a matter of fact, terror tactics are forbidden by our own documents. We have non-violent waivers that must be signed by an applicant before they can join. They are informed several different times that NO ONE in this Klan may give them an order to violate the law, and that IF they WERE given such an order that they are to report it at once to the Imperial Wizard. We are very adamant about this, and the proof is in the pudding. We have been, and are being, investigated continuously by just about any kind of law enforcement agency one can name. ALL will tell you that since its inception, not one active member of this order has been charged with or linked to ANY criminal activity. That is just how we intend to keep it.
Were terror tactics ever practiced by ANY Klansmen? Of course they were. We have all seen examples of it in history. Here is where the confusion about the Klan comes in. The Klan is not one big entity ruled by a sole leader. There are many different Klans around the country, ruled by many different leaders. There are even some rogue Klans ruled by rogue leaders. Are we associated with them in any way? No. From here on in this article we will be talking about US, the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. As Imperial Wizard of this Klan, I am responsible for it, and no other. I have no say over any other Klan group in the world, nor can I or any of our members control any of their actions.
The U.N.S.K. is a traditional Klan, and our values, ideology, philosophies, and practices have been handed down from the original Klan founders.
The news media has distorted facts, edited conversations and interviews, and written what they wanted to write to make ALL Klan groups fit what they perceive as the Klan. Most, if not all of them know nothing of the real Klan, or of it's beliefs, and they don't want to know. After all, bad news makes bigger headlines.
As the Imperial Wizard I have many conversations with police and federal agencies concerning what we do, how we do it, and where we do it. Most of them are not informed about what the real Klan is either. In one conversation I personally had with a home land security agent he said, well, I don't really know that much about the Klan except they call it a violent, terrorist organization. I said who are "they"? He said you know, they. I replied no, I don't know. Who are "they". He responded with, well, that's what we are told anyway. You don't agree? I said no I do not. Our own forum explains what we are, and what we believe in. After a long talk, he did admit that we are not what they believe to be a "terrorist" group.
We ARE a group who believes in the preservation of our race, the white race. We do NOT believe in that meaning the destruction of any other race. They have a God given right to survive and flourish, just as we do. We do NOT believe in discrimination of or violence against another because of their religion, or race. What we DO believe is that ALL should be treated equally under the law. For example, if a bunch of whites attack and beat a person and call them racially influenced names during the attack, then yes, it is a hate crime. We ALSO believe that if a group of blacks attack a white person and do the same thing, then they too should be charged with the very same hate crime law. This is not discrimination, this is equal justice under the law.
The blacks have the N.A.A.C.P., the United Negro College Fund, Black Entertainment t.v., and so on. That is fine, and more power to them. We should ALSO be allowed to have the same thing without being called "racist" for it. In plain language, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. However, most police agencies don't see it that way, and neither do the politicians. Where is the fairness here?

Belleville, IL

#11 Dec 31, 2009
As for the illegal immigrants, that speaks clearly for itself. We are most certainly against illegal immigration and the name alone states plainly why. They are illegals. Many come here, and abuse our school and health systems, drain our social security funds, drive without valid drivers licenses or insurance, create and join violent gangs, deal drugs, etc., and then scream about their "rights"? Excuse me, but WHAT rights? They are illegal. Period.
We certainly have no rights in THEIR country.
What, and who, are we? We are white Christians, we are sworn to uphold the constitution of these United States, we are registered voters, many of us are veterans, or active military personnel, we are people who believe in the law and obeying it and supporting our police officers. We are farmers, lawyers, ditch diggers, politicians, coal miners, nurses, police officers, carpenters, computer programmers, seamstresses, electricians, and federal workers, to name a few. We are every walk of life, and we are everywhere, especially in the church community.
What we are NOT, are terrorists, bombers, killers, muggers, rapists, drug users, child molesters, spouse abusers, or attackers of innocent people. Yes, I know. Some DID do these things. However, these "some" were and are not us, the U.N.S.K.. It is the same as what one of our police officers told me. We are stereotyped just as they are. One cop goes rogue and does something bad, ALL cops get linked to it. One Klansman goes rogue and does something bad, then ALL Klansmen get linked to it. One thing that we are not, and that is glory seekers. You never see this printed, but, there are pages of recorded good deeds that the Klan has done through the generations. We have built hospitals, churches, given food and aid to the needy, taken care of widows and orphans, and many other acts and no, not just to whites. To ANY who needed it. These are just a few of the real facts of who and what we are.

United States

#12 Jan 1, 2010
If this is true about your oraganization, I wish you the best of luck. I am only against it because of things that have happened in the past. I did pass a strip of the interstate that said the Klu Klux Klan helped keep it clean, and it made me think. You sound open-minded, and in todays world, that is a good thing! Best wishes in the new year! Sounds like youre someone trying to make a difference!
Father Midnight

Ballwin, MO

#13 Feb 14, 2010
I don't care what people say. I know the KKK's reputation. Talk if you want. Demonstrate. Walk around in your sheets and stomp your feet all you want. I know the history of the KKK and if you start anything like that I'll hurt you. Now that we're on the topic if any racist violent groups come within eyesight of my town I'll hurt them too.

Albemarle, NC

#14 Mar 4, 2010
If you're so proud of what you do, you wouldn't hide your faces.

Belleville, IL

#18 Jun 14, 2012
forreal though we live in a melting pot "preserving your race" wtffff is that bulll shit call it what ever u want im so pissed this is ridiculous and whats worse is having your own website and church or hell house to me all u pigs proabaly sit there and talk about how much u love eachothers dick in eachothers asses im so tired of hate in this world especially collinsville ill tell u right now collinsville is always going to have blacks mexicans whites everything and who is it for u to say who can live there or not WHO IS IT FOR U TOO SAY WHO SHOULD LIVE ON THIS EARTH?????????? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THAT none of this makes sense it really doesnt just a whole bunch of angry white hillbillies with nothing else to do but blame blacks and other races for all their problems you know what SUCK MY FATTTT DICKKKK AAND DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND HATE YOURSELVES HATE EACHOTHER ANYONE BESIDES PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE AT ALL AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED SOME OF THE GREATEST PEOPLE ALIVE ARE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR

Belleville, IL

#21 Jun 14, 2012
KLANSMAN you make me sick especially really you dont have anything better to do than "preserve your race" IT OBVIOUSLY IS NOTTTT WORKING look at collinsville its not going to change so give up swine
ppl make me sick

Belleville, IL

#22 Jun 14, 2012
all you racist make me sick why dont u do us a favor and "preserve" our time and stop being suck biggots all your life and get on somewhere with your hate

Collinsville, IL

#24 Jun 16, 2012
Oh yeah? The KKK doesn't promote hate?
KKK members are encouraged to hate Jews, Latinos, Catholics, Black people, Muslims, anyone of Middle eastern descent, Hindus, Indians, liberals, Asians, gays, and am I leaving anyone out here?
Their line of shxt is that these people are all out to get THEM.
On the other hand, it's just fine with them if you flunked out of grade school, named your kid "Hitler" or are a serial bully with a nice long police record.
If you think that's you then by all means, click on their link.

the white power ranger

“Try my Troll House cookies!”

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#25 Jun 16, 2012
the term you are looking for is WASP...white anglo-saxon protestant..if you are not a WASP...the klan hates you...

just another terrorist organization that was founded on ignorance...

United States

#26 Jun 21, 2012
Gates of hell. I saw one KKK member there amd it scared the shit out of me. But thank god im white, no worrys when I see a KKK member
#27 Jun 22, 2012
yaw need to come to west virginia!!!!!
#28 Jun 22, 2012
kkk is slackin down here

United States

#30 Jul 7, 2012
The kkk in troy? must all live in the trailer park. as for state park, that just proves my point about white trash and the idea that they are misserable and cant handle anyone else having more or doing better. Go find fallowers else where. Noone here is into hating on ppl bc they are not white and pissed off.

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