Conflicting accounts surround Rice at...

Conflicting accounts surround Rice athlete's death

There are 16 comments on the Texas Cable News story from Apr 9, 2007, titled Conflicting accounts surround Rice athlete's death. In it, Texas Cable News reports that:

“I mean, it could be him that was dead. We could be burying our son. Ron came to his rescue. Ron saved him”

Ron Johnson, the man accused in the stabbing death of a Rice basketball player was out on $200,000 bond Sunday night. via Texas Cable News

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Austin, TX

#1 Apr 10, 2007
that was my friend that died. stabbing is overboard for self-defense. he could have went and got the cops to break them up or just stopped the fight, but when someone pulls out a knife, death is going to happen. you don't pull out a fuckin knife to stop a fight, that just makes it worse. come on now people, think. there were many other alternatives to "help" the guys that were getting beaten up. ron johnson didn't save anyone, but killed one and almost killed another. think about their family, think about janson's life without his twin. they all messed up by fighting, but a knife was the wrong answer.

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#2 Apr 10, 2007
Stabbing is overboard for self-defense, you don't pull out a knife to stop a fight, are you fucking crazy? I guess you have never been in a situation when you had to defend your life. It all depends on the situation. If I find myself going up against two guys you better bet I am going to use my knife or my gun if I have it on me. Now from what I understand , in this situation it wasn't called for (legally speaking). This is due to the fact that the guy left to get his knife. I will say this though, in my world all he did was even the odds. Two guys with no weapon vs. one guy with a knife. Then again, I am a former Marine, and our rules are not the same as most civilians. This is all theoretical due to the fact that this is not the Marine Corps, it's the civilian world. I do understand that. Here is the main point. Again, from what I understand, one guy was beaten-up and robbed by the twins and maybe some friends. They were also drinking, which only makes matters worse. If I did that to someone and their friend came back and stabbed me, then I deserved it. You can't have it both ways. If you are going to get mad at the guy who did the stabbing, you better get mad at the twins. If not, you are a hypocrite. Now you may be a typical weak American, but I am not. I believe in an eye for an eye. If you take somebody on and out number them, you deserve whatever happens to you. These twins set the rules when they beat down one guy. When you do that you are playing by street rules. Not the rules of this country. They set the stage , not the Marine. He just played by their rules, nothing more. I don't expect the average American to understand this, because most Americans are weak hypocrites. Let me ask you this, so I can get a better idea of where you are comming from. What if the guy who was getting out numbered had a knife and used it. Would that be ok, or should he just let two or more guys beat him down?

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#3 Apr 10, 2007
One more thing, you wrote....think about janson's life without his twin. Maybe he should have thought about that before he did what he did. If they wouldn't have beat that guy down none of this would have happened. That is the bottom line. Stop being a sissy and see it for what it is.

Semper Fi Ron Johnson

Port Arthur, TX

#4 Apr 11, 2007
So, I am totally blown away by what these so called "soldiers" have to say, and their current mind-sets. Seriously, do they teach you guys to be complete lunetics in the military? You do understand that yourself and Mr. Ron Johnson were taught the difference between "self-defense" in the military and "self-defense" on the "streets" as you call it. First of all, there is no SELF DEFENSE that comes into play when it comes to Ron Johnson. He didn't have shit to do with it. Basically, his friend was getting his ass kicked, and he didn't like it. If the coward had time to go get his knife, why the fuck didn't he just call the cops to "save" his friends life? He's a fucking complete idiot, thats why. He deserves to be stuck behind bars for the rest of his life because he obviously doesn't have proper mind-set for the "streets". Semper Fi my fucking ass. Jonathan Bailey was my friend. Jonathan Bailey was many peoples friend. Even if he hadn't been my friend, there is no way in hell I wouldn't be defending him. So, when Ron Johnson is slammed behind bars after he is found guilty for the murder of Jonathan Bailey and the attempted murder of Janson Bailey, will you have the audacity to look the Judge in the eye that sentences him and tell him he is your average "weak" American? Why the fuck would you defend a country of nothing but "weaklings" as you call us? It goes without say that you are one shallow minded, psychotic, typical EX-MARINE! Too bad YOU weren't the victim here. This world would be a MUCH better place without YOURSELF and RON JOHNSON!

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#5 Apr 12, 2007
Where to begin?
First, you obviously didn't read my entire post..."in this situation it (the knife) wasn't called for (legally speaking)....This is all theoretical due to the fact that this is not the Marine Corps, it's the civilian world. I do understand that."

Second, these so called "Soldiers". You don't rate to say that. Serve first, then you can say whatever you want. You are abusing the freedom of speech when you say this. We provide this freedom to you, because if we didn't have men with the balls to fight we wouldn't be free. We got our freedom through violence, and we keep it because we can still use it (not because we are fighting a b.s war in Iraq).

Third, they do train us to be complete lunetics in the military. If you had any idea what it takes to serve in combat you would understand it, but I am sure you are like most idiots that say they could do that eventhough they know nothing about it. Just keep watching your little movies while you pretend you can do what you see on the screen. I can tell by your weak mindset that you couldn't even handle the pain of training, much less combat.

Fourth, how do you know what I was taught in the Marine Corps. Don't tell me things you know nothing about. I was taught to stand up for my Brothers, no matter what the consequence may be. You have no idea what true loyalty and commitment is. I thank God people like you never served. You wouldn't last a day in my old Platoon.

Fifth, you said..."He (Ron Johnson) didn't have shit to do with it. I guess you are admitting that your bad ass friends couldn't fight someone one-on-one. And Johnson is the coward? You are such a hypocrite.

Sixth, you called him a coward. You little pussy. He proved he is no coward when he joined. Then he proved it again by serving in Iraq. What have you done to prove you are not a coward? His friend was getting assaulted by the twins and there friends. What was he suppose to do? Like I said, he evened the odds. What would you have done with the odds stacked against you. Since birds of a feather flock together, I am sure you are just like your dead friend. You only fight when the odds are on your side. I'd like to see you get beat down by a bunch of drunk, rowdy, spoiled, college kids. Would you say you got your ass kicked and you didn't like it? That is what you wrote. I don't call that an ass kicking. I call that a bunch of pussies who don't have the balls to fight like men assaulting someone. Hell, one of them held him down while the other beat the shit out of him. People die that that all the time. Another words, your buddies could have easily killed him without meaning to. How is attacking someone like that any different than attacking someone with a knife? I'll tell you how, because they attacked first. Johnson just returned the favor. What the fuck. Two guys beating someone senseless is not as bad as using a knife? Give me a brake. And I love how you didn't cover the fact that they robbed the guy they beat up.

Seventh, don't ever use Semper Fi like that again. Way too many of my Brothers have died for those words. If you are going to disrespect all of us (which is what you did) have enough courage to save it for a time when you can say it to my face (or any Marines face for that matter). You are a coward for just writing those words. Next time you run into a Marine I challenge you to use Semper Fi like that!

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#6 Apr 12, 2007
Eighth, I am sure Johnson will be going to Prison, but so will the other twin, for felony assault. However, I am sure his daddy will get a lawyer to get him off. I know one thing for sure. Johnson will handle prison far better than the twin. I hope the twin likes dudes.

Ninth, why would I tell the Judge that he is your average "weak" American. It's the jury thats going to decide this. However, I will look any man/woman in the eye and tell them that they are weak if the truly are weak. I do it all the time.

Tenth, the reason I got out of the Marine Corps is because of weak Americans like you and your friends. More importantly, defending weak Americans is just a side effect of serving. Let me educate you for a sec on the Corps. We do what we do because we like conflict (ie combat), we love the men to the left and right of us, and we want to make sure they get home safe. Marines hate civilians, because most of you are weak, lazy, spoiled, abuse your rights, freeload your rights, and have no idea what loyalty is. In the Corps we have respect for each other, loyalty that is unwavering, and a society built on hard work and commitment. Just look at your world. Does it sound like that? You probably fool yourself into thinking that, but you really know it's not. You wrote..."you are one shallow minded, psychotic, typical EX-MARINE!". Thanks, i take that as a compliment. I also like how you used all caps, what ever that means. I guess it's supose to be a put down. Sorry dude, you don't mean shit to me so you can't offend me. You forget, I put my nuts on the line for people like you, knowing how pathetic you are. That doesn't bother me, so why would your words? You know, it's a real shame your buddy didn't know what you apparently know about Marines. Maybe he would be alive today if he did.

Finally, I wouldn't have been the victim. I am well trained in defending my self and I always have a pocket knife on me. If two punks would have came at me I would have carved them both up, and I wouldn't have got in any trouble. Having the knife already on me makes it self defense. Oh, I almost forgot. How would the world be a better place without me and Johnson. I guess you want to be forced to be a radical Muslim. Thats what would happen without people like us. This country wouldn't last a week without us "Psychotic" Marines.

I appreciate you sharing your opinions with me. Every once and a while I believe this country is going to be ok, and then I run into people like you that confirms one thing....WE ARE DOOMED AS A NATION. Even though you are worthless, I pray you never have to live under the control of a group like the Taliban. Trust me, you have no idea how bad that would be. Maybe one day you will see just how important all of us "Psychotic" Marines really are. Then again, thats the beauty of being a pussy. You don't have to know about the horrors that go on in the rest of the world. All you have to do is sit back while real men die for your country. You know, it's really funny. You have the right to express your opinion on this forum only because of "Psychotic" Marines like myself. How does that make you feel?

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#7 Apr 12, 2007
Quiz time, which of the folowing is worse...

1. After a night of drinking, rowdy behavior, and shit talking I get in a fight (big suprise with that behavior). Instead of fighting one on one, me and my rather tall brother beat the hell out of the guy who is much shorter. Height does make a difference in a fight. He holds him as I beat him repeatedly. We aren't defending ourselves, because we are in no danger. On top of that we have our buddies standing around so no one can help. After that we rob the guy. We could have easily killed the guy on accident.

2. I stab two guys using an ambush tactic. I did this because they assaulted my buddy (see #1), but it doesn't matter because I wasn't in any danger. I killed one of them, but no one can prove that I meant to kill him. I still did this in a malicious manner, but if my buddy wouldn't have been assaulted I never would have done this.

Answer: They are equally bad you idiot. They both were committed with malice, and both cases could easily end in death, eventhough you could never prove that death was intended. Atlest in the second case the guy did it in response to an equally bad act. What would be the guys excuse in case #1 for doing what they did.

You know it's really funny. Your friend who died was quoted in an interview saying his goal was to be president some day. Lets see, drinking, cowardly assaulting a Marine who served in Bush's b.s. war, and then robbing him. That sounds like the perfect behavior for a future President. Bush was a coward when he avoiding Vetnam by going into the Texas Air N.G. Then he lied us into a war, and he has never given my Brothers the proper funding top get what they need. Your friend was on the right track.

Port Arthur, TX

#8 Apr 13, 2007
I didn't waste my time reading all of your pointless bullshit. However, I am a fighter jet pilot in the US AIR FORCE. I DO serve my country. I went and saw Jonathan Bailey yesterday, lifeless, in a box....where YOU should be. Have a nice, miserable, fucked up life. I will waste no more time with you...deniro0311. Oh, and Janson Bailey won't be put behind bars like your friend, Ron Johnson. Janson Bailey acted in self defense, as he was pushed first. If either of the twins would be put behind bars, it would be Jonathan for defending his brother, however he is dead now with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. RIP J Bailey, however, I know you are still with us man.

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#9 Apr 13, 2007
If you didn't waste your time reading my response why would you even write to begin with, because you know i am right. Even my Mom agrees. Damn you are such a bitch.

Fighter pilot in the Air Force. Let me know when you see your enemies eyes before you shoot him, and then we can talk.

"lifeless, in a box", what do you play by the sword, you die buy the sword.

Ha Ha, you push me so me and my cowardly brother beat you to a pulp, and thats self defense. You are such and idiot. My brother is a attorney and the first thing he said is the brother is criminally and civially liable for the assault/robbery. I hope his daddy got him a good attorney.

Houston, TX

#10 Apr 16, 2007
deniro0311 wrote:
If you didn't waste your time reading my response why would you even write to begin with, because you know i am right. Even my Mom agrees. Damn you are such a bitch.
Fighter pilot in the Air Force. Let me know when you see your enemies eyes before you shoot him, and then we can talk.
"lifeless, in a box", what do you play by the sword, you die buy the sword.
Ha Ha, you push me so me and my cowardly brother beat you to a pulp, and thats self defense. You are such and idiot. My brother is a attorney and the first thing he said is the brother is criminally and civially liable for the assault/robbery. I hope his daddy got him a good attorney.
I don't know who the hell you are, but you are an embarrassment to the United States Marine's.

Since: Apr 07

College Station, TX

#11 Apr 16, 2007
I would hate for you to have been in my unit, more over, you obviously have never served in an active duty line platoon.

There is nothing wrong with what I said. I just pointed out FACTS, and every former grunt I know agree. You either didnt understand what I wrote, or you are a bitch pog.

Port Arthur, TX

#12 Apr 17, 2007
Hey the probable cause statement from the College Station Police Department. It states plain as day that it was Fuller and Johnson who were on Janson Bailey...not the twins on Fuller. Fuller and Johnson are pussy ass Marines...just like yourself. Get a life've wasted way too much time on this site. Oh and as far as your Mom agreeing with you...we all now see why you are such a bitch. Like Mom, like son. Perhaps your mom is the one who instilled the fucked up mind-set you possess.

Port Arthur, TX

#13 Apr 17, 2007
Oh, and another thing. The probable cause report also states that Fuller dropped his money clip in the fight....right out of the mouth of Ron Johnson. Get your facts right...oh, and your bullshit attorney of a brother has not a fucking clue what he is talking about. Not only will Fuller and Johnson be tried for felony assault, but Johnson will be tried for murder as well. Have your almighty brother attorney check the probable cause report before he goes throwing around his legal technicalities.
Bob the Ranger

College Station, TX

#15 Apr 17, 2007
Beaumont wrote:
pussy ass Marines...
You better keep your ass in Beaumont little man.

Springfield, TN

#16 Apr 21, 2007
Marine....a young man has been killed!!! A family's life has been altered forever...a mother is without her son. Parent's should not have to bury their children.
Thank you for serving our country...for that, we appreciate you. Other than that, shut the F up!!!!! You are a has been....

Costa Mesa, CA

#17 Oct 16, 2011
All you have to do is read the statements that those two idiots gave. Fuller and Johnson's stories did not even come close to matching up. They arrested Johnson on his way from Kroger after buying chemicals to clean his murder weapon. When asked if he had go out that night he said yes but not to NG. He lied to the police for 20 mins until they said that they had him on video...he's next comment was, " Well I guess I'm fucked then." Life isn't fair, never thought it would be, but damn that kid got off for murder. Do your research. I hope he is haunted for what he did. Im not a huge believer in faith, but I do know that what goes around comes around and maybe it will be cancer, or another unforeseeable event, but he will be held accountable for his actions

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