Jury deadlocked in Madsen murder trial

Jury deadlocked in Madsen murder trial

There are 8 comments on the Auburn Journal story from Mar 12, 2009, titled Jury deadlocked in Madsen murder trial. In it, Auburn Journal reports that:

A judge Tuesday morning ordered a jury back to the deliberation room in the murder trial of Caleb Madsen.

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Caldwell, ID

#1 Mar 12, 2009
Another hung jury 10-2. What irritates me the most is the information that the jury is not allowed to hear, such as Caleb being a meth addict, the fact that he did admit to the murder, that he attacked a prison guard. Why can't the jury see what this person is truly like and the "real facts"! Very unfortunate that a murderer is again going to be walking the streets!

Roseville, CA

#2 Oct 6, 2009
I had known Chris Worth and Caleb Madsen for about fifteen years at the time that Chris was murder. Caleb has always been the weirdest guy I have ever met. Now I know that this doesnít make him a murderer, but please hear me out. For a few years, prior to the murder, Caleb worked at a graveyard. Caleb buried people for a living! During this same time Caleb was heavily using meth, the most dangerous drug in our society. This drug makes people paranoid, and it makes them hallucinate. Before Caleb was even using meth, it was generally thought among the group of guys that new Caleb and his brother Tyson, that Caleb heard voices. The meth certainly did not help, and Calebís weirdness got noticeably worse after his meth use and after his time working at the graveyard. Chris Worth was Calebís only friend, because Caleb freaked everybody else out. Approximately a year or two before Chris was murdered, Chris had told Tyson that Caleb grabbed him by the throat and started choking him with a very weird look in his eyes. This stemmed from a conversation that Chris was having with Caleb. Chris was trying to help Caleb by giving him advise about loosening up around people so that they would not think he was so weird. Caleb did not like this so he grabbed Chris by the throat. Chris fended Caleb off this time, but unfortunately Chris tried to forgive Caleb and remained friendly to Caleb. Again this does not make Caleb the murderer of Chris, it just makes him more likely to be someone who could snap. Now for the evidence in the trial. So far, many people have said there is not enough evidence in this trial to convict Caleb of murder. Caleb admitted to spending the night in question with Chris. He even admits to hanging out in the very same field that Chrisís body was found in (a good way to cover your tracks?). Calebís knife was found in the field next to Chrisís truck and body. Chrisís blood was found in Calebís driveway. How did it get there? Now this was not a lot of blood, but still it was Chrisís blood in Calebís driveway. Blood does not have to be all over the place after a murder occurs, especially when a rag from Calebís house was stuffed into the wound on Chrisís chest. Could this stop the bleeding? Some people have said that Calebís DNA was not found on Chrisís body. You know what, no ones DNA was found on Chrisís body except Chrisís. Does this mean that aliens killed Chris? I think what people are looking for is a videotape of the murder. Unfortunately there doesnít appear to be a videotape of the murder or any witnesses because Caleb lived out in the middle of nowhere. Caleb had all the time in the world to kill Chris, and dispose of his truck and body. Conveniently Chris was dumped within walking distance from Calebís house. Convenient that Caleb could walk home after dumping Chris! After Caleb walked home, he had all of the time in the world to clean everything up because no one was around. So far I see a lot of evidence pointing towards Caleb, and I donít see any evidence pointing towards anybody else. In fact there has not been any evidence presented that links anybody else to the murder. Sure the defense would like you to think that there are all kinds gangbangers and drug dealers roaming around Granite Bay. This is a good strategy to distract you from all of the real evidence that points to Caleb. This very same defense attorney has repeatedly tried to make Calebís brother, Tyson, feel guilty for telling the evil truths about Caleb. Tyson told me straight to my face that-ďMary-Beth tries to make me feel bad about telling the truth about my brother.Ē People there are no witnesses or videos of this murder, please look at the evidence, and donít get distracted by a soulless defense attorney. If you donít believe anything/everything that I have said then please ask the people who knew Caleb best- Tysonís friends, or Tyson himself. I would tell you to ask Calebís friends, but Caleb killed his only friend.

Sacramento, CA

#3 Dec 18, 2009
So good for you, you knew them both a long time. I have known them both a little longer, Caleb more so than Chris. You say Caleb was wierd? I would say probably more lost, and because he was quiet doesn't make him wierd. If anything everyone he hung out with made him look like the wierd one. Not to mention, Caleb wasn't the only one using drugs, he was more the follower, not the leader. Also, the trouble you're talking about, he was no different than the other boys. I am not saying anyone is Lying, but all you had to say was he was wierd and all hear say. I am sure you have been to his trials, so you know how they try to convince him and others that his parents dont love him, probably what he's been hearing his whole life because he was adopted. Anyways In my opinion him burying dead bodies doesnt make him an expert at murder and being on meth as you say, paranoid, seeing things, would be kinda hard to make sure everything was all cleaned up. Blood on the driveway, wow, he hung out there that day, and how ever many years prior. you dont think theres any possibility he maybe had a bloody nose or WHATEVER? And a little blood on the driveway but none anywhere else, what a bad cover. You should watch some 48 hour mystery or C.S.I.

I also know Tyson and he isn't being told to lie or convict anyone, just answer questions. The poor guy is not being asked to choose family over best friend or best friend over family. So Just think about it! Don't go assume since you really can't back it up.
repy to confused

Roseville, CA

#4 Jan 19, 2010
Do you know how long blood last when it is exposed to the sunshine? I can tell you its not more than a day or two.

Did you know that Caleb heard voices? I knew that he did for a fact because I asked him.

Did you know that Caleb had previously accused someone of stealing from him? It turned out Caleb was wrong and it was just one of the first glimpses into his paranoia.

If you knew Caleb so well, did you know that he used a prostitute? I know that he had because he had told me that he did (unless he was lying)

Please know the facts before you are willing to stand up for such a paranoid schizophrenic.

Santa Fe Springs, CA

#5 Jan 28, 2010
For the commenter "SAD", How does being with a prostitute have anything to do with me a murderer? You said it yourself he had no friends, he was lonely. That doesnt make him a killer because of his sex choice's. Caleb may or may not have done this horrible crime but theres not enough evidence to convict. Why are trying so hard to convince people and why are you putting somebody down thats already down?
pissed off

Roseville, CA

#6 Feb 2, 2010
Irritated wrote:
Another hung jury 10-2. What irritates me the most is the information that the jury is not allowed to hear, such as Caleb being a meth addict, the fact that he did admit to the murder, that he attacked a prison guard. Why can't the jury see what this person is truly like and the "real facts"! Very unfortunate that a murderer is again going to be walking the streets!
How do you know what Caleb is like? You live in Arizona!! I have know Caleb since he was born and he is kind, gentle and soft spoken!! I saw him interact with his nephew and how much he adored him and that admiration was reciprocated. Chris was into drugs as well and had some very shady friends. Caleb never admitted to the murder, and the prison guard stared the altercation Caleb defended himself. Before you start talking about the facts you should learn them first!!!

Heanor, UK

#7 Apr 21, 2010
stop being do gooders.....the world is full of this shit.....should we... can we or maybe...
we all need to make up our minds and for some this is simple ....for you other idiots goodbye

Oakland, CA

#8 Jul 7, 2014
I'm very surprised of the above comments. Talking to a person in person a lot but who knows if all the details will ever be exposed. Sounds like this occurred when some one was in a "blackout parinoid" state of mind.

Crazy stuff goes on on people's heads and to be honest one stab wound directly to the heart is very personal. Its very personal where the body was dumbed.

There are only two people that will ever know. Caleb and Chris.

As a good friend you think Caleb would be more concerned about finding the killer.

Also this happened on his family's property where he grew up. Who would now of where to dump the body closely? Who would know to prop up the body in a funeral like position? Who would know that know one else was around? Who would know that a single stab wound to the heart would kill him? I guess the person who killed him "surprised", him. Doesn't sound like Chris was able to put up a fight. Or maybe when he was stabbed in the heart he saw who did it and could not fight back. All the details do not add up.

It's crazy the family's still live close together and Caleb is right there with them. Could this be a personal killing that was rationalized by petty theft, drugs, and bad state of mind? Or did some one out of the blue just decide to execute chris.

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