Should Mary Ann Schorfhaar run for sc...

Should Mary Ann Schorfhaar run for school board?

Created by concerned parent on Jul 3, 2008

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Coldwater, MI

#21 Jul 11, 2008
I think what Billy said is essentially what Joe Holicki said at the last board meeting. Hopefully some of those at the last board meeting will show up Monday and request changes in board governance.

Coldwater, MI

#22 Jul 12, 2008
What kind of changes in board governance? More attempts at hands-on management for which Mary Ann is infamous? Why bother hiring a superintendent when there are so many loud-mouthed, self-important, "well-connected" (i.e., good friends with incompetent staff) citizens who could run the school better than Ms. Haug and now Dr. Martin? We could save a lot of money in salary and benefits by just letting Mary Ann and the rest of her coven run the schools as they see fit. You don't need a superintendent or a finance director. Just go down to the toy store and buy a couple of puppets. Mary Ann knows where to put her hands to operate those kind of "employees."

It makes no sense to go out and recruit highly qualified people to run your school district, and to abide by standards of professional accountability and discretion in personnel matters, and then constantly second guess those people when they do their jobs and make personnel changes. It is interesting to note that none of the personnel changes that have been protested by Mary Ann and her cohorts have been appealed or brought to greivance. But these are people who "know better," and we'll hear from them next Tuesday at the board meeting. We can hardly wait.

And the poll here is very interesting.

Coldwater, MI

#23 Jul 12, 2008

Don’t you find it curious that the public does not seem to know if Ms Haug has been acting at the direction of the Board or whether the Board just been cowed? No Board member at the last Board meeting spoke at all in the support of Ms Haug. The only public support that I know of is that the Board has not passed any motion of reprimand. The last year has been like watching a pack of wolves stalking a wounded moose closing in for the kill. The Board has only stood back and observed. Although I disagree with almost everything said at the last Board meeting, I do agree with Mr Holicki that the Board needs to take responsibility—for me it would have been defending Ms Haug.

The superintendent’s role is pivotal to the success of the District. Although the superintendent is subordinate to the school board, the board cannot successfully implement the community’s vision of its schools without the wholehearted support of the superintendent. Successful implementation of quality schools and ongoing improvement requires full-time leadership by someone at the helm managing the system on a day-to-day basis. That’s why school boards hire superintendents.

A district’s school board must have the same commitment to creating and maintaining constancy of purpose as the superintendent. School boards must also “walk the talk.” If continuous improvement is a District Goal, the board must embrace it. An important role for the board is to work with the superintendent to drive out fear by creating a positive environment where renewal and improvement can flourish, and lead the community to think long term.

The current Board has been sadly lacking in these responsibilities. Whereas professional development is one of the cornerstones of continuing improvement, our senior board members have dismissed this strategy for themselves. Have the Board leadership taken any training? There have been few if any vision and goal setting sessions undertaken by the Board. It takes too much time. Where are the public briefings on the issues facing the schools? Where are the questions from the Board members and the public discussion. It appears that Ms Haug undertook setting worthty goals for the district largely without Board approval. The Board did not publicly embrace these goals, did not ask for progress reports, and did not cheerlead the District’s accomplishments. The Board has been missing—I want to say “in action” but I don’t think that is appropriate here.

So I would suggest a change in Board leadership, elimination of subcommittees, and two board sessions a month (one working session for briefings, first readings and discussions, and another session for action).

Coldwater, MI

#24 Jul 12, 2008
Admirable recommendations for the board, none with which I disagree.

As to speculation concerning the board's reticence on certain issues, I suspect that the very good reason(s) for their reticence will be revealed shortly.

Coldwater, MI

#25 Jul 12, 2008

Regarding the board's seeming lack of support for Ms. Haug, I would encourage you to hold the ancient legal dictum, that silence indicates approval. Given that the lynching party had been assembled by The Powers That Be, and they were in no mood to hear anything positive about the now-retired superintendent, I think that the board chose a purposeful silence, especially in her absence. There will come a time for details and for explicit support. That evening's meeting (and it may be true for the meeting this coming Monday as well) was not the time for comments from the board. I suspect that, in light of the negative public comments, the board had been advised to remain silent on the issues that had been raised. I do not think that advice came from Ms. Haug. I suspect the advice to remain silent came from some other quarter from which we have yet to hear.

I am most anxious to hear from the school district's attorney on these matters. Given that the lynching party implied that the now-retired superintendent had acted improperly, a legal opinion from the school district's attorney might be in order. Most of the issues which have riled so many have concerned personnel, and neither the board nor other administrators can provide all of the transparency that the public demands.

I also suspect that grievances have been filed, so again, it would be a grave lack of discretion for the board members to respond to public comments, as it would interfere with or contaminate the grievance process. Anything the board members say in public meetings goes into the public record, and can be used against the district in such legal actions as a grievance. Ms. Haug's critics know this, especially Mary Ann Schorfhaar, who has served on the school board and knows when to be discreet and indiscreet. So the silence is given the most negative interpretation, as it benefits the cause of the lynching party.

Coldwater, MI

#26 Jul 13, 2008
See you all Monday night. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Perhaps they could elect Mary Ann as an honorary board officer...
another parent

Coldwater, MI

#27 Jul 13, 2008
I'd rather stick a red-hot poker in my eye that attend a meeting where she was going to be elected an honorary member of anything. I'm with Branch County Democrat -- isn't it enough she runs KK's office, determining who gets charged and prosecuted and who gets off free? Must we all endure more of her manipulation?

Coldwater, MI

#28 Jul 14, 2008
parent wrote:
See you all Monday night. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Perhaps they could elect Mary Ann as an honorary board officer...
Maybe they should get rid of Dr. Martin and appoint Mary Ann as superintendent. She'd do an excellent job! She's definately better than the current school board members. That's why I think it's great that she's invited us to rate the school board on another poll here at Topix.

Mary Ann -- don't pay any attention to this poll -- you know you can't trust polls. You should run for board again.
disappointed citizen

Coldwater, MI

#29 Jul 15, 2008
I've read that the school board meeting last night was uneventful, boring even. No public comments from Frau Schorfhaar und der Putsch. No calls for resignations from the board, no demands for investigations or rehiring any of those who have been lately dismissed. Where's the passion? Where's the drama? I thought there was a need for major overhaul in the district? No one was there to greet the new superintendent with their words of wisdom and direction.

It's hard to believe that anything has taken the wind from Frau Schorfhaar's sails, with her seemingly endless supply of hot air. But she was nowhere to be seen -- anyone knows what gives? I was looking forward to another headline in the Daily Reporter, "Schorfhaar educates the Board" or something like that. She didn't even show up. Too bad -- it would have been far more entertaining than anything offered at the Tibbits this summer, and cheaper, too.*

*Although I expect we'd end up paying dearly for it later.

Fowlerville, MI

#30 Jul 17, 2008
Viva Mary Ann!
concerned observer

Coldwater, MI

#31 Jul 17, 2008
VivaMaryAnn wrote:
Viva Mary Ann!
Yay! Even a voice from the H(e)artland of Michigan! While it's sad that one has to go outside of Coldwater to find support for Mrs. Schorfhaar, it's heartening to know that the support is still present, still vocal, still alive after all these years since Mary Ann's exile. I mean, even Richard Nixon was rehabilitated -- why not Mary Ann Schorfhaar?
Branch County Democrat

Coldwater, MI

#32 Jul 18, 2008
concerned observer wrote:
<quoted text>
Yay! Even a voice from the H(e)artland of Michigan! While it's sad that one has to go outside of Coldwater to find support for Mrs. Schorfhaar, it's heartening to know that the support is still present, still vocal, still alive after all these years since Mary Ann's exile. I mean, even Richard Nixon was rehabilitated -- why not Mary Ann Schorfhaar?
I'm sure her Enemies' List isn't as long as Nixon's was, but given that she runs the county prosecutor's office, with KK in her purse, she does have the chops to cause her enemies lots of problems. That is, unless KK gets knocked out of the prosecutor's office in the primary.

Mrs. Schorfhaar has a cozy arrangement with the prosecutor, running his campaign and who knows what else. But the comparison with Nixon is apt, as she has been brazen in her ambition and ruthless is her public life. Her "shoot-from-the-lip" style has won her no real friends in this county, especially when her first response to anyone who disagrees with her is to sue. I think lots of people (ninety-nine percent of the people who know who she is) were relieved when she didn't show up at the most recent school board meeting. If anyone had any doubts that Nixonian politics and McCarthyism are still around, one need only meet up with Mrs. Schorfhaar, Richard Nixon's political stepchild and Branch County's aspiring political boss.

Plainwell, MI

#33 Jul 18, 2008
Viva viva viva, Mary Ann!

Coldwater, MI

#34 Jul 19, 2008
We need you, Mary Ann!
been there done that

Coldwater, MI

#35 Feb 5, 2010
It's February 2010...please say NO THANKS to potential superintendent candidate Norm Taylor.
He is not a friend of Constantine (former superintendent there) and was asked to resign immediately July,2009 from Northview superintendency. DANGER, DANGER, DANGER lurking.
Coldwater can do better.

Quincy, MI

#36 Feb 6, 2010
Billy wrote:
It is a little late this session for Mary Ann to run for School Board. The elections were held in last April. John Heistan’s contract was not renewed in the spring of 2007. So if Mary Ann knows so much and wanted to be on the School Board, she should have run last April.
There seems to be some uncertainty whether Ms Haug was acting at the direction of the Board or whether the Board was just cowed. The Board has been strangely mute when giving any direction to the Administration with respect to any overall vision or goals for the District. Given the lack of any meaningful discussion at the Board table, one tends to believe that Board Members say things in private that they are unwilling to say in public.
I believe the new Board reorganization meeting is Monday night, July 14, at 7pm. Perhaps some input from the public about its expectations for open and frank discussions could correct some of the current uncertainty and result in a new Board organization.
mr heistan was a worthless pile of shit anyways...

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