What do we need in Coldwater?

Coldwater, MI

#163 Aug 17, 2008
It's only an issue in your mind and I don't think I can possibly clear that up. I didn't think that you would have the courage to approach anyone in person.
high school graduate

Coldwater, MI

#164 Aug 17, 2008
What does that mean? It's a yes-or-no question, and you punted. If you are the former candidate, you now have a reason, a very clear reason and explanation of why you didn't have more support --comments here have been quite negative, and given an opportunity to clear the air, you opt out. And then there is the rich irony of telling all of us that I am the one who lacks courage. If you aren't the former candidate, how hard is it to say, "Nope, not me"?

This is why people dislike politicians -- so difficult for pols to speak clearly, to give straight talk, to answer questions directly. This is like the question about abortion that was posed to Obama last night at the Saddleback Church. Obama wouldn't give a straight answer, either.

And then what does all of this have to do with approaching someone "in person"? I don't think that is appropriate for Topix. Besides, that would seem to feed your paranoia: about someone coming to your business and beating you up. Riiiiiight.

It's only an issue in my mind? I'm not in Ohio -- comments coming out of Ohio indicate it's not just my issue, or in my mind alone. Unless you want to accuse me of being all of these people: yeah, I post here in Coldwater, then get in my car and drive to post from another state. Yeah, Don -- that's what's driving all this. You're worth the effort... not. Especially since you're the one who doesn't give the straight answer.

"I don't think I can possibly clear that up."
What rubbish!

Coldwater, MI

#165 Aug 17, 2008
Well, you have reaad all my posts and I have said it before. I am not Don Shemel. But I'm sure you won't beleive me this time either......
high school graduate

Coldwater, MI

#166 Aug 17, 2008
How hard was that, Don? I believe you, but there are others out there who don't, because some of the things you've said, especially about the police stop of your son, is similar to Mr. Shemel's storyline. This is an unfortunate coincidence. But then, you shared the info, and around here, that is a real risk. Now, do you understand why people use aliases here? Instead of criticizing the use of pseudonyms, expand your understanding.

Coldwater, MI

#167 Aug 17, 2008
Whatever. Your a fool for your assumptions. Fun playing with your head though. Bye!
the devil advocate

Woodbridge, VA

#168 Aug 17, 2008
Don makes foolish assumptions if he believes that I HAVEN'T CAME INTO HIS PLACE OF BUISNESS TO TAKE CARE OF HIS inability to tempt married women to keep himself young by preying on thier insecurities. Bottom line Don has told me that he goes on line here on topix to read,post as himself and others just to find someone to communicate with because now he is just an old washed up butt wipe that has burned his bridges down and no ones around to help him rebuild.

Coldwater, MI

#169 Aug 18, 2008
Don wrote:
Whatever. Your a fool for your assumptions. Fun playing with your head though. Bye!
So, if you're playing with people's heads, when should we take you seriously, if at all, Don? Do you consider all people who disagree with you to be fools, too?
Happy Hiker

Coldwater, MI

#170 Aug 23, 2008
Coldwater needs a Park Ranger to parole its wonderful vast park systems, particularly the secluded trails and fishing pears along the lake and river. Those are prime opportunities for sex offenders or muggers to strike and this should be addressed proactively. We want to keep our loved ones safe while they enjoy the beautiful recreational areas that the City provides.

Coldwater, MI

#171 Aug 25, 2008
I have a dream for the old Federal Mogul land. I would like to see a pedestrian mall with small shops and a court yard. It could be much like the mall in Mackinaw City but on a little smaller scale. It too could have a candy and fudge shop, an ice cream shop, a small store with souvenirs, park supplies such as balls, fishing supplies, sunscreen, umbrellas etc., and a nice small restaurant (not fast food) with tables in the court yard. The center piece of this could be an observation tower with elevators taking you to the top with an enclosed observation deck.
The tower could be made to look like the needles in Las Vegas and Toronto but also at a smaller scale. A rotating platform at the top wouldn’t be necessary but it should be kept in mind for possible retrofitting later. It would be high enough to see and be seen from I-69. You would be able to see air planes take off and land at the airport, the beach at Messenger Lake, the boats and homes on the north chain, the city parks, down town and the new lake south of town that is being made at the gravel pit (it’s much bigger than you think!).
It would be an attraction that could be seen from the highway and promoted and of course everyone going to see it would drive right through down town. This truly would draw tourism and employment to town.

Coldwater, MI

#172 Aug 25, 2008
Where do we get the money to spruce up the parks and maybe add one or two appropriately placed parks? STOP THE INSANE ADDITIONS TO HERITAGE PARK! The new outhouses that are planned (or are they already being built?) on the newly purchased Heritage add-on would buy a lot of swings sets and park benches elsewhere. The old Federal Mogul property is just an etxtension of Heritage Park.
unknown poster

Poquoson, VA

#173 Aug 26, 2008
No one said anything about city funds. It sounds like a private venture to me. I wonder if it would work.
Living in Coldwater

Coldwater, MI

#174 Aug 28, 2008
tax payer wrote:
<quoted text>
If you want those things, then save your money, buy some property, build a pool, and go for it. This is America, land of the free, home of the brave. But let's get something straight -- no one NEEDS a swimming pool: it is not a need. It may be a fond desire of yours, but it isn't a need. One needs oxygen to breathe, or food to eat, or water to drink, or shelter, or clothing, or medical care. Those are all "needs." A swimming pool is not a necessity. I believe that you can relax with your brothers and read the Quran without a pool.
But the day when someone starts shilling seriously for a particular ethnic group, telling us all that they "need" a pool for their group's relaxation and for the purpose of reading the Quran, is the day I call ICE to find out just who among this ethnic group is here legally. Fortunately for him today, I do not believe that Mohamid is very serious. So, salaam aleikum!
Oh yea you go! Send them back
Living in Coldwater

Coldwater, MI

#175 Aug 28, 2008
I agree

Coldwater, MI

#176 Aug 29, 2008
odysseus wrote:
And what, pray tell, does the "large gay population" in Coldwater need? Special "gay" grocery stores? And AIDS clinic?
And what other cultures are being catered to by the "powers that be"? Do you mean the Latinos? They run their own stores -- they don't expect to be catered to.
People, grow up! If the "large gay community" [I think that statement is wishful thinking] needs something, they should come up with it themselves and STOP EXPECTING A HANDOUT from local government or the state. I don't get this attitude of "we must provide for all segments of our population." We have to provide entertainment for all segments? Where is THAT in the Constitution? We have to provide jobs for everyone? Again, where is that in the Constitution? Geeze Louise! What a bunch of whiners and crackpots!
BTW, I'm not over 65. I'm not over 45. And I'd argue that we're not taking very good care of our seniors, either. I know -- I help a lot of them.
i agree with you ;\

Coldwater, MI

#177 Aug 29, 2008
james wrote:
I lived in Michigan for most of my life, I am now living in Fl.( for the past 4 years) and am thinking of moving back to the coldwater area, but can not find any work there... so if I was thinking of starting a bisness there, what is the most needed in there area??? I my self am tired of working for others, ma

king them rich & not grtting anywhere..

i really think if you do move back to coldwater you should open a skating rink where you could request songs for the music and well air conditioned like some other chick said and

you should definatly give jobs to teens!!!
Go West

North Las Vegas, NV

#178 Sep 6, 2008
I left Coldwater 11 years ago because I knew there was way more to life than a factory job and looking forward to the 4-H fair each year......give me a break! I left the minimum wage trailer park life back there, and you couldn't get me back for anything! My advice is to get out of Dodge and let the taliban have it since they make up the majority of the population anymore!

Coldwater, MI

#179 Sep 6, 2008
You left 11 years ago, but you're still checking back in on Topix. That's interesting. Those of us who stay try to make the best of it, try to make Coldwater a better place. I'll agree with you that Coldwater has to offer more than a factory job and minimum wage. Since you left, so did the factories. So I understand your advice.

Never been to Vegas, although my dad has, several times, and one of my best friends goes to Vegas at least twice a year. You couldn't give me a ticket to Vegas -- not interested.

Regarding the taliban, I'm guessing that you are referring to the substantial Yemeni population here in Coldwater. Or is "taliban" a euphemism or code word for some other particular group of people you mean to denigrate by that unfortunate epithet?
Go West

North Las Vegas, NV

#180 Sep 7, 2008
Yes, it is the Yemeni population to whom I refer. And I'm sorry to hear you have no interest in Vegas, I feel terrible for any poor soul that is content in the medeocracy that is Michigan.

As far as the comment regarding my posting on Topix, I stumbled upon this site while surfing (hence the fact that I haven't had an entry previous to the last one). My point is, Coldwater has always been and will always be a closed minded, "deliverance" like, stereotypical small mid-west shit hole with absolutely nothing to offer anyone under 60. A republican haven (though for the life of me I can't figure out why since the vast majority of the people there make less than $30,000 a year and the republicans couldn't care less about you.) Must be those strong traditional family values that have kept Coldwater on the top 10 list for over 20 years for welfare recipients as well as un-wed baby machine 15 year olds, ofcourse that's all good since most of the baby daddies are kin folk.

I know you all hate me now, but focus your attention to the facts for a moment........it's true. I'm not making it up, I lived there all through the 80's and 90's and watched the slow regression. It's really quite sad.

Coldwater, MI

#181 Sep 8, 2008
Well, your comments prove you can take the bigot out of Coldwater, but you can't take Coldwater out of the bigot.

Newsflash: Coldwater improved the day you left -- thank you! But every community has problems (e.g., Detroit)-- even Vegas, especially the past ten years or so. Every community has its assets as well. Having family values but failing to live up to them makes us human, not hypocrites: welcome to the world. I'm sure there are no illegitimate children in Nevada. No prostitution, either. Ooops. I forgot about that one -- my bad. One would have thought that living in the enlightened community that is Las Vegas would have brought you into contact with that insight into human frailty, and in turn brought you more understanding, more compassion. Your comments sadly indicate otherwise. Given that Vegas has more churches per capita than any other city in the US, you surely have heard that old biblical phrase, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." But you pick up a few stones and hurl them back east anyway. Go figure.

For all the personal improvement you alleged to have had the past decade since leaving Coldwater, you failed to shed your bitterness and bigotry. After all, isn't Vegas a much more cosmopolitan, diverse community than old Coldwater? But you still refer to the Taliban and to the others here most disparagingly: so much for your enlightened life in Sin City [btw, I didn't invent that term, "Sin City" -- it's been around for a long time, and there are many reasons for it -- in your words, "I'm not making it up."].

Regarding living in Michigan, there are still lots of nice places -- Coldwater is one of them -- and plenty of good people here, too. Fear not: no one hates you.... you'd have to be remembered to be hated. But given your comments here, I'm sure there are a few who now pity you. If you look in the mirror, or merely reread your comments here in topix, you can watch with the rest of us another "slow regression." It too is really quite sad.

But since you "escaped" from Coldwater, one can hope that you still have opportunities to grow up, even in Vegas. But since it has been, as you wrote, eleven years now, we aren't holding our breath. In fact, since you've gone, we breathe a little easier.
Go West

North Las Vegas, NV

#182 Sep 8, 2008
Call me what you want Oddysseus, the facts speek for themselves... I need to prove nothing to you.
Have Fun!!!

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