What do we need in Coldwater?
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Coldwater, MI

#183 Sep 8, 2008
Fact: There are approximately 250 families of Yemeni extraction here in Coldwater - hardly a majority.

Fact: You have to substantiate the problem of incest, apart from your own family experiences. When you "see" your personal problems in others, that's what psychologists call "projection."

Fact: The Taliban is in Afghanistan, not Yemen.

Fact: When "Go West" went west, the IQ in our community went up 25 points.

Fact: The word is spelled "speAk" -- and you've proved more about yourself than you intended, I assure you.

Fact: I have presented facts -- you have presented your bigotry.

And you have fun, too!
Go West

North Las Vegas, NV

#184 Sep 9, 2008
I don't know why you feel the need to attack me Odysseus, all I did was make a post as to why so many of us 30 and younger leave Coldwater. But if you have so little in life to do but to sit on your computer and spew endless amounts of faux intellect and correct my mis-types then go ahead. Your so defensive of a town that hasn't changed
(for the better anyway) in over 50 years. As far as the Taliban comment. I say it about the Yemenis only because it's been observed by millions that every middle eastern nation we've ever assisted before, has shown us gratitude by turning on us (i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia) So why should they be treated any different. They came to this country to TAKE what few industrial jobs we had left, and send the money back to Yemen. That sir is a FACT! And I have just as much a problem with them doing that there as I have with the Mexicans doing it here. Maybe you like to see the slow financial and cultural destruction of our country, but not me. So you go ahead and defend them. As to the 'incest' comment, I would appreciate it if you did not attack me personally on things you know nothing about. You know about as much about me as I do you. My comment is again derived from FACTS. According to multiple sex offender websites (and Coldwater is on several!)Coldwater has an extremely high per capita amount of incestuous and pedophilia behavior. So I may be a bigot, but I stand behind what I originally said.
Go West

North Las Vegas, NV

#185 Sep 9, 2008
P.S. Taliban is being used in this instance as a reverse euphemism. It represents anyone I see as a threat especially the middle east.

Coldwater, MI

#186 Sep 9, 2008
You've been gone for eleven years, and yet you can claim, from a distance of over a thousand miles, that Coldwater hasn't changed. You're not even here any longer. How the heck do you know if it has changed or not? You don't know. You aren't here. I am. Every day. And I have seen change over the past ten years. Some good, some bad. But this is not the same community that you left a decade ago.

And then you take offense that I defend my town.

You, sir, are an idiot.

Fact: the reason we have so many sex offenders registered in Coldwater is because we have THREE STATE PRISONS in the Coldwater zip code, you moron, and a sizeable part of the prison population is made up of sex offenders. And yes, I meant the comment personally. I am insulting your intelligence, because as most people already know, there is no such thing as an intelligent bigot. You've already admitted to being a bigot. We now have confirmation of your stupidity.

Coldwater, MI

#187 Sep 9, 2008
I'm not sure I want to be one more idiot in this conversation, but here it goes.

Taliban in its original meaning means religious student. The name was adopted by a very religiously conservative group fighting the Russians in Afghanistan in the 80's. They continued to fight in the civil war following the Russians leaving Afghanistan and took over the Afghan government--thus Taliban government in Afghanistan or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

I am happy to see that Odysseus agrees that Yemeni arabs who are treated fairly do not turn on us. I just wish he would go so far as to admit in another blog that those who are treated unfairly may logically turn on us and defend their land when it is invaded by Westerners.

With respect to opportunities, I must admit that Coldwater in many ways has not changed. My father used to mention that he would meet students whom he had had in the high school co-op programs who were then several years out of high school and working. They would say that they liked their jobs, but they just couldn't earn enough to get by. Coldwater has always been a low wage area; I think by design. I think that may be reflected in our career center where we hope to train many of our talented kids for the low wage jobs in Coldwater. Keep them here before they find higher wage opportunities. The community seems reluctant to set too high of goals for our students, because if they pursued them, they would have to leave Coldwater.

In the 40's when there was great industrial expansion during the war effort, Coldwater did not seek companies who would pay high wages in competition with existing local employers. And also did not seek companies who would hire blacks from the South or union companies. Of couse, the Yemeni came to Coldwater to work the low wage, hot jobs in the foundries when foundries were closing in the Detroit/Dearborn area. They found a community which was quite consevative and allowed them to live in relative isolation. Over time, they brought their families to Coldwater and have established quite a flourishing sub-community.

With respect to the number of sex offenders in Coldwater, I am shocked by what I read nearly everyday in the Daily Reporter. I think that it was quite common in the 50-60s for 17 year olds to have sex with 14 year olds; it was no big deal. But now it can get you multiyear prison sentences. I don't understand it, but I don't think it is really any different than before except that the laws and law enforcement has changed in this arena. Also, DUI has now become a criminal offense that gets you in jail immediately. That just didn't happen 50 years ago, i.e. jail, not DUI. Drug and drug labs are a new problem.

Those are my idiot thoughts!

Coldwater, MI

#189 Sep 11, 2008
A strip joint. The empty hardware store in the Fairfield Plaza would work. This would be a big attraction. It may offer some employment oportunies as well.

Portage, MI

#190 Sep 18, 2008
Those of us who are employed downtown see enough of that everyday with some of the young tramps that walk along Chicago Street everyday. They wear so little clothing they could almost qualify as strippers.
I think that a nice "family oriented" entertainment center would be nice in that location. Perhaps a children's "hands on" museum like the one in Albion.
Go West

North Las Vegas, NV

#191 Sep 18, 2008
Intresting article Odysseyus check it out

Mr B

Coldwater, MI

#192 Sep 23, 2008
The Apple Festival was huge this year! I could not attend but I did drive through town around 1:00 pm and it was packed. It must have been good for down town.
sara from coldwater

Battle Creek, MI

#193 Oct 2, 2008
i tihnk we need something to keep the teens occupied i am 18 and leaving this crappy town forever because there is nothing here for me to do. i am transferring and not coming back. i think we should have more things to do!!!
Mr B

Coldwater, MI

#194 Oct 2, 2008
So why don't you stay and start something that you would like to see in Coldwater? Remember, no matter when you go you will be there......
Mr B

Coldwater, MI

#195 Oct 2, 2008
So why do you start something you would like to see in Coldwater instead of trying to find it somewhere else? Remember, whereever you go you will be there.

Coldwater, MI

#196 Oct 10, 2008
Coldwater needs to re-sod Heritage Park. The grass there is so old now, it just needs to be replaced.

Grove City, OH

#197 Oct 13, 2008
coldwater needs a disc golf course, optimist park out by the airport already is a perfect venue for one. and its not getting the use it could
Hiatt House

Manistee, MI

#198 Sep 27, 2009
odysseus wrote:
And what, pray tell, does the "large gay population" in Coldwater need? Special "gay" grocery stores? And AIDS clinic?
And what other cultures are being catered to by the "powers that be"? Do you mean the Latinos? They run their own stores -- they don't expect to be catered to.
People, grow up! If the "large gay community" [I think that statement is wishful thinking] needs something, they should come up with it themselves and STOP EXPECTING A HANDOUT from local government or the state. I don't get this attitude of "we must provide for all segments of our population." We have to provide entertainment for all segments? Where is THAT in the Constitution? We have to provide jobs for everyone? Again, where is that in the Constitution? Geeze Louise! What a bunch of whiners and crackpots!
BTW, I'm not over 65. I'm not over 45. And I'd argue that we're not taking very good care of our seniors, either. I know -- I help a lot of them.
For one, there is a large gay community in Coldwater. Second, it is SO neglected and such a "keep quiet" issue here Hiatt House has many open cases of scared teens here, teens that if they were to come out would be kicked out of their house forgotten. I spend everyday of the week helping these teens with food delivery's and counseling ect. Its such a taboo here when I was personally attacked and nearly murdered very little was done. AND an AIDS clinic would be VERY HELPFUL in this area.
Wallace Hiatt
President, GYAB-Hiatt House
http://www.totalchoiceandpower.org or http://www.myspace.com/hiatthouse

Coldwater, MI

#199 Mar 27, 2011
Maybe ICE could use the prison that is closing.

United States

#200 Apr 20, 2011
They need jobs in coldwater

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