North Miller st? Is this one of newbu...

Jackson, NJ

#287 Oct 26, 2011
<quoted text>
St. Mary's Church and Bishop Dunn school are on South Street and they are a nice part of the city . St. Lukes Hospital is down that way - its picked up over the years. and isnt that old cemetary - what is it - Old Town - in that area - newburgh was once a lovely city - named one of the ten best cities in the country to live in - Life Magazine in the 1950s - then of course the bad element moved in and the Old Irish, Italians, and Germans either died or left - so sad. I will never forget DUggans Candy store on First Street- a memory of my childhood

Peekskill, NY

#288 Oct 26, 2011
like they say everywhere has its good spots & bad spots , u can find nice housing but they pricey . or than u can live in da hood where shit gets live . its not bad but i be in crack haven i have fam ova there & right now dats where i reside . i used 2 live in da bronx on 183 & webster & i deff am plannin on gon back 2 da bx by next month i dont really like it here ima city girl!
cronanthebarbari an

Newburgh, NY

#289 Nov 20, 2011
i love newburghs streetstreet walkers...roxy gives the best fellatio ever

Jackson, NJ

#290 Nov 21, 2011
cronanthebarbarian wrote:
i love newburghs streetstreet walkers...roxy gives the best fellatio ever
comments like this underscore what the problem really is

Jackson, NJ

#291 Aug 6, 2012
I was up in Newburgh over the weekend and rode past my grandmothers old home on First Street - the home that HER grandfather built and the home that was in the family until she died - ALL I can say is that those reponsible for the upkeep of these properties and those who call them home have a HELL of a nerve destroying property like that - her beautiful double door gone - mattresses clogging the alleyway - ivy covering the entire house - did it ever occur to any of yo u that this was once someones loved home ?? I understand poverty but there is NO reason to throw mattresses in alleys and appliances on the front lawn - get some housepride. Whether you own it or not you LIVE THERE.

Newburgh, NY

#292 Aug 6, 2012
i believe it can get better newburgh is not that bad north miller is def not bad any people out there are groups of family but if u do go past north miller johnston lander vhamber it does get a little bad the young ones will rob u if u have a freakin iphone i mean i dont live in fear im only scared of god so im just saying it could be better and yes if u fight for it it could come up but no one will because first starts with the families and if the families dont care about their children then the children wont care about themselves and it turns ugly they have to adapt to their environment like animals and they get treated like some AND AS FOR THE LANDLORDS THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN THEY WATCH THEIR TENANTS SELLING DRUGS OUT THE HOUSE AND NEVER WANT TO FIX ANYTHING SO IDK U TELL ME AS FAR NORTH MILLER GOES IM TELLING U IT IS NOT BAD AT ALL LIBERTY AND THE STREETS IN THE HEIGHTS ARE NICE TOO BUT RENWICK CARSON THOSE STREETS BAD

Albany, NY

#293 Dec 22, 2012
storti wrote:
<quoted text>yea so what i do drugs sometimes that dont mean shit. look at ur family and see how many do drugs. and dont say none cus your full of shit.
English, please, Shiti

United States

#295 Mar 14, 2014
New burgh is great for buying drugs....many of the side streets off Broadway offer a open air drug market. Some streets are...lander, south miller, renwick, Ann, hasbrouck, mill St....the boys will flag u down and serve you....good luck....try not to get robbed

United States

#296 Mar 14, 2014
jane wrote:
the police there do care and are very capable; NYS needs state prison term on third misd conviction like gov. pataki tried to get. Besides poison dealers there there are lots of women beaters and they should be punished more severely than now. Many women are struck or beaten right in front of the kids. Of course, the burgh needs legitimte jobs..for now..jane
Jane your a fool. Throwing ppl in prison for a 3rd misd. Conviction? Smack yourself for such a stupid statement. Jail is not the solution....that just makes the problem worse. You need to fix the problem get ppl help. Jail is never the answer plus we have to pay for them to be in jail...

Since: Mar 14

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#298 Mar 22, 2014
My ex in-laws where all born and raised in the burgh, 1950s, 60s, of course once I married a burgher I had to make the annual visit for holidays.
Of thier large family all moved away back in the early 80s.all went to NFA, and all very street was a tough city back then.I never ventured far from thier family home because I was warned even back in those days how rough things could what your seeing today has multiplied over the years. And they all claimed the riots as the beginning of the end.your water front may be beautiful but it wasn't enough to stop the white flight that took place. Anyone with the means escaped from the hell that in closed you lost your best citizens and none of them are ever moving back.

God, I'd hate to see what the next generation of newburghers will be like.raised on crime and drugs, whores, no jobs, welfare.
Get out while you or you will be stuck in an endless rut.

Since: Mar 14

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#299 Mar 23, 2014
Here's your dilemma. I could never grow and prosper in the Newburgh inviroment, I would never survive it.
Likewise, a good portion of your citizenry couldn't survive in my world.
No one with an education and work ethic is moving to that cesspool so your stuck with the dregs of society. And that's good news for the rest of America, keep the scum of the land walled up in designated hell holes.
For those of you who believe Newburgh is a great place to live and raise a family all I can say is that your very blind, you can't see beyond the end of your nose.most of America doesn't live that way.very little violence in my hometown, no gangs, last murder was about 8 years ago.
Open your eye's you good people, don't fall for the Newburgh is getting better B.S.
Just get out of you will be stuck in a trap.

Yes I'm negative, but I'm inteligent enough to know the truth of a matter.

Since: Mar 14

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#300 Mar 23, 2014
Now ask yourself, this thread is now going into it's eighth year, is the city better off than it was in 2006.
My last visit was in 2008, divorced now so I will never need to make that trip again.
newburgher for life

Newburgh, NY

#301 Mar 25, 2014
mcccmar45 wrote:
<quoted text> youreu right Denise - it wont be although the feds are trying - I remember the newburgh of the late forties fifties and sixties when my grandparents lived there on First Street Every time I go by 274 First Street I feel like going after those who ruined what was once a sweet little house
did they sell the house?

Newburgh, NY

#302 Apr 4, 2014
Gentrification is coming, folks. I've heard talk from across the river that living in Beacon is getting to be pricey. Newburgh, from the river to Liberty street is getting bought up by yuppies ad NYC people. The price of gas is nearly five dollars and the writing is on the wall. Living in the suburbs (which depends on cheap gas) is going to be expensive in 10-20 years.

Newburgh gentrification has already made it into the New York Times and Hudson Valley Magazine. I've seen ads for property here in the Village Voice. The area near the Palatine Art Store already has a SoHo feel to it, unlike three blocks over. The hipsters are coming to drive up property value, and the young upward professionals will drive the poor out, just like what was done in Brooklyn, the Lower East Side and Beacon.

Heed my warning; Invest in property now and fix it up, before it's too late.
Warren Michael

Clifton Park, NY

#303 Apr 5, 2014
cronanthebarbarian wrote:
i love newburghs streetstreet walkers...roxy gives the best fellatio ever
Is that an Italian ice??

Jacksonville, FL

#304 Jun 24, 2014
Im so sad to see these negative comments on N. Miller St. My Grandmother lived there back in the 60's. I remember playing jump rope out side & and enjoying our neighbors. Im praying for N. Miller St.

Key West, FL

#305 Jun 29, 2015
Newburgh if you live near the hudson is great. I love it.just stay out of dangerous areas. The bad guys are killing each other. Goodbrestaurantsand nesrbynthings to see Newburghersvarebfriendly.
Inexpensive real estate abounds. One hour by train to,NYC. Good schoolsystemand good Drs and hospitals.if you want to move out of ny. Consider Newburgh I was born here.agreat place for Drs to move.the crime thing is blown outnofnproportion. Most cities have placescthatbare not safe..that is Newburgh too.

Newburgh, NY

#306 Aug 12, 2015
i lived in newburgh all my life and im still here everyone keep saying newburgh people newburgh is just a town .it is NOT THE TOWN ITS THE PEOPLE .how dumb are we LETS GET IT TOGETHER////

Newburgh, NY

#307 Sep 22, 2015
Tam wrote:
I am looking to move near the college. Can someone tell me if this is one of Newburgh's worst streets? If it is which streets are better.
No streets just being honest

Middletown, NY

#308 Nov 18, 2015
newburghian wrote:
<quoted text>you moved out on 90 that was sixteen years ago surely you would know that newburgh has made great strides since that era but you would only like to comment on only the negative things in newburgh i bet if i knew your neighborhood i could point out a lot of negative things as i go keep your stereotypical comments to yourself because you dont know jack about newburgh
I agree... That was sixteen years ago. I was raised in Newburgh and what I can tell you from a small 20 year old white girl is all the streets are equally bad. Drugs and violence is evenly everywhere. But like any other place, as long as you don't start shit, mind your own buisness, and keep it moving, you'll be fine.

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