Wayland pulls from study

Wayland pulls from study

There are 11 comments on the Steuben Courier - Advocate story from Jan 2, 2011, titled Wayland pulls from study. In it, Steuben Courier - Advocate reports that:

The Wayland Village Board unanimously agreed to withdraw its ambulance department from a consolidation study Dec.

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Honeoye Falls, NY

#1 Jan 14, 2011
Why did the fire department want to be pulled from the study?

Were the figures presented to the board accurate numbers? Where did they come from?

Who is the executive committee?

Are there new members?

At one point the department wanted to be part of a consolidation.
The cost to taxpayers was cited as a reason not to be. Is that the real reason?

Why would the committee make a decision and not have a draft?

What changed?

Since: Jun 07

Wayland, NY

#2 Jan 16, 2011
There are several reasons why Wayland FD wanted out of the study. First, let me state that I am the ambulance captain for the Wayland FD and have dealt with the study process for the past two years....including taking off over 15 days from my night job to attend these EMS consolidation committee meetings, so I have a lot of time invested in this process. I personally was split on the decision for the department to step out of the study and both myself and the Village of Wayland representative offered to continue to assist the process and were turned down. There were misgivings about joining the study to begin with and when representatives from ESCI came out to interview our members and gather data, Kent said to the Chief and myself that he does not "see a need to change something that is not broken".

Another factor in the decision was the fact that Wayland FD responded to more calls within the 1 sqaure mile of the Village (158 calls) than the Cohocton fire Department responded to their entire territory (the study showed 100 calls). Looking at the dispersion of calls in the Town outside the Village, there is a huge concentration just outside the village with smaller concentrations along SR-21S and in the hamlet of Perkinsville. From an operational standpoint, it makes no sense to move EMS resources from the highest concentration of call volume.

That being said, the draft copy of this study was released to the villages and towns. The study was performed by ESCI, a company that specializes in EMS and Fire Research. Part of my support for the Vilage pulling out of the study was because the financial costs proposed by the study were actually higher than my own independent research showed it would be. The "best" and lowest cost proposal in the draft study included $781,196 per year in Personnel costs,$200,000 per year in Operational Costs, and an upfront Facility Cost of $1,039,912.

To put those numbers into perspective, there will be an estimated yearly recurring cost of $981,196...and this was the cheapest alternative shown in the draft study. The study then proceeded to review how to distribute the cost of the proposed service to the taxpayers, with the options ranging from 65% to 73.5% being levied on the Town of Wayland. Now, to make a comparison to current tax costs, in 2009, the Town of wayland collected $926,143 from taxpayers at a rate of $8.50 per thousand ( http://www.steubencony.org/rpt/tcrates2010.pd... ). So, if it was decided to use the lowest option of 65% to Town of wayland taxpayers, it would be $637,777, which would add $5.85 per thousand to Town of Wayland taxpayers.

The "coverage of historic service demand" is currently 88.7% and would increase to 92.4% by going to fulltime paid crews and stationing units AT THE EXISTING FACILITIES. The "best" proposal is for 3 ambulances and 1 paramedic fly car. One ambulance and 1 EMT will be stationed at the three EXISTING bases and the paramedic fly car will be based in the proposed new building near exit 3 on I-390. The fly car would meet the closest ambulance and transport 1 patient. If a concurrent second call goes out, the 2 remaining ambulances would meet at that scene and transport the patient.

The current ambulance service provided by the Wayland Fire Department spends about $40,000 to provide 2 ambulances to the Village of Wayland, Town of Wayland, and approximately half of the Town of South Dansville (approximately 60 square miles). We currently have 19 EMTs, with 2 additional members in class. During daytime hours, the department usually has between 3 and 5 EMTs available for calls.

So, is increasing performance by 3.7% worth increasing taxes by $940,000?

Since: Jun 07

Wayland, NY

#3 Jan 16, 2011
Here are several quotes from the draft study:
"ANCFD is down to only three medically trained personnel while CFD currently lists seven medically trained personnel on its roster. Conversely, WFD has a healthy cadre of medical response personnel" (p.15)

"Based on the geography and distribution of historical service demand, ESCI does not believe that a single facility centrally located within a consolidated district would be sufficient to provide effective coverage to the entire area." (p.40)

"ESCI is pleased to report that all available evidence shows that each organization consistently provides excellent service to the citizens of their respective communities, although each agency is having difficulty producing sufficient personnel to handle the increasing demand throughout the area." (p.64)

I would also ask Ms. Perham why she only quoted Mike Sprague (who was only supposed to be an organizer for the study and not put in his opinions) and did not approach anybody from the Village of Wayland or the Wayland Fire Department for the other side of the story?

I also mentioned your post to a Village Board member and he said that anybody with any questions can attend a Village Board meeting to ask them.
MIke Walker

Dayton, OH

#4 Jan 25, 2011
I am the representative for the Atlanta North Cohocton Fire District. I have served on the commitee since day 1 and was one of the leaders who got this started. If anyone has any questions or wants the real truth about the study please feel free to call me. My number is in the book in Atlanta. Sorry Village of Wayland residents, I am sorry that one person makes all your decisions for you. There are many of you who have reached out to me and shown your displeasure, I am sorry. I am not going to slam Wayland Fire for there decision, I just think it was knee jerk decision. Many of my very good friends belong there, and they still are my good friends, just disappointed in all of them. Also another point I would like to make is that when I confronted Wayland's Chief about this, he stated he never even read the study. Just a question but how many other individuals on the Fire Dept. board didnt read this?? If the CHIEF didnt! Scary! Bottom line is we are working toward improving the future of the ambulance service, I can also assure you that this wont turn into the Perkinsville FD and Wayland FD mess that has occured from the he said she said statements. I wont respond negativly to any of this, only telling you all that we will continue to push forward and work to better the ambulance service to the Village and Town of Cohocton, the Atlanta North Cohocton Fire District and the Town of Wayland.
Any questions dont hesitate to call.
Mike Walker
Asst. Chief (Past Chief)
Atlanta North Cohocton Fire
MIke Walker

Dayton, OH

#6 Feb 1, 2011
When I said the Wayland Fire Dept. board, I meant the Executive board. Sorry wasnt very clear on that. Fred always has impressive stats, unfortunetly in our business stats are only a small piece. As far as the conduct of two of Waylands members, I dont believe that has anything to do with Wayland pulling out of the study. I agree with you it is a moral issue but I dont believe this significant to this story.
Mike Walker

Since: Jun 07

Wayland, NY

#7 Feb 1, 2011
Thank you Mike.

As far as the conduct issue, I have already messaged this person offline for further details. I feel that ALL of our agencies provide a professional service and I expect members of emergency services (paid or volunteer does not matter) to act in a professional manner when on duty. As such, I take any complaints about our service seriously, whether it is a patient care issue or inapproproate behavior on a call. We have also tried to make it easier for people to contact the department by adding a contact form on the website at http://www.waylandfd.org and by having a facebook page.

Mike, I do have to respectfully disagree about your stance on stats. Statisitics is something that I have been harping on for years. We (and I mean most every department in this county) have virtually no statisitics to review service performance and each department tracks their data differently. Without knowing where our services are right now and in the recent past, how are we going to improve our services?

We need to have benchmarks to compare performance to when any change is made, so as to see the effect of those changes.

When I talk to the EMS agencies in Livingston County, I hear about how they get monthly reports from their 911 center with response time averages, call summaries, etc. Unfortunately, our Steuben County 911 center has not been able to provide a consistent report for us. This is not due to a lack of trying, but from my understanding, the county decided to not purchase the reporting module with the current 911 software. I hope that part of this new 911 software being purchased will improve reporting.

I have been compiling our EMS run data for the past 3 years and I feel comfortable with the validity of the past two years of data (I was trying to figure out what to track in that 1st year).

The primary issue that Kent reported in his study was the dispatch to enroute time. By implementing "I Am Responding" and by fixing up the rec room to turn it into a "crew quarters" type of environment, the Wayland FD is trying to directly address that root issue.

We are in the process of integrating the "I Am Responding" system into our processes and I want to see how that affects our response times. With the improved communication and scheduling that this system offers, I hope we can improve response times and improve the overall performance of our Fire and EMS services as a whole. This is where statistical benchmarking comes into play... we can look at the stats for the next several months and see how they compare to past performance.

On a final personal note, I would like to point out that if there is any major change to the primary recommendations put forth in the final study by ESCI, I would question the validity of the study results. ESCI was hired to give their professional opinion and if they are willing to change their opinion in the face of criticism, then what is the value of their professional opinion.

If anybody from the public wants to review the draft document, it should be considered FOIA material and should be able to be viewed at any of the village or town clerks. And, I urge anybody who wants to get involved in this issue to attend their respective village and/or town board meetings. That is the democratic process.

I also feel that it should be publicly reinforced that this is ONLY A STUDY that was commisioned to look at the pros and cons of consolidation of EMS services. It is up to the individual agencies and boards to decide what to do with the results of the STUDY, if anything.

Fred Grambs
MIke Walker

Dayton, OH

#8 Feb 2, 2011
I dont believe ESCI was asked to change their professional opinion. They were asked to now provide a diferent view with the change in the study (Wayland Village removing themselves). I dont believe there was any criticism, just needs to be re-worked to fit our needs. Thats why its called a draft, and thats exactlly why I believe before it goes public, we need to review it. I always agreed with you that the first draft was off, we needed to fine tune it as a group to fit what we wanted to see. Lets face it, even know ESCI is made of many professionals, we and only we know what truly we need for our area.
As far as stats, I agree that they can help but when the big picture is looked at, there are so many variables that stats just dont pick up. Thats where experience, community needs and knowledge of the fire/ems service comes into play.
As far as your other problem, GOOD LUCK. Better you than me. But i do agree, all three agencies provide a professional service. And to be honest I cant believe even if something is going on that the professionalism has been compromised. But I do feel strongly that this has nothing to do with really the topic at hand!

Honeoye Falls, NY

#9 Feb 5, 2011

Since: Jun 07


Wayland, NY

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Mar 26, 2009 I hate Topix...just lost my last comment.

Anyway, I don't see how a district would increase taxes. It would not change the fact that the apparatus is staffed by volunteers. The Fire Commissioners would still have to hold open meetings and be accountable to the public. The big benefit would be that the taxes to the district are not as risk of being reallocated by either the town or village board and used for other expenses.

That being said, I am not sure I fully support a fire district per se. I would love to see a state official speak about the pros and cons of forming a fire district. I don't want to rely on info from either side or even Steuben County representatives right now.

I do think there would be a benefit to consolidation. I think a new fire response structure in the town/village should be a Fire Chief for all Fire/EMS in the town. Then, each department could be called Battalions and we could have a "Battallion" Chief for Wayland, Perkinsville, and EMS. This type of structure would allow each department to maintain their identity/history, as well as allowing for better communciation between departments, more opportunities for crosstraining, the possibility of staffing up each other's apparatus, and possible cost savings in fixed expenses like insurance, combined equipment purchases, etc.
There would have to be some operational changes, but that could be hashed out by the senior officers and fire commissioners.

Honeoye Falls, NY

#10 Feb 5, 2011
local reporter
Rochester, NY
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Mar 28, 2009 Judged:



i just learned of this site. all this bashing of perkinsville fire dept and town board. wow i was taking pictures for a local paper on a controlled burn last weekend. i seen three members of the town board helping perk pick up hose. all other depts were gone. times like that i always thought everyone helped everyone else out but i guess i was wrong. just a good example of why the town board and perk have such a good working relationship i guess. most of the comments on here are from wayland fire personel. my opinion is thats were the whole problem is and the village too. their trying to justify their services by making everyone else look bad so they can be superior. maybe more of this should come out in public so the taxpayers really know whats going on because you wouldnt believe how many people really know anything about this.
there is a public awareness meeting on tuesday march 31 five star bank 630 pm i encourage all town taxpayers and interested parties to attend get the facts and voice your opinions.

Honeoye Falls, NY

#11 Feb 5, 2011
part of the big picture. how was the chief able to make a recommendation to the board if he did not read the draft? was he perhaps coached?
Fred laid it out in 2009, the ambulance service can't merge with ancc because it will be the hook used for the merger of perk and wayland.

Brackney, PA

#13 Feb 12, 2011
cant we all get along for the great good we all r equal

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