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Dupont, IN

#103 Aug 3, 2010
speak life not death wrote:
# Mark 12:31
And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. did say in the bible which people we get to love just love the word says it 8 times in different places so i think he meant
it # Proverbs 17:4
Wrongdoers eagerly listen to gossip;liars pay close attention to slander. theses are not my words gods
no good can come from this
God also said they will not hurt the children, and they did , these sex offenders are no good. sorry the way everyone is feeling but these are grown men hurting our children. I NOT STANDING FOR IT. The more people know about them the better. so you get a life
David Koresh

West Eaton, NY

#104 Aug 4, 2010

gawd does not hear any of your praise from your 30 memeber rat hole church.... if you want gawd to notice you quicker "hey" go light yourself on fire it worked wonders for me!.. i was reincarnated into this sweet love machine body i have now right here in dville... just smile and wave boy's...

Binghamton, NY

#105 Aug 5, 2010
to the OP. If you can't spell or use basic grammar then please don't post at all. You're probably older than 25 and you should be ashamed of yourself!
Proud teen spa member

Elmira, NY

#106 Aug 20, 2010
d-ville wrote:
I have notice alot of the churches in dansville are run by the young family. I have know idea what they are all pulling, I personaly know there are three of them in town. Something is not right with that. There are alot of Youngs that are in town. Thats all i need to say.
theres one church thats the pastor lee and pastor pat are pastors for and thats spa ministries which is only one church which is across dollar general so please come by and take a look at our so called "cult" and see for yourself
Proud teen spa member

Elmira, NY

#107 Aug 20, 2010
hmm haha people people pfft this is making me laugh seriously though haha!! hmm serious face though if you wanna see if were a cult come to the church, and church is for people who are broken hearted who have no famileis or they have addictions or just want to know jesus christ as there savior what is so wrong with that haha yeah i go to spa and i wouldnt want it any other way i can praise and worship the lord in my own way without being judged ohmygosh did i just say that pfft yeah i did not once in my time being there have i heard one person judge someone else think im lieing well if u do think i am then you might as well stop reading this but serious face again my pastor preaches about the word of truth which is in fact the holy bible the guidlines to all christians and if the bible says do not judge then obviously we shouldnt so we dont we welcome everyone! its not our buisness to know what youve been through we just wanna make you feel loved and if you do so choose it accpet jesus as yur savior if you havnt so that you may share the same love that we have sence jesus's love will never perish its always there he can be there for you whenever you need him, his words to sting abit of alot"the words from the bible" but thats a good thing meanin that hit your heart so you may change for the better but hey its your choice but i like to be in good relationship with the lord it makes me feel awhole lot better to know that my lord loves me just because we try our best to follow the truth makes us a "cult" haha! not likly im sorry that we wanna goto heaven when we die and we do our best to spread the wordof the truth so we may see our friends famileies and even people we dont know but we love them we wanna see all of those people go to heaven so they dont have to suffer in hell i don see why anyone would wanna go there, but okay back to the topic hmm idk rlly just open your hearts people see what you wanna see or actually come to the church and see for your selfs its your choice no one is making you dont even have to stay for more then 5 minutes were not gonna judge you or hate you as soo as you walk through those doors you are family and we love you.
Athiest II

Lockport, NY

#108 Sep 23, 2010
Athiest wrote:
Also, while much of the time I agree that sex offenders need the same done to them, if the "christian life " is what you follow, and believe in, as some one who has studied theology extensively, then what kind of christian are you? to say who can and cant attend church services? Hitler attended church.
From the studies I have done, this is half the reason I chose the non believing path. It is hypocritical people such as yourselves, that make Christianity such a false concept. Go to church on Sunday and then turn into heathens the next day spreading lies.
Get over yourselves, as I said before Provide factual proof before you open your mouths...

United States

#109 Apr 23, 2011
Hello I'm 17 years old I use to go to this Cult. My mother has changed so much since she started going there, its non-since. My sister and I don't like going to we moved out. My little sister is still going bc she lives with my mother.
That church/cult is not a good place.
They also have a church/clut in wayland and nunda.
Every holiday that my sister and I have to go to my mother's we have to go to the cult. We do NOT like going. I use to be on there dance team, I would get into trouble by the paster for just about everything. I was not aloud to have a boyfriend if his heart was not right with god, but his daughter just got married at the age of 17 with a man who is 24 and has a daughter, they only knew each other for about 7 months, because of him going to the church. You can't get your heart right wit god and. Get to know someone that well to want to marry them.
Please don't ever go to this CULT.

United States

#110 Apr 23, 2011
I use to go here and if you have a phone and text becareful cause people will read your messages and go through you phone all the time. There daughter was married at 17 to a 23 year old who before attended the churh with the mother of his daughter. The pastors wanted there daughter to date every new guy that walked in the door. No other girl could like them until she was done with them. Its not a place to go.
Conserned Christian

Mauldin, SC

#113 Aug 4, 2011
whatever wrote:
lmao this is the only place u can go that u can party sin do whatever break the law mon thru sat and be free of all sins on sunday! the so called pastor must be full of power!!
No, God has the Power and He works through individuals like Pastor Leon, who will let God do the work.S.P.A. Ministries is a wonderful group of people who love The Lord and are serving im in this End-Time.
past SPA membore

Watkins Glen, NY

#114 Aug 4, 2011
Conserned Christian wrote:
<quoted text>
No, God has the Power and He works through individuals like Pastor Leon, who will let God do the work.S.P.A. Ministries is a wonderful group of people who love The Lord and are serving im in this End-Time.
True some of the people that attend this church have a TRUE heart for god, But from personal experience as a former member, The leadership in this church twists the word of God to fit there belief, they believe your salvation can be taken away, if your tattooed if you smoke if you have friends in the world, or family thatís not saved and you support them at all. if you struggle in life from time to time as ALL PEOPLE do, you can NOT hold a position of leadership in SPA, they will and DO judge you, I learned they CAN NOT be trusted to keep your secretes or personal issues QUITE... they shared mine with the whole church. I attended that church for over 3 years!!!!! God forbid you disagree with Lee or Patty about any thing!!!! they ALL will turn on you at the drop of a hat.......and that you can take to the bank!!!!
Thank you and Beware
Former SPA Member
Another Concerned Person

Watertown, NY

#115 Mar 1, 2012
concerned wrote:
theres a local church/cult in dansville im becoming very concerned! i do not live in that town but word has spread how this place is realy a cult! i spoke to a former person that used to go their and i was shocked! i thought a church didnt judge other people or brain wash the people that go there to live there lives a certain way that is approved of by pastor lee? nor does a real church take peoples hard earned money i thought we went to church to rejoice and be lifted not to be robbed and brainwashed but then again were talking about a church that consists of.......... REFORMED alcoholics pot heads cracks heads child molesters cheaters and on and on! this place is whacked i never knew what the kool aid church ment or was but formerspa jam member u are right THEY ARE THE KOOL AID CHURCH! so beware and if u realy want to be saved stay the hell AWAY from THE SPA CULT1
A couple things to think about. Jesus in the bible ministered to prostitutes, alcoholics, the worst of the worst. Secondly there are many scriptures that talk about giving money to churches. You sound a bit ignorant to me in the area. Just saying
check 4 your self

United States

#116 Jun 14, 2012
Check the sex offenders web site half of them go to spa...

Johnson City, NY

#117 Nov 27, 2012
whatever wrote:
im far from a redneck but yeah theres loads of them in that town! what i ment was the followers pay for these events wth their food stamps! are stupid... half of the people in Dansville are you need to shutup and get a life bc nobody cares what you think.
youre an idiot

Athens, PA

#118 Dec 2, 2012
just wondering what school lee and pat went to become pastors, or if the they just found a web site paid 25 dollars and became self ordained, and what religion does this church practice?
proud member of SPA

Sayre, PA

#119 Dec 6, 2013
S.P.A. Ministries stands for Spiritual Purpose Awakening Ministries. The Apostles of all the ministries are Apostle Lee & Patty Young. The pastors of the Dansville Church are Pastor Tim and Pastor Mel Young. We are a nondenominational evangelistic church that teaches the truth of the word of God. We are very community oriented and have a lot of outreach ministries such as our Reach Christmas boxes, Free Thanksgiving Dinner, and clothing give aways in multiple locations. We are accepting and love to have people come from all backgrounds and walks of life. We love to build the Kingdom of God and would love it if you joined us for our events or any of our services!
Our Sunday service begins at 11 a.m. on Sunday but feel free to come enjoy some coffee and get to know the people at S.P.A. as early as 7:30 a.m.....
For those who ask yes we do have past drug attics and alcoholics because we want to save people and build gods kingdom. For the past 8 months I've attended S.P.A and can assure you it doesn't in anyway fit the definition of a cult you wish to talk more find me on Facebook Steven howden I would also like to inform those who slander S.P.A and say these lies YOU lead these people away from Christ not us.

Rochester, NY

#120 Dec 10, 2013
This church is self proclaimed! They do NOT accept you if you don't bow to their every request. Sadly everyone involved will have a rude awakening someday when they realize that Lee and his wife are not at all as true as they claim to be. They do NOT care about anyone but themselves and they want every dime they can get from everyone. They are pathetic. They have ruined many families. It's a fact. I spit on their very existence. I'd rather wander in HELL than on the grounds of their fake worship! Ya they give free meals and other cover up functions, trying to fatten their herd. Don't be played! open your eyes to the world outside of their walls and you will see that you are being misled!
reality please

Albany, NY

#121 Dec 10, 2013
seriously this is a joke, for one do u wack jobs know what reality is? its not apostles or purple streamers or past sex offenders alcoholics drug attics dancing around shaking their past evilness out of them ! thats sick , not reality or true faith! what is it this cult teaches, over eating , beating drums, dancing and praising some one that does not exist, realy let's think about it you people give away free dinners , free this free that but live in low income housing and off the system, your so called gods doing you good, please y don't the jokers in this cult get off your over sized butts and get real jobs cus reality is your god isn't dropping you money to support your family's or selves, we hard workers are us tax payers supporting u and your cult, we actually feel bad for anyone that is in such a low in their life and get swept up by these weirdos! Don't u think that providing for your own family and giving your children a stable life and home is what god would want? The children of this church are brain washed and have a very closeted life , so sad to see kids with no friends other then their purple people eaters, beware and stay away. Proud Catholic who would never brain wash, what bible do u read
Heather Crandall

Avon, NY

#122 Jul 3, 2015
I attended this Church as long as the LORD lead (I did not stay because the Lord had more and other things in store for me)and I was so grateful to the LORD for leading me to this feasting table. It was a spiritual hospital for my sou at the time. Pastor Lee and Pastor Patty exude the presence of Christ. They are Christian and obey the LORD's commands- right on the spot! Have you ever been called to ministry? Not an easy job! Please desist from accusations! Ministry is a life of a "living sacrifice." Those called to it devote their very beings and selves to share the same in the interest of God: to edify the body; to speak healing and love to the lost. To Patty and Lee: I miss you and have thought of you often. I pray always for you, your family and your church. I would love to re-connect! So much love in Christ. I am on Facebook, Heather Crandall.(Formerly Krieger). Please "friend" me. Much love in Christ! Amen!

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