drugs in tacoma!
Trading it

Waterloo, Canada

#22 Oct 21, 2010
earl wrote:
Can't believe that someone rents out their old lady for a pill.
Hell Where have u been. Gregg,Michael,Mickie or DA will be more than glad to take it out in trade. Why do you think they call their women Pill wh***s lol
Karma Bites

Hermitage, TN

#23 Oct 21, 2010
You Go Ronnie....
DA Collins

La Follette, TN

#24 Oct 22, 2010
well i cant speak for all of the names listed but me and my girl dont mess with all those damn pills anymore. Now if you need a leaking roof fixed or a porch built just stop my green explorer and i will gladly price a job or two. If it doesnt have anything to do with work just lay off me and my girl! oh and ya Marvin came to my house asking about PILLBILLY but there was no threats or any cross words exchanged and i couldnt care less about Florida or who goes there so im just saying "LEAVE MY DAMN NAME OFF OF HERE AND LAY OFF!" Yall have a nice day!!!
uh huh

Hendersonville, TN

#25 Oct 22, 2010
They only have to travel that far to Florida,cause the dum asses has either snitched on the doctors here or the doctors cut them off before they get a chance to snitch on them!

All the names mentioned above has scum wives,so who would want to even think about trading,or get it free from either?

You be better to goto the bathroom & stroke it!
Sure is better then getting a disease from a pill head!
tabatha collins

La Follette, TN

#26 Oct 22, 2010
i tell all of you something i aint scum there "uh huh" you are just mad because you cant get a good ol lady you all just keep the mouth runnin on me because everyones names will come out eventually and there will be hell to pay. meet me at the orange tipple and i show you all scum when i beat your asses. chicken shit motherf******. put your real names on here or are you scared of a woman lol. i dont do no pills so i cant be considered as a pill hoe. leave me and my husband out of this childish shit

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#27 Oct 27, 2010
If it is pills you speaking bout then for real be ready to get with jizzy bean, she be loving them
cant believe

Salem, VA

#28 Oct 28, 2010
aGOOD woman? i hope you are not the meaning of a good woman!!!GOOD women dont swap and mess with family.you are NOT good for anything!mostly not a mother.you dont always charge dope but do it for free

Madison, TN

#29 Oct 28, 2010
urnimisis wrote:
How many Pill Heads in Tacoma? Can you name one?
You have been quite lately cat got your tounge or is you all locked up

Waterloo, Canada

#30 Oct 28, 2010
I don't think she(jill) live in wise county no more. Last I heard she had a baby and about died. For someone to be sick like her u should feel real bad for saying such lies.

Nashville, TN

#31 Oct 28, 2010
crystal ramey
justin ramey
michelle watts
ronnie stidham
mickey hays
lulu laura salyer
and her crazy ass husband
brittney messer
cathy stidham ramey and her sluty nesscary boy friend

should i go on,./
aware of it

Salem, VA

#32 Oct 29, 2010
tabatha collins wrote:
i tell all of you something i aint scum there "uh huh" you are just mad because you cant get a good ol lady you all just keep the mouth runnin on me because everyones names will come out eventually and there will be hell to pay. meet me at the orange tipple and i show you all scum when i beat your asses. chicken shit motherf******. put your real names on here or are you scared of a woman lol. i dont do no pills so i cant be considered as a pill hoe. leave me and my husband out of this childish shit
what language.you are setting a fine example for your kids.I have heard they hear and see worse around you and DA!are you trying to show them how not to act around kids?They surely know the meaning of swapping and trading by now!(DA brother?)
would youlike to know

La Vergne, TN

#33 Oct 29, 2010
should i goon these people you talk about are my family what has cathy done to you you got to run that mouth and start shit look at your family look what they do im not on bashing them so keep it up i got smothing wating for you all it just a matter of time your nuts will be in a sling
DA Collins

La Follette, TN

#34 Oct 29, 2010
I think that you need to put your real name on here so you can let us know who you are. you are probably one of those lil girls that knows the ol lady would whoop ur ass so i would stay anonymous too.And furthermore, you leave my kids out of this shit Talkin about me and her is fine but you mess with my babies and you could get some serious stuff started. my kiids are some of the best kids around ask anybody anyone that meets them wants to know how they got to be some well mannered. but to hell with all yall trash talking scrubs post all you want im blocking this site off my computer.

United States

#35 Oct 29, 2010
Just to let everyone know Lulu Salyer is not married to Roy Baldwin. He's still married to some other lady.
who in tacoma that runs

La Vergne, TN

#36 Oct 29, 2010
you go around talking about everyone now about there kids thats low kids cant defend thereself you know everyone here in tacoma and think its a big joke this is messed up your hurting peoples lives and family do you have a problum that you need to talk about why bash people that dont even mess with you this has to stop im asking you to stop please stop its getting bad when you go out you have to defend urself from people talking if it were you then what i am willing to do what ever it takes to get this to stop in a good manner those remarks hurt so you have done what you set out to do hurt every one you talked about so if thers any man or woman about you youll let it go from people of tacoma......................

Nashville, TN

#37 Oct 30, 2010
most of the stidham children that live in tacoma are trash.
family member

Vinton, VA

#38 Oct 30, 2010
Everyone is so worried about how many pillheads are in Tacoma (which there is more than what is named here on this site, I could even name a few)when they should be more worried about what the drugs do to the people and their families. Families are split apart, hearts broken in two, marriages ruined all for a pill to take or snort. Everyone of you out there that think that you have to have this kind of life, do you ever think of anyone but yourself? What you put your love ones thru..all the pain, hurt and worry? Is it really that important to you? Is it worth it to lose all respect for yourself and from others? I am sure you will all say it is...what to feel high for awhile. Of course there are the ones who try to say it helps pain but come on be truthful you know deep down what you do it for. See I am on the other side of the fence, I have a love one that seems to think that pills is more important. You know how much it hurts to see the one you love do this to themselves? Or to look at a love one dead from an overdose? I do. I see everyday the how they are destroying themself and no matter how hard I've tried I can't help them. Nothing seems important to them except for the pills. It causes them to lie, cheat, hurt people. You watch them change from someone that was loving to a mean and cruel person that will say anything to hurt you. There is a part of the old person that tries to hang in there but the addiction takes over. We can also thank alot of our doctors for this also...especially the ones that are out of town...they are making a killing on all of you. They live in their big fine houses, fancy cars, great vacations, what do you have? They have their families and could care less if you do or not as long as you have cash to pay (not insurance or medicaid to easy to track) they will keep you in a prescription for pills. Believe me, I know what destruction pills has cause...my heart is broken everyday because of it. But Tacoma is not the only place that has pillheads..it is in every town, city, profession, it is eating the heart of our country out. I have pain everyday of my life but I suffer before having to become another addict. You can take pain medication right. It is only the ones that needs the high that misuses it and destroys their lives and the lives of the ones that loves them. Put your list of names on here if that makes you feel better, but why don't you try stop the drugs instead of posting names or wanting to know where you can get a pill or how to sell one! Yes, I know about Tacoma....it is a shame that it is know for pillheads as you call it. Wake up Tacoma before its to late and you will only be a topix discussion...most likely about your death or arrest...

Nashville, TN

#39 Oct 30, 2010
i totally agree with the previous post.

Since: Jul 10

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#40 Oct 31, 2010
ok how many of you know joe castle and what happened to him? also who knows who was the ones who killed him? sister knows but wont tell. need info. if you have any let me know.

Natural Bridge, VA

#41 Oct 31, 2010
Drugs......can be good or bad. Drugs used in the correct way, as for pain control after surgery, accidents,and for terminal illnesses are a good thing.
Drugs used for a high that always comes back to haunt you is bad. Drugs used for distribution is bad and it heading a person down the wrong road.It breaks up homes and causes physical abuse.
There is no worse thing in my mind as to see a child want to hide their face when someone tells them that their mom and/or dad's name is in the paper over drugs.Nothing worse to a child for him/her to see the law inforcement knock on a door of a child's home and take away their mommy and daddy.
Nothing worse to see a child to come home after school and see parents stumbling around and cant stand up due to a "high" and with no supper, bath or assistance with homework.
Nothing worse to a parent to look down into a casket and see their precious baby dead from an overdose.Nothing worse when a parent has to raise their grandchild because it's mommy is dead d/t an overdose and that child asks what happen to my mommy/daddy when it starts school because almost everyone else has a mommy and daddy.
Just a few words for thought....if you do drugs please get help, it's out there if you want the help.The worst yet would be for you to die from an overdose and then your soul be in judgement. Please get help.

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