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#2439 Feb 3, 2014
homeboy loosepants wrote:
They gonna file suit against the juvies that butt-tagged each other at YSI?
Only the ones who can not prove under oath that they were groomed by YSI personnel to groom and commit acts against their fellow juvie inmates readying them for older YSI personnel.

And that will be none because these YSI employee perverts was training these kids so they can rent them out to the big shot political perverts and their friends just like they did at Green Isle Boys Ranch near Disney for 20 plus years until they got caught covering up the rapes and closed down their hell hole.

Spring Hill, FL

#2440 Feb 3, 2014

Tired be he who

woulld try to be bright

but who fails

to have real sight
Revrend Tony

Chicago, IL

#2441 Feb 3, 2014
jeremy wrote:
<quoted text>
Only the ones who can not prove under oath that they were groomed by YSI personnel to groom and commit acts against their fellow juvie inmates readying them for older YSI personnel.
And that will be none because these YSI employee perverts was training these kids so they can rent them out to the big shot political perverts and their friends just like they did at Green Isle Boys Ranch near Disney for 20 plus years until they got caught covering up the rapes and closed down their hell hole.
The Green Isle Boys Ranch was closed down because of financial problems but it has recently been reopened.

Post 1 legitimate article that was ever written about sexual abuse at the Green Isle Boys Ranch (other than the garbage that has been posted here on topix) and provide a link and I'll take you seriously.
Father Francis

Jacksonville, FL

#2442 Feb 3, 2014
Revrend Tony wrote:
<quoted text>
The Green Isle Boys Ranch was closed down because of financial problems but it has recently been reopened.
Post 1 legitimate article that was ever written about sexual abuse at the Green Isle Boys Ranch (other than the garbage that has been posted here on topix) and provide a link and I'll take you seriously.
You are such a joke. I remember when you use to choke our chickens, because you said we were sinning. If I could find you today I would put a chicken in your head. I hope you are not doing youth camps anymore. Are you still calling yourself a reverend?
Father Francis

Jacksonville, FL

#2444 Feb 3, 2014
Revrend Tony wrote:
<quoted text>
Like I said, post ONE legitimate article that ever mentioned sexual abuse at the Green Isle Boys ranch. Provide a link and post just ONE article that mentions sexual abuse by a staff member.
I hope you realize that by responding you are and idiot. I have no idea what you are talking about, but you responded. You have no idea who you are responding to. That is most people on here, they are fake just as I am. God bless.
David Harbin

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#2445 Feb 4, 2014
Folks can tell who is for real and who are the CointelPro shills trying to distract and confuse.

You're not fooling anyone.

I would post links but Topix is in on the coverups .
David Harbin

United States

#2446 Feb 4, 2014

Joseph W. Graves
SunTrust totes his 2 notes/mortgages.

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#2447 Feb 4, 2014
Everyone knows the evidence available on the Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes cover ups. All the documents including the victims hand written statements was on the website called lake x posed. Even the pictures of Sheriff Gary Borders with the rapist during the timeline the rapes started was on there. Pictures of the rapist at wet and wild with him little boy toy friend 4 days after the sheriff got the reports of the rapes and should have had his little boy toy friend in jail.

Everybody also knows the powerful blew them off the internet.

But, just like the horrors of the white house boys 100 year history, the horrors of the Green Isle Boys sexual abuse for 20 plus years will never go away until those who are responsible not only for the abuse and rapes personally but those who covered them up for their friends and coharts committed the same crimes as well.

We might be living in phase of lawlessness in the USA right now because the criminals are in total control of the government, but things change everyday and that might change as well. If and when it does they accused will be brought to justice.

The lawlessness will not last forever. It never has and it never will. Lawless nations always have a recycle where justice is demanded as a means of cleansing.
when that day comes what few honest judges this nation has will be working on overtime for a long ling time.
cough sneezeee

Spring Hill, FL

#2448 Feb 4, 2014
thats what seems topiix has become

no fun

not a forum

just endless 'ho hum'

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#2449 Feb 4, 2014
Yea it has become a place were the well connected perverts deny all the facts and say they never existed int he first place because they know the followers and benefactors of people like Mel Sembler is passing out the money to all the politicians to just make everything immoral and illegal disappear.

Buy the way judge, are you one of those two "quare" judges that tried each other?

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#2451 Feb 4, 2014
Revrend Tony - with the language you use you must be a pastor at Revrend Jeremiah Wrights Church!!! I will pray to my real God Almighty for you. Not the one you and Rev Wrong use!

Fact is it was four years ago today the Berkey's got the breaking news on all Orlando TV channels about the five boys who had been repeatedly raped over the summer of 2009 at Sheriff Borders and friends Bridges of American Green Isle Boys Ranch.

The report was originally made on Nov. 21, 2009 Lake County Sheriff's case number (09 191988) All five victims named the rapist as one Tyler Anthony Jackson a former student. Feb. 4, 2010 Orlando Local 6 breaking news also reported "one of the house parents who was supposed to be a supervisor also exposed him self to the boys." He said "both of those people are gone now but neither of them is under arrest." That was four years ago today and "neither of them has been been under arrest!" Very shortly after the leaks hit the media they were all blocked by you important elite people who control the media.

But pictures of Sheriff Borders with the rapist Tyler Jackson on the front page of the Green Isle news letter summer 2009 surfaced showing Borders sporting his pearly whites - grinning like a possum eating briars with his little "buttie" Tyler Anthony Jackson.

If you want more information concerning who all is implicated in the crimes at Green Isle Boys Ranch you just might have to for discovery on the upcoming lawsuits.

Those seeking justice are not the fools in this world, it is those who think they can abuse those beneath them and stomp on them and make their victims cow down and accept their fate.

Those who know the truth know very well that people like Gary Borders and his friends who covered up the sexual abuse of the boys at Green Isle for more than twenty years are not "decent people." And the reputations they have are of being perverted child molesters and predators hanging out at places where the young boys are found. Now Sheriff Gary Borders has graduated up to hanging out with his young make deputies his long time favorite of which is one Scott Stone with whom Borders rides with a lot when he's on the night shift.

If you keep hanging around with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and using all that foul language like he does you night very well earn you a front row seat in hell.

Confess your sins and ask The good Lord to forgive you while there is still time. Believe it or not as rotten as you folks are there is still a chance for forgiveness. That is unless you have sinned against the Holy Ghost - the bible says there is no forgiveness for that sin.

By the way it seems it's the Republican's who favor and run all the pedophile farms and ranches, spin offs from the Franklin Scandal and the Bush boys - not to mention the Ambassador Mel Sembler who Dr Crist says is actually responsible for CharLIE Crist and his love of the male species!

Do your own homework! The facts concerning the Green Isle lawsuits will be forthcoming shortly from what I hear. Major deep pockets and a bunch of individuals whose government pensions is their only support. If the plaintiffs win they can darn well take those pensions.

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#2452 Feb 4, 2014
Today February 4, 2014 is the fourth anniversary of the date the last five rape victims of The Green isle Boys Ranch was able to get the plight of their captivity on the breaking news on all Orlando TV stations.

They had reported the rapes on 11/21/2009

Nothing was ever done for them by the sheriff who run the Green isle.

Some of the young victims had tried to commit suicide. The sheriff's office employee's responded to the ranch but again done nothing for the little victims.

Finally on Feb 4, 2010 after being labeled a disgruntled employee for texting, emailing and calling the Green isle Office seeking help for these victims - Clayton and Angie Berkey was able to get breaking news on all Orlando TV stations. The powerful blocked the news within 24 hours. They even fired TV reporters who refused to turn their heads to the plight of these little victims.

used to be 2010 but

Spring Hill, FL

#2453 Feb 4, 2014
start again

2014 into two months
feces species

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#2454 Feb 4, 2014
used to be 2010 but wrote:
start again
2014 into two months
word is you are an old judge. heard one dying once down the hall in the hospital where I was visiting my mother. you could hear the old bass turd screaming all over the hospital. when people asked was was going on the nurses replied oh it's just an old judge paying for all the judgments he has wrongfully placed on members of the human race.

you can say and do anything you want too. it is you that has to pray the price for your actions. but, for those who abuse our youth and/ or those who support and protect their friends who abuse our youth there must certainly be a special place in hell.

any human who can not do two simply things on this earth. protect at all costs the children and the animals who can not protect themselves is lower than whale crap and that is found in the lowest caverns of the oceans.

now it's your turn you old piece of worthless excrement take your best shot on proving that you are worthy of the oxygen you breath that would be better consumed by those who truly care for the animals and human youth of this planet instead of lying and covering for those who abuse same!
Hot Seat

Spring Hill, FL

#2456 Feb 4, 2014
feces species wrote:
<quoted text>
word is you are an old judge...!
didn;t I hold you in contempt?

yes, turds are known to stay in shape
so you want the facts

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#2457 Feb 5, 2014
[Back To="Revrend Tony"]

Quiet the contrary, there is loads of evidence, none of which is "bazaar political" or "libel" at all. It's called just plain old fashioned evidence. Evidence which by the nature of evidence alone (documentation) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sheriff Gary Borders and others committed the crime of Obstruction of Justice by a Public Official. Other revelations will reportedly also surface.

November 21, 2009 – Green Isle Ranch Executive Director Stephen Zepp calls (911) Lake Sheriff’s Office to report five boys aged 12-15 years have just told him they were sexually abused by an older male student over the summer. The attacker had threatened their lives if they told on him and he had only recently left the school and they felt safe to report the rapes now.

Lake Deputy Sheriff M. Marshall arrived and took a detailed report including hand written statements from Zepp and the five victims which outlined gross multiply sexual attacks and threats of violence if they told. Deputy Marshall also phoned The Abuse Registry Hotline and spoke with Chris ID #5100 who stated she would take a report.

November 23, 2009- Executive Director Stephen Zepp leaves the ranch over what he says was a disagreement with management. Insiders said that dispute was over him reporting the rapes.

November 23, 2009- Report was turned over to Detective Marselien Poitevent for further investigation.

November 25, 2009- Poitevent’s report claims she had one victim forensic interviewed by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg.
December 16, 2009- Poitevent’s report claims she had the other four victims forensic interviewed by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg.
December 16, 2009 to February 3, 2010- No arrest has been made and no further action is taken on this case.

February 3, 2010- 4:10 PM - Poitevent’s report states a disgruntled Green Isle house parent Clayton Berkey is making threatening phone calls, emails and texts to Green Isle management.

February 3, 2010- Orlando, Fl – Major local breaking news- Clayton and his wife Angie Berkey are on several Orlando major TV networks exposing the fact that five little boys still at Green Isle Ranch had been brutally raped by an older student over the summer of 2009. He states some of the boys are attempting suicide and Green Isle and authorities have done nothing for them.

February 4, 2010- LCSO goes back to work on this case. At 10 AM- Detective Poitevent and Detective Yoho interview the rape suspect at the Crystal River High School.

February 4, 2010- Unknown Time- Detective Fawn Tomon and Detective Mike Miller interview the rape suspect at his residence in Beverly Hills, Florida.

February 8, 2010- In her report Detective Poitevent states she met with Assistant States Attorney John Carnahan regarding this case. He says he is waiting on a report from DCF.

February 9, 2010- Detective Poitevent prepared and files with the SAO a supplemental report naming the suspect as one Tyler Anthony Jackson DOB: 11/06/1992. She scratched out [CBA} cleared by arrest on the document. It was simply a paper trail - FDLE states the juvenile suspect was arrested by LCSO on this date.

March 5, 2010- Management of the Green isle Ranch announces the Ranch is closing. People discover by now Lake Sheriff Gary Borders has been an advisory board member of the ranch since it opened in 1989 and even some of those who worked closely with the now sheriff for over fifteen years when he was the jail major has never heard him mention his involvement with the Green Isle Boys Ranch. Those who want to see this horror come to light expose the summer 2009 Islander publication showing Sheriff Borders pictured with the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson in July 2009 around the time the rapes started. Other LCSO employee’s are also pictures with the boss. But many LCSO employee’s of rank had never heard of Gary Borders 20 plus years of involvement at the Green Isle Boys Ranch!
so you want the facts

United States

#2458 Feb 5, 2014
May 20, 2010- FDLE report states the juvenile suspect (no name provided) pled No Contest to four counts of sexual battery by a person under 18 years of age, one count of lewd and lascivious and one count of Battery Touch or Strike on this date and was later ordered to community control, attend sex offender counseling, ordered to have no contact with the victims, submit DNA, Etc.

May 26, 2010- Insiders at the Lake Courthouse say this is the date of sentencing. The case number was 2010-CJ-000185 before Judge Takac. Most community control orders take away the defendant’s driver’s licenses and place serious restrictions on the defendants. This plea requires the defendant to be registered as a sex offender. However, he was not required to register as a sex offender. Why such leniency for a violent sex offender?

October 27, 2010- Just five months after the defendant Tyler Anthony Jackson was reportedly placed on community control he received a speeding ticket from Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Chris Dearden, proving he still had his drivers license (he was not charged with no/DL) and was not under supervised community control.

March 3, 2011- Just ten months after reportedly being placed on community control - Tyler Anthony Jackson had an “Injunction for Protection from Dating Violence” filed against him in Citrus County by Christopher John Collazo on behalf of his minor daughter. Citrus County Sheriff's reports outline the trail of violence committed by Jackson including assault w/ a motor vehicle!

On November 16, 2011- Just eighteen months after reportedly being placed on community control - Tyler Anthony Jackson received a Careless Driving/ Accident Citation from Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Howard Russell. Once again proving Jackson’s community control or probation was not affected by any of the above violations of the law including the injunction for protection from dating violence.

Why did the management of Green Isle along with the Lake Sheriff’s Office cause the name of the whistleblower Clayton Berkey to be placed in this rape report file (09 191988) on February 3, 2010 when Berkey did not come to work at Green isle until early January 2010 and had no personal knowledge of the rapes unless he received that information directly from the victims, some who had attempted suicide,(LCSO responded to those calls and covered them up as well) who were still begging for help. Was that an attempt to label Clayton Berkey as a disgruntled employee in order to discredit his statements? Of course it was! Insiders said Berkey was off work on February 3, 2010 but still legally employed at Green isle when he was calling, emailing and texting the new Executive Director Paula Whetro (she has been at Green Isle since mid Dec. and the report says Det. Poitevent has never met her) begging her to get these victims the help they needed and deserved. Later that night he was on all local breaking news stations with this attention getting story.

Based on the detailed hand written statements given under oath to the original responding Deputy Sheriff M. Marshall and his immediate call to The Abuse Registry Hotline why was this violent sexual offender not immediately arrested?

These rapes were reported to Lake Sheriff’s Office (09 191988) on Nov. 21, 2009 – absolutely nothing constructive was done about this case until the breaking news hit all the local TV stations on Feb. 3, 2010. Insiders were telling anyone who would listen that “the sheriff and Green Isle board member” ordered his detectives (Marcie Poitevent) to stop working on this case? If they hadn’t done anything wrong, why then did they go back to work on this case the next morning Feb. 4, 2010 and send two separate detective teams to Citrus County to interview the one and only suspect at two different locations on the same day?
so you want the facts

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#2459 Feb 5, 2014
Why is everything about this case top secret? Look at the media attention other juvenile cases has received.

March 15, 2011- Lake County Authorities blasted every move of the arrest of the infamous Burlington Coat Factory juvenile suspect Edwin McFarlane after arresting him for sexual battery and false imprisonment where he was immediately held without bond in the juvenile detention center in Ocala, Florida until a hearing before Judge Takac.(This one was advertised – not top secret!) Every move in this case was publicized from arrest to the results of his trial, a battery conviction because of the conflicting statements in the case.. Sol, why is one rape so newsworthy and five is top secret?

Ryan Ray of Leesburg was 16 1/2 when he robbed and murdered a 39-year-old Delta Airlines pilot and aircraft dispatcher. Despite Ray's age, Circuit Judge Lawrence Semento said his actions were not those of a child but instead were of a young man who should spend the rest of his life in prison. Ray was sentenced Friday November 2, 2012 for the 2010 murder of Jamin Monte Coyle, 39-year-old Lancaster, Ky., resident who worked for Delta Airlines and had come to Leesburg to visit the teen. "He was not too young to understand the consequences of his actions," Semento said of Ray.

Recently in Lake County Circuit Court – a Civil jury awarded a male juvenile victim $12.5 million dollars against the Florida Baptist Convention. The perpetrator Pastor Douglas Myers met the victim at the Bay Street Baptist Church in Eustis in 2005. That Church went under and a new church rose near Dona Vista by the same name! Pastor Myers was friends with then Jail Chief Gary Borders who also attended Bay Street Baptist at the time and Myers went on to found two other churches here in Lake County – one now called the Howey Baptist Church. The reason for the large settlement was the Florida Baptist Convention failed to pick up the phone and call Douglas Myers former churches in Maryland where they would have found he was fired and run out of town for hanging around the little boys – by 2006 victims had come forth and the Calvert County MD Sheriff’s Office had warrants for Myers!

Myers was arrested on the Lake County charges stemming from the boy he met at Bay Street and subsequently molested and placed in the lake Jail on 2/24/2006 – some of those charges vanished and later he was sentenced by Lake Circuit Judge Richard Singletary to seven years in the Fl Dept of Corrections. He served from 1/23/2007 until he was released to Maryland authorities on 12/11/20012. Reportedly he remains in custody in Maryland. If you trace Gary Borders history back to just Osceola County in the early 1980’s you will find he spent all of his time at functions (from his own words on his resume)“coaching and handling kids.” One former Osceola Sheriff wrote that “by age 26 Gary Borders has spent more time coaching youth than most men do in a lifetime!” But, the ultimate lesson here with the relationship of Gary Borders and Douglas Myers is “birds of a feather flock together!” Douglas Myers luck ran out and Gary Borders has been able to buy his way through the use of favors and millions of tax dollars at his finger tips! Ask your local Baptist how much the twelve and one half million judgment is going to effect them!

In juvenile sexual abuse cases Florida law mandates actions required by the States Attorney. Among other things these include victim input and agreement in all plea arrangement and details. Why do authorities maintain the case of Tyler Anthony Jackson is top secret when so many juvenile cases many of much less violence and abuse are politicized and publicized? Because it is obvious someone in power has something to hide. Let’s have some transparency and open the secrets of the horrors of the Green isle Ranch for all to see. If all is well so be it. If it’s time for some to pay the piper for their crimes and cover ups of their friend’s crimes so be that as well.
so you want the facts

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#2460 Feb 5, 2014
October 29, 2013 -$5 Million Verdict Against DCF in Sex Abuse Case Could Go to Lawmakers

A Palm Beach County jury on Friday found that the state Department of Children and Families should pay $5 million in the sexual assault of a 9-year-old boy by a slightly older foster child -- but collecting the money will be easier said than done.

The jury agreed that the 2003 sexual assault had done lasting damage to the victim, who is now 20 years old, and awarded $5 million to compensate for the suffering he has endured, the treatment he will require and the loss of his future earnings" He has severe depression and severe post-traumatic stress disorder," said attorney Howard Talenfeld, who represents the victim and his family.

But since the state's sovereign-immunity laws shield DCF from having to pay such a large award, Talenfeld is pushing for lawmakers to pass what is known as a "claims" bill. Under sovereign immunity, government agencies cannot be forced to pay more than $200,000 or $300,000 in damages, depending on the number of claims involved in an incident, unless the Legislature passes a bill to go above the limits.

"Claims bills are tough," he acknowledged. "But historically, with this department, where there are egregious facts and circumstances, we've seen several claims bills (succeed) in the last five or six years."

Talenfeld and his colleague, Stephan Le Clainche, argued in Palm Beach Circuit Court that DCF had placed the foster child with the victim's family in 2002, but had failed to warn them of his sexually aggressive nature.

The attorneys had sought a larger settlement -- nearly $16.7 million for the victim and $280,000 for his father -- than the jury awarded. The jury set the total amount of damages at $10 million, but said the victim's family was partly responsible for not giving up the foster child or signing a safety plan. As a result, DCF's share of the damages is $5 million.

Talenfeld said the significance of the verdict was that the jury held DCF responsible.

"So I am hopeful, given the fact that the Legislature right now is very sensitive to the failures of the department, that they'll look very carefully at another bad set of circumstances in a case where a young man's life was destroyed," he said
so you want the facts

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#2461 Feb 5, 2014
01/13/2014 - Lawsuits Allege Florida Private Prison Company Covered Up Youth Sex Abuse

A pair of recent lawsuits against a private youth prison operator in Florida amplify claims that the company, Youth Services International, has frequently covered up reports that staff sexually abused young people held inside its facilities.

According to a suit filed in October in federal court, "the top administrator at one YSI youth prison regularly made sexual advances toward teenage boys held there in 2010 and 2011 and on at least one occasion brought inmates home with him and into his bedroom." A separate case filed in Florida court in November alleges that a female guard at another YSI facility in 2012 began an "intimate and sexual relationship" with a 14-year-old inmate.

NOTE: Florida "Villages" State Representative Marleen O"Toole is involved in the TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN organization. Ms. O'Toole stated to several persons that when she was running for office in 2008 she invited then sheriff Gary Borders who was running for the first time after having been appointed to office in 2006 by then Gov Jeb Bush to become involved in her efforts in TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN. Ms> O"Toole stated Borders response was disturbing to her because he replied with "can I take the boys home with me?" To which she immediately replied "NO!" Gary Borders then come back with "then why would I want to waste my time?"

While State Representative O"Toole told several people about Gary Borders remarks we do not believe she knew the significance of them at the time. She has since backed off admitting these statements. however she is an honest person and would certainly tell the truth when subpoenaed to testify in a legal action. The point is since Gary Borders made these remarks to (now) State Rep O"Toole - if he was involved with the Green Isle Boys Ranch for over 20 years; was he wasting his time or was he taking the boys home with him? That is a simple question for simple people.

Back to the Youth Services International lawsuits story-

Florida officials at the Department of Juvenile Justice did not investigate these alleged incidents until months and even nearly a year after they occurred, according to accounts from the mothers of the victims and documents obtained by The Huffington Post. This was in part "because the for-profit prison operator failed to immediately report the alleged episodes as required under its contracts with the state."

The lawsuits reinforce the findings of a recent Huffington Post "investigation that revealed more than two decades of abuse and neglect inside private prisons operated by Youth Services International and other companies" run by its founder, James Slattery. The series focused particular attention on the state of Florida, which has become emblematic of a nationwide trend in which growing numbers of prisoners of all ages are placed inside institutions operated by for-profit companies. Florida has entirely privatized its youth prisons.

The articles detailed "multiple instances of young inmates at YSI facilities in Florida complaining of having been beaten, sexually assaulted or neglected by guards only to have their reports buried or minimized". Former staff at these prisons told HuffPost that the company systematically discouraged employees from reporting mistreatment and other violations in order to avoid imperiling future state contracts.

In other words they operate just like Sheriff Gary Borders and his friend Don Brown at the BRIDGES of AMERICA FDOC vendor ripoff services!

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