Recently my 73 year old Mother and I went before the Bethel town board to ask them to reassess a house that had not been assessed since before the bottom fell out of the market. We also had the tax rolls of her neighbors taken from Bethels own website that showed they were mostly valued and taxed at a vastly lesser rate. I also brought info on a house close by that was newer, bigger, and on more land. It was valued at 10,000 dollars less than my Moms. The reaction of the board was this. You don't have enough proof that we should reassess your home. Basically they don't care what their own tax rolls show. They actually said "we don't care if the last time the house was assessed was t the height of he housing market ". My Mom has a 50 by 200 foot square piece of property and is paying 6000 dollars a year in taxes. When she told them that she would lose her house, they said look around you and everyone else. I pay less to live on long island that has far more amenities such as running water than she does to live in Smallwood. I found the attitude of the board to be condescending, and cavalier, they laughed a lot. I also was disturbed as their attitude seemed to be oh well another one bites the dust. I am simply asking that they come and reassess the house. They act like I am asking them to walk on water. As a resident of the community my Mom contributes to what local business there is. I spend a lt of time there and I too contribute to the community. As I drive around the community I can't help but notice that it appears that 2 out of 3 houses are for sale or auction. What business there is in town is boarded up or appears to be struggling. I have been to Monticello as well and am saddened by all the boarded up businesses on main street. The board kept asking what the selling price of the house would be as if what you would like to get for a house is what you will get. I am only sorry that I didn't say that judging from the amount of houses for sale I would have to say that the house is worth nothing as it would appear that you can't give them away. I am baffled as to why we have to fight so hard for something as simple as a reassessment of a house.