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Brenda Mccollum

West Chester, PA

#1 Feb 15, 2013
I am very concerned about my daughter Katelyn Williams and would like an update as to what is being done to release her to my care . I feel the legal system is by far looking at the whole picture and are just using my Husbands PAST and i stress PAST as a reason not to release her to my care ,My husband nor have i ever been involved with CYS and feel that the courts are being completely unreasonable . I will give the courts written permission to do any drug and alcohol testing at anytime anywhere without notice to me or my husband to prove the allagations made are not true . Brenda Mccollum & Robert Mccollum

Lancaster, PA

#2 Mar 1, 2013
Please review previoud topix in lancster forum.
I'd like to give everyone as much information as possible to fight the agency if it is rightfully so. I don't know your circumstances and I'm not judging but I also don't want to help someone that is a P.O.S. either.
It's about the child not the agency or the parent.
There are also just parents, falsly accused while there child is taken and tormented with visits by the loved one who is ALLEGEDLY UNSAFE only to get your kids back after the agency forced there B.S. services on people so they can continue to rip innocent children from innocent parents cause let's face it unfit parents have there rights stripped. A victim of CYA who is again Allegedly unsafe is aloud to visit and get there kids back.
As far as CYA never go through CYA evaluations with there doctors. That agency could send Dr. Phil for an evaluation and they'd recommend treatment for his manufactured diagnoses.
In the State of PA you have the right to your own Dr. and second opinion. Go to your own privte practie (CYA will have to verify there acceptable/have a degree) and see how different the reports
Another tip, never volenteer information. Do not lie but don't tell them of any underlying unknown issues thinking they willl pity you and give u credit for yur honestly all that does is get you more visits and goals for yuor service plan. I'll try to answer you questions as best i can but i need more spfics n this is not advice its an opinion.
Also read topix for Joshua Martin and the shame of fostr care more great opions and options concernng CYA
Don't give up your kids are worth the sacrifice no matter how assngn and many the requirments Good Luck!

Lancaster, PA

#3 Mar 4, 2013
If you get an attorney get one that is out of county. The county Attorneys work with CYA everyday. There are some who are great but it's more bennificial to get someone who doesn't rub dickheads with the people they are supposed to be fighting

Bethlehem, PA

#4 Jan 27, 2014
Can Cys drug test you without a court order

Lancaster, PA

#5 Jan 28, 2014
The short answer yes, they can eventually force it so if you have anything in your system that shouldn't be I recommend staying clean for a while.

What happens is they REQUEST A urine sample which most people if you have nothing to hide you piss in a cup, sure your rights are violated but one your right to privacy should not out weigh the right to a child's saftey and again isn't your child being with you getting the investigation "squashed" worth pissing in the cup?

If you don't give them one they will claim to the family court that you are hindering an investigation, being unco-opperative ect. than that's when the judgey in charge signs the order with out ever meeting you or your kids and decides that one you are required through court order to pee in the cup and 2 they might even place your kids in the meantime claiming your unfit and want to sign you up for other services get the idea???
All this takes some time so I say make sure your are clean and stay that way and honor the agency's requests at this time if all they are doing is investigating they will make sure you and your kids are safe and go away once you dis-prove the alligations to there satisfation if it's past the investigation stage and they "opened" a case against you than you should get an Attorney to represent you at once. Good luck and remember no one likes to be humiliated especially when it's B. S. but are your kids not worth that???
Good people have nothing to hide it';s just a waste of everyones time once they get that impression they will leave you alone real quick.
It's your choice and the ball is in your court how long do you want to deal with CYA???
The courts are corrupt don't think they care about you or your kids rights they care about putting kids into the system and keeping social workers and family courts busy first. Don't give them any reason to get involved.
Hope this helps


Lancaster, PA

#6 Jan 29, 2014
I'm sorry in the above I ment to say stay involved it's not your fault if CYA is investigating that doesn't make you a bad parent and if your clean there are ways you can really F with the agency legally and in a nice way that could help you for example they want a pee test make them physically watch and tell them if for some reason should come up still invalid they should have it immediatly sent to a lab for further testing.
Oh and you can make the case worker "taxi" you while you go make them use there gas and wear and tear on there car.
You must request this in certified letter to againcy and if they don't provide you with adequate transportation how bad would that look to the court? They can't hold you liable for not going if they are not willing to see to it that you get there. It's equal participation. Than they can't claim your being uncopperative. Get the idea?
But you must be clean. After 3 clean urine tests than it's considered harassment.
carmen aka 1 mad momma fb

Lancaster, PA

#7 Mar 13, 2014
omg i been saying this all along to ppl but no one wants to listen to me..and no im not one of those p.os parents!:) thank u for posting helpful informaton. i passed this on to my cys page i made on fb called "1 mad momma" so glade someone else see's wat i do!

Lancaster, PA

#8 Mar 14, 2014
I have a lot I'd like to say but would probably get arrested.
People in this country need to shut down CYA all together...... Really it's a joke.
They target innocent victims while the real scumbags like Joshua Martin let's not for get that case. get to play daddy to someone else's kids at the taxpayers expense.
Foster parenting isn't out of the goodness of someone's heart or even to do the right thing it is a strait up paycheck and if the state stopped paying all the Foster parent's there would be none available.
People are bitches and allow this crap. Except Joshua Powell.
I don['t care what any one says about the guy I look at that from his prospective.. There was an innocent man, accused of killing his wife who happened to disappear( I think by her own accorrd), and without proof the state just comes in and says well becuase your accused of a,b,and c, were going to take your kids into protective custody. Imagine that it pushed the guy over the edge... Any P.O.S. wouldn't have fought that hard to keep there family together dead or alive.
His wifes family before she conviently dissappeared accused her husband of sexual alligations they already didn't like him.
You know why his wife's body has not been found???
Cause she's not dead and know ones looking now......
That guy Powell said F U than bang..... To me that took more guts than most people are born with. To stand up and fight at any and all costs for what you believe in .
See if he was that which he was accused ( a peice of shit) he would never have had the right to see his children right????
I believe he was innocent but we need to shut these assnign agency's down......

Mifflinburg, PA

#10 Feb 4, 2016
Is it legal for children and youth to watch you pee for a drug test that they're requesting??

United States

#11 Feb 4, 2016
Oh My Goodness there are other ppl out here getting the shaft!! I've been trying for over 2 yrs To get someone To listen and if I can find a LAWYER away from here I plan on TRYING MY BEST to put a couple SW 's UNDER the Jail where they belong along with a couple Family Court Judges.
I've had 3 lawyers trying to get my grandbabies . I also have called I can't remember how many others and they're ready to take my case until they find out it's in Garrard co. Mine is a Very Long Story. But to cut it short my grandbabies were taken from the mother in Oct. 2013 . NOT 1 FAMILY WAS CALLED TO GO PICK THEM UP. They were placed in foster care for 2 months , brought Home for 1 month. From December 20th,2013 - Jan.22nd,2014. Then 2 SW a sherrif and police officer came to my house and took them saying "it's nothing you've done,were not taking them from you". The 1 Very Few times I was allowed in court the judge looked straight at me and said "it's gonna come down to You" at my house the babies were Well Taken Care Of,Fed,Clean, NO abuse , NO neglect , And The House Was CLEAN.
The next court date the judge Wouldn't even talk about my grandbabies comming home. When my son (the daddy) And I got to visit I had taken pictures of BAD DIAPER RASH,A BITE MARK (TOP AND BOTTOM PRINTS) AND A BUSTED HEAD THAT HAD TO BE GLUED TOGETHER WITH A KNOT AN BRUISING A WEEK AFTER IT HAPPENED. These same ppl were allowed to go out of state WITHOUT permission from my son. The same ppl who SW fought to adopt the babies to. The oldest would cry for us wanting to come home. He was also so sore on his privates he couldn't hardly walk. I showed the county attorney these pictures and when he found out It happened in foster care NOTHING WAS EVER DONE. When the babies left my (Nanna) house they we're PERFECT NOT 1 MARK on them.
As far as I'm concerned everyone involved is Scum. The 1 social worker who lied in court is now the New family court judges buddy and he hired him I guess as his own personal secretary allegedly. I wouldn't call This alleged CROOKED bunch for NOTHING.. DCBS NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN! And if anyone out there knows someone we can get to help get the job done LETS DO IT
I showed a LAWYER out of harrodsburg the pictures and he said The babies should be removed from that house & their license should have been taken. This person has a small baby since all this. A UNDER age girl and 2 families were allowed in the courtroom listening to 2 juvenile cases and I wasn't allowed in but prob 3 times.
Sw's tried to say my son neglected his babies by not taking them to the dr. A LIE my son got the papers showing where he DID TAKE THEM..

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