Coatesville investigates Graystone ch...

Coatesville investigates Graystone charter

There are 10 comments on the News story from Dec 22, 2009, titled Coatesville investigates Graystone charter. In it, News reports that:

A Chester County charter school is being investigated by the Coatesville Area School District, which is requesting a wide range of information about its operations.

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#1 Dec 27, 2009
I live in Coatesville and in a 300,000 house that I would be double for if i lived around better schools...My husband wants to stay in Chester County...Love my house and the area is a disgrace...Not surprised about what is happening in the school system...All schools in Coatesville are a dump and not treated fairly! I would die before I send my child there..Charter or public!!!!

The Greystone Academy is shady and I have a neighbor that send her children there, where they can not speak in one full sentence correctly yet...LOL

Do yourself a favor and keep your children out of the education system in Coatesville. Bad decision living here for a dream home that is affordable but do not risk your child's education for a dump and mass of corruption! Free yourself from the education system and pay for your child's education system! I already started a fund for my children and would not live a day to see them get in a bus or go to school in Coatesville!!!!!

A town that votes a 90 some mayor in office who should be home or in bed; enjoying retirement or life before his time. Coatesville does not believe in change but the same old.... No wonder Coatesville is a dumping ground. There is no education or anything solid there so it gets nothing but s*it...
People need to grow up and get some education...I am 27 and still pursing education....Who can stop learning? I guess Coatesville can after a High school diploma...LOL
All grown up

Downingtown, PA

#2 Dec 27, 2009
At 27 you honestly need to continue to pursue your education. The statement should probably read more like:

I live in Coatesville, and in a 300,000 house that would be double in price, if I lived around better schools. Or perhaps you were trying to say you would double to square footage if you lived in a better school district.

The school in question is a charter school, not actually affiliated with the district but taking money from the district to operate perhaps.

The Greystone Academy is shady and you have a neighbor that "sends" her children there. They cannot speak one full sentence correctly yet. Interesting, you cannot write one correctly either. In the Coatesville schools I grew up being educated in, we ended sentances with a period.

Did you use the internet to check out your dream home? Did you contact the schools before hand to visit. My child is getting an exceptional education in the district. However, I tend to interact with her at home and do not rely on the district to provide all of my child's education. Although we live in the 'hood as they say, my kid is in AP classes, extra activities after school, chaperoned by myself, and can generally put together a paragraph that lends itself to be easily read and understood without a translator.

The town you talk about with the 90 something mayor. That would be South Coatesville, not the city. Coatesville is a dumping ground due to the fact that carpet baggers perhaps even you have dumped many transplants into the area to mingle with our local born low life.

I'm hoping you continue with your education. I did after graduating from Coatesville High School. I have been outside the country, traveled extensively thoughout the US, but this raggedly little town is home for right now. Instead of being on your high horse while you live here, make an effort to reach just one of children that you feel are below you and lift them up. You stay here, you never know if you'll need one of them to hand you a glass of water, after all, we only have two hospitals around here.

The neat thing about the city is the diversity, be it ever so tacky at times. Your education fund. What if the golden child wants to go to Temple. Or art school in NYC. You gonna give them a crash course in being urban?

And how would you enjoy retirement? Huffing radon in your McMansion? Just curious.

Fort Wayne, IN

#3 Jan 13, 2010
I have three words for you-All grown up...
GO TO HELL! You have nothing better to say then talk about your life. We were on the subject about Coatesville and education...

Take your old ass to home of the senior centers in Coatesville and wait for hell to come to you...

GOSH! Another dump ass in Coatesville...We already have enough!
All grown up

Downingtown, PA

#4 Jan 15, 2010
Actually I'm not that old!

Education in Coatesville, okay. Some of us can actually talk without getting bent out of shape. Can you?

Move! End of conversation.
Reality Checker

Norristown, PA

#5 Jan 28, 2010
All grown up wrote:
Actually I'm not that old!
Education in Coatesville, okay. Some of us can actually talk without getting bent out of shape. Can you?
Move! End of conversation.
All Grown Up, you see your town through rose colored glasses because you have no choice. You see everyday what a festering dung heap much of the town is but you can't acknowledge the truth because you have no choice. You sent your kids to the local middle or high schools and subjected them to the most banal and foul subculture in this county because you had no choice. Perhaps they came home at times dropping consonants off the ends of words or saying AXE for ASK. Perhaps they came home listening to some gangbanging losers on their PLD. I know, I've heard these allegedly perfect white kids from Coatesville allow that guttural urban patois to seep into their speech. It's disgusting and you know it, but you are too afraid to admit it.
Graystone IS affiliated with the district. Check the charter school laws for this state and find out.
All grown up

Fort Wayne, IN

#6 Feb 13, 2010
Hey, back to holler al y’all.

First of all I am not a scholar of linguistic geography. Just a hood rat myself. That being said, and the fact that I do have choices, I am mildly amused by this whole conversation. The internet is a marvelous thing, were I to walk down the street, you would probably be afraid of me anyhow. That is if I had my everyday clothes on instead of my uniform to make you folks not afraid of me .

Why would I not have choices? One thing I’ve just begun to learn recently is not to brag about how good things are going. If the Good Lord lets me live long enough, perhaps the reality of moving somewhere else might happen. I’ve been blessed to have a lot of good people in the area help to raise me, and I do enjoy helping them out now that they are older and need the help from time to time. Then again, I might do like some others and just stay here, the key is I do have options.

Where should I move to? Huntsville Alabama, where Harvard trained professors are killing people? Or Arizona where I would have to truck in my water to live in the mountains? Maybe to the main line, where I stop at a stop sign and people lock their car doors like I am going to rob them at the light. Nah, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. I doubt if any crackhead around here is going to bother me. If they did, I don’t plan to wow them with linguistics, I have something else for them.

Rest assured, my child will not speak some broken up version of English, we do not speak that way in my house. Years ago, my parents were taught Latin in school, yes here in the Coatesville school district. It is more necessary now to finance a massive stadium, something I have nothing to do with, I am not part of the administration. However, though what little education my relatives did have, they tried to influence me to speak correctly, and I will try as much as possible to strive for the same with my child.

I have no influence over the kids that don’t want to speak properly. I would suggest you take that issues up with media corporations such as Viacom, who now own BET and own and distribute the bulk of the current junk that so many folks seems to pattern their language skills after.

Reality Checker, check this move: We don’t listen to gangbangers in my house, nor will we EVER. There is a right way and a wrong way to raise a child, subculture be dammed, inside my house there is a peace you have no idea exists in the city limits. Be it ever so humble….

Oh, and I know I live all around trash. But then again, I’ve seen worse in the streets of Toronto, I’ve seen middle America hookers at ages I’ve never thought possible. I have traveled a lot and seen a whole lot more, I don’t have time to explain it, nor do I have to. I don’t know what my kid will grow up to be, but I do know, my influence will never allow my child to AXE a question.

Many thanks to everyone in the Coatesville area that are trying to make a difference.
Coatesville Graduate

Shippensburg, PA

#7 Apr 14, 2010
I learned a lot from going to that school. Not only did I learn from the classes and teachers, I also learned social skills. Many good people come out of that school. I've met a good amount of close friends I can trust and the teachers there taught me well of what the course required. I still use the knowledge I received from taking Physics today and the also Psychology which is allowing me to help people with their problems. The music program there was a lot of fun and the band director is a very inspirational man. Don't bash on my high school. Just because some students don't try to do well, doesn't make it a bad school. That choice is of the individual. You only learn things if you're willing to. You have no right to bash on my past. It's your opinion of how you view it in a way, but all the things you say doesn't make it true.

Lyndhurst, NJ

#8 Apr 26, 2010
Yes, you are that old! Obviously you are the one who could not end the conversation in a more dignified manner. You started it! We were talking education and look at how you ended it. I guess we can see what happens when you get educated in the Coatesville School District...LOL
Coatesville Mommy

Gadsden, AL

#9 May 7, 2010
Let me guess you moved here from somewhere there is NO CRIME, NO POVERTY. I bet 65 percent of your "rich" Friends have had their houses foreclosed on, so you didn't want to live there, did ya? Here, when they foreclose on your house no one will find out because they don't live here. GTH
All grown up

Fort Wayne, IN

#10 May 22, 2010
A town that votes a 90 some mayor in office who should be home or in bed; enjoying retirement or life before his time.

People need to grow up and get some education...I am 27 and still pursing education....Who can stop learning?

So which should it be? Stay home in bed or pursue and education? I'm confused. Since you are "Educated" and know it all, please tell us dumb people which you prefer us to do.

We were talking education and look at how you ended it.

Nah, this is how you ended it:


GOSH! Another dump ass in Coatesville...We already have enough!

Since you are still working on the education "thang" perhaps another class in effective communications, without the curse words would be in order?

Now go ahead and call me another name. This is really funny, although now I know exactly why I haven't bothered the realtor about overpaying for a tyvex wrapped wood house.

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