Coatesville: Time to run the thug lif...

Norristown, PA

#25 Mar 10, 2008
It has nothing to do with the color of the skin, it is the attitude of the people that live in c-ville. These people do not come from a highly intelligent family tree. Life is always tougher when you have nothing to benchmark. People are taught through both environmental and behavior traits passed on my their parents, friends, and neighbors. If stealing cars and dealing drugs are the norm,...well people will behave that well. If all of your family and friends had a great paying job, you would try for one too. The problem is is that these people have no faith, no direction, no benchmark. They will have no chance until they unite and fight for that chance. So next time you judge a person make sure you know walk a mile in their shoes. "People of Coatesville, strive for Better, Do not be an equal!!!!!!"
ya momma

Bensalem, PA

#27 May 28, 2008
Living large in Thorndale wrote:
Right on. Get those losers out of town... as long as they don't move to Thorndale.
Thorndale is wack yall dont want no drama wit da ville

Bear, DE

#28 Jun 18, 2008
omg this is a first i've read all of this,but i'm from coatesville and u have good parts and bad parts,but i'm sorry to hear that some of u people on here are promoting racism,its not about black or white,its about good or the same time i do agree something needs to be done with the city of coatesville

Bear, DE

#29 Jun 18, 2008
correction,this is the first time i've read this,and i'm not from co-ville,i'm from west chester,born and raised.

Conshohocken, PA

#30 Jun 25, 2008
Everyone tries to make this issue smaller than it is (white people are keeping us down, black people are all thugs, immigrants are stealing our jobs). Wow, if it was that easy! First, we deal with pride, as a resident of Coatesville, there is little pride in the city. We constantly let crime and fear rule our neighborhoods, and let our elected officials stop progress (revitalization, anyone?). Our continued apathy and ignorance leads to our public officials not being held accountable for the damage done to the city.
That said, I also agree that poverty breeds crime, and not enough is being done to clean up and protect our neighborhoods. In the most basic of terms, reduced crime will attract more businesses, which will increase jobs, which will bring money into the community. Don't expect the mill to go on a hiring spree, we need new business. That will not happen without an investment by both the residents and the public officials.
On a federal level, we need the minimum wage to stay up with the inflation of living costs. If it is more affordable to stay on public welfare than it is to work 40 hours a week, why bother working.
Last, like it or not, homeownership is the should be the ultimate goal, and is the ultimate finacial revitalization tool for any city. Homeownership equals tax money equals an investment in the education, public services, and revitalization of a town.
Let's stop blaming one an other, stop looking for easy answers, and start putting our heads together to reach solutions.
Here is the reality, being a working class person will never make you more money than being a drug dealer, but it is a better living. Start putting the pieces back together so that people understand that. Give them pride.
Oh, and Coatesville Police, stop being intimidated by the "harder" elements in this town and start arresting them. No more favors. There are too many stories of "so and so wasn't charged because his brother's girlfriend's aunt is friends with someone on the city council". Cleaning this place up. If you do your job well, you will always have our support.

Carteret, NJ

#31 Jul 16, 2008
I am unemployed and looking for work. You are firtunate to have a job. Please do not pile everyone of us into your thug theorum. Be proactive and help us find work. I have been repeatedly turned down because I am over qualified for the job I applied for. Over qualified is another word for too old! Do you hire Ken? If so, are you guilty of finding college graduates over qualified as well?
Thank you,

Carteret, NJ

#32 Jul 16, 2008

Carteret, NJ

#33 Jul 16, 2008
Yo' Mamma, Large. I may be down but not a loser. Go in peace with Christ.
C-Town - All Day

West Chester, PA

#34 Jul 21, 2008
What a pathetic town, instead of emulating West Chester or Media, Coatesville decided to bring a little West Philly to the middle of the country. The Philly culture that takes pride in how tough, how many shootings, stabbings, muggings, or rapes take place within its borders has made deep roots in C-Town. Coatesville is a lost cause, time has passed it by, and it would take too long and too much money for the embedded infestation to be cleansed. The Coatesville "suburbs" are nice, but there still attached and associated with a cesspool of a school district, too bad. Good Luck "C-Town" wallow in apathy and continue taking pride in the gangsta country lifestyle.
sick of it

Allentown, PA

#35 Jul 18, 2009
We've lived here now for about six years, and since we have moved here my son has been in countless fights. Now he's starting to actually fight back and he's the one getting into trouble. i actually removed him from school and was going to send him to job core just so he'd have a fair chance in life. I'm such a failure because i've always known the kind of element that was here but i figured that if we didnt bother them they wouldnt bother us. Since my family has moved here, I've had several mobs outside my door trying to jump my son and when i call the police they take forever getting here and then say there is nothing they can do, trust me, these thuggs know this and they rely on just that so it continues. Now my son cant leave coatesville because he got into some trouble defending himself in school from a mexican gang which the school knew about. I"M so lost as to what to do, any advice?????

Coatesville, PA

#36 Aug 5, 2009
You know what theres always an excuse on why ppl act the way they do! F that I bust my ass to support my kids and ya'll could of did the same! I dont give a f what you was brought up around thats not what you have to be! Welfare needs to be terminated and public housing needs to be NO more! Make everyone work for what they need like I do on a everyday basis! and as for killing ppl r u nuts??? so what if they disrespected you! U gonna spend your life locked the f up because someone called you out! OOOO what does that fucking prove! Grow the fuck up and be the Men and women ya'll claim to be! The strongest respect you'll ever get is proving that your not just another statistic!

West Leyden, NY

#37 Aug 9, 2009
I moved to coatesville from upstate ny a few yrs ago......honestly it was scary.....there were 5 murders on my block in the 2 yrs i was there. what i saw was, it wasnt section 8 that was the prob. or necisarily the people on it....but the landlords/scumlords that preferred section 8 tenants. I rented from a woman who owned an apt complex and a few houses in coatesville. Needless to say, i never met her face to face,she didnt live in coatesville. at one point she told me she had never even seen my apt, or been inside to see what it looked like(but yet she owned it and was renting it out)! she was the most horrible landlord/person i ever met....and i could tell right away that she was used to neglecting her tenants because statistically they were mostly uneducated, low-income, minority families that she was absolutely taking advantage of. Her properties were not up to codes, she violated many laws concerning renting.....and it completely disgusts me that there are more people like her taking advantage of coatesville citizens.Landlords in coatesville need to be monitored closer by law enforcement. Leaving section 8 families powerless against these people adds to the crime and drug probs. Empower these people, educate them, treat them like real people and maybe things will change! In terms of morals, whats worse...selling drugs to feed ur family and keep an overpriced roof over your head, or sitting in pheonixville in your leather chair, collecting money from ur overpriced properties, and letting people live in roach infested falling down houses, ignoring codes, or anyother law concerning being a landlord?

Blackwood, NJ

#38 Aug 21, 2009
I'm puzzled! Even with the increase in degenerate behavior in urban and suburban areas, movies, tv,radio constantly broadcast the learned behavior. America is a culture of death. Anyone heard of Jeremiah Walker(Black) by rascist mob in Coatesville in early 1900's. Removed from his hospital room while handcuffed to bed and then burned alive while Coatesville's "good" citizens burned him alive while posing for photos!!!

United States

#39 Aug 27, 2009
ATTENTION: Crackers receive bad Karma
Just 35 years ago blacks couldn't go in the same restaurants as whites, we were chained, beaten, and hung by whites. Now us thugs are tearing down they're community. I LOVE IT!!!!

Carlisle, PA

#40 Nov 11, 2009
lala wrote:
STFU you piece of shit. You and your fellow druggy ass piece of shit crack sellin low lifes need to be exterminated from society. GTFO!

Carlisle, PA

#41 Nov 11, 2009
stunt-man wrote:
ATTENTION: Crackers receive bad Karma
Just 35 years ago blacks couldn't go in the same restaurants as whites, we were chained, beaten, and hung by whites. Now us thugs are tearing down they're community. I LOVE IT!!!!
Which is why it should have stayed that way. you think eye for an eye will solve anything? AMERICANS freed you so called "gangsters" then you turn around and fuck it all up with your shitty ass rap/drug lifesytle, hating the people that helped you? Your race of thugs should be lined up and shot in both legs and left bleeding to death! every time I see one of you walking tall with your pants off your ass I wanna kick your face in, maybe then it will look a bit better. Now thats what im talking about. too bad the KKK isn't around id join quick snap.
5 Strands

Rahway, NJ

#42 Nov 13, 2009
Here, here! Now that is the way to put it! Glock down, Colts up, hmm. Read one post said something about caps on someone. Just remember, God put all here as innocents. You make your choice whether to be evil or good. Nobody has any right to impose their problems via any means on another. When they do, get all up in their face after you have cracked their skull! Enough said!
pessimistic wrote:
I worked in Coatesville for 15 years and lived there from 1-7 years old. This town will only get worse! First problem; it's row homes block after block. Unless one person buys them all up and tears all of them down (like trump did in harlem), You will not see a change. It's an old steel town that was designed to support tons of steel laborers and has far too much low income housing.
The second problem is the people living there. Far too many 3 generation families under one roof. women with 5 children by 20 years old, all to different fathers who accept zero responsibility for their kids. These kids are angry and confused. Most of them with the notion that they're not going anywhere and will never be anything. Mainly due to the fact that there mothers and grandmothers tell them that. "You'll never get anywhere. This is the white mans world. He holdin us back! What can you expect?
I can't tell you how many times I came out of work to find my windows broken in my car, dents, the car keyed, spray painted, and at one point they jumped on the roof of the car until the roof was caved in about 2 feet. It got to the point where I bought a junker to drive to work, so that when they destroyed it it didn't affect the value of the car.
The saddest thing was coming out of work to see a five year old pushing a stroller up and down the street who could barely reach his arms to steer the stroller. Yet this child was left to keep an eye on his little brother or sister, because mommy was getting high or too busy with the other five kids to care.
I even had kids say things to me as I came out of work like, " whatchu lookin at white boy?" This coming from a child younger than 10! Hmmmm I wonder where he picked that up from? Like I said, when your taught from birth to hate, and that the worlds against you, the outlook is very bleak.
I'm off my soap box!

Holtwood, PA

#44 Jan 18, 2010
Living large in Thorndale wrote:
Right on. Get those losers out of town... as long as they don't move to Thorndale.
I hate to admitt it, but I couldn't have said it better!!! I am so sick of seeing criminals and felons walk free so often! I used to manage a state constables office and I have to tell you a big problem is with probation officers not keeping up with their cases, not punishing when the offender has not followed the laws & rules of probation and not even checking up with them on the info the offender is legally bound to give them. To top it off, I'm not sure what the hell law officials do in coatesville but harrass the citizens that aren't felons or committing crimes!
Tropical Bob

Mesa, AZ

#45 Apr 1, 2010
I have an offer to work in coatsville,,,after reading all of this,, think I'll turn it down...
thanks to all for opening my eyes.... no need to reply.. I won't be back...

Port Huron, MI

#46 May 6, 2010
I've been reading more and more about murders and crimes in coatesville and when this 13 year old " junior thug " was killed after stealing a vehicle, I watched as an all but white crowd blamed PO'lice.. Seriously ? Its the police's fault that some kid steals a car which he could have killed many others and they pursue and then get blamed when he gets dies from his own stupidity. Remind me to stay far far away from coatesville. Obviously its gone the direction that all other cities have gone when the blacks breed and over-populate and eventually destroy. Sadly if something isn't done, America will soon be one large GHETTO...

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