jonezee what up??

Joliet, IL

#21 Dec 17, 2012
dave is a a-hole

Naperville, IL

#22 Dec 18, 2012
that,s dave no housewife is save when he,s on the street. he loves married womens.
yeah yeah yeah

Rockford, IL

#23 Dec 18, 2012
The 2 most common words to start a sentence in Braidwood? "I heard"
Tried to Support Jonezee

Braidwood, IL

#24 Mar 16, 2013
I tried to support his business. I stopped in for coffee several times before work and I was greeted by a large dog inside which was the first turn off and then he struggled to make the coffee. He gave me cold coffee twice. So I went back to McDonald's for my morning coffee and I leave there free of dog hair!
i tried to

Westmont, IL

#25 Mar 17, 2013
he was pobably hung over

Auburn Hills, MI

#26 Mar 23, 2013
whats going on i went by for breakfast it lookede dead

Braidwood, IL

#27 Mar 23, 2013
Probably got shut down again they been serving minors.

Braidwood, IL

#28 Apr 21, 2013
1. We don't serve minors nor have we ever been accused of serving a minor.
2. We only serve breakfast during the outages.
3. We were closed until 3 pm during the slower season, we are now opening at 11 am daily.
4. I work at Joneseez and not one statement I have read on here is even remotely close to the truth.

Hobart, IN

#29 Apr 22, 2013
I heard they have gay orgies there. And the dog was born out of wedlock

Joliet, IL

#30 Apr 22, 2013
Keep setting them straight. Good food. Good music. Friendly staff that takes pride in their jobs. They are like family. So much fun to go there on a Sat and hear great music!

United States

#31 May 14, 2013
It's the middle of the week at almost midnight and we have some woman caterwauling that I can hear in my back yard. I challenge anybody to to tell me that they want to hear that. So when you want to criticize the "noisy neighbors" for complaining please give me your address and I will be over for some of my music, and by the way there hasn't been any sand pit for over twenty years.

Joliet, IL

#32 May 15, 2013
Nobody lives close enough to be complaining. If you do than you know Bobby has thrown huge parties for years. He is considerate and if you have nothing better to do than complain about some occasional noise that sucks for you. Bobby would probably buy you dinner and drinks and sit down and have a conversation with you if you went and talked to him. Stop in and meet the staff. Maybe next time you will join the party instead of complaining. He is a great guy and I am sure you would like him.

United States

#33 May 15, 2013
Hell, I think what he is doing over there is great. I hope he builds another one right next to it, aims the front at the lake and the rear towards all the cry-babies so you can kiss his ass. Nosey mf's.Ya dont like it....sell your house.
Moron Meighbors

La Grange, IL

#34 May 15, 2013
The sound ordinance covers the distance where people live and if you hear it, then it's too loud. The fact that he had parties in the past, justifies nothing. They can be inconsiderate at times and since they don't care about your needs, the only thing you can do is just keep calling the cops. A bar, never belonged in a residential neighborhood in the first place.

Joliet, IL

#35 May 15, 2013
I think you should sell your home. There was dust, dump trucks, traffic before. Now Braidwood has a local bar again that is close to home, has good food and music. You know damn well it can't be that bothersome. Sounds like you have a different issue and are nagging about the bar. I can't figure out what homes are close enough that it would be an annoyance. If you live on the water, nobody feels sorry for you. After all, you bought a home that is right on top of its neighbors. Nobody that was worried about neighboring noise would buy a home so close to others. If you live on the north side of Kennedy than you have been there forever and there is very few of you. Grow some balls and go talk to Bobby. He is a great guy and does care.

Dafter, MI

#36 May 16, 2013
I have had dealings with ole Bobby in the past with his concrete business. And if he runs this business like that he is not going to last long anyway. I found him to be a liar, dishonest and not willing to stand behind his work, but to blame everyone but himself. Promises made were not kept. A man who told me he was broke and then in less than a year builds this humongous restarant/bar. Yup.. that to me is one upstanding business man and good citizen. Have all you Bobby huggers got yer head up yer butts? Bobby will do only what is good for Bobby and to hell with anyone else.
NonDrinkerSeeksG oodFood

Joliet, IL

#37 May 24, 2013
WoW wrote:
<quoted text> Sound violation? Really? When it was a "sand pit" there were dump trucks and dust all over that side of town and now someone is trying to run a business and nosey ass neighbors have nothing better to do than complain. But again, when it was BOHAC'S Sandpit, it was okay for all of the noise and rumbling from dump trucks and dust from the sand and gravel that loaded my furniture during the warmer mos. I couldn't even have my windows open because of all of the dust. You get use to the noise and rumble but the dirt and was a pain in the butt. I'd rather have a bar/restaurant any day than a sand pit!! Good luck Bob Jones!!
Yes Im sure you like drunk people making out and pissing in your yard or in the parking lot. Ate there once...hubby and I dont drink ...the building looks nice and then you go in and its just a rinky dink bar with a few tables the food was not that good,not horrible but not real good. As usual....just another bar in a small town. Maybe if people spent a lot less time drinking this town could be a lot better with better people running it!

United States

#38 May 24, 2013
Hold on a moment. If I recall when opposition was raised for him to open the place he stated at the city meeting that all he wanted was to have a place like Antonia's. It's been a while but as I recall Antonia's only sold beer and wine and was closed by 10:00 every night. That is clearly not what we have now. I have no problem with him personally, he may be a "great guy". I do have a problem with people talking loudly, yelling, screaming, fighting, etc at 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, and 3. I do have a problem with music loud enough to be heard 1 block away. I do have a problem not being able to open my windows on a nice night without hearing all of that. Hey, I've had my share of parties but I've always(okay most of the time) been considerate of my neighbors when it gets late. You want to have a blowout once in a while, fine but to subject your neighbors to this on a daily basis is not being a "good neighbor". A bar belongs in a commercial area like Kevin's or rural like Gippers not in a residential neighborhood. Not a single one of us signed on for this when we bought our houses whether we're on the lake or on Eureka. Seems to me, money would have been better spent on tearing down the building and constructing more houses around the lake.

Joliet, IL

#39 May 25, 2013
I have been there twice and both times it was pretty quiet. There were people out in the front but the music was not too loud. I can understand how annoying it would be if you can't open your Windows. So you can still hear the music even though they bands are playing inside? That is just wrong. It sounds like the neighbors should get together and file a complaint. I am sure that they can control the volume. People outside yelling after the bar closes is wrong. You should call the police and file a report. I am sure most everyone there would get a DUI or it would detour them if they knew the cops would be around at closing time. If it is that bad than you should take action with the other neighbors. Complaining on here with only get you an argument from a loser.
eyes and ears

Auburn Hills, MI

#40 May 28, 2013
hey mike you really saved money by buying your beer on sale at berkots

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