Unemployment debit card

Roseville, MI

#143 Dec 19, 2012
Unemployment is not FOOD stamps. It's real life money, also accepted and 100% legal to use on WHATEVER THE HELL you wish. If that happens to be a tattoo, then so be it. Just like with real cash (which it is) when you're running low on it, a tat may not be the best purchase to consider, whos to say though? I buy weed with my unemployment, so consider that.

North Billerica, MA

#144 Jan 6, 2013
Ha I love how ppl put unemployment under the same category as wellfare u ppl are nuts wellfare is for ppl that DON'T work and u deam right I'm claiming unemployment I get no freaking help from the goverment other then a stick up my ass every year so yea I want some money from them when layed off since for all them years iv been paying taxes for ppl who can work but chose not to and is sucking up my money day by day DON'T EVER PUT UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE SAME BOAT

Zebulon, NC

#146 Jan 13, 2013
dave wrote:
<quoted text>
dont check balance at ATM they charge you + they chagre you to take money out. Total bull crap thats why i due direct deposit
....wells Fargo does not charge

Zebulon, NC

#147 Jan 13, 2013
Wells Fargo doesn't charge you a fee,doesn't me anyway

Burkburnett, TX

#148 Jan 29, 2013
I worked at a place for m10 yrs and they fired me for no fault of my own.Now unemployment is there for people that are done wrong by there jobs.I look at it like this when you get unemployment the company you worked for has to pay more tax on that that is there fault so they should get over it they should not do there employees wrong.

Selma, AL

#149 Feb 6, 2013
after you switch from direct deposit to the debit card do the system automatically send you out the card.

Chesapeake, OH

#150 Feb 6, 2013
i claimed unemployment about 2 weeks ago and i just received my debit card.
do i gotta call again or claim the same weeks so they could deposit the money

Columbia, MD

#151 Feb 10, 2013
just some info wrote:
trixie it does take two days this is my second year with the card. my call in day is monday and my money has always been there on wednesday morning at 8am. and i also agree if you or your friend wants to get a tatoo or anything else with the money it's they're own business. unemployment is not welfare, taxpayers are not paying for it, the employers pay into a fund that the benefits are drawn from. hope i helped.
That's why there's no jobs for people who actually want to work

Little Rock, AR

#152 Feb 10, 2013
jp morgan owns ebt cards!

that is why that bankster hobama is the food stamp prez!

cc designer poverty/hobamacare layoffs/ndaa/wwiii etc



Live Oak, FL

#153 Mar 4, 2013
moe wrote:
okay listen up im so sick of hearing that unemployent is a forn of welfare....fyi mr owner to work for myself... the reason you r paying tax.on unemployment with no employees is for your own benifit mr know it all, further more if you were to go out of bissn. today you would be able to get unemployment so dont talk smack if u dont know wat you r taking about you r only paying taxes for your self not anyone else unemploument look it up dush bag
<quoted text>
Me too and that guy owns his buisness what an idiot... my unempl is like my paycheck and my ex employer is happy to let me collect because ive paid in and worked hard fore them.. its not food stamps or well fare we acruallly worked... drive thru the projects and tell me how many get unempl....... none of them theyve never worked ever and stupid ass obama keeps paying them... hell no id never work if they would gi ve me money to sit on my ass and sale drugs all day by the burn barrels playin tunk or dominos..... thats whos bringing this country down
big ed

Houston, TX

#154 Apr 4, 2013
I filed for unemployent ..my company pays not the government dumbasses

Melrose Park, IL

#155 Apr 19, 2013
If Monday was a holiday and I usually get my unemployment. Check Wednesday would I get it Friday if I didnt get it Thursday

Lebanon, IN

#156 Apr 25, 2013
just some other info wrote:
Unemployment benefits ARE a form of welfare. It's a government system that forces one group of people to give money to another group of people.
As a (very) small business owner with no employees, I still have to pay Federal Unemployment taxes, as well as State Unemployment Taxes ever quarter. I make less than $30k a year, so I'm far from wealthy.
And even as a tiny business, I have to figure taxes into my prices. If I didn't factor unemployment taxes into the cost of goods sold, the business would lose money. If you think bigger businesses are simply "eating" the cost of unemployment, you are naive. They pass that cost on to the consumer.
Another thing you're not considering is the taxpayer money required to fund Federal and State Unemployment programs. Who do you think is paying the salaries of those government employees? The taxpayers. A lot of government work goes into processing unemployment claims.
If you think that leaching off the government is a victimless crime, you are sadly mistaken. Currency does not generate itself. The value of money results from hard work. So, if you're getting money without working, you can be sure someone else IS working for it.
Something YOU failed to consider is that for all you know this person has worked long enough and paid enough into system that in reality all they are doing is getting back what the government forced them (us) to pay into unemployment from our their hard work and labor to begin with.
I have nothing for those who leach of the system, such as those who claim every living relative they have as a dependent for welfare and food stamps, but what really gets me are people who think they are better than others. I am sure if we poke into your personal choices in life, we are going to find a few things we don't agree with also.
american tax payer

Valley Stream, NY

#157 Apr 26, 2013
Dear trixie in regards of using taxpayers money for ur tattoo unemployment to pay for. Tattoos u disgust me. Its people like you who leech of our government. And let me guess you plan on milking our unemploent system. You make me want puke you freeloading lazy degenerate. Where you born in America? If so you should be ashamed pol need ui benefits to live not to get tattoos and go out drinking. In closing I bet your last job was at McDonald's or working some BS job cause no one with a brain would exploit the system with everyone recovering from sandy u know, the hurricane where pol lost everything including there jobs. Go get your tramp stamp I'm sure it looks good on a 300lb freeloader. PS get a job even if its mopping crap cause that's what you are
Unemployment in AZ

Peoria, AZ

#158 Apr 29, 2013
I applied and when I was approved I waited 2 weeks and finally called the chase number
1 (866) 802-7011. They said I was supposed to request one?? No where on the AZUI website does it say request one as soon as you are approved.

Allentown, PA

#159 May 2, 2013
wondering wrote:
Unblievable! you got money to get a tattoo but you sighed up for unemployment.IDIOT!
right people are dumb, cant get their priorites straght. Im on unemployment and i spend 8 hours 5 days a week looking for a job and ill bet I find one ten times faster than the chick who is looking for her unemployment card to get a tattoo. welcome to the america, land of the free lazy bastands

Allentown, PA

#160 May 2, 2013
I get the whole "I worked for my unemployment" speal. Just saying you should be smart enough to be saving that money when you dont have a job instead of spending it on weed and tattoos. Also not wasting your time of sitting through a tattoo when you should be out there looking for a job. A Tattoo should be like a treat to yourself, and you shouldn't be treating yourself for being jobless. As well as its harder to find jobs with tattoos (i'd know i've been turned down for jobs because of mine). Not to mention I cant imagine how hard it is to find a job with diry piss from smoking weed with your unemployment money. But hey your money do what you want with it, not me whos gonna have no money and no job when that unemployment runs up.

Tucson, AZ

#161 May 5, 2013
hi i filed for fl unemployment and talked to a rep ho said i have to wait for the ajudication process which she said is them checking in with my previous employers to see the reason for letting me ago... about how long does this take because i have already claimed to weeks and have not recieved my debit card from them. thanks for your help

United States

#162 May 24, 2013
smiley wrote:
it only a few days to get mine. I called in on a tuesday and i recieved my card that thursday. I would rather have it direct deposit but they sent me the card before i had the chance to get it done.
I was approved on the 6 n waited 10 business day to see if approved.got approved but almost a hole week has passed in haven't received no card.I was wondering if you or anybody know how long it takes

United States

#163 May 25, 2013
trap wrote:
im in the sAme boat ....its the.end.of week 2 aftwr filling ...last week was a hold week (understandable) thrusday of the next.week ...money is ther ..just no dam card yet ...been 10 working days since i.filled were is my card ???
I filed 4 weeks ago. Never received a letter but when I check claim status it says I have been paid for the three weeks but I have yet to receive a card. Does this mean I was approved but the card just hasn't arrived yet?

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