tega cay police department

tega cay police department

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Salisbury, NC

#1 Apr 9, 2009
I am a resident of North Carolina and today I was visting my sister who lives in Tega Cay. As I was driving through her neighborhood, I was one block away from her house when a police car passed me and then proceeded to turn around and came behind me with his lights. I pulled over to the side , thinking that he needed to pass me to get to an emergency. I was shocked to find out that he was pulling me over. Now, I have heard form my sister and several of her neighbors that this particular police department is very difficult and will have no problem harassing one of its citizens, so I am ALWAYS extra careful when I drive thorugh the city and neighborhood. This police officer came up to my window and I asked him what was wrong but he refused to answer my question, stating that he had to see my license and registration. I asked agian "I don't understand what is wrong?" and he said mam I will not answer your question until I see your license and registration. I am now wondering if his answer is going to change after he sees my license. How will my license change what was wrong? Did he just enjoy the fact that he was in control and had the authority to be rude and obnoxious or would the state in which I held my drivers license change his reason for pulling me over? I was not speeding and I did stop at the stop sign that was located about 100- 200 yards behind me. He says that I did not and gave me a ticket for $237.50. I was traveling at about 10 miles per hr before I stopped at the stop sign and the same speed after. Perhaps, he was disappointed that I was not traveling above the 15mph speed limit, so he needed to find something. Now I must go to court at 530pm in May to get this resolved and my 9 month old baby will have to accompany me and stay up 2- 3 hrs past his bedtime and I am sure that the judge will not beleive me. I DID STOP AT THE STOP SIGN. I think that the police dept at Tega cay needs to be investigated! I am 38years old and yes I have been pulled over by a policeman before but I have never been treated like such a criminal or given such an attidude as I was by this police officer. I will never travel in Tega Cay again. My sister can come to Charlotte to visit me. My sister moved to the Charlotte area after I had lived here for five years. If another family member or friend decides to move I will tell them to stay far, far away from Tega cay. One man was pulled over and given a ticket in his own driveway. Who wants to come home to that after working a long, hard day? Either stay away from Tega Cay completely or proceed with extra, extra, caution even though it may not help.
TC resident

Charleston, SC

#2 May 15, 2009
Same thing happened to us. Was the stop sign at Windward and Tega Cay drive?
TC resident

Fort Mill, SC

#3 May 15, 2009
thats because tega cay cops have no real crime to take care of because nothing really bad goes on in this town and they are bored. they love to harass people. especially young teens like myself. if they see a car of teenagers even if they arent doing anything wrong they will pull you over and search the whole vehicle just because they are bored and love to harass young people because they know they can do it illegally because we wont know if it is or not. the tega cay cops are rediculous!!!!!!
FM Resident

Palo Alto, CA

#4 May 18, 2009
I was luckier than you, but I have the same opinion of Tega Cay cops. I was pulled over in Tega Cay once for going 37 in the 35. Deputy Dog gave me a warning and pointed out I was lucky to get off with a warning. The second time I got pulled over was for my license plate lights. I own a newer car that was those brighter and whiter lights on the plate. I was told they were blue and illegal and received yet another warning from Deputy Dog. The third encounter was about 2:30 AM in the morning when I picked up my sister in law and her son. They were both sick and running a fever, but the boy was sick enough we needed to take him to the emergency room. On our way out the Tega Cay dog followed me litteraly 5-8 feet from ny bumper. He has close that his car took up my whole rearview camera. He didn't pull me over but tailed me like this for at least a mile.
SC Resident

Fort Mill, SC

#5 Aug 12, 2010
This can't keep going on. 8 out of 10 of my friends get pulled over going in or out of Tega Cay, golfing, visiting, living there doesn't matter everyone is a target. It's an abuse of power and if TC wants people to come to their country club or restraunt they need to end this. I almost moved there, didn't see the house we wanted so bought just outside of TC. I am so glad we didn't do it and paying taxes to support this behaviour

Matthews, NC

#6 Aug 18, 2010
They pull women over to scope them out.

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#7 Aug 20, 2010
It sounds like they are like the police department in Springboro Ohio. They too have done the same thing for years. I was traveling through town had to be at work at 3am. I was yawning and trying to wake up. The officer followed me out of town and pulled me over wanting to know where I was going. I told him that I was going to work. He said that I was driving over the center line. He asked if I had been drinking I said no. I told him that I was tired from working 12 hours a day. I did get a warning but no ticket. This town has a speed trap with speed limits in the town drastically changing. If you travel through here be careful.
TC Resident since 1976

Isle Of Palms, SC

#8 Oct 19, 2010
The TC police dept, they need to change their mission Protect and Serve. They do harass the residents.

But to their credit, everybody understands do not speed in Tega Cay. I can appreciate that they do prevent speeding and keeping kids safe from speeding drivers. They just need to change their attitudes and work with the residents not against them.
Not a resident

Charlotte, NC

#9 Nov 14, 2010
I'm from Charlotte and yes I've been arrested before for several minor crimes like B&E and theft but nothing major. I was just driving thru a neighbor I didn't live at just to look at the homes there when a cop pulled me over. I was following all the rules of the roads. so, he had no reason to pull me over but to harrass me. I know this because I've been pulled over alot in Charlotte. So, I know how to stay under the cops radar. He accused me of trying to committ a crime but he did not know that just by looking at me. Granted it was at 2 in the morning but thats not enough to stop me and harrass me. It's a free country and that was a public street and I have ever right to be there even if I don't live there. And that cop didn't know I didn't live there just by looking at me. He had to pull me over to see that on my drivers license. I'm an older white guy who dresses nicely. So I don't look a like a criminal, so that cop had no reason to stop me at all. I'm thinking of suing Tega Cay police for harrassment. Anyone interested in join my class action sue?
Not a resident either

Charlotte, NC

#10 Sep 15, 2011
I hope this abuse of power problem has been resolved. In 2010 I too was pulled over for no reason and held for over 15 minutes with clients in my car. Was told I failed to give a signal while making a turn which was totally untrue. The officer was very rude but I did not argue and "yes sir'd" him to death, of which I could tell he he was totally enjoying.
A Resident TC

Fort Mill, SC

#11 Feb 10, 2012
years back a Tega Cay police officer was allowing the ladies to work off their penalties over on the golf course but he got caught, with his pants down, both literally and figuratively.
FM Resident

Rock Hill, SC

#12 Feb 10, 2012
Seriously??? I wish people would stop downing this police department. I know several people in this police department. If people only knew how much CRAP they take from the residents on a regular basis. It's more or less the "I pay your salary" type of thing or the "Just wait to I call so and so.... They will have your badge". This department takes place in a lot of search and rescue calls regularly. For every one bad thing you might say about them they do 10 things that are good. More and more area is being annexed into their jurisdiction without enough officers being added. Instead of bashing this department you might want to get to know them better. I'm sure every department has a bad apple now and then. I can assure you that in Tega Cay it's the exception NOT the rule. Thanks to the Tega Cay PD and all other departments for all that you do.

Fort Mill, SC

#14 Apr 4, 2013
One night i had to go to Walmart around midnight as my toddler had woke up with a diaper rash and I needed to get more Desitin. I was on my way out and did not notice that I must have switched my lights to bright by pure accident. I hardly ever use them as I don't fell the need. Anyway, I noticed as I was passing the police station that a cop pulled out immediately behind me and tailed me until I got to Walmart. There he pulled me over and says that the reason I was pulled is because I did not dim my lights. Well, that right there tells you that this man must have been bored out of his mind and needed to find something to do. Then he says that one of my lights on my license plate was out. Now, I would have no idea that this is true due to the fact that I am driving and not behind my vehicle to see that my lights are out. Now I have to go and show up for court at the Glennon Center and waste time there with my kid tagging along. Yeah....thanks Tega Cay Police for keeping the citizens of TC safe from bright light drivers.

Fort Mill, SC

#15 Apr 22, 2013
I agree so much with these post. I am new to the area (TC) and looking for a place to live. I love TC area but the police here are stressful to be around. I am always on alert while entering or leaving TC because of these harassing police force. I would really consider buying a house in TC but I can't live everyday watching out for the TC police when I am drive slow and safe, I think they can make things up to stop you. My roommate was given a ticket because he did not stop long enough at a stop sign, the office told him he needs to count to 5 while stopped at the sign.
cant live here because of this type of harassment. I will now purchase A HOUSE IN CLOVER JUST ACROSS THE 49 BRIDGE, Thanks TC police force for ruining a great place to live.

Fort Mill, SC

#16 Apr 23, 2013
WOW!!! I am so sorry that both of you feel that you are being HARASSED by the TC Police Dept. Do you know how many wrecks happen due to people having on their bright lights? If the officer was rude, call their supervisor! Did you explain that they were on by accident?? As for the license place light being out...they were doing you a service by letting you know. Do you know WHY you have a light on your license plate? If someone were to commit a crime against you and your family I'm sure that you would want them to be caught wouldn't you? Rules apply to EVERYBODY. It's mainly a "fix it" ticket. If you show that it was fixed the ticket is normally dropped.
As for the second person who plans to move to Clover......a few former TC policemen now work for that department. By the Way.......NO, they can't "make up" things to stop you for. They must follow South Carolina State Laws AND Tega Cay City Ordinances. If your friend wants to make a "California Stop" he will get a ticket EVERY time he is caught. When I taught two of my kids to drive I had them to wait until the force of the car stopped and count to three. The York County Sherrif's Dept stops for not having lights working around your license plate. I think what I would do is to show up to court....WITHOUT an attitude and speak with the officer who gave you the ticket. If you aren't happy with them after that....speak with the judge. I know many of these officers and know that they prevent a LOT of crime in Tega Cay. Also, they have saved several lives in the past few years. I hope you aren't passing on this attitude towards law enforcement to your children. No matter how it shakes out they will still come to help if you need them....GLADLY.

Rock Hill, SC

#17 May 4, 2013
We found about what is discussed in this thread, shortly after we moved. That was back in early 2011. I'm sure they do the best they can. But, there are more serious matters to attend to, than very minor traffic violations that are in a gray area of not being a violation.

Fort Mill, SC

#18 Jun 27, 2013
the tega cay police are assholes. I have been stopped at least once per year and I live here. Each time, I have gone to court to fight it. I have won each time. Yes it is a lot of trouble to go to court, but Judge Wood (who used to be a criminal defense attorney) likes for the law to be obeyed even by the Tega Cay Police. Fight your ticket, Tega Cay cops are on a power trip. where can we live? Fort Mill cops are worse.
TC Pro Se Deense

Fort Mill, SC

#19 Sep 15, 2013
Just Google the numbered code to the right of your Uniform Traffic Summons. ore often than not,theTC olice list the wrong code number for the crime that you are charged with. Bring two copies to court and tell Judge Wood that you are charged with a crime that you didn't commit (no matter what the 'writing" is on the left side of the ticket, the numeric code has to be correct).

Fort Mill, SC

#20 Sep 30, 2013
I've been harassed as well. For those of you who haven't had dealings with the TCPD, the issue really isn't the stops for minor traffic violations. The issue is the way the 'professional' treat the citizens. There are several officers (at least) that are just assholes. Treating people like people would go a long way toward restoring the reputation of the TCPD.
Tc resident

Fort Mill, SC

#21 Nov 4, 2013
It is funny how many complain about TC Police. Some people just complain about everything. If you follow the law, you won't get a ticket! Have some respect for the law and the people who choose this career to PROTECT YOU! TC Police do far more than all of you complaining will ever know. Ever! So offensive to read people who are so clueless about all they do complaining about speeding tickets or not stopping at stop ding tickets. Hey, here's an idea, follow the law and you won't get a ticket! Grow up, stop whining and please move if you can't do anything other than whine about how awful it is to live here. Ridiculous and rude!

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