Valena and Daniyele Aldridge

Valena and Daniyele Aldridge

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Bitches bite Back

Chapmanville, WV

#1 Mar 20, 2010
Does anyone out there have the nude pictures of these two with the 16 year old boy they were tag teaming, cause when Valenas old man gets out he's gonna wanna know whats going on and I think its pathetic that they had to find a child to get the job done. We'll see what happens to these 2 when Donny comes home. Do they even stop to thing about what there doing to their mothers or their kids for that matter I guess not. But if you go through the internet you'll find alot of nude pictures of these two even doin each other and their cousins now thats discustin

Ithaca, NY

#2 Mar 22, 2010
i think u need to mind ur own business and stay out of others, that shows to everyone that u have nothing else to do get a job and stay out of everyone's business. Get a life and quit be a child in everybody's stuff. Who cares if that's what they want to do and does not involve u so what. People like u that talk about people like that doesn't have anything to do but be in other people's business. You are acting very childish or u really like drama leave people alone if it don't involve u stupids.
Bitches Bite Back

United States

#3 Mar 22, 2010
Well Miss beachcarolina, if you knew what the f*ck you were talking about you wouldn't be opening your mounth, you evedentaly dont know them or you wouldn't be defending them. So if you dont want to see shit like this on here, don't be so nosy and get on here and read about it dumb a*s!

Ithaca, NY

#4 Mar 23, 2010
oh i know them but u just need to mind your own business and quit stirring stuff like little kids. U just need to grow up and l give ur life and quit writting stuff about people. Just a little kidz being retarted, i know alot more than u think, i just don't go on things like this and say stuff. I am more mature than that unlike some people stupid idoit.
Bitches Bite Back

United States

#5 Mar 23, 2010
Well evedentaly not, cause you just contridicted your own self, opps I'm sorry are those to big of words for you to understand. That means you moron that you just did exactly what you were demeaning me for. You are rediculous.

Ithaca, NY

#6 Mar 24, 2010
i didn't say i was taking up for them i just said mind ur own business. U are the moron i'm more intelligent than u think, oh i sorry that mean i am smarter than u think stupid retard. Idoits like u is what makes this world so stupid. It makes people do stupid things because of things u say just mind ur own business.
bitches bite back

Logan, WV

#7 Mar 24, 2010
You must not be to educated cause everyone already knows whats going on here and so will her husband, if your gonna get on here at least make some kind of sence of what your saying you aren't even thinking about the kids and what their telling their grandparents what they are seeing in their own home, so lets stand back, review and try to keep these kids from getting hurt when their father gets out of jail. The kids are the only one that matters, and if you realy cared about them as friends you would try to talk sone since into them cause the pictures are already floating aroune Scott High School from the little boys cell phone, now how long do you think its gonna take to catch up with then, if your their friend talk to them before those two precious little girls get hurt.
danielle an val aldridge

United States

#8 Mar 25, 2010
to all u haters suck a big d*ck an choke cause lord knows we dont i love being the town whore so u guys should watch your men because we can do all the things u cant age is nothing but a number sincerly, danielle
i do think that everybody does need to mind their own business obviously all your lives must be boring as h*ll to want to talk about us that would be like me getting on here and talking about who all sales dope and that they are pieces of sh*t that wont get a job atleast we do work and if i wanted to f*ck a 16 year old that is my business i dont care if i went around f*cking everybody i came in contact atleast my kids are taken care of and i have my own home and donny knows that the 16 year hangs out at my house so f*ck all you all i didnt lie to him about cheating on him 2 months ago so why would i lie now so comment on that b*tch
sincerely valeena
Queen Bitch

Clear Spring, MD

#9 Mar 26, 2010
This is stupid, I know Val wouldn't cheat on Donny, and if she does well thats her business. And she's known about stuff he's done for a long time. But Danielle ain't no angle so thats what probably got this crap started in the first place, but whoever started this shit should at least keep the two seperated, they are two different people and their young so if they want to screw around with anybody they want they can. But I do know that there are pictures floating around of you guys so Val please be careful.

Elkview, WV

#10 Mar 31, 2010
this is f$#*ing wat let these 2 live there life let us talk about all the things we all do wrong ...ok i used 2 be a drunk started at 6 years old smoked weed at 12 but i stoped at age 19 now im 23 an wish i still smoked but i go 2 church an no im not a christian never have claimed 2 be but im trying 2 change unlike staying on a we site talking shit about ppl deff aint something i like 2 do cause its immature an a waste of my damn time an if i wasnt on here 2 deffend these 2 young smart beautiful young women i would be sitting back playin madden an trust me thats something i would rather do you fucking ppl need a damn life so plz for all are sake grow up an try 2 make are communities better places the world aint going 2 get better by us talking shit on one another you dumb lil shits

Clear Spring, MD

#11 Apr 1, 2010
First of all I think Val needs to bring Danielle to Clothier and she'll find out who is really rattin her out wont she Danielle! Don't blame us Val when Danielle is callin and rattin you out to everybody while your at work. So Danielle needs to blame herself for whats goin on and stop telling you its all us cause it aint. I mean this is getting old, you guys live almost what 15 miles away and we still hear crap up hear. But it don't matter just you need to know where the crap is really comin from, cause its not startin up here. And for the record I said "Someone might of gotten mad and Danielle and taken it out on you and and thats why this sh*t got started" But she's the one callin all us and sayin sh*t, not the other way around.
tru dat

United States

#12 Apr 3, 2010
i do agree with okkayyy so yeah mind ya bizzz NiCcA

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