Ogle Road House - Million Dollar Ripoff

Ogle Road House - Million Dollar Ripoff

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Joe Tormolen

Passaic, NJ

#1 Nov 9, 2011
Today the old Curillo house atop Ogle Road, just off DeWolf Road, was demolished. A sucker had been found to purchase the property intending to erect another McMansion eye sore.

The joke is on them, not knowing the old history of the site in question. For many decades it has haunted the neighborhood, only recently having succeeded in burying the past.

Let me inform the Unwary:

Following World War II, Operation Paperclip resulted in the relocation of many scientists to this country. One of which, Professor Frank Mavus (a.k.a. Mabuse), had settled down in then-rural Old Tappan, a perfect location for (relatively small-scale) experiments in nuclear fission reactors, and the enrichment of uranium and uranium isotopes. How these turned out is not commonly known but it resulted in much waste material; nuclear sludge, which was pumped underground, but not deeply enough. Additionally, sixty years ago, very little was known about radiation effects and very little, if any, shielding was utilized. Ultimately the region which would later form the foundation of the Curillo homestead was radioactive. Everyone knew it but laws and regulations back then were considerably lenient in regards to little-known radioactivity. The house was built and by the 1970s, radioactive sludge was pouring into the basement, sealed-up, re-cemented again and again, ultimately to little or no avail. The people who lived there became ill from time to time but soldiered it through. Unfortunately their children also suffered, developing somewhat minor retardation. Again, it was all hushed up as Old Tappan grew into a larger, and elitist, town; lest a panic develop. The Curillos tried decade after decade to sell their house and eventually in the 2000's succeeded.

The sad conclusion to this story is that the new owners of the land intend to build a 40' tall McMansion at this location, and haven't a clue about its history.

But Location is more important than anything else. The Builders don't care so long as they get paid.
Sarah J Smith

Passaic, NJ

#2 Nov 10, 2011
My brother did some prospecting around there, 22 years ago. His Geiger counter was ticking like a bomb. I am shocked that the region has not been sealed off.
It is one of the many atrocities attributed directly to greed and power; so common in our early 21st century America. Lives should not be sacrificed for the cause of Capitalistic imperialism.
Even the local wildlife - squirrels, racoons, chipmunks, even - have given that acre a wide berth. So I am told at least by my friend who was a neighbor there for thirty years.
MC Palmer

Mendham, NJ

#3 Jun 11, 2012
The house is almost finished now. We joke about it being a "hotel" or an apartment complex.

A one-family home That large? My money's on some foreigners like Koreans owning it. Some massive overcompensation individual no doubt. Maybe a midget who needs everything bigger and badder to throw his weight around.

I saw a haz-mat crew or guys in anti-exposure or anti-rad suits there once. I think they were covering something up. They hopped out of a hummer-like truck or van with strange symbols on it. Only glimpsed them while driving by. I wouldn't want to live there despite all the elitist trappings.

Newark, NJ

#4 Jul 8, 2012
Something like 5 million is cost and they are still working round the clock on it.

Nobodys mentioned all the dead birds piling up there! And small dead mammals! Maybe it's the noise pollution from the work crews that are killing them!

I see they have these flashing yellow warning lights going on the side day and night. 24/7. Why at night well within the property line? Afraid maybe someone might spend too much time there and soak up the gammas and lead to an actual indepth investigation?

should we contact the owners or are they aware of it?

Gilbert, AZ

#5 Oct 13, 2012
I grew up in Old Tappan and delivered the Record to a number of folks on Ogle Road in the late 50's and early 60s, and until about the mid-60s the road pretty much ended at the top of the hill with the Mavus home. I knocked on their door a few times but it never seemed like anyone was home.

I don't doubt that some suspicious stuff could have happened in that quiet area, on-line research shows nothing at all about a Dr. Frank Mavus (Mabuse). Can you provide some guidance?
Olivia Tuscadero

Mendham, NJ

#6 Dec 6, 2012
It has been well over a year now since construct begun on the Ogle McMansion House. That place is Big. Ridiculously so that the neighbors have complained (my friend lives right next to the frigging fraken-thing). To no avail. The owners have wealth to quelch any wrongdoings and complaints.
Ever since excavations started there, workers have been feeling woosie and ill. There is a high radioactive outpouring just below ground level and it has Increased as dirt and whatnot's been pushed around. There's a lid clamped down on everything associated with it, of course. All about money not caring for the common people!!
Nobody has mentioned that there are no animals anywhere near the yard, except for a dead cat which showed up. Just roadkill, they say, you know! I saw the cat myself and there wasn't a mark on it, not like the meat-pies my kids were responsible for...
Meanwhile my friend keeps complaining because they're working on this Thing 6 days a week, have the house's dozen odd lights on day in and day out, despite nobody living there yet. Trucks coming and going blocking traffic. Elitist deliveries including installation trucks for vast home theater systems, multiple ADT Security systems trucks (over the course of a Year?!). It's a noisy mess and a money pit.
Mary Konkillion

Irvington, NJ

#7 Jun 28, 2013
We call the place Queen Shit's kingdom. Oh, dear, that thing looks like a mini-vatican! WTF is it with trucks and gear everywhere after TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING! They're still going strong. I've seen some brunette parading around shouting orders to workmen: cut those trees down, do this, do that. The other week a chainsaw gang was there going at leveling over a dozen trees on that property so I guess everyone can't possily miss the mansion when they climb Ogle Road! Custom prestige elite workmen from different areas park their rigs all around there. Garages coming out of their ass. I wonder how many fucking bathrooms and toilets one small family needs to handle their bowel movements.
The arrogance and waste. They even leave their exterior house lights on in the daytime, like We got money to burn! Then the next week, after the trees were removed they're back with three landscape companies to have shrubs planted after removing the tree stumps. Like WTF?
Whoever owns it really probably is a midget with no dick and is way-way-overcompensating!
We are talking about a McMansion that could easily hold a dozen families but instead has one small spoiled and arrogant family of fuckups living there. Someone should hang a big sign "This is how wealthy Americans Waste their money in the 21st Century!" and e-mail it to the Taliban.
That whole area is so congested with trucks I no longer travel near it.
I hope their hair and nails fall out, and the place is torn down and condemned as a disaster area. Their neighbors on the east side meanwhile are competing with them neck and neck on backyard recreational facilities. One gets an olympic swimming pool so the other has to have one or, rather, one Larger! One gets tennis courts the other has to have it. Yada Yada Yada.
And they can't wait to fill up their pool with water (ordinary tap water just won't do the trick!) so they hire two Water Tankers labelled "Swimming Pool Water" to fill them up!

Fucking unbelievable. Only here in Old Tappan and maybe Hollywood.

United States

#8 Jul 23, 2013
So if someone has a home theater they are automatically elitist.

How small-minded and self-pitying are you people??


United States

#9 Jul 23, 2013
Oh, and how god-like of you to wish them radioactive illness and death.

Perth Amboy is such a garden spot -- I wonder what's buried in the dirt there...

Mary Konkillion

Newark, NJ

#10 Aug 7, 2013
Facts are facts. I cannot change history. Old Tappan has become Bergen County's town of pretentiousness. They cover it up in the same manner in which they cover up the deaths under the high-gauge power lines. Slow, cancerous deaths.

Perth Amboy is comfortable because the residents are satisfied with what they have not with what they do not have or what they Need to put on display to prove their worth to one another.

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