Mary Ellen Weaver
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Nashville, TN

#1 Mar 18, 2011
Mary Ellen Weaver, is a "SNITCH" She is working for the police in Anderson County TN.. That's sad cause she is the biggest pill dealer in Anderson County TN..

Chesterfield, MO

#2 Mar 20, 2011
she the one that had something to do with joey robbins? That whole situation was messed up! Rip joe

Nashville, TN

#3 Mar 24, 2011
you all just need to mind your own mohter fuckin business cuz all you people talkin about her snitchen are on her paperwork as well so your just the pot callin the kettle black. and apperently your all junkies and pill dealers to. get over it seriously find something better to do with your time.

Nashville, TN

#4 Mar 24, 2011
and about the whole joey thing if you just heard about it or read the paper.... when mary was in jail for you all getting her.... if you did know them personallly when it happened and you knew joey then you know what it was. and if you didnt then keep your fuckin mouth closed!!!

United States

#6 Apr 12, 2011
ok I mind my own mother flippen buisiness and STILL get drug into all gettin busten because I know for a fact I was NOT on her papers to get her nor my FUCKEN husband and STILL she got me and proclaims and swears that she did not! now this girl is\was and well i still think of her as my friend but shame on me cause not in a million years did i think after over 19 years she has been to my house growing up a good friend of my familys ive been to hers shes watched my kids grow up as well as i have hers NOW YES SHE IS ON MY PAPERS WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU other than try to be your friend!
all knowing

United States

#7 Apr 13, 2011
well i have never trusted mary weaver i have known her for many years if she would turn her boyfriend in for rustling cows and she had just as much to do with it as he did. yes i know she is a snitch and so does every one that knows her knows that as well. so my advice to every one is stay away from her. keep dealing with her and go back to jail thats whats going to happen

Maryville, TN

#8 Apr 13, 2011
Stop dealing pills and you wont need to worry about this. How hard is this? Get a job.

Del Rio, TN

#9 Apr 13, 2011
You know she says that she got who got her, always been taught if you do the crime do your time!! The people that she has got has been friends with her since school some were close friends. Why them? Theres one that you got Mary that you even showed up at their daddys funeral. Come on if you going to snitch them out be HONEST AND LET US KNOW WHY!!!

Boiling Springs, SC

#11 Jul 21, 2011
Oh and whats up with her actin like mother of the year, what about madison, u no ur firstborn bitch the one u just abandoned n act like u do it for her own good, she wouldnt b safe with u because u killed joey but unique is.ur a pathetic snitch n I hear ur fatass is gettin ready to get paid for all those papers ur names on.paybacks goin to b a mfuckr for u maybe its time to go ahead n give ur other daughter away not that u would care then ur nasty ugly ass wont have to take care of the dumbass oh hell what am I thinkin u never have anyhow ur idea of bn a mom is handin one of ur lil pill whores a roxy to do all the hard work. Still laughin u pussy eatin bitch, ur as nasty as they come. U crack me up callin urself a dancer nobody wants to c ur fatass slide down a pole or anythng else. Ur the only bitch I no that has to pay guys to slip u money thats funny!!!!dont u get it ur nothin n nobody decent will ever want u, by the way u do realize its just a matter of time dont u snitch....sleep good

United States

#12 Jul 22, 2011
Mary Ellen Weaver, is a "SNITCH" She is working for the police in Anderson County TN.. That's sad cause she is the biggest pill dealer in Anderson County TN..
You can stop her....Here I got an IDEA!!!!!!!!!! AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT BUY PILLS OFF OF HER!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!! WOW......Now that is using the faucking head man!!!!!!!!!!

Nashville, TN

#13 Jul 22, 2011

United States

#14 Jul 31, 2011
Didn't she kill joey in cold blood? she was at the fair this year... looking all trashy and strung out and I think she smelled like rotten tuna!

Maryville, TN

#15 Aug 4, 2011
Who was Joey Robbins? I swear, I know that name. Did he attend clinton high school around 1993?
what about

Campbellsville, KY

#16 Aug 9, 2011
what about Unique's Dad she was with him when I was around. Did He Finally get Smart Enough to Leave her? I would have never thought In a Million Years that she would have Snitched on someone! But that is the ones that Will get You Every Time the ones U Least Expect! Glad I don't Sale Drugs..So I have Nothing to Worry about But I Know when I Lived in Tn she was selling the Crap Outta Any and every thing!

United States

#17 Dec 27, 2011
Yes he went to CHS I had no idea he had passed

Nashville, TN

#18 Jan 25, 2012
She still wont admit she got anyone and she got me i got to listen to the recording and heard her voice and she still denied it sad thing is i was WAS on pills bad the only time i sold was that one time to be able to but kinds of pill i did at time and she set me up and i wasn't on any of her papers she is really pathetic

Roy, WA

#19 Jan 29, 2012
I think Id be happy that it was jail Mary chose to send you all,I damn sure wouldnt be running off at the mouth either,You could very easily ended up dumped out at the ER doors at Methodist Medical Center,even more so if you are on Her paperwork..eeww I hate 2 be in yalls shoes,Mary is highly intelligent trust n believe its far from being over.Mary is still one kool B*tch in my eyes I have known her for many years,way even before JOE S he was with Tiffany.Dont even act like none of you wouldnt of saved your own a$$e$ especially when just having a new Baby.OOOKay everyone of youz woulda dont even hate.

Murfreesboro, TN

#20 Jan 29, 2012
What is these papers y'all are talking about your on her papers she's now on yours WHAT

United States

#21 May 1, 2012
All these people on here takin up for Mary are dumb. I was Joey's daughter. She took a lot from everyone & because of her I don't have a dad. Yeah, that's the best time ever.. Not! Mary needs to be locked up in prison, that's my opinion. I hate her with everything. She didn't get into a lick of trouble for killin my dad & that's bullshit. All she did was use my dad. I hardly got to see him when I was little cause every time I would go over there they would end up gettin into arguments & my mom would come and get me. She don't need either of the kids that she has either cause all she does is do drugs. Look at all the trouble that's she's got into just for drugs & shit didn't happen for takin someone's life. Wow. & talkin shit about my mom, ha grow up. Her & my dad hadn't been together since I was a little baby. She didn't have shit to do with it. You need to get a life, i'm 16 & I don't act like some of you do.

Dickson, TN

#22 Jul 14, 2012
It appears as some have spoke the truth about Mary. I really like the part about mother of the year, that was funny. She will pay for what she had done to people. People don't like snitches. And as far as Joey's daughter, I feel sorry for her, she is the one growing up without her dad. She has to go through life with out him being there when she graduates,get's married, has a baby, etc the list goes on and on. Mary took that from her. And she has went on with her life like nothing ever happend. Hello you did not just take Joey's life but the life of his daughter by him not getting to be here and watch her grow, and them to be able to have a father daughter bond. Shame on her. And I have been told that she still sell's drugs. She just sell's to certin people, or that she searches them for a wire. She is still living the grand life, while taking someone else's life, and she destory's family's by selling drugs to people. What a women, she should be so proud. She should have some really great story's to tell her children when they get older. And to Joey's daughter, you had a wonderful dad, and he would be very proud of you.

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