Middle school teacher fired after sex...

Middle school teacher fired after sexual encounters with students

There are 94 comments on the WBIR Knoxville story from Mar 1, 2007, titled Middle school teacher fired after sexual encounters with students. In it, WBIR Knoxville reports that:

A South Carolina middle school teacher is accused of having sex with at least five male students.

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Honest Female

Knoxville, TN

#24 Mar 2, 2007
I agree that the boys not only knew what they were doing, they were loving every minute of it. I remember what it was like to be a 15 year old girl and I was smart enough then to know about the ways of the world. Sex is everywhere and children know about it long before 15 yrs. old. If it had been female students the same would be true.

Having said all of that, it still isn't right. As a parent, I would be horrified and fighting mad...but I would also know that my son enjoyed it and probably has no regrets! I would still fight to have the teacher punished, she's targeting the boys. Most teenage boys wouldn't have the guts to approach a teacher with sex unless they were enticed.
Happened 2 me

New Bern, NC

#26 Mar 2, 2007
This happened to myself and a couple others back in high school. We were 16 - 17. None of us complained, we just had the sense to shut up and go on about our business. We were like 99% of other guys around that age and didn't hesitate when the oportunity arose.
Do I think it was wrong...back then as a teenage male...Oh No. Should she have not let it happen yeah and should have put an end to it before it started.
However, I wouldn't trade it.

Nashville, TN

#27 Mar 2, 2007
man i can't believe what everyone is sayin about this...because personally i think this is just sick for a teacher to do that with someone that is that young period! I'm still young myself and i don't think it would be right to do this! I hope this woman stays in jail for the rest of her life! And those of you who thinks "its okay that this happened" you are just sick!!!!!! If only you had a child that this happened too, you might think a little different! Because sick people like you don't even deserve to live!!!!(MICHAEL JACKSON WANNA-BE'S)!!! STUPID PERVES!!!!

Hartford, CT

#28 Mar 2, 2007
Lol @ the indignant posts.

I am kinda jealous though...I had to use the friggin' Sears catalogue bra ads when I was 15...

Knoxville, TN

#29 Mar 2, 2007
I'm pretty sure that the people who think these boys are victims are also the ones that believe that sex should only be between two married people, take place in the dark, and only be for procreation.

Add me to the "where were teachers like this when I was that age?" crowd.

“Ahhh, Hans Brix...”

Since: Feb 07

Pyongyang, North Korea

#30 Mar 2, 2007
Dang wrote:
Lol @ the indignant posts.
I am kinda jealous though...I had to use the friggin' Sears catalogue bra ads when I was 15...
You are my long lost brother. That is all.

“Ahhh, Hans Brix...”

Since: Feb 07

Pyongyang, North Korea

#31 Mar 2, 2007
Happened 2 me wrote:
This happened to myself and a couple others back in high school. We were 16 - 17. None of us complained, we just had the sense to shut up and go on about our business. We were like 99% of other guys around that age and didn't hesitate when the oportunity arose.
Did you intend to use a pun (when the opportunity arose) there?

You didn't complain or tell because the teacher was 80 years old! Granny sex-o-phile!
No one important

Miami, FL

#32 Mar 2, 2007
OK, let's go by the guidlines of some of the posters here. Since it's ok, because 15 year old boys and girls are thinking about sex anyway then why do we bother trying to catch those online predators who go after underaged kids? According to the standards of these comments then because the kids are thinking about it anyway we should just stand by and let it all happen.

Imagine the tax dollars we're going to save by not having to have the people who take advantage of youths prosecuted for their perversions. Think of what we could do with all of the extra funding that wouldn't have to go to tracking sickos like this.

In fact, since it's so ok, why don't we just build specalized brothels that only employ children, of both sexes of course because we're all about equal opportunity here in the US, for the pleaseure of these types of perverts?

It wouldn't be a big deal right, kids are thinking about sex anyway so we should just let jerk-asses like this take advantage of them. It's what the kids want anyway right?

By the logic I've seen here sexual relationships of the following would be acceptable...
an 18 year old woman would be allowed to have sex with a 10 year old as long as it was a boy?
17 with 9?
15 with 7?
13 with 5?

If the situation were reversed and the offender were a man we'd all be talking about how the old pervert took advantage of the poor defenseless little girl.

Why? Because girls don't like sex? Because they aren't just as curious and hormone driven as a boy? Wrongo kiddies, girls have the same drives. I know this because about a hundred of the girls in my school wanted to bag the art teacher. The difference, he wasn't a perv and didn't recieve their advances. And I know some advanced pretty hard.

This is still a crime. It doesn't matter the sex of the offender, it matters the motive.
Stephen Clevenger

Heiskell, TN

#33 Mar 2, 2007
Oh God here we go again! I hope them boys had a good time, cause their wangs will fall off after having sex with this bag.

Nashport, OH

#34 Mar 6, 2007
I certainly don't think it is appropriate for a teacher to have sex with students but don't believe of one minute that the 14 and 15 year olds didn't know what they were doing. One parent indicated that they might not be ready to talk to the "boys" about sex. If a parent hasn't talked to their kids about sex by the time they are teenagers, don't bother because it is to late. Maybe that's the reason kids are having babies and for it to happen between 14 and sixteen these days is not uncommon. The teacher was wrong if it happened but the boys knew what they were doing. They also knew they were having sex with a married woman if it happened and it seems that they should have known that was not appropriate. The issue is not this one individual but the fact that the moral fiber of America has gone down the tube. Nothing is out of bounds these days and this situation is no different. I grew up in the south and everybody knows everybody elses business so lots of folks put their heads in the sand if this is really true. The woman looks to be smaller than most 14 or 15 year olds and she probably thinks just like they do given the likely fact that she has had limited exposure and no street or survial skills. She came from a small town and probably still thinks like she is seventeen years old-never grew up.

Hudson, MA

#35 Mar 6, 2007
I am purely sure this woman is sick. She needs a psychiatrist.

Nashport, OH

#37 Mar 7, 2007
I don't believe the whole story has been told in this case. I doubt that she did any convincing to get the boys to have sex with her. My guess is that some, if not all of them, essentially took advantage of her for some unknown reason. She is likely not very street wise and many 14 and 15 year olds are not a innocent as some would blieve. Some might have been able to hold something over her that she felt might get her in trouble and as a result, they were having sex with her at every opportunity. She might tell the total the total story at some point as she would likely want to get if of her mind. Her expression looks like she wants to be relieved of whatever has been going on so she can possibly move on. There is more to the story than has been told.

Belleville, IL

#39 Mar 28, 2007
No it's not even alittle bit right for a grown woman to have sex with a minor, that is the law. But at the same time, remember when I was 14 or 15, there's no possible way I could have been sexually abused by a 23 year old woman who was fairly attractive...it's not abuse if you were wanting it to begin with. How were these kids "hurt?" The parents and everyone in all of these articles are talking about giving these kids the support they need to get through this. Are you kidding? These 14 and 15 year old boys took as much advantage of a stupid woman who was willing to have sex with them as the woman did, probably more. This Ward woman isn't a bad looking woman. There aren't very many 14 or 15 year old boys that wouldn't have happily had sex with her. Hell the ones that didn't get to are probably jealous as hell, and the 5 or 6 that did are considered studs.

Gregory, MI

#40 Mar 28, 2007
We have now entered the phase where teachers are "lost"....The people that ae suppose to be icons for our youth.
just blowing off steam

Jamestown, TN

#41 Mar 28, 2007
You can certainly tell what part of the anatomy rules some people.

Morgan Hill, CA

#42 Mar 28, 2007
Actually the Bibles proscribes Adultery,which is sex w/ someone married to someone else. Lot was a good man ,saved from destruction,but he offered his teenage daughters to the strangers.Various Biblical patriarchs had multiple wives,and girls were married when they were lod enough to be capbale of conceiving.Humans are old enough to have sex at puberty,and the puberty is the proof. Society has attempted to supress and control sexuality for 100s of generations,redirecting the energy into other areas,like working to build up the system and makeing those at the top richer and more powerful.The Kings and Queens never practiced the morality and sexual exclusiveness their priests were imposing on the lower classes.The idea that sex is immoral is one of the big lies.Mistreating people is immoral,and that definately includes coerced sex.But mutual pleasure is one of the great gifts of life.Suppressing it is sick.
Le-ta Lloyd

Helenwood, TN

#43 Mar 28, 2007
I think a female should be treated the same as a male rapist.

Schaumburg, IL

#44 Mar 29, 2007
I agree with everyone on here. The teachers needs
to be punish for their doing. But then again you want me to beleive all these kids know nothing about sex. Come on middle school kids knows more now than I did in high school.And the parents don't
even make time to talk to their kids. But they do
have time to take them to the mall and drop them off while they go running around or go back home and have sex their self. The parents of today kill me some don't even need kids

“motor-boatin SOB”

Since: Mar 07

hernando ms

#45 Mar 29, 2007
another honest guy wrote:
Where were all of these teachers when I was in school? Lately, the ones that have been in the news were good looking and young. I wonder if the "victims" are complaining or just their parents???
LOL... all my teachers were either old women, or baseball & football coaches. although it was rumored that a coach got w/ a female student. i believe the coach is up at a very respectably college now.

Smyrna, TN

#46 Mar 29, 2007
My guess is the students raped the teachers

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