Truth or Rumor: Bishop Keith Butler

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#2 Jan 31, 2008
i have heard these rumors about keith butler, and so far it appears to be nothing but rumors.

should there be any truth to this, it's hush-hus. i certainly hope it isn't true. should it actually be true, how sad for all involved.

i went to school with keith butler and watched to grow to where he is. one stupid act in the sack and destroy all that took him 30 years to obtain.

let's hope this is nothing but a rumor and wish the butler's the best.
Tell the Truth

United States

#3 Feb 9, 2008
A source in Detroit says its not just a rumor!

Macomb, MI

#4 Feb 9, 2008
I understand that he got his wife's neice pregnant, who by the way is underage. And that his wife is thinking about coming forward about a divorce. Notice he's been kind of quiet lately. I heard that his son is doing the preaching now. The neice was supposing 16 or 17 years old. I have heard this from a lot of people. He can be forgiven TOO! Wasn't he the one talking about family values!!!
Former Baby-Sitter

Louisville, KY

#5 Feb 10, 2008
I personally know the Butlers and have watched both their children and ministry grow. This has to be one of the WORSE rumors I've ever heard. Bishop Butler is a man of good morale character. Let's all pray for the family as rumors can be as harmful as the allegations themselves.

Southfield, MI

#6 Feb 14, 2008
"Allen" I understand that some minister do wrong, but all do not. Don't believe everthing you hear or read, "GET THE FACTS FIRST" before you start beliving in the garbage that come out of peoples mouths. Some people can't stand to see people doing anything postive so they look for anything that they can spread around including rumors and lies!!!
Group Session Member

Sterling Heights, MI

#7 Feb 14, 2008
Front Porch Rocker wrote:
Sex Scandal.... Bishop, Word of Faith Church
It's true. She finally spoke up in a session meeting because she had kept it in for so long. Who can she talk to? There are too many people out there (like the comments posted in this blog) who believe that humans are incapable of being caught up in the flesh. It can happen to anyone folks - quit deifying these men. We must pray for all of our church leaders that they yield to God's voice, just as we are to. The only perfect man on the earth was Jesus Christ - and even after that look at how many people still don't believe on him and make up rumors, etc.. The church is getting a shaking this year. Expose! People look to Jesus - not man! That's what the apostles preached - look to Jesus!

Southfield, MI

#8 Feb 14, 2008
know one is defending this Minister but my bible tells me not to bear false witness against others and you have to believe it was true why she did not take it to the news publicly. Are you kidding me or are you just flat out stupid?
Whose to say what is true and what is not true you were not there and neither was I but too many time I have heard things and ran off to believe the rumors and tell it to other only to find out that it was completely false. So take from me it is not worth destroying another mans image.

Beside the seed you sow will come back to hunt you later on....the best thing you can do is pray for the man of God and keep your mouth of God's anointing.

Remember the scripture said, Touch not his anointed and do his prophet no harm. Now I do not know if he is a prophet but it is obvious the man is anointed to do what God has appointed him to do.
Knowledge of Self

Novi, MI

#9 Feb 14, 2008
Wow, I find this absolutely hilarous how people will endorse/cosign for ministers preachers priest who get caught red headed doing crooked stuff. Then they have the nerve to say some crap about dont talk about a minister something bad will happen to you. What a crock of you know what. Open up a book other than the bible and you will see how many so called saviors where born from no father, born on December 25th, reserected after three days and how many had 12 dicsiples. What does giving all your money to a church so the minister can fly all around the country and live like some kind of pimp have anything to do with serving god?

Southfield, MI

#10 Feb 15, 2008
I agree with taylor, but what I'm saying is that all women do not tell truth. My family and I have been dealing with something like this for years only to find out that the person my sister was claiming molested her had not. An inocense man nearly went to prison over it. My sister later apologized because she got caught in her lies but the damage had already done because of her and her lies. Since this scandal in our family it really damage the relation we had with this person. Scandals are not always layered with truth we know from personal experience.

Southfield, MI

#11 Feb 15, 2008
Also to show you how you can believe everything you read.... I commented 3 times not including this one and each time they posted me coming from Farmington Mich, West Bloomfield and I do not live in either one.

All I'm saying, "Think about the rumors people have spreading on us and later to find out they weren't true" how did it make you feel?

I have had rumors spreaded on me that weren't true, which could have cost me my life and then I had rumors that could have cost me my freedom because someone was not so happy with me and started a nast rumor. Again I'm just saying think and then be careful what you spread!

And I would feel the same way if it was you in this man shoes........I would ask for proof, Where is the DNA Proof, Actual Facts

Inkster, MI

#12 Mar 5, 2008
When did she speak up at a group session, and what is her name? Does she go to Word of Faith? and if it is really true that she had a baby by him, why didn't she get a blood test or DNA test done. That would solve everything.
Group Session Member wrote:
<quoted text>
It's true. She finally spoke up in a session meeting because she had kept it in for so long. Who can she talk to? There are too many people out there (like the comments posted in this blog) who believe that humans are incapable of being caught up in the flesh. It can happen to anyone folks - quit deifying these men. We must pray for all of our church leaders that they yield to God's voice, just as we are to. The only perfect man on the earth was Jesus Christ - and even after that look at how many people still don't believe on him and make up rumors, etc.. The church is getting a shaking this year. Expose! People look to Jesus - not man! That's what the apostles preached - look to Jesus!

Indianapolis, IN

#13 Mar 14, 2008
I dont know much about this Butler guy I may have seen him on tbn a few times and i dont know if the "rumors" are true. But there is too much deifying of ministers today. Too many millionare preachers with feet of clay. This prosperity gospel is a false gospel and the only ones benefiting are the preachers of this gospel. Wake up Church you've lost your first love . The things of this world will never satisfy you.

Little Rock, AR

#14 Mar 14, 2008
I dont know if this is true or false but,we are to pray for this minister and family,people God will not be mocked by anyone we are in a season fo curtain call the curtain is coming up and whats done in the dark is coming to the light be it in politics, preachers, none of us are perfect,and all of us need to obey God he tells us all about fornication,stealing,killing,e ct Iknow we are not perfect,we need to pray and stop with the help of the good Lord doing things,hurting people and then hollering I am not perfect,we are glad to hear dirt and gossip and pass it on and JUDGE1111 we all need to good somewhere and sit down and Pray.God bless all.

Little Rock, AR

#15 Mar 14, 2008
We need to go somewhere and sit down and pray.JUDGE!!!! NOT, We dont like to be judged,God knows the truth and he will deal with it and us to if we dont keep our mouths off of people,yes it is wrong but,all have sinned and fell short of Gods glory lest we forget.If we cant pray about it we need to be quiet God is watching us and how we are dealing with this.

New Palestine, IN

#16 Mar 14, 2008
What is with people and this judge not? The scripture is talking about judging hypocritically We are to judge with righteous judgement. Why is it you people never call for these preachers to sit their sorry butts down and quit supporting them. When sin rears its ugly head in the pulpits we are obligated to raise our voices and send these preachers packing. Yes, there is forgiveness and restoration and until they have been censured and held accountable they shouldnt be preaching. All of them havent been called to preach, some of them called themselves. Quit quoting the judge not and touch not my anointed scriptures since you obviously cant use these scriptures in their proper context.

Osceola, AR

#17 Mar 15, 2008
A sin is a sin. Man determines which sin (crime) is greater than which. If bishop butler is truley guilty of this sin, he will be judged. However, gossiping is a sin also. We to shall be judged for our sin. God says a sin is a sin. How may lies must you tell to be a lair? how many time must you steal to be a thief? how many sins must you commit to be a sinner? think about it.

Detroit, MI

#18 Mar 22, 2008
It amazes me how when someone says something bad about a person people jump on the wagon with no facts. When something good is said you try to find a reason it can be something wrong with it. People are so negative. In this country it is claimed that you are innocent till PROVEN guilty. I have seen Bishop Butler's character for years,many years and based on his character I do not believe it. It has nothing to do with deifying a pastor. I has something to do with believing in a person,believing the best in a person. The same that you do for your family or children. If someone says something about your family without facts you defend them, well for me my church family is my family and I should think, believe and hope for the best about my family.
Former Employee

Philadelphia, PA

#19 Mar 25, 2008
As a member for 25 years and a former employee of Word of Faith, I would be surprised if these allegations were true. Having had a relatively close relationship with He and his wife since age 9 (1979), prior to me leaving the church to pursue personal ventures, his character in certain areas (such as this) are without question in my mind.

As I said, I would be surprised if these things were true. Until such time as any evidence comes forth, let it go.

There are those who hate preachers (I am one of them). Especially those who manipulate the scripture for personal gain. Having been a part of WOF since 1979 until 2004, I observed one simple thing. While I was there, he didn't pimp the Gospel as so many others have. We were taught to NEVER take the word of a preacher... AND... If you cant find it in the bible, throw it out like trash.

A philadelphia church mindset, not a Laodecian Mindset as a vast majority of the church is.

He taught us about righteousness, not the Joel Osteen - Anything works - Gospel. If these thins were true, it would never destroy me as he taught me to look to Jesus, not Man, for my example of Godly living.

Please. We must stop worshipping the Creation more than the Creator.... THOU SHALT NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GODS BEFORE ME!!! That is what Our Father in Heaven Commanded us. Those who fall away because a man erred in his faith were in sin and werent his to begin with.

My people hear my Voice and the voice of a Stranger they will NOT follow.
A Concerned Christian

Palo Alto, CA

#20 Mar 25, 2008
An Open Letter to Bishop Butler:
The Lord certainly knows if you have done the things claimed in the rumors. Before the rumors continue and grow, may I ask you to openly address the rumors?
One of the Biblical requirements of a pastor is that they must have a good reputation amongst those outside the church. If the rumors grow, this will threaten your reputation...and therefore your ability to make a difference in the community. Biblically, it's not a matter of whether you have or haven't done what you are rumored to have done. It's a matter of your credibility and effectiveness in the community. Even if the rumor is not true, the effectiveness of your ministry will suffer if the rumor grows unchallenged.
Based on this, I'd like you to directly confront the rumors in the interest of maintaining the kind of reputation Biblically required of pastors...and also in the interest of having the most effective ministry possible amongst those outside the church.
Bishop Butler...maybe you have the opinion that groundless and baseless claims do not merit comment. Normally, I'd agree...but in this case...I would respectfully disagree as a result of your position as a pastor. Also...this rumor isn't going away. Just tell us "it isn't so" in the interest of defending the reputation you'll need to further the Lord's work. This assumes the rumors are not true.
If the rumors are true, you will certainly find forgiveness from God if you ask Him...but I am not sure you will find forgiveness amongst those outside the church...or if you'll have the necessary reputation to remain an effective pastor.
A Concerned Christian
(Note: Posted here, and also emailed to Bishop Butler)

Wixom, MI

#21 Mar 26, 2008

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