Amazing wrote:
It amazes me how much hate this has sparked off. Look the the earlier posts - you have people rejoicing that a man's life has been ruined. Perhaps he did it, perhaps he didn't - what's tragic to me is that no one has mentioned that that child will now likely grow up without the presence of a father, and the mother is going to have to go on alone. No one cares about that - instead they're desperate to be as ugly and hateful to each other as possible, saying they home he "frys" (spellcheck, anyone?)- and then those same people go to church on Sunday. Rather than trying to actually DO anything about the supposed "dirty cops" everywhere in Clewiston, they sit at home and cry "Woe is me, I'm so repressed"! Grow up, grow some, or keep your mouth shut unless you can improve the silence - which so far, these hateful posts have not.
Amen the first real post here thank you and p.s the accused is my brother and i am 110% sure of his innocence this has been a terrible mistake and the only 1 that can really judge him knows he is innocent and he is'nt a crooked cop he always wanted 2 be a cop and his dream was shattered because a dr.