list of unsolved murders in cleveland...
Also a Victim

Houston, TX

#64 Aug 20, 2010
Yes I think she is still in Van Horn Texas with a church and group Exonerated Ministries she is guilty and out on legal technicality she will never admit she had my son murdered she will continue to lie that is her hobby and will try to get money from anyone that believes her story she is an evil person that will not change.

Towanda, PA

#65 Aug 20, 2010
[reply"]was Rodney Stokley ever found and if not where can one see a picture of him to be on the lookout for him?[replyEyou can find rodneys picture on texas clearinghouse for missig brother larry baker is also missing a block away from rodneys parents house.thats if they still live there.larrys picture can be found on topixs news in texas under man missing in texas larry baker.hopefully you,ll can look out for him too.

Dallas, TX

#66 Aug 27, 2010
coop7006 wrote:
<quoted text> i heard that the elderly couple that was killed in cleveland texas. an hispnic couple were beaten to death. i heard that a det. yates interviewed a vicki g. age15 or 16 then. and her boyfriend tiger and a guy named boss. vicki was taken to houston and interviewed for 16 hours. she and her sister both went to school with the elderly couples grand daughter. rumor has it. that she has bragged around town last summer how she got away with it because her daddy goes deer hunting with cleveland p.d. which i dont doubt. vicki has used her daddy to get away with alot in cleveland. i can say. she
the name is vicki gardiner and Jennifer Gardiner if I'm not mistaken. These are people who should be looked into. I know that Vicki has more information than she's leading anyone to believe. For my own protection i cannot come forward. I'm so so sorry Ms Norma for your loss.

Porter, TX

#67 Dec 13, 2010
We have taken this information to the cops, but hey say it is hogwash, nobody seems to care, but hopefully carmine will bite someone on the butt and something terrible will happen to them, but they say that in Cleveland, Texas the Klu Kux Klan exists and it never will be solved. Cleveland is full of white people that only want white people their, but I hope this serial killer will hurt one of your loved ones so someone can get off their butts.

Salisbury, NC

#68 Jan 15, 2011
I'm looking for info on a murder that happened in Tarkington area in the mid 1980's. I'm trying to find out details about it as I no longer live ,around the area. It was a killing of a police officer, something to do with a meth lab, and I believe the killer was a man named Greg Story. If anyone remembers this or has any info on it, please email me at It is family related and I would like to know the whole . It is almost impossible for me to research it online bc records do not go back that far. I know the lady involved's name was Lori. If not, can somebody please send me some info on WHERE I can research this. I am planning a trip to Texas soon and want to check out some newspaper archives. Thank you.~C.E.
Bo knows

Towanda, PA

#69 Feb 6, 2011
I lived in Texas for about 5 years from 1984 1989 and back then crime was bad and elegals flooded the state nothing was ever done about this either. thats why we have so many crime problems today think? cleveland Texas was a crap hole with meth Dealers and Drug Dealers and murders and everyone just turned there head. now its gotton even worse its like a war zone and know one can seem to catch the person or persons killing inocent people there. may god bring a man in to do a mans job in texas.
Bo knows

Towanda, PA

#70 Feb 6, 2011
you people in Texas have the right to carry firearms i suggest when walking in cleveland Texas you start packing one for your own saftey. God bless


#71 Mar 13, 2011
SAME PEOPLE THAT RAPED A 11 YEAR ,old probably same one doing the killing

Forsyth, GA

#72 Apr 10, 2011
aman on that if you want help find someone that cares not cleveland nor coldsprings or shepherd will help if you want anything to get done get contacted with nancy grace news papers 11 news 2 news put there pictures up in every store laudry mat polls at yard sales you see gas stations everyday get out in the open world let the whole world know that they are missing cause some body knows something and it it will come out faster then waiting on the cops to get off there lazzy but to do anythink to help cause i did and talking started and people were rembering things some people seen things that didnt know that was wrong until they seen the pictures every where dont give up

Forsyth, GA

#73 Apr 10, 2011
jerry wrote:
I think you people need change in cleveland texas start by voting out your mayor and your head police officials.then recommend death penalty to all murderers no life sentences.lets say execute them quick too within a year save working americans there hard earned money.lets get cameras for street crime.there,s too many people missing misteriously.look out your windows at night for background checks on new neighbors.have your police do road blocks and random pull overs. anyone in a gang lets give them life in prison don,t they belong there.child malesters casterate them if i were in charge i would impose all these .

Towanda, PA

#74 Apr 10, 2011
another goes missing in cleveland texas this time it was a woman 26 year old anne rodriquez.when is this kidnapper gonna get caught soon i hope.
just me

United States

#75 Dec 8, 2011
These stories are so sad

Humble, TX

#76 Apr 1, 2012
Charles Langston was my grandpa. He was murdered in 2003, and the detectives at the time had a list of about 4 suspects (one of the suspects was found dead at the scene of the murder).
However, these men were never questioned about the murder because within days of the murder they "lawyered up", therefore police did not want to talk to them.
POS Cleveland PD
worried citizen

Mabank, TX

#77 Apr 2, 2012
Our parents anniversary is coming up it will be 7 years. Nothing has been done on this case. Where was Charles Langston murdered? What are the names of the suspects? They might just be the same suspects they detained the day of my parents murdered. Let's start getting all this persons names together, it might be related. I can't believe our parents were murdered in the middle of the day and nobody saw anything. Please let us know something. We are worried sick. Thanks for any information. Love will conquer all evil.
Elizabeth L

Hopkinton, MA

#78 May 15, 2012
I can hardly believe the information about this case. It is sickening that your family has endured this trauma and continue to do so on a daily basis by not having found the killer.
I have no ties to Cleveland in any way. I found a link while reading about the rape case last year. Since then, I have followed your family's story. I am so sorry that you have no answers.
One of the articles mentioned the FBI was involved previously. Is that true?
Have you tried bringing it to the attention of Nancy Grace, Dr. Phil, etc? Based on the number of unsolved murders/disappearances in Cleveland, I would think you would get some media attention to help bring justice to your family.
Elizabeth L
P.S. I am not the same Elizabeth that posted previously

Towanda, PA

#79 May 15, 2012
cleveland tx don,t know how to solve murders and missing persons cases.since my brother disappeared they had the case solved but didn,t want to spend the money to solve a case that was not only solvable but police said they knew exact spot where my brother was buried and did nothing to dig up his remains.the press won,t help because they have certain guidlines to go by like he was missing was found then all of a sudden disappeared again.shame that a missing person or murdered person will go un noticed if there case don,t have a story to catch the eye of millions of viewers.norma we must not quit we must continue this fight for we will not die without closure.we had our voices heard people are listening but not caring one day someone will be murdered or disappear that matters to the liberty county pd.maybe someday someone will take another look at our cases the one cop who cares about humanity.the one who cares about victims familys with no closure.your case is in my prayers and my brothers disappearance don,t get attention without mentioning your parents look at missing texas forty you and your sisters pics are in this ad my brother head lines this article it,s on missing persons of america.let our voices roar and let everyone in the world listen and know we want answers.the fbi won,t help unless police request it thats alot of bull.just what are they for because i would like to know.
notRacistJustPro ud

Missouri City, TX

#80 Jun 2, 2012
Norma wrote:
I would like to see if someone could list all the unsolved murders in cleveland, texas. I have read it just keeps getting longer and longer. Please help the familys that are left behind woundering and crying everyday. Just think if it would happen to you and nobody was every arrested, pretty sick to me, if they kill once they will kill again. Please let them bring a cold case squad in to help.
The person that may have done it, his name is Clay. I use to know him, well I use to buy drugs from him many yrs ago. Back in '06 ,We were both in jail and were both on the same inmate transport bus going to court. He told me that Liberty County tried to get him on a murder charge when all it was, was self defense. He said that he was so high and messed up that he thought he was in a friends house and when "the old lady" ( not trying to be disrespectful ur parents) saw him, she screamed and threw something at him. Then the "old man" ( again no disrespect. His words, not mine ) started yelling and throwing things at him and all he was trying to do was get them to be quiet but things went wrongs. He freaked out and took off.

Now I don't know what part if any of that story is true. Again I only knew him because I use ti buy drugs off him. I don't know his last name. And I havent seen or even heard about him in a long time. Im no longer part of the drugs scene anymore. I've moved on and grew up. I did however contact Liberty County about it and they said they would look into it. I later found out that because clay was un cooperative and lack of physical evidence, they had to release him. But I really just think Liberty County and the city of cleveland r just lazy and don't really care.

I am very sorry for ur loss. I hope the day comes when u can find peace knowing the person that did this is behind bars. God is good and he doesn't like ugly. Clay or whoever did this will pay for it. And God is one tough judge. God bless u and ur family.
notRacistJustPro ud

Missouri City, TX

#81 Jun 2, 2012
concerned wrote:
We have taken this information to the cops, but hey say it is hogwash, nobody seems to care, but hopefully carmine will bite someone on the butt and something terrible will happen to them, but they say that in Cleveland, Texas the Klu Kux Klan exists and it never will be solved. Cleveland is full of white people that only want white people their, but I hope this serial killer will hurt one of your loved ones so someone can get off their butts.
I don't know what cleveland ur talking about but.cleveland tx isn't FULL OF WHITE PEOPLE......its mostly blacks. I work in cleveland so I know there r way people than white people.

New Caney, TX

#82 Jun 4, 2012
To everyone his name is Clay Heard, he is a crackhead and his name has come up, that he murdered my parents, but one day Clay what goes around comes around, and you will pay dearly.

New Caney, TX

#83 Jun 5, 2012
Hey everybody Clay Heard is where he belongs. Where he can no longer hurt anyone. Hopefully they will keep him there a long time. Maybe there he will get off of drugs.

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