Just wondering if this is going to over shadow the fact that Gov, Bill Haslam's Chief of Staff Mark Cate and Tom Ingram conspired to have Tennessee state investigators removed form investigating HR Comp Employee Leasing / Andrea Ball Rudd for operating without an insurance license while under a suspended license (insurance fraud, interfering with an investigation and evidence tampering) A month later the Governor's staff reinstated their license only for HR Comp Employee Leasing to be raided by the CRIMINAL division of the IRS and FBI several months later.

I will bet this investigation will get a whole lot bigger in scope very soon.

Why is it that for a whole year during this same time HR Comp was issuing certificates of insurance off a master policy which they did not possess. Again insurance fraud.

What is it that Andrea Ball Rudd provided the Haslam camp so important they are willing to protect them to the degree of damaging the governor's reputation. Some say the Haslams are part of a mafia involved in many illegal acts. I have heard rumors of Southern mafia. Maybe this is where the prostitution years ago comes into play. We all know the Southern mafia controls prostitution and what better place to run such an operation than Pilot Flying J rest stops and hotels. Didn't the FBI investigate 'Haslams on that too? Does anyone know if Andrea Ball Rudd has anything to do with prostitution or have connections to others who do? Wasn't there a judge or several judges associated with the Haslams that were part of their corruption.

Haven't there also been past repeatable allegations of pay-to-play business controlled politics from the Haslam camp too?

Sometimes it takes the federal government to keep the state from abusing its people.