The federal informant Shanton known as Shan mentioned in the web address at the bottom of this post like to make a name for himself by using others without them knowing. I guess that's why Shan tried to stalk his cousin Anthony Smith around without Anthony Smith knowing since 2003 to the present. Setting up Anthony Smith & having Anthony Smith incarcerated in several different States. Shan call men son's on the street like he provide for these men, when actually Shan is scared to stand in a private room with these men. Shan think these men will never catch him because Shan work as a federal informant & because these men are poor so he think nobody will listen to them & if someone does listen, Shan, along with others, will try & have these men arrested. The only reason Shan & his father Shanton known as Tobey & others are still alive is because Tobey, Shanton Sr., worked for the honorable E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home & Crematory in East Cleveland. Boyd is a Prince Hall Freemason along with his sons & they have a Grand lodge. Shan Sr. known as Tobey was part of Boyd & Son family. A black man that's a small business owner in a shit hole city like Cleveland, Ohio get respect, sometime others around them get respect & fear they don't deserve.