"Wake Up America People"

We can fix ALL of America's Real Issues!

1) Withdraw from the Free Trade Organization!
2) Abolish all Free Trade Acts!
3) Make America an Industrialized/Manufacturing Nation again, America cannot survive as a Service Industry!
4) Impose Term Limits(Two, Four year terms MAX) on all Elected Officials at all levels of Government and State and abolish the Electorial Colleges, Americas must elect the Politicians!
5) Stop all AID to foreign countries!
6) Produce what Americans Consumes in America by Americans!
7) Implement a National Healthcare Plan!
8) Bring our troops home,end all Conflicts/Wars, place our troops on America's Borders and protect America from Terrorist, Illegal Immagrants and Drugs!
9) Stop all legislation on Gun Control, Illegal Immigration, and stop attacking our Constitution, Ammendments, and Bill of Rights!
10) Reform SSI and make it the individual State's responsibility! Remove the fisical responsibility off the back of Social Security and the working peoples backs!

The above is a great START to making America Solvent and a Super Power again! Call/Write/Email your House of Reps, Senators, and President and state Enough Is Enough! Face The Real Issues, "God Bless America"

Please pass this on!