I would like for everyone to clear their thoughts for a moment and ask yourself why anything the freightLIAR five bring something to their membership they are continually turned down by their membership? Why wont their own members of their own local support them???
Answer: They are lying more than their own mouths can move. They want you to believe it is a "RACE" issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. there are only 2 of the five who are black. Of the original 11 who were terminated only 3 were black. Now think to yourself, does that seem to be racially driven? If so, against whom white males?
Maybe Mr. Woodard from the Statesville branch of the NAACP should take a look at what is the truth prior to slandering a Local that has supported the NAACP cause with large amounts of money from day one.
It is tiring to see all of these uninformed people jump aboard as they have before they actually take the time to investigate the issue. It would be like just the defense side stating their case in and then the jury reaching a verdict without hearing the other side.
WAKE UP PEOPLE the five are LYING to you and they are receiving many money donations and takingmoney from you to continue their little trips all over the country. Hey its your money that is paying their way.