Review: Nulink

Newnan, GA

#21 Jan 27, 2010
Uverse is being hooked up in my place as I write this. Luckily, the Nulink office is only a block from here. Avoid Nulink if at all possible. I've had Dish and DirecTv and they have been wonderful compared to Nulink in terms of service and price.$20 for DVR is ridiculous and good luck getting TIVO to work with Nulink. Unfortunately, in many places in Coweta county, Nulink is the only option. Customer service is shaky at best. The techs that have come out to the house (and that I have spoken to on the phone) have been excellent, to be fair. I wish those guys the best if Nulink ever goes under. The internet does pop in and out on occasion, something that I didn't experience with Windstream DSL when I used to live out in the boonies of another county. I'm not sure if joining the former monopoly evil empire of AT&T is the answer. Still, you have to admit that they really got off their butts when competition was introduced. Maybe it will be the same with Nulink.

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Savannah, GA

#22 Feb 3, 2010
I remember the channel going out We were ready to head somewhere to watch it.

I do have some channels with bad sound issues. Not the show transmission as it happens consistently through the channel.

Now you all are making me rethink my provider. Lol...


Newnan, GA

#23 Feb 3, 2010
I can't believe Nulink, I called them because my internet went out again.(BTW I’m sending this from my sister’s house, who has AT&T that she said has not gone out in years)
The person I talked to said that he was going to have someone from the local office call to setup an appointment in the next hour or so. This was yesterday. I called again to day and they said the ticket was still open to hang up and call customer service. I called a third time and spoke with their customer service. The lady I talked to was rude and did not care, she said she could have someone out MONDAY to fix the problem. 6 DAYS AFTER I FIRST CALLED. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that there was no one available. HOW CAN NO ONE BE AVALIBULE IN THE MORNING? I asked if there were any managers and she said there were two, a Chris Newnan and Michael Garrett but that she had no idea where they were and that I should try to call back later, if I wanted to talk to them.

Nulink has been out 5 times in the last 3 months and I’m still having problems. Like others on this forum, I'm done now too. I'm switching to direct tv and ATT dsl

Newnan, GA

#24 Feb 18, 2010
Just moved to Newnan, and got NuLink in Summergrove. No choice, unless I wanted ATT, and they are garbage.

We've had fantastic service. Great rates, better than DirecTv. Fast internet @ 6 mbps, and it's getting upgraded to 9 mpbs soon. Fast enough for wireless online gaming in our house.

DVR, and HD work and look great, and the techs were not bad. I didn't want them to mess with my home theater set up, so I installed the boxes myself. Everything has been good so far.

Duluth, GA

#25 Feb 19, 2010
John wrote:
Just moved to Newnan, and got NuLink in Summergrove. No choice, unless I wanted ATT, and they are garbage.
We've had fantastic service. Great rates, better than DirecTv. Fast internet @ 6 mbps, and it's getting upgraded to 9 mpbs soon. Fast enough for wireless online gaming in our house.
DVR, and HD work and look great, and the techs were not bad. I didn't want them to mess with my home theater set up, so I installed the boxes myself. Everything has been good so far.
Wow John, you sound like you work for Nulink. If you truly just move into Summergrove and are not a part of some kind of PR campaign that they are running, I would suggest that you look at Summergrove's internal forum so that you can see all of the problems Nulink has with the Summergrove comunity.

I'm kind of confused with your statements like "the techs were not bad" but yet you installed the box. Also "fantastic service. Great rates, better than DirecTv. Fast internet" this sounds like an add I would read in a newspaper. I do not know how you can even compare Nulink to Direct TV. Nulink has 30 or so HD channels and Direct TV has 100+. Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but with those statements I think you’re fake.

Newnan, GA

#26 May 11, 2010
Nolink, as I have taken to calling it, Is, at best, simply horrible. We, unfortunately, have the "bundle" /net/cable combo. The only thing that works most of the time is the cable. We have missed many calls due to the phone being out, and forget the internet. I just hope it lasts long enough for me to finish this rant.

They have a monopoly in Newnan, so they don't care about providing their customers with quality service. When you're the only game in town, screw the customer........Where else are they going to go?


#27 May 30, 2010
I'm just glad we are moving out of the summergrove community in a few weeks. Nulink is horrible, the internet is down all the time and I can't get any work done from home. What a trashy company!
Globe luver

Newnan, GA

#28 Jun 4, 2010
In the less than 2 years since Nulink took over Globe,I've seen a big decline in service.
1) More outages in the past 18 months than all of the years combined when Globe ran the business.
2)Globe used to answer the phone right away or at least within 5 minutes. Nulink has typically taken over 35 minutes and I've actually waited over 45.
3) Service used to restored within 4-5 hours at most and now it can take days.

Sad to say the old Local Globe days are gone and this county's residents face the same poor service as the rest of metro Atlanta.

United States

#29 Jun 15, 2010
I have had similar bad experiences since NuLink took over Newnan Utilities. My 9MB line goes down to 1.1 -2 MB no matter what time of day or night. My HD channels have "pixelation" and NatGeo has unsynchronized speech which is disconcerting to watch. I also have a Business line that's supposed to be 7MB download, 3MB upload and the download also goes down to 2MB whereas the upload is usually "spot-on". I have had the techs come out 3 times in the last month, and right now I am waiting for a call-back from the service supervisor. Does anyone know if there are any options in Arbor Springs Plantation?

United States

#30 Aug 10, 2010
LOL - found this forum while looking for ISP providers in the Newnan area (specifically Smokey Rd). It appears that many NuLink customers experience the same poor service that I do. Recently I was informed my 6mb connection would be upgraded to 9mb, great. What they failed to mention is that the connection can be anywhere from 1mb-4mb 75% of the time. Called customer service got the typical results posted here on this forum and eventually was told I have spyware/malware that is slowing my computer down. After wasting 2 hours of my life on the phone with their support and still no resolution I decided to look online for a new provider. Looking for a ISP that can give me what I pay for! Any suggestions?


#31 Aug 21, 2010
My family and I live off Roscoe Rd.Newlink has had a cable that runs from my yard straight up the street, 5 houses away. We have called for 3 months to come and have them bury, it move it, do something, ANYTHING! ABOUT IT! They will come and replace it every once and a while. There service sucks! We are just waiting on ATT to get to our neighborhood. Bottom line is avoid Newlink.

Attica, MI

#32 Oct 22, 2010
My problem has been with Nulink's digital cable. I live in a complex where Nulink is our only option and they've been out many times assessing and "fixing" problems. During their latest visit, the tech told me the signal was "much worse than the low end of what they consider acceptable." So there's a range? There's a minimum standard that IS acceptable? He told me trucks would be out to fix it and that should be the end of our issues but sure enough, I still have channels cutting out on me, often in the middle of something I've recorded.

Sharpsburg, GA

#33 Nov 3, 2010
I am having problems with Nu-Link in regard to seding photos via e-mail. I ise Outlook and I cannot send photos from Picasa or Kodak.
I spent an hour two months ago asking why and finally they said it was because they were switching servers and that the servers could not handle JPEGS??? I was told that in a couple of weeks it would be up and running.
I have not had a reason to send photos until now and I find the same problem. Another hour on the phone has produced no answers. I am waiting for their 'level 2' workers to talk to their upper 'level 2' workers.
Has anyone had this problem?

Newnan, GA

#34 Nov 21, 2010
I am tired of this company. Their services are horrible! You pay your bill on time and yet you never get what you pay for. For once I would like to use my internet with out a delay. They need people that know what they are doing because I am about to call it quits and find another service provider.
NuLink in Summergrove

Newnan, GA

#35 Dec 10, 2010
Does any one have ATT U-verse in summergrove. I have had nothing but problems with Nu-Link since moving here.
NuLink in Arbor Springs

Newnan, GA

#36 Dec 23, 2010
Have had on-going issues with NuLink for a few years. Terrible internet speeds, which typically range between 1.2-1.5. After many service calls and attempts to correct the issue, same results. Their Non-Customer Service Department is a waste of time and as many others have stated, they really do not seem to care. The TV reception on certain channels is poor and a few are not watchable. Same issues with pixelation and unsynchronized speech. Wish there were other options for internet. I'm hearing good things about U Verse.

Newnan, GA

#37 Jan 10, 2011
Hey mark if you are in white oak then you can get comcast! I work for them and have set up many people in white oak. You can get about 22mbps for the price that nulink offers its 3mbps internet. I am in summergrove and am stuck with this horrible Nulink. I cant even get 1mbps speed it is rediculous. i have a playstation that I try to rent and download movies from and it takes me 3 days to download a movie. its horrible.

Newnan, GA

#38 Jan 10, 2011
I love summergrove as a neighborhood and really enjoy living here.. but they are really screwing us all by not allowing comcast or Uverse or something else to service their residents. Someone on the board must be connected to nulink.

Greenville, GA

#39 Aug 5, 2011
We have been a customer with nulink for years simply because no better option is available. Through some "connections" I have learned that nulink has oversold their service. Their network infrastructure is overworked(oversold) by about 4 times what it can support. The result is intermittent loss of signal, slower than advertised(OR PAID) services, apparent problems with the "modems" and much more. There predecessor Newnan Utilities was beyond fantastic. They offered ultra fast speeds(faster than what you pay for sometimes), their service was rock solid, they communicated with you if there were issues in your area. Nu-link could resolve many of their client's problems if they would only upgrade and expand their network structure to handle the larger traffic volumes. If/WHEN U-verse or Verizon FIOS reach my area I will take great joy in dropping nu-link.

United States

#40 Aug 7, 2011
Yet again, nulink service is down after a storm. Again it happened on the weekend anf they are telling us repair crews wont be on call until monday. This is becoming a common occurence and it usually takes 3 days to get our internet and digital phone service restored. Completely unacceptable service. Call center personnel are extremely difficult to get ahold of, and they just transfer you around from dept to dept. Unfortunately, we live to far out to get another cable internet provider or nulink would have been dumped long ago!

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