Citizens of the Enotah Circuit: We are facing Judgeship elections in Nov. that may be the most important for several reasons. First we have a court system TOTALLY dominated by a judge [Barrett] who has abused his position and power for so long that he has become convinced he is beyond the reach of the citizens of the Enotah Circuit.He has counted on the Business Power Structure getting out enough votes to put him back in office AND FOR THE CITIZENS TO BE TOO COMPLACENT AND LAZY TO SHOW UP AT THE BALLOT BOX AND VOTE HIM OUT! THIS CITIZEN COMPLACENCY MUST STOP AND WHILE THE JUDGE IS THERE TO ADMINISTER THE COURT AND APPLY THE LAW...THE COURTS BELONG TO THE CITIZENS NOT TO THE JUDGES!!!! THIS IS SOMETHING JUDGE BARRETT WILL NEVER RECOGNIZE AND HE MUST BE REMOVED.ANYONE THAT CAN TREAT LAWYERS, STAFF, WITNESSES, LITIGANTS AND JURORS THE WAY HE DOES, SHOWS HE HAS NO COMPREHENSION AND NEVER WILL THAT HE IS A PUBLIC SERVANT NOT A PUBLIC GOD!. THIS SAD EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING MUST GO! ASK YOURSELF WOULD YOU WANT THIS MAN TO JUDGE THE FUTURE OF AND DETERMINE THE PUNISHMENT OF YOUR CHILD?