Does anyone out there know what is going on with the investigations into Sheriff Borders about any of the Boys that was raped at his Green Isle Boys Ranch anytime from 1989 to 2010, we know the case of the last five boys raped was given LCSO
Case#: 09191988 and Borders blocked the investigations at ever step. When these atrocities committed against these boys 11-15 hit the TV and the fact that Borders was a founding board member and was covering up everything hit local TV on March 3, 2010, the next day on February 4, 2010 Borders sent two detectives Fawn Tomon and Mike Miller to the suspect Tyler Jacksons house in Crystal River, Fl to interview him. On that same day @ 10AM Detectives Poitevent and Yoho also interviewed Taylor at the Crystal River High school. Then they later claimed he was arrested and prosecuted for the rapes. At the same time he was still on the streets of Citrus County and got a domestic violence hearing filed by his boyfriend and is still walking the streets of Citrus County.

What is particularly interesting about the investigation into the jail inmate Andrew Washburn who told everyone he and Borders were having sex in Borders office when Borders was the jail major. Washburn told everyone that Borders give him a Toyota p/u to keep his mouth shut. Well! How did that work for Borders? Not very well Washburn was bragging to everyone even telling people that a jailer by the name of Eric was delivering him to Major Borders officer and the jailer witnessed at least part their interlude.

We are wondering if this investigation is still ongoing and maybe just taking three years like the Penn State grand jury investigation took. For sure Washburn never got the state pen time he should have got for the burglary and some say that's because his father intervened and probably threatened Borders with ratting him out about what was going on with his son. Now we notice that Washburn is still on state probation but they have moved his probation to the Orlando office and blocked his permanent address! Seems they don't want him found!

Even locally over the last 2-3 years teachers and coaches have been arrested for child sex abuse! Recently some old man from Plantation was arrested in Leesburg for stalking a male Leesburg High student! Everybody has been arrested but Gary Borders. He's had protection! The governor knows all about this and needs to "get to work" getting Gary Borders the sexual abuser in jail!

The good thing about all of this is when it finally comes to light and everyone stops lying and covering up all of Borders sexcapades and many are forced to confess how long they have been lying and covering for him this story will make Penn State look like a kindergarten play!