Anyone have memories of downtown Clem...
Linda S

Speculator, NY

#714 Jun 5, 2012
Wow, haven't been in here for awhile and very interested in the last post. I grew up on Narragansett Ave and will assume the house you refer to is the one at the end of the street since the entire time I lived there it was never occupied. The only thing I will say on the matter is that whenever we had to go anywhere near the place we took a wide berth around it. We also swore we heard noises from inside all the time but nobody ever believes kids.

If that isn't the house you refer to at least describe the exterior and I will be happy to share any stories from when I grew up.

Since: Jun 12

Collingswood, NJ

#715 Jun 6, 2012
Thank you so much for your reply! I canít remember exactly where on the street this house is, though I know it is on the right if you are coming off Berlin Rd., and I think it is closer to the Berlin Rd. end of the street. To narrow it down, the house # is between 20 and 30, if that helps at all. It was a bungalow with a completely enclosed front porch, lots of trees on the lot, and maybe yellow or beige or pink with green trim. On Google Earth, it appears to be around the middle of the block.

Whether or not it is the same house you mention, I would still love to hear your stories of your experiences while growing up!

Haddonfield, NJ

#716 Jun 13, 2012

Washington, MI

#717 Jul 2, 2012
Don't forget the Sweet Shop next to the movies and Rudy's deli and meats. I can still smell the pickles in the barrel. The shoe store that sold Buster Browns and the 5 and 10.

Plano, TX

#718 Jul 13, 2012
Paula Lillie wrote:
Hey Connie, I was married at St. Mary's too in 76. That was the first husband.
Does anyone remember Father Trask? I totally loved that man like a father. I lived a block away from him at 15 Indian Springs Rd. I would let myself in his house walk right past his daughter Anna playing outside and his wife in the kitchen and climb up on his sofa with him to watch Phillies games. Not one of them ever said "kid, what are you doing here or anything." They were a great family.
<quoted text>
Interesting! I lived at that exact address when I was in my teens, back in the mid- to late-70s. There a few other kids along Indian Springs Rd. who were my age, so it was a nice street. I have a feeling... reading some of these comments that Clementon was a much nicer place to live before the 70s. The big change in the town when I lived there is that the Acme store caught fire... and it remained a empty parking lot for quite a while.
Bill Roach

Redkey, IN

#719 Jul 21, 2012
Gale Lederer Sayers wrote:
I remember the 4:00 acts at the lake, & couldn't remember the great dane's name but as soon as I saw Moonie I could picture that big horse. Larry, I remember a Mike's little zoo, I think it was in Pine Hill or Erial off of Hickstown Rd. Does that sound familiar? A reunion would be great. I think it would break hearts to see what has happened to Clementon Lake Park, our childhood playground. Helene, I don't remember the girl's softball team. I see you live in NH, it's beautiful up there, you're close to Franconia Notch aren't you? Used to go camping up there 25-30 years ago with several other Clementonians.
....I worked at Mikes' Zoo for several years while going to school in Pine Hill and Overbrook. It was off of Little Mill Road, off of Hickstown Rd. south end of Pine Hill. Donald Trump how owns the land and locked up with the Golf Course. 2011 I was back in Pine Hill and with the help of the Chief of Police we tried to locate the old zoo. A few iron bars and the old foundation of the house is all that is left and lots of great memories of days gone by......
Bill Roach

Redkey, IN

#720 Jul 21, 2012
Andy wrote:
FIve points didn;t burn down. It was torn down when WAWA bought it. Along with Mulligans store that was attached to it. Connie's is still there but is now called the Lucky Star. If you are thinking if taking kids there to eat, forget it munless you put ear muffs on to block out the profanity. It is for sale now again.
....spent many of hours at Connies Grill as a kid. My Mother dated Johnny Schmidt for many years. Lots of memories.....
Bill Roach

Redkey, IN

#721 Jul 21, 2012
sal wrote:
<quoted text>
Kevin little Mikes Zoo was indeed in pine hill off of little mill road but not near the top of ski mountain but at the Bottom. Along the telegraph pole lines. I should know my family was friends with him in the 60's and early 70's and as a little kid my father and uncle would take me there to trap shoot on the property. Mike only had one arm but could still shoot a gun. As a 6 years old in 1969 it was terrifying to watch a chimpanzee in a cage reach around and try to unlock the cage the Cheetah was
I worked at Mikes for several years feeding and caring for the animals while attending school in Pine Hill....lots of memories.....
Bill Roach

Redkey, IN

#722 Jul 21, 2012
Paula wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Kevin,
My ex-husband's relatives owned the zoo. It was in their yard technically. My ex is Lee Luciana of Ashland, Cherry Hill. Never met the zoo keepers though or been to the zoo.
.....Mikes Little Zoo started out off of Berlin Cross Keys Rd just south of Turnersville Rd into Pine Hill. Albion/Pine Hill. Mike "One Arm Mike" Kovachevich and Betty "Birty" McCouch started it. Mike lost his arm hunting when he was 13 and was a bartender at Richies and later Five Points. Betty was the Sister of Perk who owned the supermarket in Pine Hill. They were best friends with my Mother along with Mikes Sister Mary. All deceased. I worked at Mikes' Zoo as a teenager for several years tending to the animals. One of my claims to fame is; that I've been bitten, scratched, clawed, spit on, pissed on and stepped on by ever known animal on earth {:-}" Mikes Little Zoo ended up off of Little Mill Rd. south end of Pine Hill in the mid 50ies. Many of the animals were loaners awaiting trans-port, and quarantine. They were brought into the U.S. by another Jersey local Warren Buck, known as Uncle Warren. No relation to the famed animal hunter Frank Buck. During the mid, to late 60ies Mike started to sell off what was left of the animals he owned. Burglars broke into their house and set it on fire late one nigh and that pretty much brought an end to the Zoo. 2011 I returned to Pine Hill leaving 40 yrs prior for Viet'Nam and never coming back. I put together a small reunion for "Kids" I grew up with. Not many of us left. While back in Pine Hill I connected with the local Chief of Police and we went back to where Mikes Zoo would have been now owned by Donald Trump and locked in by a Golf Course. Nothing left of the old Zoo, Mother Nature reclaimed everything. A few steel bars from the lion and tiger cages and the old foundation of the house and one has to dig through the underbrush just to find them. All that is left of Mikes Little Zoo is me, memories and a few pictures......{:-{
Bill Roach

Redkey, IN

#723 Jul 21, 2012
Barbara Flanigan Kirkwood wrote:
I LOVED Mike's Little Zoo! I don't know how this happened, but they once sold my mother a chimpanzee when I was in grade school. That monkey was insane. After a few months she gave it back.
<quoted text>
....Barbara the Chimps name was Marion {:-}' I raised her in part...she was more human then most humans.
Bill Roach

Redkey, IN

#724 Jul 21, 2012
Connie Klotz Clark wrote:
<quoted text>woods or a dump
....It was my home for many of summers growing up in Pine Hill. From the top you could see all of Philly. Rumor was that George Washington ran around there with several camps. In the 50ies and 60ies we found many sites that could have been. On the exact location of the Restaurant/clubhouse for the golf course there once stood a log fort that many of us kids at the time from Pine Hill built. It took a few years to build it, and shortly after finish the forest service build a fire trail up the side of the hill. It took two bulldozers to bring it down. Prior to that, just a hill.
mark schafer

Tampa, FL

#725 Jul 27, 2012
There was a murder on Narraganset ave in the 80's a man stabbed his roomate over an argument about food!!!!!

New Egypt, NJ

#727 Aug 12, 2012
Linda wrote:
Another memory from East Clementon....Diodati's cabs at the end of Narragansett Ave. We weren't supposed to use their driveway to go over to Jerome Terrace but since we hated walking our bikes up the hill at the end of the street we did anyway but as fast as we could so we didn't get caught and yelled at!
I remember well the Millers, Lemmas, Lyons and Maxwell families that were my neighbors. I remember Jim Corson who had a nephew who visited that was blind. I am still amazed to this day how he could hold a 45 RPM record to his ear and know which one that it was. And of course the Deckers across the street. The Rizzo's and Mitchell's from Smith Terrace and the Springers from Rancocas. Hobans on Jerome and O'Hara's on Pawnee.
And most importantly....I remember Atlantic City in it's glory days. I have been there twice since the transformation and have no desire to return. Although I did finally get to go inside Lucy the Elephant which was a huge thrill for me since I never had the chance as a child.
It's a shame I have found this after the bulk of the conversations have occurred and the luster seems to have worn off. I know many of the persons (or at least am familiar with their families from hearing tales) to know that I would have enjoyed participating in the previous repartees. Ah well, I always have been a late bloomer I suppose! Nevertheless, I wish all of you well. We were part of something unique and special and it is a pleasure to have shared it with you.
My husband and I moved to Clementon about 2 years ago and I love to read up on the history. I just saw your post about the Rizzos...they still live on Smith, Charlie and his wife are our neighbors. They are very sweet! Our street is wonderful and old fashioned, the Rizzos bake cookies for everyone around Christmas and all of the new younger couples share tomatoes from our gardens and fresh eggs, and even fresh crabs from fishing trips! The women at the end of the street has lived here forever too. We live in Edna Boyd's old house, next to the vacant lot (we were told that Edna lived in a house there originally, but moved here when it burnt down.) I love all the posts of what clementon was, I wish we could have been here then.
Carol richards brown

The Colony, TX

#728 Aug 15, 2012
i remember Didios and their family, it may not be spe;;ed right. I belive micky married a girl from pine Hill. We use to all run around together, Sonny Zein Micky and I have forgoten all the girld named
Verna Goss
#729 Aug 16, 2012
Hey Everybody, My Mom was Shirley Conley, she grew-up on Mohawk Ave (I think) and she was captian of the Clementon Park swim team. She was one of those crazy People who dove off the high tower, had lots of trophies and ribbons to prove it. She and my Dad (Jim English) met at Watsontown Skate Rink. Anybody out their remember them? Would love to hear from you.
Bill F wrote:
<quoted text> Hey Clementon Folks, My family owned Phillips Drug store, next to St. Mary's Church. I certainly remember all the weekends spent at Clementon Park, the movies and the triangle. Remember when Roland (Shock
Theater) came to Clementon?
Also, all the summer days swimming in Apple Lake and of course Clementon. Anyone brave enough to dive from the tower at Clementon Lake? How many romances developed at that Park???? Snake dances through the town during football season at Overbrook, then the bon fire on the field. Those were the "good ol' days" I could spend a whole night remembering all the good times and all the good friends from Clementon. Hope to read more about the folks from Clementon.
Carol richards brown

The Colony, TX

#730 Aug 16, 2012
I use to skate at the watsontown rink evey night but cant remember most names. I do remember the firworks at Clementon park they were great also a fellow use to play the spoons on the merry go roundI live in Tx now but really miss the small town feeling I had in Clementon and Berlin. We never know how good things are till much later,its a change things have to change.There it was safe to walk down the street at night.I remember a big dog that use to walk sdown the street and noone would go near it.I think it belonged to a owner at a locl bar ib Clementon

Clementon, NJ

#731 Aug 24, 2012
I haven't been on this page for a while because I'm usually on Facebook--especially the Clementon FB page. However, a few months ago, I was in downtown Clementon and saw that shopping center that replaced the downtown stores. It's better than nothing, but as far as I'm concerned in regard to the older downtown: "If it wasn't broke, why fix it?" It really felt different to me being in Clementon recently and nowadays, I feel more at home in Downtown Haddonfield, Center City Philadelphia, or Midtown Manhattan.
Wayne Reese

Dunedin, FL

#732 Aug 28, 2012
Barbara wrote:
Hi, I lived in Clementon most of my life and am now writing a memoir. I have so many memories of the Lake, the Park and the town but was hoping some of you would refresh my memory with your own.
I remember most of the shops, Sids Jewelry, the Triangle, the bank, Premier Toy Land, Frish's Dept Store, Pete's Little Cigar Store.
What do you remember?
Clementon Water World, WTF!!!!
Kathy Bevan Smith

Palm Harbor, FL

#733 Sep 5, 2012
Do you remember the people who lived in the 3rd house on the left on Erial Road? They moved to Florida in the 80's and we knew them down here....funny, because we used to live in the 2nd house on Woodland....our last name was Bevan, you may have known Eddie or David...I was only 6 when we moved and my twin sisters were only 3.
Connie wrote:
<quoted text> Gibbs school has been gone for years, it's gone. They built a new school off of Erial Rd, below Scott Ave back in the 80's..for the brief time we were there my boys went for a marking period, my younger son was in 1st grade and he had Mrs. Bove, my first grade is called Clementon Elementary school..also Lindenwold no longer goes to Overbrook, they have their own high school...kind of sad, just think of all the Lindenwold kids we would have never been friends with. I grew up on Woodland of Erial Rd.. haven't lived there in over 30 yrs, but do go back every couple years to see family and friends and to eat good food....I was class of 74 :)
Kathy Bevan Smith

Palm Harbor, FL

#734 Sep 5, 2012
My mother used to live on Naragansett in late 49 and early 50's....I asked her if she'd come on this site. Her name is Marilyn Bevan.
Linda A wrote:
Thank you so much for your reply! I canít remember exactly where on the street this house is, though I know it is on the right if you are coming off Berlin Rd., and I think it is closer to the Berlin Rd. end of the street. To narrow it down, the house # is between 20 and 30, if that helps at all. It was a bungalow with a completely enclosed front porch, lots of trees on the lot, and maybe yellow or beige or pink with green trim. On Google Earth, it appears to be around the middle of the block.
Whether or not it is the same house you mention, I would still love to hear your stories of your experiences while growing up!

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