Anyone have memories of downtown Clem...

Mount Royal, NJ

#694 Jan 5, 2012
Living right behind the Acme on top of the hill the parking lot ride down with there carts only stopping because of the carts across the tracks to Grubers stop at Pete's on way to Gibbs school. Weekends premier toy land or stop at SIDS for treat. Movies remember how big deal it was when Sally Star- Three Stooges came, cost a quarter. Would go towards Clementon lake park to find Terry in the pool hall at the feed store. Summers were the three of us riding tubes down Clementon rd to the part where we would swim allday play in the arcade n pretty much follow Terry's orders till we got home. Also go to Grants and fish in Rowan's pond behind. Lumber yard was playground. Terry loved coming back to Clementon, may he rest in peace

Murrayville, IL

#695 Jan 5, 2012
Linda wrote:
Oddly enough, the only place outside of Philly that I have ever had a decent cheese steak was in Summerville South Carolina. The owners were Philly transplants and even had Tastykakes in house to make it better!
I haven't been to Clementon for a few years but the last time I was there the Gibbs school was all boarded up. Where do the kids go to school now and why was the building abandoned? Has it been demolished or is it just sitting there derelict as it was when I saw it?
Gibbs school has been gone for years, it's gone. They built a new school off of Erial Rd, below Scott Ave back in the 80's..for the brief time we were there my boys went for a marking period, my younger son was in 1st grade and he had Mrs. Bove, my first grade is called Clementon Elementary school..also Lindenwold no longer goes to Overbrook, they have their own high school...kind of sad, just think of all the Lindenwold kids we would have never been friends with. I grew up on Woodland of Erial Rd.. haven't lived there in over 30 yrs, but do go back every couple years to see family and friends and to eat good food....I was class of 74 :)
Ed Rufe

Cape May, NJ

#696 Jan 5, 2012
Never meet Frank, the school is built on swamp land. The towm merged the Fire Co's in May of 91. Watsontown FC is an auto shop now. Grants is vacant ( the whole building ). The kids go to school k - 8 in Clementon then to Pine Hill HS ( Overbrook ). The Quaker store on Berlun Rd is closed ( after Higgins on left ). Only the tennis courts remain at Gibbs. Al Capones mansion is still back there at the Scout reservation. Lake Worth is now homes. The last time I was back off of Rancocas the Archery building was still there.
Gary Thompson

Schererville, IN

#697 Jan 28, 2012
Linda wrote:
Ahhhh well, I have a few minutes so I'll post some more. I remember the hoagie sales every year at the Fire Dept., Mitchell's Tavern (and junk yard) sledding down Smith Terrace and the never ending walk back to the top! Helmbold's Bakery. I remember the path that started at the end of the road that went through the woods to Apple Lake. The blackberry bushes about 3/4 of the way there. I remember that we had paths through everyone's yard to get to someone else's and it was ok to jump over the fence.Sneaking down to Grant's when I was 7 and shoplifting.....and getting caught!(never ever forgot THAT lesson!)I remember that lunch in school was 30 cents and I got 40 cents every day which meant I could spend 5 cents on 5 pretzels at school and then 5 cents at Pete's after school before my mother was done with work and drove me home. Walking up Berlin Rd past the store and then past the woods with the "mysterious" road in the middle that we always expected a monster to come out of.(across from Buffo's......does anyone know where that road went?) Tap dancing at Mrs. Eppleman's dance school. Playing the piano at the Hideaway until the patrons couldn't stand it any longer! Taking lessons across the street at Mrs. Barton's. Getting the leftover doughnuts at the end of the day at the other bakery in town for nothing because they were closing and wanted to get rid of them.
Linda, from what I remember that mysterious road led back to the end of Lee ave. There was a house back there to the left as you came to Lee ave. and they used to have about three dogs that went crazy when they saw us walking back there. I remember the road was all sand. If you went to the right when you came to Lee ave it would lead you to Delaware ave. Along the way on your right was the foundation of an old house. Gary Babel an I used to find nails and old boards there to build our tree houses. On your left was an old fire lane that would laed you to Apple lake road. When you reached Apple Lake road to your right was the Blackmans house. They were my Grandparents. My house was just on the other side of them. Just past my house was the Lush's. Across from me was the Riekmans (no sure of the spelling)Rufe's and Babel's.

Tarpon Springs, FL

#698 Jan 28, 2012
what about orangemans day at the park,eddie meyers bar,and seafood joint across from park gates,rowboats at the park, the time the owner of the movies promised miss america,big crowds a no show.vern at the poolroom "hey baby" park grille now blue moon! old la casas bar! great place for a 10 yr. old to move to! candy store across from borough hall!I could write a book.Al capones summer mansion on boy scout lake!

San Antonio, TX

#699 Feb 24, 2012
My family used to go to Blue Mirror Lake all summer during the 60s and early 70s. Alma and Bill Frost ran the place. There was a really cool slide, maypole and trampoline plus diving boards and you could rent a canoe or speed boat with water skis...Does anyone else remember this place?
Tom C

Greenfield, IN

#700 Feb 25, 2012
comes join the Clementon FACEBOOK page with 421 members and 304 Old and new Photos and about 8 videos OLD and new click here Many names you will already know -
Karen Grace

Berlin, NJ

#701 Feb 25, 2012
Isn't it amazing with all the internet we have, I can't find anything about Old Watsontown Skating Rink. I too was there alot, and would be happy for a reunion but also no roller skates for me!!!
Linda wrote:
<quoted text>
I'd be happy to attend a reunion and watch but as my hips are about the only bones that I haven't broken there just ain't no way I'm putting the skates on EVER again....even if I do still have them!
If you were there for the Saturday or Sunday afternoon skating then you couldn't have missed me.....I was sort of like the skating rink equivalent of the American Bandstand regulars.
Les Goodman

United States

#702 Mar 1, 2012
Does anyone remember the old hooker who would stand outside of the railroad crossings? Man we had some fun and made some good memories with her!

Norristown, PA

#703 Mar 5, 2012
Les Goodman wrote:
Does anyone remember the old hooker who would stand outside of the railroad crossings? Man we had some fun and made some good memories with her!
Ha! Sure I remember Marie! She actually lives in Clementon with her kids--yes, she had kids! She's totally out of her mind nowadays. Probably from all the partying and drugs. I was her regular customer!

Scottsdale, AZ

#704 Mar 18, 2012
Ken Haller wrote:
Hi all
I lived in Lindenwold from 1948 to 1961. Had a grate time at the Park in Clementon, almost every weekend. I attended Overbrook and graguated in 1961. I did come back in 1986 for a 25th reunion and hope top come back for a 50th. It was a great palce to grow up. I also rember going to Little Tonys restaurant on the White Horse Pike. In fact I met Tony in Ohio a few years ago. I gave live in Arizona since 1965. But hereing everyone talk about home brings back a lot of good memories.
Thank You All

Scottsdale, AZ

#705 Mar 18, 2012

Indianapolis, IN

#706 Apr 9, 2012
Kevin Schug wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi, I was wondering if you could give me more information about Mike's Zoo. My friend and I keep hearing about a zoo in Clementon but we can never find any info about it anywhere. If you could please email with anything regarding the zoo that would be great.
[email protected]
Thank You,
Kevin little Mikes Zoo was indeed in pine hill off of little mill road but not near the top of ski mountain but at the Bottom. Along the telegraph pole lines. I should know my family was friends with him in the 60's and early 70's and as a little kid my father and uncle would take me there to trap shoot on the property. Mike only had one arm but could still shoot a gun. As a 6 years old in 1969 it was terrifying to watch a chimpanzee in a cage reach around and try to unlock the cage the Cheetah was

Moorestown, NJ

#707 Apr 30, 2012
I remember skating at Watsontown Skating Rink. For 1970 and most of '71, I used to go skating there on Saturday night, and to Glendora on Friday night.
I met a certain boy at Glendora and told him about the Watsontown rink. One weekend, he was going to try Watsontown rink with me, but that never happened because of the fire at Watsontown rink. I remember on the following weekend, especially on Friday night, when the population at Glendora rink doubled!

Hammonton, NJ

#708 May 10, 2012
I forgot a lot of the 50's and 60's during the 70's so sorry can't help you out.
Obama Eats Dogs

Berlin, NJ

#709 May 16, 2012
Hot dogs and roller coasters. Swimming and good food. Not expensive like Disneyland, but better. The real thing. A liberal's nightmare of fun, freedom and adventure for kids. All but gone now. NO swimming, NO hiking, No bike riding, NO fishing, NO Nothing! And make sure you wear a helmet in case you fall off the toilet or your bicycle. Regulation nation is here.
cliff wilkins

Berlin, NJ

#710 May 21, 2012
LaCassa's is a parking lot for Clementon Park.The pool hall was Frank's pool hall that whole row of stores is gone along with the arco.A drug store is there now.Pete's cigar store is a seafood store now.

Roseville, MI

#711 May 27, 2012
LaCassas is now johny walkers. eddies palm gardens is now a parking lot.

Since: Jun 12

Collingswood, NJ

#712 Jun 1, 2012
Hello Clementonians,

Though I grew up in Runnemede, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading through all your fond memories since finding this thread yesterday. I have a love of local history in general, so I can still appreciate all the details you all mention, even though I did not experience most of them myself, since I grew up in a different small town. I still have fond memories of Clementon Lake Park, The Park Grille, Nardi’s Deli, Glendora Skating Rink, and camping trips at the Pine Hill Scout Reservation with my youngest son. You can see what has been claimed to be Al Capone’s Pine Valley house while fishing at the same lake, though on the opposite side. I also have memories of a bar called Domenic’s, I think? Maybe that was in Laurel Springs. We used to go there to shoot pool.

I lived in Erial for 7 years, so I am very familiar with Pine Hill and Clementon. Today I reside in Collingswood. When I last took my youngest son to Clementon Lake Park about 4 years ago, despite all the changes, it had retained enough of its original features to still feel like a familiar experience for me. I was sad when I learned that the Jack Rabbit was no longer there, though. But the whip ride was, and I rode it too, along with my son!

I found this thread while researching haunted houses in Clementon. I used to be a real estate agent. There was a vacant house on the market on Narragansett Ave., and despite it being for sale during the real estate boom, it took 3 or 4 years to finally sell. It was priced well, charming, on a nice dead-end street where other families lived, and in fairly good condition. I couldn’t figure out why it took so long to sell, other than that it was haunted, and only the “right” buyers would do for the invisible spirit(s) who already occupied the house. I showed it several times over the years, to different sets of buyers. No one was biting, other than the spirit(s) who already lived there. One of the neighbors told me that most people who came to see the house were in and out in a matter of a few minutes.

The house was vacant, and all utilities had been shut off. As I held the lockbox in my hand to retrieve the key, it vibrated in my hand, which had never happened before or since. While inside, I kept hearing a vibrating noise, sort of like when your cell phone is on vibrate, but no one but me could hear it. We all checked our phones but came up empty-handed. No one had their phone on vibrate, and no one had missed any calls or had any messages.

The kicker was when we were down in the dark basement. A basketball came hurtling across the room towards us, as if purposefully and forcefully thrown. It didn’t just fall from a rafter where it had been tucked away. It had to have been thrown to travel as fast and as horizontally as it did. When it lost momentum, it dropped to the floor and stopped rolling just at our feet. My buyers exclaimed that though they were planning on putting in an offer, they no longer were interested due to the house being haunted. Cont’d below…

Since: Jun 12

Collingswood, NJ

#713 Jun 1, 2012

The listing agent told me that the current owner moved out 5 months after moving in, b/c she could no longer afford the place, which didn’t make sense to me. Why not continue to live there for as long as possible? That’s what most other people do. I believe the spirit(s) drove her out. The only things left inside were a child’s bed and one lone toy in an upstairs bedroom. Perhaps one of her own children had passed while she lived there, and she could no longer bear staying in the house.

Each time thereafter that I showed this house, nothing at all out of the ordinary happened, other than a small stray black cat being outside, desperately trying to get inside. I took pictures but the developed prints showed nothing. One of the neighbors told me that once upon a time, an older man lived there alone, and while he did, lightning struck one of the trees on the side. When I inspected this tree, I found a large scar on the trunk from the strike. But other than that, there wasn’t anything unusual mentioned.

Anyone here still live on Narragansett, or know anyone who does? Can anyone here share any past or recent experiences or stories about any haunted houses on that street? I will never forget that house or what I experienced while inside, and it continues to haunt my memory to this day, when I think about it. I hesitate to mention the house number, out of respect for the privacy of the current owners (someone finally bought it). I would love to go knock on their door and ask about any experiences they’ve had while living there.

Linda A.

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