Review: Puppy Palace
tinas coming home

Anderson, IN

#69 Nov 2, 2009
store is for sale, he offered it to a rescue shelter, i know because i work there) thought that was a nice gesture but we cant afford our facility, let alone another one) I CAN TELL U YOUR BEST OPTION IS BUYING FROM AN INDEPENDENT FAMILY. pet stores usually treat for parasites, like we do but the problem is, they are poop eaters so things pass from one to another..n im sorry to say, shelters are the worse, i love my job because i know in my heart i am doing good by them, but the emotional and physical baggage they come in with, is to much to bear..our percentage of returns is off the chart

United States

#70 Nov 3, 2009
kim wrote:
this place is horrible. i bought my american bulldog from there, best dog in the world but he came with parasites, then we find out he has a problem with his testicles so now he can not be bred and has to have his testicles removed from his stomach which is really expensive. Since this is a genetic problem the shop is suposed to compensate for all the bills. We call everyday and constantly go to the store, where the owner is never there and never returns our calls. the only people that work there are girls who do not know anything about the dogs or the finacial end of it.Not only that, but they charged me twice for the payments which took me forever to get refunded. HORRIBLE. never go here for a dog.i feel sorry for the puppies there.
Sorry to hear you're pup has those issues. At least both the parasites & cryptorchidism (testicals that havn't desended) can be treated with few complications. The cryptorchid surgery is done like a Spay Sx which is more invasive & of course costs more than a rutine neuter Sx. The problem with parasites is reinfecting them selves (can depend on the type of parasite exp.Hookworms are absorbed through the skin/pads of the feet & all can be ingested by eating the poop) and/or passing it onto other pets who walk in the area that your pup poops in.

If you havn't already, do some research on the Pet Lemon Law in NJ & Checkout some of the links I left in one of the previous comments above.
I started to raise $ for my pup's vet bill through the sales of my eBay store! GarfilaESalesNJ

Good Luck with your Pup & I hope everything works out ok for the both of you!
puppy palace customer

Pottstown, PA

#71 Nov 8, 2009
There are some puppy stores that do sell healthy puppies, that come from the right places and do things the right way. Puppy Palace is NOT one of them. The owner has his dogs delievered in a big van that pulls around back and unloads like 50 puppies from small dirty cages. No reputable breeder that actually cares about their puppies would ever let there puppies be put in that kind of situation and conditions. They have so many sick dogs and unhappy customers that the spca website actually has them on there opening page warning people about them. There employees are not friendly there is always poop in the bins and there food and water is always covered in woodchips and they do nothing about it. This puppy store is LAST place to go and buy a puppy from.

Willingboro, NJ

#73 Jan 5, 2010 people need lives.

Clifton Heights, PA

#74 Jan 6, 2010
girlwhoknowsaboutdogs wrote:
lindsay, thats called a parasite its very common in dogs that eat poop, and it cant kill them in 3 days haha i know because my dogs gets it all the time from eat poop im my back yard. if you dont know anything about dogs dont open your mouth
pretty brash for someone who leaves dog poop in their own backyard for their own dog to eat!!!! clean your yard slob!! and your dog wont get parasites

Clifton Heights, PA

#75 Jan 6, 2010
any truth to a rumor that the clementon store is under quarentine since last week because of a parvo outbreak? and if so why would they still be selling any sick or healthy dogs to unknowing consumers!!! thats fraudulent business practice. im watching you puppy palace everyday, until your quarentine is cleared. oh and bob, your pizza sux too!! new owner new shmowner, prolly a relative that dont know [email protected] about animals!!

Bensalem, PA

#76 Jan 13, 2010
I have done a little research, unfortunately, after purchasing a dog from Puppy Palace at the Moorestown Mall. The dog has a cough and "thier" vet has seen him twice. The dog still has a cough. I checked the background on these people and it's slimy. Turns out they have been selling sick dogs to several people and not doing anything about it. Check out this website. Fyi.... DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

Mount Laurel, NJ

#77 Jan 22, 2010
Do not buy puppies at Puppy Palace! I know a lot of people who bought dogs from there and had died or has been really sick! It is terrible how they treat their puppies at Puppy Palace, I have heard that the puppies do not come from breeders, they just tell you so you buy the dog. The owner is also very rude!

“Black Velvet & Tea Roses”

Since: Jan 10

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#79 Jan 23, 2010
puppies still available?
Dog buyer

Piscataway, NJ

#80 Jan 26, 2010
Puppy palace is careless store. I purchased a morkie form there after seeing how careless they are in thecare of their dogs. We saw a dog having bloody bowl movements and they took the dog out for a little bit and we returnedthe next day and the dog was in the bin with the dog we wanted and drinking from the same bowl and all. we bought the dog but she was sick and started coming down with the same symtoms as the other dog. we took her to banfield and she was labled as unfit to be sold. she had an upper respiratory problem ear mites kennle cough intestinal problems also. we decided to pay for the bills because we wanted to keep her and my little sister would have been devestated to lose her. banfield told us that puppy palace should be responsible to pay for the medication so we took the bills to the store. we went 5 times and all of the visits he was not there and would not answer calls from his own employees! he then sent a letter stating he would pay $168 dollars which was my last payment on the dog and add another $40 to his bill. well not only was this a lie that he didnt do but he had the nerve to take that money out of my account and not notify me. i am now in a bigger problem because when i found out about this i went to the bank to freeze my account. but also he left puppy palce and now it is under new management. this is poor buisness habbits and i will be reporting his buisness or FORMER buisness to the ASPCA!!!!

Medford, NJ

#81 Jan 30, 2010
If no one bought from this store than they would NOT be able to sell sick puppies. But people keep BUYING which allows them to stay in business - so do not complain when you get a sick puppy mill victim. What is worse is the living conditions of the puppy mill parents who are forced to pump out pup after pup. That is their life, confined to a small wired cage for years with no vet care or socialization. It is a life of pain, misery and loneliness. DO NOT BUY FROM PET STORES.

Pennsauken, NJ

#82 Feb 1, 2010
I bought a Border Collie from the Atco store and was given a coupon to take my pup to Banfield. Upon arriving at Banfield and giving them the sales slip showing the information on the pup they immediately tested for Parvo. Apparently the litter he came from had been infected with the virus and I was told by Banfield that some of the pups had died I upset but my pup was not showing any signs that he had the virus. Dookie tested negative and I called the store as soon as I left Banfield and notified them that though I received the coupon for the visit it did not cover the parvo test. The girl that answered the phone told me to come in and get a refund for the test. I have no problems with the store they were very nice to me when I went in 4 times looking for a furry family member and kept going for the 4 month old Border Collie that had been passed by so many times for those cute little yorkies, the lady there gave me information on the breed and answered every question I had. I will say this the next time I am looking for a new family member I will not be shopping for 1, I will be adopting 1 after buying dookie I realized that I am a part of a big problem animals are being put to death every day be someone like me did not give them a chance.

Fairview Village, PA

#83 Feb 1, 2010
Lindsay wrote:
<quoted text>
my boyfriend and i bought a puppy from there and they were very nice and answered all questions. the day we got our puppy, he was sick. he has been throwing up ever since we had him. he was diagnosed with kennel cough and are only paying us back for cost of medicine which is only 25 dollars. we are paying alot to get him to better health. also while we were there, puppies in other bins were having diarrhea with blood, that kills them within 3 days. something should be done.
Did your puppy recover? I hope he or she did. My puppy did, but it took over $1000.00 out of our pocket. Puppy Palace only paid for the initial visit even though the problem persisted for months. I love my puppy so I would never have given him back. Hope it went well for you too!

San Francisco, CA

#84 Mar 10, 2010
I am sooo sorry to hear about your pets..but thank you for the info..I was about to go there to buy a puppy for my sons..but guess Im not, now that I am reading this..Good Luck All

Philadelphia, PA

#85 Mar 13, 2010
Puppy Pee and Poo wrote:
My puppies from there are great! No complaints!
the puppies amy be great but you should see the way the breeder dogs live!
j money

United States

#86 Mar 18, 2010
I just want to let everyone know that the puppy palace in the moorestown mall was shut down they sold sick dogs and a dog there was taken out do to parvo the owner/manager didn't care about these dogs she rather them die then pay to have them seen by a vet
Mary W

Fort Wayne, IN

#87 Apr 6, 2010
Over 187 puppymills were shut down in Pa. during 2009. Some were bad but most were cleaner than some people's houses. I know this because I saw it with my own eyes. Now this is a big "horray" for the animal rights people but in the long run it will not be so great when your average family wants to get a dog. The ripple effect will not happen for a few years but it will happen. Dogs do not live as long as we do and right now it will not seem as if there is a shortage but four years from now families will be searching for a puppy and find that it will cost them over $1000 or more to add a furry friend to the mix. Pet Shops do serve a purpose, as adoption and rescue groups are wacked and expect every person or family to confirm to their strict and dumb guidelines. Not everyone needs a fence to care for their dog correctly. I know of a truckdriver that has three Shih Tzu's that live with him in his truck. Hell he spends more time with those dogs than most humans spend with their children. Dogs kept in close quarters will catch anything and everything the other pups have just like kids in school.

Philadelphia, PA

#88 Apr 26, 2010
I was hessitant at first to purchase a puppy from Puppy Palace on Blackwood Clementon Rd, because i heard horrible rumors about the place and the owner from other people who lived in the area and went there to look at and/or purchase puppies from there. However, i was told that it was under new ownership, so my boyfriend and i went to just check it out. I was very impressed with how nice the new owner Kristi is, and the girl working at the front counter was very helpful and seemed very loving to the animals, while i was playing with the puppy, that i later took home that same day, one of the other puppies had a bowel movement, and within a second the girl at the counter was there scooping it up, that impressed me alot, i like the fact that she was quick to clean up the area they were living in. I talked with Kristi, the owner, over the phone while i was there holding the puppy debating on if i should buying him. Even though she was not there personally the girl at the front counter got her on the phone right away to discuss the sale, and she did not seem bothered by the call at all, like many people might when they get a work related call during their time off, and her sweet voice put me at ease. She told me everything i wanted to know about the dog, and when i wanted to bargin a little on the price she had no problem with it, her concern was that the puppy was goin to a good home. After we finalized the sale, she seemed happy to have found him a home but very sad letting me know that he would be missed. She just seemed very caring, and i got a great impression from her and the girl at the front counter. After i was done talking to her, she returned to speak to the girl working the counter, and after they hung up (im sure they were discussing if i seemed like an ok canidate to purchase the puppy) we began the paper work, where i learned that he had his first set of shots, and that if i got him to a vet within the next two weeks, if there were ANY type of health issues with the pup at all they would take responsibilty for the cost and any issue he had. That made me very happy to know they were confident in the care of the puppy. Over all i was very pleased with my purchase and love my little guy to death! He has a very good home, and i think if im going to get another one day, i would go back to Kristi and see what she has. I'm very happy i did not have to deal with the previous owner "Bob", i dont think i would have left happy or with a new little buddy, from the information i had about him.

Boyertown, PA

#89 May 6, 2010
I have been trying to adopt a dog from a rescue organization or a shelter. I would like to adopt a small dog. However, I have filled out 13 applications for all different shelters and I keep getting denied because I don't have a fenced in backyard. I live in a dog friendly community with areas just for dogs. My family and I would walk him several times a day. I have no choice but to buy a dog from a puppy store since I am not allowed to adopt.

Pottstown, PA

#90 Jul 27, 2010
I purchased an english bulldog/beagle mix from the puppy palace in Clementon in 6/09..The girl working the whole store by herself couldn't of ben more than 19,she was on facebook and talking on her cell phone the entire time we were there
(2hours).Anyone could have grabbed 2 or more of the smaller pups and put them in their purse and walked right out the door and she wouldn't have noticed. We decided on the dog we wanted and paid for him in full $1000!!! The second day we had him home he had to go in for the first of 3 emergency vet visits that totaled in $1,200. He was diagnosed with intestional parasites,this after he was supposidly checked out by the owners vet. My vet deemed him unfit for sale and informed me that if he was checked out by a vet they would have caught the parasites!! After trying to contact the owner for payment of vet bills during the 14 day period..he never returned my calls so I waited outside the store for a few days until I saw him..when I confronted him he verbally assaulted me infront of my children after I showed him the vet bills!!! This store and the other 2 have now ben shut down by the spca!

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