10 Ways that the City of Clearwater can use this money from scientology
1. Repair roads, bridges, sidewalks, streetlamps, etc.
2. Provide health care for the homeless.
3. Provide supplemental funds for utility bills for the unemployed of Clearwater.
4. Provide funds for tutoring services for schools.
5. Job training programs for high school graduates.
6. Grants to small businessess (not scientology-affilated) that will provide employment to Clearwater residents.
7. Alternative energy projects, e.g. wind, solar to benefit the City of Clearwater.
8. Recreational centers and programs for teens and/or seniors.
9. Humane shelters for stray animals.
10. Shelters and job training for battered women.
Fantastic. Now if only the City of Clearwater can collect the annual property tax that is due them from the obscenely ostentatious Flagship Hotel that is the size of a city block because scientology is actually a business and NOT a religion. Just think how the lives of the"bona fide" residents of Clearwater will benefit.