How is it that Scumbags like Thomas Pettinato the fourth, can continue having children? Granted he only has 3 different baby mothers, god knows who the next victim will be. Grandpa Joseph Bloznalis, a ReMax agent will buy the kid whatever he wants. Starts him up in a "Lawn Mowing" business. Buy all the stuff that comes with it, and a nice new truck. Of course the truck is in Joe's name. Lets him stay at his mothers old house which was in foreclosure, but he bought it for him. Lets him get away with using drugs and partying all the time. Not to mention the probation for domestic abuse. Which Joe has had to bail him out because he has violated it. Its like he can't do anything wrong. With the 2 mothers that filed support he is probably close to 60,000 behind. When his license is suspended for failure to pay, he comes up with the money. Well Grandpa pays for it. Joe puts any money made for tending to lawns Thomas makes and puts it in his wife Judys account. Because if Thomas had an account, Child Support Enforcement would seize it. God forbid any of them have relationships with their children or grandchildren for that matter. If you can hide your daughter for getting knocked up at an early age, and secretly put it up for adoption without anyone ever knowing she was pregnant, I would say you are ahead of the game. Keep making those babies Thomas. The only ones hurt in the process are the children. Pretend you have a heart attack because everyone finds out you knocked up another girl, and were banging 5 others at the same time. Needed a diversion somehow. All we are asking is that you support your kids. Support doesn't only mean money. It means being there for them and asking how they are doing. Make an effort even if its $10 a week for clothes or other things for the kids. Be a man, Be a father and stop being a weak abusive drug addict. Its time to grow up and face the music.