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Palm Harbor

#23 Jul 19, 2009
Dmxx98 wrote:
And a side note I dont give a f%%%%%g s**t if it is a gun store if I come in with money in my pocket and might buy one of their products that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.I expect a minimal amount of respect and help when I ask nicely for it if I get a mean response or no attention at all then I will leave and they will never get a cent from me ever.If you guys like to be treated like a peice of $^&t then go ahead but I prefer to be treated with some dignity and respect.
I don't know what you are talking about but those old guys that you are talking about know their S@#T. I've brought two guns from Coles and not once had a single problem with them not respecting me or not helping me out in anyway shape or form they got with the right equipment for both of my guns and have not had a issue. I just purchased a FNP-40 and the GM of Coles took the time to show me how to take the gun apart and then he lubed it up for me if that's not service then I don't know what you call that. Every timne I go in they treat me good and answer all my questions and they let me hold and touch eveything I want well almost everything! They don't ever give me attitude and are quick to help me. So I say this to anybody that is reading this Coles is the best in town they have a huge selection and the best prices period, and the old guys and young know what they are talking about. So if you live in the area go to Coles and see for yourself.

Since: Jul 09

Palm Harbor

#24 Jul 21, 2009
john cleawater wrote:
<quoted text>
bought 3 guns from them, had a problem with a gun jamming, they blew me off and wouldn't even look at it. had no problem paying shipping or anything else,i guess if not paying for something your just a nat/pest, somthing to go away.
last time I'll ever go back.
Wow that does not sound like something they would do I was in there the other day cause I wanted to show them how I modded my guncase and the GM of the store looked at my gun and started to clean the barrel as h was talking to me then we started talking about lube and he lubed my gun up and I was standing there like wow! So again service is what they strive for.
Gun Shop Niece

El Paso, TX

#25 Jul 22, 2009
Maybe they weren't nice to you because they could tell you were assholes. I love Cole's, they have a great selection, the best prices and they're nice if you don't act like your shit don't stink. They have always let me look at whatever weapons I want even if they knew I wasn't there to buy anything, they give me tips on self awareness and self defense. As a female, this is stuff I do worry about and they are all very nice, and Taso is awesome, and so is every one else and if they're only nice to people they know, maybe you should go there more.
Dear Dmxx98

Saint Petersburg, FL

#26 Jul 23, 2009
Where did you get any money? You're to stupid to have a job. It really is pathetic that you didn't get treated like a little prince when you came in, so you come on here and show what a coward you are by cyber bashing one of the best gun shops in the Bay area. I have shoped there before and have always been treated well. Keep in mind "You get what you give" come into a gun shop (any gun shop) with a piss poor attitude and you might get your feelings hurt. Maybe they took exception to your OBAMA bumper sticker.

Tampa, FL

#27 Aug 2, 2009
Hey F**k you #26 pr**k
I cant even give my experience with this gun store without some of you macho fanboy a**h***s disrespecting me.I am not a Obama supporter in the first place and it should not matter because I go to do business not to be judged by some right wing dipsh*ts.
I went to that store just a few weeks the store owner was nice to me thats the only plus that I can give the store other than that maybe the huge selection of guns they have.
Other employees there did not greet me and did not seem to care I was looking at their handguns or even ask what I want to look at or what I need.Prices are ok on some handguns but everything else there is overpriced in my view I get my guns through gunbroker now.And dont give me that prince b*llsh** I never meant that.I said I expect a "minimal amount of respect" when I enter any gun store if I am respectful to them too.If I get treated like crap even when I am respectful from the get go I will f*cking leave and never come back and go elsewhere.My hard earned money will only be given to gun shops that are respectful and reasonable with prices not to macho disrespectful pr*cks.In my view Coles gun shop is bottom of the barrel as far as gun shops in Pinellas go.

Tampa, FL

#28 Aug 8, 2009
This is my review of Cole's Gun Shop. The staff was very friendly and I was greeted upon entering the store. They also did the same for everybody who was entering the store at least 10 customers during my 15 minute visit.
I was then asked what I was looking for. I responded I was looking for a Springfield Armory XD Tactical in .357. They said they would have to check on availability. This is an odd ball weapons didn't expect to find one. I also bought a set of sights for my flat top M4. Price was the cheapest in the area for Yankee Hill.
I give them A+ for both customer service and price. There is a wide selection of both new and used guns. They have long guns , handguns, and accessories.
Good Job!!! You have earned a new customer.
GERALD Clearwater Fl

Valrico, FL

#29 Jul 8, 2010
When Mr. Jerry Coles was sole proprietor the shop was a wonderful place to ask questions, listen to history of firearms, current events and to purchase the firearm you decided. Although the name of the store is the same the atmosphere has evolved in store front web site. Times have changed many due to the liability in which these last vestiges of our second amendment are restricted with heavy monetary and life altering punishments threatened. While the counter side attitudes are somewhat less then the previous store it is a reflection of a marketing style that has the items desired by aspects of the public. Knowing they have the product some feel it is up to the prospective buyer to prove their ability to safely handle the weapons but also to some sale person, by deserving of the weapon which not all may be able to afford. The best way to get comfrotable is to do your homework, narrow down your choices.learn about what you may want, visit the store several times and then when you feel confidenent finalize your choice. If a certain salesman makes you feel less than valued either ask to speak another, ask to look around, and return to another customer service provider. If all fails ask to speak with a manager. Bottom line they are in an industry that makes money selling its inventory. They, if professional will work on attitudes and hopefully alleviate your apprehension. It should be a win- win for all and we bring you back to COLE'S again.

Palm Harbor, FL

#31 Apr 20, 2011
Re: Cole's - I am a "geezer" who has bought and sold more guns than most of the crybabies will ever own and have never had a problem there. Maybe a couple of the guys at the counter aren't warm and fuzzy but then who is in a gun store? The selection and prices are the best around and if you ever have a gun problem the gunsmith and previous owner, Jerry Cole, is the best too. Cole's is flat out the best gun store in this area!

Palm Harbor, FL

#32 Jul 26, 2011
I have been to Coles for several years and they have all been professional. I have had several guns repaired. They always do it in the time frame that they committed to and the price is always reasonable. I will continue to deal with them.

Clearwater, FL

#33 Jul 28, 2011
I just moved to the area and I took my son in Cole's Gun Shop to look around (he loves to shoot and I wanted to see what he liked so I could get him a gun for his birthday). I asked a salesman to help us (tall guy with gray hair). He was so rude to me in front of my son and so antagonistic that we looked at a few guns and left. I was actually speechless at the rudeness of the guy. Once we got out of the door my son said "That is not a nice man." I said "No son, he is not." I will drive 100 miles out of my way to buy a gun from someone other than Cole's Gun Shop (it's a shame because I live just a few blocks from there).

United States

#34 Aug 28, 2011
I live in Tennessee, my father Safety Harbor. My father and I both love guns and love to shoot. Dad does not do computers so he asks me to research the guns he is interested in. He buys at least 1 a month. I have spoken to just about every gun shop with in 25 miles of his home. Most of the guns he buys are special order. When I call Coles for a quote they have always been prompt with a reply. Not once have I felt like they did not care.Coles has always given the best price and has even beat a quote from Gun Broker.
I was down for a visit in July, went shooting with dad at the Fireing Line, Stopped at Take Aim, and Coles, none had the gun dad was looking for instock, Coles offered the best price once again. Dad ordered it and had it in hand in 3 days.
Our dealings with Coles has been A+.
By the way they only charge $35.00 for a transfer if you need somthing shipped to an FFL.

Seminole, FL

#35 Nov 1, 2012
Its a GUNSHOP wrote:
You crybabies expect everyone to treat you like your mom with the "My son's a super person at Wussboy high School" bumpersticker on the minivan. I have been into Coles several times, I have never been treated to warm milk, cookies or a hug, NOR have I been treated with disrespect or contempt. I have always gotten good service and spot on advice. It's a gun shop, if your feeling are that easy to hurt just take your ball and go home. If you have a problem with them, man up and go talk to the owner instead of being a keyboard tough guy.
Why don't you just tell me which employee you are so I can avoid you from the very beginning. Seems to me you are the keyboard superhero here, everyone else is discussing actual issues not committing ad hominem fallacies rather than arguing a specific and actual instance.
common centz

Clearwater, FL

#36 Nov 4, 2012
Does Warren Eigaman still hang out there?

United States

#37 Feb 11, 2013
Just bought my first gun from Coles; best experience ever. They took the time to show me selections and were very paitent during the whole transaction. The big Greek sold me my gun; great guy! Very knowledgable and personal. Besides getting a phenomenal deal on a gun, he hooked me up with the best price on ammo. I shopped my purchase at other dealers, NO ONE could hold a candle to the deal Coles gave me. I am convinced this is the best store on the West coast of Florida; I intent to make all gun/ammo purchases from them. Regarding the previous comments of no customer service; I did not see any of that. Maybe you folks with feelings that are easily bruised shoud go elsewhere. I went there to buy a gun, not to watch The View and have cookies and cream.

Clearwater, FL

#38 Jul 13, 2013
I've been buying from Cole's for many years and have used their expert gun smithing services. They are a first rate shop. Very helpful and competitive prices. They treat their customers well because they get to know them! I inquired about a rare gun not yet in production back in December. Seven months later when it was finally available they remembered and called me about it. That's treating your customers right!!
I never shop guns anywhere else without checking with them first. This is truly your "Local Gun Shop" and not some big box outlet.

Clearwater, FL

#39 Jul 13, 2013
The wife and I are starting to go to firing ranges again after a long departure from guns. We are Senior Citizens and feel nervous about buying guns but we want to find a store that will sell us a few guns in the future. We need salesman to be kind and courteous when we come in to buy our guns because our nerves and blood pressures cannot tolerate rude customer service. After reading all these negative comments about Coles who otherwise would be the perfect logical place for us to buy our guns at now we will go a little further away to achieve a calmer buyer/seller atmosphere at a gun store where, like Disneyland, everyone leaves from the place a happy camper. I hope the proprietors at Coles gets better publicity in the future that we hear about so that we can buy at least continual supplies of gun bullets from their store without it being an upsetting situation which has been reported by other customers comments. Good Luck.

Largo, FL

#40 Jul 26, 2013
I buy a lot of guns and I used to go to Coles, mainly because they were close to where I lived. Lately, I have stopped going there because of the attitude of the owner, especially. The fact that it's a gun shop doesn't make it right to treat customers with disrespect or rudeness. Those that say to "man up" have got no clue as to what it takes to create good will and repeat customers in a business. I stopped going there, many people I know have the same opinion. A little friendliness and a show of appreciation goes a long way in keeping customers. Treat them like crap and they will go elsewhere, regardless of whether the prices and selection are good, then the owner wonders why his business has slowed.
another gun shop owner

Port Richey, FL

#41 Sep 15, 2013
I have been to coles many time my first second and third experience were about the same i showed up with a couple thousand to buy some firearms that they had that i couldn't get .i was getting them for my customers who wanted something specific that wasn't in stock or available to me at the time, when i walked in i was impressed with their selection spoke with two gentleman who didn't care to help me with anything lets be honest your shop is only as good as the people working in it i had to ask for the owner because i was pissed with the service i received but i must say the owner treated me well, as he should. He even tried to make things right by giving me some mags for free that went with the guns i was purchasing. He did over charge me for some things but also made that right when i pointed it out so all in all coles is a nice store with a good selection yeah those 4 or 5 guys behind the counter suck but the owner is a pretty descent fellow and trust me go into some gun shops 85% of them are a million times worse. So i must say thank you to Taso (owner) but to the fellows behind the counter if you don't like your job get a new one don't try to bring a good gun shop down especially because its paying your bills and p.s not every one is miserable like you remember that and taso if you would like help straitening your guys out i know a couple who are looking for jobs every body is replaceable much love to coles even though they are kinda my competition taso has treated me well thank you (owner and operator Gun Nuts Inc and captain cash pawn pasco county)

Palm Harbor, FL

#42 Feb 5, 2014
Cole's is just a hang out for the Clearwater Pigs on steroids (Walser?)

Sarasota, FL

#43 Mar 17, 2014
I bought two handguns there about six years ago. They were very helpful, courteous, and professionally answered all my questions. I will be in there next week to get my wife a gun for her birthday.

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