Pilot program launched to provide fir...

Pilot program launched to provide firearms training to teachers

There are 22 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Dec 20, 2012, titled Pilot program launched to provide firearms training to teachers. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

Buckeye Firearms Association has launched a pilot program to provide firearm training to teachers free of charge.

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Zach DeNardi

Liberty Center, OH

#1 Dec 20, 2012
This is absolutely the worst idea.

Massillon, OH

#2 Dec 20, 2012
I think it's a reasonable idea - but Ohio laws and school policies would need to be modified to allow it. I don't think laws should be in place to mandate teachers carry, but it would be helpful if the laws allowed concealed carry only by those who have the training and have passed the background checks.

The reason for this, is criminals are normally very self-serving individuals. They do want to get (or do) whatever they can, but they most of all want to survive the day. If there's an ounce of doubt in a criminals head that they'll encounter a licensed concealed carry holder who has their firearm - they'll likely think twice before doing something that'll get them killed.

Although the police are trained to handle such situations, the truth is when all the attention is off this crisis - the taxpayers will constantly complain about saving tax dollars, and they won't want to pay for police protection or a security company to come in.

Also, having teachers capable of carrying concealed allows the kids to continue learning from teachers who care without the foreboding presence of obviously armed personnel hanging out in the hallways.
Randy Miller

Saint Clairsville, OH

#3 Dec 20, 2012
Let's see, if you have a child in school under the teachers's protection would or wouldn't you want that child's teacher have a way of protecting your child, with a firearm from someone who entends them harm? Let politics out of this. That teacher is the first line of defence. You would be dishonest if you said "no, don't arm the teacher protect my child."
Puff Puff Pass

Las Vegas, NV

#4 Dec 20, 2012
Why stop with the teachers ? Give guns to the secrateries,bus drivers, custodians and the lunch ladies (what do you mean you don't want the brown stuff today?)arm everybody !!!!!!!!
Randy Miller

Saint Clairsville, OH

#5 Dec 20, 2012
As long as they take the proper classes to be qualified Puff Puff I'm for it. The whole public should be armed with a conceal carry permitt provided they pass the background check and do the proper course required by the state. Read the book, More guns less crime.

Dover, OH

#6 Dec 20, 2012
Zach DeNardi

Frazeysburg, OH

#7 Dec 20, 2012
You can't solve a gun problem, with another gun.

Unknown, saying "guns don't people" is totally true, but people kill people with guns, and saying otherwise is making a mockery of the whole debate. Its time for a reasonable, sensible mature conversation on how to make sure this doesn't happen again.

And! I see your youtube video, with mine, and its not nearly as "OMG PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE SCREW YOU LIBERALS"


^If you watch it, you will see testing done to simulate a CC person after training miserably failing to kill a suspect. Give the video a try

Bar some serious, serious serious, training, this is just an empty gesture.

May it be said, I'm not for banning guns, when I say "Better Control" I mean, just making things safer and figuring out why things like this happen. Surely everyone can agree with this, right?
Puff Puff Pass

Las Vegas, NV

#8 Dec 20, 2012
Randy Miller wrote:
As long as they take the proper classes to be qualified Puff Puff I'm for it. The whole public should be armed with a conceal carry permitt provided they pass the background check and do the proper course required by the state. Read the book, More guns less crime.
Randy, Randy, I agree with you... i want the crossing guards armed, custodians, secretaries, school board (especially them - crazy meetings and all), lunch room personell, heck start a program for the hall monitors and give them cattle prods..get them kids back to their schooling and all. Yup. Everyone will then be Happy, Happy, Happy.
Randy Miller

New Philadelphia, OH

#9 Dec 20, 2012
Your first statement it's not a gun problem. If the children were on recess and the same guy ran a car into them would you ban the car?

If the guy knew the teachers carried he would not have attempted to enter the school. Not all teachers need to carry, just the ones comforable with it would be enough. These guys go to the areas with the least resistance.

Remember, 99% of the gun owners are responsible and you want to limit their access. Drunks drive cars, do you want to limit the car? Even if you banned all fire arms the bad guys would find a way to get one and use it. How would the law abiding defend themselves if we had no guns?
Randy Miller

New Philadelphia, OH

#10 Dec 20, 2012
Puff Puff, your goofy.

Columbus, OH

#11 Dec 20, 2012
I read somewhere that the teachers in Isreal are armed. And haven't had problems w mass shootings in their schools.

Huron, OH

#12 Dec 20, 2012
Zach - I've seen this video before. The video, while probably well meaning by ABC news, overlooks something very important about concealed carry. The training required in Ohio is more stringent than many in the nation. Also, most concealed carry license holders, myself included, view the requirements as a basic entry-level training. That basic level is good enough to allow someone to safely carry, and handle basic encounters - but a surprise rush no-win scenario is not a basic encounter. I honestly believe if you had people who've had more experience and/or advanced training - the outcome of the experiment would be much different. Concealed carry is not an experimental feel-good idea. If properly managed, it's a very effective way to survive a very dangerous event.
Kay Oswalt Robinson

Oceanside, CA

#13 Dec 20, 2012
I think this is great. Today, at the elementary school where I work, the city of Vista, CA started having sheriff's deputies walk around each campus twice per day. I think this is also a good preventative measure.
I hate the thought of teachers having to walk around armed, but our society today warrants it.
If I were allowed to carry a pistol at school, I would pay for my own training and do it as soon as possible. Our gun laws are fine. Our mental health issues in the USA need addressing.

Dover, OH

#14 Dec 20, 2012
Zach, because someone is carrying a gun does not mean they need to play hero with it. If a situation arises like that they can choose to draw or not. But make no mistake the odds are alot closer to even with the gun than without.
Zach DeNardi

Frazeysburg, OH

#15 Dec 20, 2012
Unknown- The odds of being shot in the foot with your own gun is greater if you have one. Look I can make useless statistics too!

Observer- That's the whole point of the video. There are some states that getting your CC is pathetic, and I'll venture a guess saying that it's not like riding a bike, and without practice you will grow rusty. And, All this will cost money, and that would probably mean raising taxes. I am aware of a certain political group that just hates taxes.

Randy- We have more laws on driving then we have on guns. Constant surveillance from police officers, tags, insurance, speed limits, licenses, EPA regulations, seat-belt laws, texting laws, drunk laws, open container laws, plates, tire treads, tinted windows, headlights, turn signals. The list can go on and on and on. Why do we have these? Because cars can kill people, and can be dangerous.

I can go to a gun show, buy a gun, and buy ammo, all without a background check.

Randy Miller

Saint Clairsville, OH

#16 Dec 21, 2012
As you can see people still get killed in cars, over 33,000 in 2011. When are we going to hold the person responsible not the tool they use? The second amendment is to prevent the government from taking away our freedom, look what our founders wrote about. More people get killed on the highways than with guns, thousands more and we have more guns than cars.

Would you have felt better if this guy used a baseball bat to kill those people? Every time shootings happen your side will want to put more restrictions on gun ownership until we have no more. Thing is people will still be getting murdered.

Like I said before, if there is some type of threat to the would be perpetraiter he won't bother to engage.
Zach DeNardi

Frazeysburg, OH

#17 Dec 21, 2012

Columbine had armed officers, didn't make much of a difference.

I would guess that without the huge amount of regulation of cars, the death toll would be higher right?

A car is not intended for killing, and it still does.

Also, a gun is fast, and precise and good at what it is intended to do. Kill things. A baseball bat is a little harder to accomplish those tasks (although, with children it would obviously be easier) But still not as easy with a gun, that has range and stopping power.
Randy Miller

Saint Clairsville, OH

#18 Dec 21, 2012
Your first statement, that's why teachers should be armed. Those kids were from that large school and knew their routine.
Cars are not part of the second amendment. The second amendment is there to support the first and if you take the teeth out of it how would we protect ourselves from a government that turns on our freedom?

Did you know that people, who have guns, have deterred more violent crime than crimes committed? More school children have been killed by other means than firearms. Why are you blamming the gun and not the person? Because it is easier and political.

Which would you want, a teacher with a concealed gun, to protect you children, or not?
Zach DeNardi

Loudonville, OH

#19 Dec 21, 2012
Not. Guns have no place in a school system.
I'm not blaming the gun! I'm blaming the system and the easy access to guns!
Randy Miller

New Philadelphia, OH

#20 Dec 21, 2012
Then what do we do to keep these nut cases from shooting people in gun free zones or anywhere else? Remember, gun sales go through the FBI check to purchase. This guy got it from his parent and shot her. Should have been in the mental hospital. That is where the problem is.

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