This is not entirely true, The states Department of Natural Resources is being re-organized. Department officials such as Bryson say that the quality of law enforcement on DNR managed land will not suffer, and that they will not lose any "Game Wardens". This is true, however a play on words and titles within the department that the general public is not familiar with. The traditional game wardens numbers will not be cut, however, law enforcement officers within other parts of DNR will be lost. The officers you see on state parks are not what they are talking about when they say "Game Warden". These are the states Park Rangers and are on the chopping block under the new structure. Along with officers in DNR's Game Management and Fisheries Management sections. These officers provide law enforcement and public safety services on hundreds of thousands of acres of state owned and managed land. When they say "Game Warden" they mean the officers with the DNR's Law Enforcement section. No none of them are going anywhere, but, their numbers are not and will not increase. They have one officer per county in the state with a few extra here and there. In our area, in the summer time, they can be found patrolling area lakes, a very important job, but who will be patrolling our parks, WMA's, PFA's and other areas we use and enjoy. Nobody. If you care about any of these areas you should read into the matter a little more and become educated on the terminology used, and ask questions about what it really means, not just what it implies.