Deputies: Cellmate killed Clayton jai...

Deputies: Cellmate killed Clayton jail inmate

There are 30 comments on the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution story from Aug 16, 2012, titled Deputies: Cellmate killed Clayton jail inmate. In it, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that:

According to Clayton County Sheriff's Office spokesman Capt. Brian Crisp, William Alexander Brooks was charged with malice murder and aggravated battery for fatally beating Kenneth Robert Grochowski late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning in their cell.

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A loving man

Immokalee, FL

#1 Aug 17, 2012
something like that shouldn't happen! Were was correction officer. Why was this not stopped. Why was he held in a cell with a wild young kid like that when he was an old man. Your trying to tell me that no one heard a fight going on, please. Your suppose to protect your inmates this isnt like max security prison. The detention center is responsible here as well as Brooks. Let tell the real story here. Sounds like some things are being covered. Kenneth Grochowski was a sweet man that always went out of his way to help people. He spent his life working very hard to support a big family. He was a man who retired after putting in many year with Champion Spark Plugs. Kenneth was a loving family man that has Four kids, nine grand kids, that he adored. He always made sure everyone was taken care of before taking care of himself. He always had a great smile and his laugh that would make you laugh. The man was a great hunter and to this day shot one of the biggest deers i have ever seen in my life. He could cook out of this world and boy did he like steak, onions, and murrell mushrooms. He was the nicest guy you would ever meet so easy and fun to carry on conversation with. Very smart intelligent man who was very big on history. Most people would think because he was being held at a detention that this was some mean old man and deserved to be there, but that is the furthest from the truth. Its hard to believe that such a nice man had to loose his life over some kid wanting a piece of candy. Which if he just asked Kenneth would have given him some. Instead Brooks beats him to death. Kenneth Grochowski didnt deserve what Brooks did to him and i believe it should be looked into more than what it is. Should have been prevented!
Life long famly friend

Davenport, IA

#2 Aug 19, 2012
I agree with A loving Man from cape coral Fl. This absolutely should'nt have been able to happen and like he said you mean to tell me no one heard this taking place because I know Kenny put up a fight! All he was trying to do was get home to his family regardless of the things he was coming home to face, he was one o the nicest men I known. Spent a majority of my childood around this family so I know how much of a good man he was! Something definetly is not right because all reports Im reading are saying oh this took place sometime in evening and early Wednesday morning but wasnt found till around midnight so how long did he lay there and suffer before you FINALLY noticed he was unresponsive! They dont even know because roll calls were probably not being done like they should have been or not being done properly and effectively! Iam very sadened by this and th truth needs to be known and I would be hiring a lawyer and investigating every inch of this! Love you Kenny R.I.P.

Acworth, GA

#3 Aug 20, 2012
To the guy from florida my baby brother was alex brooks first of all. He did not want a piece of candy get your facts strait it is a cover we have a lawyer so you should get your facts strait before you bash my brother...On the other hand this is guy you claim as so wonderful was on the run in south america as well as weapons and so forth so maybe you should check your facts ! WITH CLAYTON COUNTY JAIL!
cant believe this

Forest Park, GA

#4 Aug 20, 2012
Jessie:: you can't blame anyone for this but the Family! Everyone knew he needed help & no one got it for him. I will not defend his actions in no way. You can believe it or not. We all knew he needed help. this is not fair to anyones family and we all knew he was going to lose it one day.. The thing to think about is he could have hurt anyone. defending him and getting a lawyer may help but when it comes down to it and they start looking into the family history and they will they are gonna want to know why he never got help! Then everything yall faced growing up there gonna want to know where this came from so befor you tell people to check there facts people need to know the truth! this kid needed help and im sorry for yalls loss. his actions were wrong! This is really sad and i dont believe that this is a cover up i sure he did it but no one wants to take the blame for not standing up and doing what was right!! but I will be the first to testify and let them know first hand this is not a mistake and i have seen alot for my own eyes!!!why didnt anyone put money on his books?? & he wouldnt have had to take anyones stuff!! I cant believe yall are acting like this kid didnt do it!!! he took a life of a Father and grandfather i know its your brother but how can yall defend him in a matter like this i hope this is eating yall up because you as well as everyone else should have done something to get him help years ago. The blame is on yall!!!! no the jail!! & I WILL STAY UNDATED ON THIS CASE SO I KNOW THE TRUTH I TOLD NOT LIES!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Brooks

Forest Park, GA

#5 Aug 20, 2012
my heart goes out to this family
who did not deserve this at all
sorry for your loss.
My prayers are with yall.
i was in the Family but he was my
Brother in law.
R.I.P Kenny Sorry
for your loss

Mcdonough, GA

#6 Aug 20, 2012
Jessie; you dont know your brother at all. you dont know the things he did and didnt do, you and his brothers and his parents always believed everything he said, whether it was true or not. like that he paid child support, YEAH RIGHT. Three years ago, his actions were excused because " he was just a teenager having fun" and now he has "mental issues"?? give me a break. y'all need to for once in his life, do him a favor and let him take responsibility for his actions, he even admitted to it. he's not the only one to blame, there were plenty of people trying to get him on the right track and every single one of yall pathetic excuses for family members kept on dragging him back down the path that led him to where he is today. I cant even express how glad I am that his daughter will never be anything like him. she might look like him one day, but she's growing up in a home that actually teaches responsibility, morals, and most of all growing in Christ. He used his bare hands to kill that man, and anyone capable of that, needs to stay in jail, "mental" or not.

United States

#7 Aug 21, 2012
He was mentally sick and the family tried for three days to inform guards be needed to be by himself. To keep himself from harming himself or others. The guards didn't not follow thru with theory job..nor did they do a cell check. Why was a a young man non violent charge with someone 3 times his age. I know this boy for a long time and he is no killer, sick maybe which the family did help. It's neither his or the Old man's fault if u ask me its the jails. They were warned and didn't do their job nor medical evaluation. Now that's facts for ya. He is 20 years old and only mental illness is out of anyone's control. But he really started to lose is when his child's mother to his daughter because of a new boyfriend and wouldnt allow him to see her...this boy doesn't need to be killed. That doesn't solve anything...the jail is covering their own ass and can't even get their own story straight

Mcdonough, GA

#8 Aug 21, 2012
@Jennifer, he was making stupid, idiotic choices before he even had a child so don't you go blaming his supposed "mental illness" on the mother of the child! No doubt, the choice was not an easy one but it was for the protection of the child. Let us go back to that mother and child hiding from the drug dealer who came by looking for his money which this "boy" as you call him, didn't have. Let us go back years ago when HIS MOTHER lost custody of him and his brother due to her drug use. I don't many years do you think that went on before they took custody from her? Lets go back to the constant use of marijuana, drugs and alcohol abuse. Let us go back to his brother in PCB FL who told him it was ok if he came down there while he was on probation her and oh let us mention that he stole his mother's car to do it. Then he steals from a restaurant and is locked up, then released, then locked up again for whatever stupid idiotic choice he made while still in Florida, then released.....OH and who comes to his rescue.....and gets him back to GA. Probably mommy dearest. Um, then he's locked again in Henry County and gets out and of course, mom takes him in again. Then she kicks him out because he and his brother have drug issues and I'm sure many other reasons. Then she allows him back and what does he do to thank her? Oh....he steals her car again which is now why he ended up in the Clayton County jail. So I ask you where is the mental illness? More stupidity in my opinion. Why does anyone think it's the jail's fault. It's his and his alone! He knows right from wrong! It has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn't deserve to see his child, it's more that he doesn't care to do what is right by her and be a responsible adult. He just wants to do his drugs, have fun, hang out and have no responsibilities.....well this is what happens. A man is dead and another man is charged with his murder. It is sad for everyone on all sides but let the responsibility lie where it should.
RIP Kenny

United States

#9 Aug 22, 2012
So sad this happened to such a good Guy. Shared a lot of good times with Kenny and he will be missed. However, I am looking forward to Brooks rotting in hell, what a piece of shit. Over a piece of candy? Really, maybe if he had not stolen everything in his life and had worked he would have had some money to buy his own piece of candy.

Mcdonough, GA

#13 Aug 22, 2012
Really my record is totally clean. Whose the hillbilly bitch??? Bringing up some bullshit like bout u ?? All I'm saying is I believe the jail is to be held responsible. I think you ate the ignorant one. U obviously can't read what I have been saying all along. If the jail did their job it could have been need to really really think before u speak bc u sound like the hill billy

Mcdonough, GA

#14 Aug 22, 2012
Last time I checked weapons and dui's kill people. And if he was such a good guy with nothing to hide why did he flee the u.s
Nicole Brooks

Forest Park, GA

#15 Aug 22, 2012
Jennifer this could have been stopped years ago he needed help and no one got him the help he needed. I know my Facts too as for i was married to his Brother know the family really well! This is everyone's fault not the jails! When he stole the car the last time he was out of his mind trying to scrap the car for money. So while everyone is out here defending him you need to wake up and realize this is real life not some made up fairy tale. no need to get mad maybe someone needs to blame there self. i mean come on now Jennifer we all know drugs play a big part in this don't we? If u need me to explain I don't mind if i do since we know where and who gets it. You cant defend actions of a kid who knows right from wrong he does need help i will say that but this is not the jails fault. everyone right down to his own brother could have helped this child. His Mother is going thru enough! I mean hell it was hard enough for me to make the phone call about this being I dont hate the kid but he makes alot of poor choices. His nephew was in the hospital and his stole his mothers car ran to PCB and the Father of my kids couldnt even be there when it was important! this is no mental illness its him doing what he wants when he wants and no careing what anyone thinks. He also has a beautiful Daughter who i am thankful for everyday that doesnt have to deal with this no more!! everyone can blame the mother of his child if they want but this kid had problems when they moved to stockbridge. I seen him befor he was like this and i can tell u over the years i have seen the change in him for my own eyes. Everyone wants to throw the blame on someone else because no one wants to say they could have done something about this cant take back the past now got to deal with whats coming ahead. Im thankful i dont have to fear my kids being hurt. being the two brothers got into it not to long ago in front of my kids. anger plays a big part is that family and Think this should be a wake up call.. Im not being mean im just stating the facts. i think no more needs to be said about it no put down the other man because hes gone and his family does not need the bad talking about that man. let him RIP and leave it where it stands. just because this man did something does not make him a bad person what alex did was wrong that man didnt kill anyone and was about to go back home. alex knows he is facing time and just because you call and tell them he need to be by his self does not mean they have to do it without a doctors order & if alex didnt tell them they prbly dont have to do it. & your right we dont know only they know but he said he did it so that right there should tell you he knew what he was doing
united states

Holland, OH

#16 Aug 22, 2012
yep and last a heard mental illness kills people bad ur brother didnt kill himself before he got to my uncle that was in a holding cell for a couple of days waiting to be shipped to another for him being a violent criminal nope just a man of nature and hunting.R.I.P. uncle kenny.this young punk kid who weighed 115 pounds will find his maker.
So Sick

Sharon, WI

#17 Aug 22, 2012
First off I must say I thought only animals Kill for food......The last I knew my loved one was a human being...Obviously the man who killed my loved one never knew compassion or love.If he did he would of never put his "Cold Blooded "hands on my loved one.May all of you know my family will never be the same after this young man chose to murder my loved one in "cold blood".My family will never have closure and our lives will never be the same.Im so sorry all you friends and family have to live with the anguish of knowing your friend/relative was a murderer.From the moment he killed my "loved One" he will suffer and have to live with what he did to my "LOved One"for the rest of his life.This man had obviously practiced anger and violence for a very long time.It is proven and may everyone know my "loved one" was not a violent man and loved everybody.He would of never ever hurt anyone.Always had a smile on his face and laughed even if he was having a bad day.This man was 21 years of age and mental illness or not I am sorry you know RIGHT from WRONG!I understand this killer had a daughter....I have to thank GOD for her life,because if this man could kill someone over CANDY ,I would of hated to see what he could of done to a precious innocent child.This man had a SPIRIT to kill which led him to murder my "Loved ONE"and GOD WILL HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!!!My LOVED one should be standing here right now with his family smiling and laughing ,but this violent killer took him from me and my family and we have to live every day of our lives knowing some kid murdered our loved one over CANDY!!!This man does not even deserve to be treated like a human being.To top it off he was smiling while he confessed to murdering my Loved One....sorry but this man does not deserve to live,but our God is the judge.Our broken hearts will still BEAT until we get Justice for our Loved ONE and Justice for our family.

Revalation 21:8
The cowardly,the unbelieving,the vile,the MURDERERS,the sexually immoral,those who practice magic arts,the idolaters,and all liars- their place will be in the FIERY LAKE OF BURNING SULFER....THIS IS THE SECOND DEATH....

to the ones who thinks she know it all...(JENNIFER) you really need to get your facts seem to be a little mental can look up our loved ones record and you will not find one act of violence on his need to do your research before you speak...our loved one had a possesion of a weapon while involved with DUI...he did not use it and it was a bat.....not a GUN.....get your facts strait...i think you need to stop speaking all together...

United States

#18 Aug 22, 2012
let me bruises...well that would be because your brother cold bloodly killed my loved one...if hed been alive youd seen em.Your brother confessed and its so cold blooded and health issues you need to face reality your brother is a killer and does not deserve to live...and beings hes still alive he needs to suffer just like my loved one did.Have you ever heard of an autopsy?well i think enough said its your brothers fault and the jails fault.Its your brothers fault for seriously killing an innocent man over candy.Think all you want but obviously you have not a clue to know whats right from wrong either..the nut dont fall far from the tree....i need to just stop commenting on in natural are covering for your need to let him pay for what he did...find it hard to believe hes 115.well if he is good someone is gonna love him when he gets to the big boy house....he will suffer every day of his life just so u know.tell him to bend over"!""

Mcdonough, GA

#20 Aug 23, 2012
Also did you know that the older man threaten Alex and told him he will get his "candy" one way or another....sounds pretty threatening to me

Mcdonough, GA

#21 Aug 23, 2012
ttp://theunspokentruthdailynew an-was-murdered-in-clayton-cou nty-jail-what-in-the-world-is- going-on/ hmmm strange also right at re-election

Mcdonough, GA

#22 Aug 23, 2012 not the first time either and where is the results??? Hidden from the public that's where

Mcdonough, GA

#25 Aug 23, 2012
Oh and I have known this family for 12 plus years FYI

Mcdonough, GA

#26 Aug 23, 2012
One last comment. Before u give false info on me, think I can do the same so grow the hell up and get back to the main issue

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