I moved to California 6 years ago to escape Claymont Delaware and raise my children in a better place. I knew this man when I was a child and know more than I'd like to share here about what he has done to boys AND girls as a sexual deviant. The pain that just seeing his mugshot has caused me mentally must only be a tiny shred compared to the misery that victims past and present of his still living in that region must be experiencing.
Quite honestly there's a blight on that region and I'm seeing it has only worsened just looking here at the news articles. The crime, the mentality... not based on this one article or just my experience but the Tri-state area itself is rife with hostility and aggression that's unhealthy both mentally and physically. I would encourage people, especially those raising children to consider the West Coast as an option, and please don't say it's unaffordable, I'm renting a room and living paycheck to paycheck....Ok....but the peace of mind, the kindness of the people and the beauty of the landscape...most of all a LIFE without I-95, Chester and Wilmington thugs, crack etc....oh it beats driving in a mini-van that from the looks of the news might get jacked anyday now.
Doesnt happen here in San Diego. Think about the kids.