Murder Mountain on fire?

Bluefield, WV

#30 Feb 10, 2011
I just heard that the other dwellings on the mountain are tourched this evening.

Charleston, WV

#31 Feb 10, 2011
I heard the Youngs & Murder Mountain was inspiration for the movie Wrong Turn.

Bluefield, WV

#32 Feb 10, 2011
troubled wrote:
I just heard that the other dwellings on the mountain are tourched this evening.
If any of you actually knew the Young's you wouldnt be talking all this s!?! the were not bad people I bet half of the people that are talking s!?t never had anything taking from them by the Young's they just read this shit in the papers and belive all the f?!?!?g BS..and even what they did steal it never came from Clay County did it no. I personally know all the Young's and know that Tommy, Renee, and all the kids would give you the shirt off their back if you asked for it no they were perfect but who the f!?k is...every single one of you a!?holes has done something bad in your life I'm sure and the Youngs are paying for what they done they are in jail aren't they and as far as whoever burnt their house down its pretty f!?ked up b/c it was the girls house now and thats all they had left of their mother I mean how you you ingnorant f!?ks like it if your mother died and the only thing you had left of her someone took it away from you just because your family made mistakes. I think its BS that you people have nothing better to do in your life then to sit her and talk shit about a family who has lost everything and act like its a good thing b/c its sure the heck not a good thing and these girls do not deserve to be treated the way you guys are treating them what the heck has neone of them done to you nothing so leave them the F!?K ALONE YOU STUPID F!?!ING A!?HOLES!!
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wake up

Charleston, WV

#34 Feb 10, 2011
you people are acting like just because that fuckinnn house burnt, that all the people who have lived there are gone..? i mean, the house is gone, not the people you are saying are "so" bad. do you think they cant get another house and put it there or what? when they get outta jail they might just have to steal more of your things in order to pay for another house..thought of that?

& i think it is straight up wrong what was put in the communicator, "that a fire did what police couldnt for so long", well i mean you act like the house that was burned was what was stealing shit.. that guys paper had murder mountain as the topic for years, is he that obsessed? that's the most interesting thing to him, its all he writes about..sounds to me like he needs a new profession! maybe he could put them lips to better use for somethin other than suckin'..

& you act like the good lord did this as something good... it wasnt god, it was some dumb f*ck..who will end up in hell.. judgement should be left up to god, not you hypocrites acting like you are christians. maybe you need to go to a different church or something because your learning everything all wrong whereever your gettin your info on god..
Papa J

Bluefield, WV

#35 Feb 12, 2011
I heard their gonna start construction out there for a new prison.So all the Youngs and their families can stay home.

Since: Sep 10

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#36 Feb 13, 2011
no matter how bad of people they are, ii agree they r human beings and dont deserve to loose everything that means the world to them, children, house, everything.. karma is a bitch, just keep this in the back of ur head when you talk all this kinda shit bout people and what had happened to thrm.. wat is it was about yoi, what if you had lost everything that was,is dear to you.. _StarKish

Charleston, WV

#37 Feb 14, 2011
I know this family personally! Yes some members of this family have done some bad things but not all of them have done bad things...I have known these kids for many years, and they are all very smart and have huge hearts. and to all of you talking shit, the sad part about it is, the youngs would still help you and not talk shit about ur family if you lost everything you had.... They gave me a place to stay when i didnt have anywhere to go! You kids just keep ur headsu p and dont even read anymore of the stupid stuff ppl have to say. because they dont know anything about u guys. U guys r GREAT!!! and meterail things arent anything as long as you have FAMILY! you guys will always have each other, and friends..I love you guys and i hope ur vday is wonderful and full of love, cause im sendin my love ur way!

Dallas, TX

#38 Feb 15, 2011
U kno venida is a great mother to joseph she is their and venida needs to stay out of this post because she has done nothing wrong im up their all the time at her foster home cuz im dating her foster sister shes a great friend and person and u people wanna keep saying that their house deserved to be burntthats bull shit i lost my grandparents house were i stayed at in december and it hurts no matter what has happened in the past u peolle need to grow the fuck up and get a fucking life and leave the kids out of this post
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a little young history

Sanford, NC

#40 Feb 15, 2011
All of you people on here saying that the Young's are inbred and other such nonsense are full of it. I'm Tommy's first cousin. My family moved away from WV when I was about nine years old. Both the Young and Hively families have a long and somewhat distinguished history.Our family tree forks in all different directions. There is no inbreeding.The children and grandchildren of Matt and Lilly Young are a varied group and live everywhere from NY,Florida, and in my case NC. I don't know what went wrong in Tommy's life to cause him to go in the direction he has went. I haven't seen him since Grandma Lilly's funeral back in the early nineties. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Not excusing what Tommy has done. It was wrong. But sometimes good people do bad things.And the attacks on his children are childish, inane and disgusting.I hope everything works out well for them(my second cousins) and I hope they manage to have a good and happy life and not have their Daddy and brothers past follow them everywhere.They have already lost their mother.I think they have suffered enough.
Tht girl

Hudson, OH

#41 Feb 15, 2011
frank wrote:
Miss. Boyd had no will
The ever lovin family is fightin over what she had
Frigin greedy vulcures, the hell with them all and probably the stolen truck they came here in.
Everyhthing tht was Ms. Boyd's rightfully belongs to her 6 children
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Charleston, WV

#45 Feb 17, 2011
in real truth, renee didnt have a! and everything was left to her children...The ones doin the pickin are the ones that want something for nothing..and for the one who burnt the only things these children had left of thier mother, you should feel bad! How would you like to be 3 years old, and in your young teen years, and lose ur mother to cancer, your father to jail...end up in foster care....and lose the one and only chance of ever gooing home because of some jelouse act of a very stupid person....I feel so bad for these kids...the ones who are suppost to be there for them are the ones taking all they have... Well kids i guess you will always have ur memories! NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE THOSE FROM YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!! And no matter what these stupid, no life ppl on here say keep on lovin ur momma, daddy, and each other!!!! You kids are in my prayers every night...i love all of you!!! Im always here...
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happy man

United States

#48 Feb 21, 2011
I say burn it a couple more times just in case. Lets face it that gene pool dont have a deep end. I also here the land will be auctioned for back taxes. I might put a bid in.
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Shay Donnely

Chardon, OH

#50 Jun 15, 2011
country boy wrote:
One of the few things that I've read from Andy Waddell that I agree with...."What law enforcement hasn't been able to do for years , a fire may have done for the county in a matter of minutes."
Nothing good has ever came from that family.
You know what how can u say that did u know that family ive known them for years and they were great people so dont start running your mouth about people u dont know...Okay big boy
Jack Sams

Chardon, OH

#51 Jun 15, 2011
U need to stop talking chitt about people!! put urself in their shoes okay !! see how it feels to lose ur mom to cancer and ur dad go to prison and ur brothers too!!! and then see how it feels to be publicly humiliated!!Its not funn especially having people talk about your disceased mother and ur father in prison and ur whole dam family!! Its sad and personally i dont know how they do it!!Yeah maybe theyre parents have made mistakes and u got to talk about Get a F#$*@^G Life why dont ya!! instead of making everybody elses miserable!! I want to see ur mom die and ur father and brothers get sent to prison!!!Go through what theyve gone through and just think about it and what u have said that has dissapointed this family!! Let people talk about u and ho u mom *supposedely* went to Hell! feel what theyve felt go through what theyve gone through hurt how they hurt and then if u really dont see what u have done U can rot in hell!! ;)
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Springfield, NJ

#53 Jan 2, 2013
Well..i had a friend once..back in 03, those people up on that mountain knows wat happened to her too.I think at one time they referred to her as bitch burgers? Because, whoever killed her ate her too.Does anyone know about that? Ive heard nothing good has evrr came from that mountain..state should take the children into custody..lord knows what those kids saw. I miss my friend..tho and im sure her family does to.RIP CHRISTIAN D. STARCHER.
Shame on those who had anything to do with her murder.
Lord have mercy on their souls.

Chesapeake, VA

#54 Jan 3, 2013
West Virginians are so loving and kind!

Springfield, NJ

#55 Jan 3, 2013
Not to mention..the farmhouse of tattoo vince gosolow..that was the last place my friend was saw.Supposedly,ground parts of her body up in woodchipper,& ate part of her.Sick individuals if you ask me..i have a clipping of Renee Boyd..claiming how her bf & brother bragged about what they did to CHRISTIAN,Wonder how ole tommy or renee wud like it if it were one of their kids..came up missing and had that happen?THOSE PEOPLE ARE SICK & NEED HELP ON THAT MOUNTAIN.GOD HELP'EM

Springfield, NJ

#56 Jan 3, 2013
Shay Donnely wrote:
<quoted text>
You know what how can u say that did u know that family ive known them for years and they were great people so dont start running your mouth about people u dont know...Okay big boy
I dont have to know friend is dead because of tommy.i knw because i have newspaper clippings of renee herself talking bout her brother and bf..and how they bragged about what happened to Christian Starcher.God will do what no court system wont! I cant wait for justice either.

Springfield, NJ

#57 Jan 3, 2013
Tht girl wrote:
<quoted text>
Everyhthing tht was Ms. Boyd's rightfully belongs to her 6 children
At least her children are alive..i knw a little girl isnt with us anymore due to tommy and miss renee's bf.she told it and i believed her.i knw a family that would love to have their daughter back.Too bad the vultures ate her and fed her to a hog.. what they didnt eat..they dumped parts of her clear out on groundhog ridge..close to wirt/ calhoun line.They need god on that mountain!!!!

Bluefield, WV

#58 Jan 3, 2013
Sometimes we forget about those little details. I had forgotten about the bi^*\h burgers. But you are right. Renee did say her brother had a part in that. I don't recall big tommy or any of the others being named. But I could be wrong.

I'm sorry that your friend is gone. More sorry that justice wasn't fully served for Christian.

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