Clarksville town council to sue Meckl...

Clarksville town council to sue Mecklenburg county for annexation

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A VERY concerned citizen

Pleasant Hall, PA

#1 Dec 5, 2009
Well here we go again...
The venerable council has hired attorneys to sue the county if landowner approval of annexation does not meet the county requirements.

The council has the gall to attempt to steal tax revenue from landowners that do not want any of the so called town perks including the town stinking undrinkable chlorinated water.

The town is in debt up to it's eyeballs and uses the less than truthful verbage of improving the annexed areas to only get money.
And NOW they will be in even MORE debt to this wasteful spending of the town taxpayer dollars.

The last time around they had the nerve to jump over one of the tax rich areas, Conifer cove, to get to other areas.
No doubt because some of the council members and real estate people live there.
How convenient and how telling of the real agenda.

Landowners unite and fight this thievery, this stealing of our rights, and make the council KNOW we will never give in!
Dont Tread On Me

South Boston, VA

#2 Dec 5, 2009
Although Clarksville should annex those areas to which they provide water and sewer service, going beyond that at this time is wrong.
The town is faltering on bankruptcy, businesses are leaving as fast as they can and the infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired.
That the town would even consider a lawsuit and the associated cost just shows the lack of intelligence on the councils part.
For a town that touts itself as the only town on the lake, it still has no beach, no picnic area that overlooks the lake, and I've been in marinas in third world countries that are better than the Clarksville marina. The town still looks like a battle zone.
Annex the areas to which they provide water and sewer service, forget trying to annex the rest, get their existing areas in decent shape and build some financial reserves. Then they can see about annexing the other areas.
A VERY concerned citizen

Pleasant Hall, PA

#3 Dec 5, 2009
Good points but I wonder how the town was even allowed to run water and sewer outside the town limits to start with. Who gave that the ok and the ok that added a lot of it's debt to the town?

Of course they ran the water and sewer with the intention of using that as a foothold to annex.

They shouldn't have been allowed to do that to begin with.

The town is in bad shape but it was made that way by the same "saying" annexation is to "help".

phooey. it's to help them selves to taxpayer funds outside town limits.

I hope they get nailed in court of it comes to that.

People should not be forced at the point of a lawyer's pen to be a part of a town when they don't want to, especially when that town has NOTHING positive to offer.

Since: Dec 09


#4 Dec 6, 2009
I do agree with you, there is now a blog that was started and published in the Mecklenburg Sun Paper on Wed. 12/02/09. You will find a link to the Town Web Site. The web site address is http:/townofclarksville.blogsp On that site you will find the "Town Codes".
A VERY concerned citizen

Annapolis, MD

#5 Dec 6, 2009
Thanks for the link. I hope all the landowners that don't want their rights trampled will post there.
A VERY concerned citizen

Annapolis, MD

#6 Dec 6, 2009
Let us see how many posts that disagree with the blog owner get published.
He has to approve them.
Dont Tread On Me

South Boston, VA

#7 Dec 6, 2009
You have to understand that the residents of Clarksville keep electing these same people. So I guess they get what they voted for.

Also understand that the town is run by a few, select people. They keep everything possible within their small group.

Nothing will change in Clarksville until the residents vote out the existing people.
A VERY concerned citizen

Pleasant Hall, PA

#8 Dec 6, 2009
I do understand that.
But I imagine the citizens do want annexation as they think it might, just might, help some of the rising cost of living in town.

Of course that doesn't do a thing for the people getting annexed but just the opposite.

I sincerely doubt Clarksville's current citizens will see any relief.
I am certain the council already has plans for any future taxes they can force out of Mecklenburg county landowners.

BTW the blog guy hasn't approved any messages contrary to his opinion.
Why am I not surprised........
Dont Tread On Me

South Boston, VA

#9 Dec 6, 2009
Clarksville has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies and lawsuits over annexation. If they had used those funds for the town they wouldn't be in the position they are now.

It's all about power. In Clarksville you have several big fish in a small pond. Until that changes things will just continue as is, unfortunately.

Clarksville, like several other towns in Mecklenburg County and the County itself are still years behind neighboring counties. Eventually they will have to become part of this generation. How long that will take is anyone's guess. Meanwhile everyone suffers.
A VERY concerned citizen

Pleasant Hall, PA

#10 Dec 7, 2009
I think that there are other lake communities that could be on Clarksvilles "to annex" list, Merifield Acres being one so they need to be paying attention out there in their snug lakeside homes.

The new town line, if it happens, would be only about a mile from Merifield's gates.
The council probably hopes with it's new tax base they can hold some of those funds for future annexation efforts and Merifield acres with it's 15 miles of roads and tentative taxpayers would be a plum the town council would love to pick.

I do not put anything past them, nothing.

You reading this out in Merifield?
Wise up and pay attention!
Dont Tread On Me

South Boston, VA

#11 Dec 7, 2009
Very are spot on about the potential for Merifield to be annexed.

Clarksville annexation projects would be understandable if they had their existing town in order and could offer something to the communities they want to annex.

However, Clarksville has nothing, zip, zero, nada to offer most of the areas they want to annex. They will become nothing more than an expanded tax base. Clarksville can't even keep the existing town and infrastructure in shape. Checked your water tests lately? How are they going to handle the annexed areas?

They are so busy looking outside their town they never bother to look inside and see how and where they can start to make decent improvements. Improvements that would draw businesses back to town, bring shopping back to town and bring the finances back to a balanced level.
Prime example, they have raised business taxes, water and sewer rates to the point of losses. Why, because businesses leave town because of them. The rates are both irrational and illogical.

Charging a small, two person business office the same base business rates for water, sewer, trash removal that they charge a larger restaurant doesn't make sense. But they do it!

The final killer is the gross receipts tax. There is no indexed rate, or deductions. For new businesses the tax consumes the profit and the business closes.

I could go on and on, but until the town decides to replace their existing council it's a waste of time and effort.
A VERY concerned citizen

Pleasant Hall, PA

#12 Dec 7, 2009
I see the blogger still hasn't allowed any posts that do not agree with is point of view.

Oh well, closed minds........

Colonial Beach, VA

#13 Dec 30, 2009
I do not have a closed mind, If you make a comment I will be glad to put it in my Blog , I just want you to use your name and own your comments. This is explained in my Blog. I hope you submit something. Thanks for all your views.
A VERY concerned citizen

Annapolis, MD

#14 Dec 30, 2009
A name will not make the issue any more real or the opinions any more real than they are.

Names can be used for something other than "owning" a post and who cares to take that chance.

United States

#15 Dec 31, 2009
I'm sorry you feel that way. I really do not understand it. I sign my name to all blogs that I respond to, and also any social network. People have a right to disagree. I think of this as a person writing a letter to the editor of one of the papers, they all sign their names. I will continue to view Topix and read citizens comments. To me, every ones points are very interesting and some are very enlightening. Thanks for your response.
A VERY concerned citizen

Pleasant Hall, PA

#16 Jan 8, 2010
These points are interesting even though no names are attached?
And your name is not here either....
Not trying to be facetious but those were your own words.

I see yet another reason for people to not want annexation.
According to the Sun newspaper this week Clarksville can't guarentee it's citizens safe DRINKING WATER.
Now how can a town force bad drinking water on people!?!?

I hope any citizens fighting annexation remember to bring this up.
A VERY concerned citizen

Annapolis, MD

#17 Jul 4, 2010
Nothing in the news in a while about this subject.

Anyone heard anything?
No dog in this fight

Fuquay Varina, NC

#18 Jul 4, 2010
I used to live in Bullock, NC and shopped often in Clarksville as it is only 3 miles from where I lived. I'm just curious as to how these places got water and sewer in the first place if they didn't expect to pay for the services?
town dog


#19 Jul 6, 2010
First the town manager needs to go she is only a mouth piece for those who will benifit greatly from the annexation.
A VERY concerned citizen

Annapolis, MD

#20 Sep 16, 2010
Well we see in the local papers things are heating up again with the mayor calling for a county meeting and him not being happy the county does not take the time for him.
The county said in the first go round that 75% of the county homeowners must want annexation and they did not want it and annexation rightfully failed.

The mayor says more council members and town people are agreeing it's time to do something..
Well I guess so! The town people and the council are the ones to gain!
Not the people getting annexed. We have good drinkable water and do not want the chlorinated junk the town tries to pass off as water. We have our own sanitary systems and do not need to pay the town to deal with our wastes. We have the self reliance to take our trash to the nearest containers and do not need to pay garbage collectors, garbage truck fuel bills, and all the associated expenses for something as simple as taking off the trash.

I hope the county stands up to the bully tactics and listens to the will of the county people.
We do not want, need, or desire, to be taken over by the self serving interests of the town.

I do not doubt that the towns attorney will wade in before long, and who knows how much he stands to make in billings to the town.

And the council has no problem throwing money into lawyers pockets? When it could be spent on things like making the town water supply more drinkable?

There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye.....

So what's next? Lawsuits? I will gladly donate to any fund the county sets up to fight this travesty the town hopes to inflict in taking away county land owner rights.

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