Clarksville Letting Down Our Own

Clarksville Letting Down Our Own

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“J & D Jordan”

Since: Jul 07

Clarksville , VA

#1 Sep 9, 2007
Its a sad state of affairs when Clarksville and Mecklenburg County Virginia has stopped looking out for us local folks. Have you noticed how the city, local and county officals including the *businesses* have all started to cater to the visitors and tourist who pop in and decied to relocate. Check out the local grocery store prices, We have a clothing store local people cant afford to shop in, What would us locals do with out the Dollar Generals ? Our vistors don't shop for groceries, clothes, shoes, only flip-flops, a gal milk or loaf of bread. How about a roof over our head? Check out the price of rent or even better try to buy a home. The price our realestates have on homes is utterly outrages. What are our fathers and mothers on a fixed income suppose to do? For that matter our children and grandchildren. The future I see for them is either hit the lottery or high tail it out of dodge. They sure cant afford to live here. So then what becomes of Clarksville?? As I see it the people who is reaping the benifits NOW is distroying the future. They have forgotton the local folk, made it impossible for our youth, yet they keep on with shallow promises of new jobs, more businesses. Yep, take a look at South Hill or South Boston. They are thriving and they dont have a lake. However what they do have is us locals driving there to buy groceries, affordable clothing and while we are there we can take in a movie or eat in Applebees or a Taco Bell, a Steak House Im sure you get the picture.

London, UK

#2 Sep 29, 2007
Hi J & D Jordan

I have read your comments with great interest. I have been looking into emigrating from the UK to Clarksville and have posted two articles on this site regarding the possibility of creating a business in your lovely town. No one replied to the articles so therefore, I presumed new businesses were not needed or welcome. Now I have read your comments, I can begin researching the possibilities. What would you say is needed most in Clarksville? I would greatly appreciate some feed back. I really want to live in Clarksville. It is the perfect place to bring up my little boy and I really want to contribute to, and be part of the community. Thanks in anticipation of your reply
Oh Please

Suffolk, VA

#3 Oct 20, 2007
What provincial thinking. I wish you could have seen what the Californicators did to Denver, CO and then you would know what urban sprawl and an explosion of cost of living really is. I relocated south of Clarksville 2 1/2 years ago and so far have spent way more money here than I have made. It's called an investment. I've stimulated your economy and the businesses here "cater" to us because they would dry up if they had to rely solely on the tight fisted naive local yocals here. Oh my so you have to pay $1 more for that burger? Don't want those tourist dollars? Ok we'll spend them at the OBX. They smile when they see us coming. Clarksville is a flower that's trying to open slowly, but you don't want to even give it a glass of water.
area resident

United States

#4 Oct 20, 2007
It's exactly what you said, Oh Please, that makes locals really not want you here. Yea, we'll take your money but why not just spend and stop talking? Do you realize when you call us "local yocals" and talk down to us it does nothing but show your character? Oh, and by the way, if you left those places it must be you and your kind that screwed them up so badly in the first place. So, WHY would we want you here other than for your money? Your actions are YOU and YOU just showed yourself. Please, Jo-Ann, take Oh Please as an example of how NOT to act if you decide to move to this area. Actually we are quite warm and friendly people who just like not being insulted and told we're backwards. If it were so darn bad how did we locals ever build this "flower"?
Clarksvilleian- Paul

United States

#5 Oct 30, 2007
At times, I have called Clarksville, Paradise. It truly is. Lots of natural beauty. It's not perfection; nowhere is. If you're interested in running a business, check out the Chamber of Commerce web site ( ). Each person has their perception of value and cost. Clarksville is in a period of transition from an industrially based economy to one based on tourism and retirees. The lake is owned and operated by the Corps of Engineers. Translation: there are quite a few restrictions with which to deal. People are the towns greatest asset; lots of volunteerism and neighborliness.

Nokesville, VA

#6 Nov 2, 2007
I am a life long resident of the Clarksville area. I grew up in town, and have had Buffalo Jct. and Boydton addresses. i have never owned a home more than 6 miles or so out of the town limits of Clarksville. The reason I stated the above is to let all readers know that I am a local person that can really speak about these comments with knowledge. The clothing store you spoke of is or can be expensive at times. But, in it's defense, the owners have chosen to carry nicer and more expensive clothing. That should not be complained about. I want you to know that the owner of the store was the first person to ever give me credit. He did so at the age of 16. I couldn't afford something there that I wanted, so he knew me (because i was local) and told me to pay him what i could then and i could pay the rest later. I used that account for the next ten years. Enough of that. The point I would really like to make is that i do believe we need to focus on more than tourism and retirees. These people are not bringing families to our area. New employers (large ones) would bring families to the area. This would mean more students to join my kids in the local schools. More students equals more resources for our schools maybe even new ones. I have chosen to stay here and raise my children and not move away even though i have had many opportunities for more money elsewhere. Big city money can't replace the values and family that this area have to offer. We need more industry to bring more families here not just retirees that have short term time frames.(that is not a negative commment) It just seems to me that certain local business only want these people to make money now, and when they are gone wait for the next short term replacement. You can sell the same property several times in your career if someone only lives in it for 5 years. My heart hurts that i can't afford any local real estate as an investment for my future or my childrens'. I want to live here, I don' make 6 figures or come from a wealthy family. I just want to live here with my family and hope this area could one day offer a good future for my children. I would love to have my grandchildren grow up here not in another state. Let's work together and bring industry and more tourism to the area.

Buckingham, VA

#7 Nov 2, 2007
In reply to Jo-Ann from the UK: Clarksville could be a wonderful town. What it needs most is common sense. They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying annex areas that do not want to be part of the town and would receive no benefits. That same money could have upgraded the towns infrastructure, reduced the taxes and been an inducement for new business.
If you're serious about immigrating here and starting a business, I would recommend you stay outside the town limits.

Little Valley, NY

#8 Nov 7, 2007
We have recently moved back (we am not originally from this area or this state)..this is our second stay in this area and my husband and I are quite pleased and plan to stay for good. We are not wealthy by any means and we are not tourists, but we have lived in a variety of states and have found this area to be very agreeable with a low cost of living compared to other areas. We also found the housing and land quite affordable compared to other areas we have lived. I do miss my coffee shops and specialty shops and miss the instant news updates for my local area. But it is a great place to raise children (my two attended the high school) and the people have been very friendly and accepting of us. I must add I do not live in the city limits (about 8 miles out), but depend on the local businesses quite a bit and would like to see some growth in new businesses in Clarksville. I also do not work in the area; my drive time to work is approximately 45 minutes. But I consider some sacrifices necessary in order to enjoy living in this wonderful area.

Suffolk, VA

#9 Nov 11, 2007
Clarksville? Clarksville needs everything. Bring it on. And now that Virginia has implemented those outrageous and usurious traffic tickets watch out and don't be surprised if the town dries up after a few of you get those $1000 speeding tickets. No one will want to drive there, not even to work. Oh my gosh, I just had a thought. At least it'll keep the illegal immigrants out.
Lake Girl

Charlottesville, VA

#10 Nov 15, 2007
It's okay to bitch and moan about how Clarksville is catering to the tourists and retirees now, but you've got to remember, the locals get all the benefits of that too. Do you honestly think Clarksville could support 8 restaurants (12 if you include fast food) if we weren't on a lake or had some other tourist draw? A lot of local businesses make their whole year during Lakefest, summer weekends, fishing tourneys or other big events. And sure, the price of real estate may have skyrocketed, some locals can't afford to buy anything too close to the lake, but locals are also GETTING a whole lot more for their own real estate than they paid for it however many years ago.(We just sold lakefront property for over 10 times what we paid for it! And a lot of other locals are cashing in as well.)

So lots of these arguments can go both ways.

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