Last January, 2008, I spoke with the president of your branch, regarding 3 acres of land we were sub- dividing from Naomi Root of Springville Township. He assurred me that the land would be released from the bank, and said he would put a letter of that recommondation in her file. On that information, we proceeded to perc, survey, and obtain a drive way permit. NOW your bank says it will not release the land, even though she is currently current with taxes, mortgage etc. We have invested 2100.00 in this land, and I am not able to purchase it. This is the third time I have have had negative dealings with First Liberty/ Grange. I own a business in Tunkhannock, a very succesful story I might add, and your bank would not give me the loan nedded to get started eight years ago. In fact, my business is right next door to the Tunkhannock branch. I feel your bank has acted in a negitive and irresponsible way, to now decide not to release this land. As my business services on average 290 to 310 customers per week, I cannot in any way promote or recommend your bank and will encourage my employees to with draw their accounts from your bank. Even if I have to pay them to do it! There is no reason why if Ms. Root is current on payments, has PLENTY of equity left, these three acres could not be sold to us. The sale of our house is contingient upon us getting this land. However, I feel after they way your bank has treated us, I will not hear anything from you. P.S. Kevin from the Laceyville Branch has been a gentleman, and we have respect for him, but not your bank. Kim Gazzillo Upper Cuts Salon. Tunkhannock.